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Imagine cumming by just licking someone's fingers!

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~~The Mystic
We were two ordinary people; meeting for our first swing-play date - He had been doing this for awhile his profile indicated. This was my 2nd such date - ever. But I was so very horny and needy. I threw caution to the wind.

He was just about 5'10, chocolate; about 190lbs. I'm 6'1, 230lbs., and a Swedish Viking. I love contrasting skin colors. I'm 55 and he was 40ish. We had exchanged texts all day. I didn't tell him, but I could feel his energy through the phone. I was drunk with it.

For the last 6 months or so I had become very sensitive to Tantric energy. I think my sensitivity has something to do with my hypersensitivity from my stroke in 2009. But truth be known, I have always been a freak - a multi-orgasmic broad. However now - with my new found Tantric abilities - I'm a super freak. I'm no longer limited to my fingers, vibrators, or fucking - now I cum way anytime and any where I want to and I do; I cum a lot every day. But old habits die hard. My sexual libido had driven my old Daddy away. I was shut out and cut-off. So I decided to swing to fill my sexual needs

It was time for a change. The post stroke sensitivity was at an all time low, in my mind I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I was hungry, almost starving - it had been 2 weeks since my last fuck and more than a month since I'd eaten my old Daddy's dick. This dick vampire, by all rights - was starving.

I love chocolate men, I do. But even as far as men are concerned, something was way different about tonight's dick. I could feel him, I could feel his energy and the feeling was delicious. I love dominate men. He said he was Dominate. He said he spirit animal was a Lion, when I asked. I laughed because I'm a Liger. I mate well with Lions and/or Tigers; but his birthdate proved he was a real Leo, but he was becoming more than that to me. To me - with all of our chemistry; he was my Mystic Cat.

The Mystic came to my house after driving me crazy all day. All day long, waves of tantric energy orgasms tore through me and left me wet & gasping. We'd text or send pictures and I'd cum. I'm a greedy Tantric Whore. I love cumming via tantric energy. Normally - I just cum with no mess. Not this day - today I was wet. I'd soaked 2 pantyliners by noon. To get more cums - I'd let him know I was cumming. I'd ask him for permission to cum, too. I wanted him feel the power of his texting. I was drunk on the tantric energy. It was crazy all day. I wanted him to fuck me, but I knew we'd never get that far. We had too much sexual chemistry.

He came late at night after work, it was nearly midnight. I met him at my front door; he was dressed in a forest green warm-up suit and a Cincinnati ball cap. I let him in and scurried away, out of reach - leading him to my bedroom. I was dressed in a simple purple jersey frock, sans my panties, it was nothing fancy.

I touted myself as a Lady Liger on my profile. I became that liger on my bed. I was kneeling high up on my bed, by my pillows and the Mystic took a seat at the foot of my bed. There on the African plains of my bed - I met him with all of my energy - we clashed and sparked -at 4 feet away.

He had to coax me to come closer to him - I would venture toward him on my hands and knees and hit that invisible wall of tantric energy and cum. I gasped and I mewed. I rolled my head and moaned deeply. It was crazy. He leaned forward and took on a deeper demanding tone. He demanded I come closer. I balked and resisted, but the energy felt so good. It was crazy. I wanted it. So I crept closer. I swayed in the tantric energy - half drunk from the energy and pure lust of the moment.

I got closer to him - close enough to lick his fingers. I came over and over, just by licking his fucking fingers. (Who does that!) I asked to suck his dick, but he said, "You're not ready!" I knew he was right and didn't protest. He let me lick his balls instead. Fuck! - I was whipped. I licked and sucked and came and squirted and came some more.

That night - the Mystic played a game - I am sure he played it with all his other trophies - his other women. "Give me your tongue!" A game was built on the power of suggestion. I didn't need it to cum, so I just played along. But it was fun nonetheless. OMG! I came and came and squirted. He'd hold my neck - suck on my tongue and every time, I'd cum and squirt - I squirted all over my bed. I hate squirting, but the Mystic loved it.

Some where along the line, The Mystic climbed on my bed and sheathed his 6.5 inches in a rubber and used just the tip of his rigid dick to fuck my clit. Over and over - I squirted and came. Nearly every inch of my bed coverings were soaked through with just my juices! FUCK! In my mind - it was so surreal and somehow, so wrong. To a man it would be soooo right, but I hated it. I was a wanton SLUT! I came so much that night - like more than 50 times - until I nearly passed out. I had no land legs to see him out - I was lost to Subspace in only 2.5 hours.

I lived in that surreal subspace for every bit of 15 days after only 2.5 hours of a play-date. He called for me - but I resisted. Are you nuts! I wanted normal sex. I didn't understand what we'd done - what I'd done. I was so emotional. I loved him one minute. Then I hated him. And I hated him some more! .

After about 7 days of emotional upheaval and whining, I reached out to the BDSM community for help to understand about this subspace, about the living hell - I now lived in. I'm a positive pussy - I hate negative Nellies. I learned from reading other stories about sub-space. Aftercare was critical. Chocolates and water and cuddling. I had gotten none of that. I had cum all day long and over 50 times that night. I had created a chemical imbalance in my brain. Without proper after-care I was doomed and I had crashed. Recovery could take weeks.

I ran from the Mystic. I hid from him. But I liked the energy. I teased him and taunted him. I tried meeting the Mystic one more time - but it was tooooooooo much. He even folded his energy and tried to just fuck me with my energy. But even that, was too much. Thankfully, I didn't fly as high, but I was out there - lost in twilight. 1 foot in reality and the other foot in the clouds.

Whenever I'd talk toThe Mystic, it was a battle. Fucking arrogant Beast! Thought all my orgasms that first night were because of him! ALL 50 some orgasms were just his doing, N - Please! Fuck You! You can claim half of them ….for your EGO, But the other Half was ALL me!

I know it was just our sexual chemistry. It was just that first night. But OhMyGawd....What a night it was!

Lady Jewells (AKA Lady Liger) - February 2014.


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