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Imagine cumming by just licking someone's fingers!

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~~The Mystic
We were two ordinary people; meeting for our first swing-play date - He had been doing this for awhile his profile indicated. This was my 2nd such date - ever. My first was 30 years prior. I hated swinging - way back when, But I was so very horny and needy. So, I threw caution to the wind.

My handsome choice was just about 5'10, chocolate; about 190lbs. I'm 6'1, 230lbs., and a Swedish Viking. I love contrasting skin colors. I'm 55 and he was 40ish. We had exchanged sexy texts all day. I didn't tell him, but I could feel his tantric energy through the phone. By the afternoon, I was drunk with it. I wanted this sexy stranger bad. My body was on fire with desire.

For the last 6 months or so, I had become very sensitive to Tantric energy. I believed my sensitivity had something to do with my new super sensitivity from my stroke in 2009. But truth be known, I have always been a bit of a freak - multi-orgasmic. Wanton and hungry. However now - with my new found Tantric abilities - I'm a super freak. I'm no longer limited to just my fingers, vibrators, and/or fucking - now I can cum via any normal sensation - like driving, music, eating or even a fan blowing, I can orgasm anytime and anywhere I want to and I do; I cum a lot every day - like 25 times. Mmmmmm!

But I like fucking my Man. I like fucking a lot. Old habits die hard. I'm always hunting, but the moral coding of society says 1 at a time. So I keep trying to be a private dancer, for 1 man. But I'm hungry all the time. I can't keep my eyes on my own plate. I watch porn and I play. I write these stories and I play with me. And the new sensitivity from my stroke made me crave even more and more sex daily. Once again, my ravenous sexual libido had driven another Daddy away. I was shut out and cut-off. So I decided to try swinging to fill my sexual needs.

It was time for a change. The post stroke sensitivity was at an all time high, in my mind I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I was hungry, almost starving - it had been 2 weeks since my last fuck and more than a month since I'd had a good feeding. By all rights, this dick vampire, was starving.

I love chocolate men, I do. But even as far as Black men are concerned, the feeling I felt was way different about tonight's dick. I could feel him, I could feel his energy and the feeling was delicious. Mmmmmmm I roll my eyes and lick my lips. I love dominate men. My body responds best to them. He told me he was Dominate on the phone. I knew he was. OMG! It was icing on the cake, to hear his spirit animal was a Lion, when I asked. I laughed with Manical glee, because I'm the Ligress. I mate very well with Lions and/or Tigers; And his birthdate proved he was a real Leo, And as our conversations heated up, this handsome man was becoming so much more to me. To me - with all of our chemistry; he was The Mystic.

All day long, The Mystic fueled waves of tantric energy - that sparked strong orgasms in my body, which left me wet & gasping. We'd text or send pictures and I'd cum. I'm a every bit a greedy Tantric Whore. I love cumming via tantric energy.

Normally - most of my tantric orgasms weren't messy. Not this day - today I was wet. I'd soaked 2 pantyliners by noon. To get more cums - I'd let him know I was cumming. And I'd ask him for permission to cum, too. I wanted him feel the power of us. I was drunk on the tantric energy and the excitement of this taboo sex date. It was crazy all day. I wanted him to fuck me, fuck me deep and hard, but I knew we'd never get that far. We had too much sexual chemistry.

He came late at night after work, it was nearly midnight. I met him at my front door; he was dressed in a forest green warm-up suit and a Cincinnati ball cap. I was dressed in a simple jersey frock, sans ny underwear. I let him in and scurried away, out of reach - leading him to my bedroom..

He pulled up a chair and I climbed on the bed. I touted myself as a Lady Liger on my profile. I became that liger on my bed. I was kneeling high up by my pillows and the Mystic took a seat at the foot of my bed. There on the African plains of my bed - I met him with all of my energy - we clashed and sparked -at 4 feet away.

He had to coax me to come closer to him - I would venture toward him on my hands and knees and hit that invisible wall of tantric energy and cum. I gasped and I mewed. I rolled my head and moaned deeply. It was crazy. He leaned forward and took on a deeper demanding tone. He demanded I come closer. I balked and resisted, but the energy felt so good. It was crazy. I wanted his touch so bad. Love me Master. So I crept closer. I swayed in the tantric energy - half drunk from the energy and pure lust of the moment.

I got closer to him - close enough to lick his fingers. I came over and over, just by licking his fucking fingers. (Fuck!! Who does that!) I asked to suck his dick, but he laugherd, "You're not ready for that!" I knew he was right and so I didn't protest. He offered me his balls instead. Fuck! - I was whipped. I licked and sucked and orgasmed and squirted and came over and over.

That night - the Mystic played a game - I am sure he played it with all his other trophies - his other women. "Give me your tongue!" A game was built on the power of suggestion. I didn't need it to cum, so I just played along. But it was fun nonetheless. OMG! I came and came and squirted. He'd hold my neck - suck on my tongue and every time, I'd cum and squirt - I squirted all over my bed. I hate squirting, but the Mystic loved it.

Some where along the line, The Mystic climbed on my bed and sheathed his 6.5 inches in a rubber and used just the tip of his rigid dick to fuck my clit. Over and over - I squirted and came. Nearly every inch of my bed coverings were soaked through with just my juices! FUCK! In my mind - it was so surreal and somehow, so wrong. To a man it would be soooo right, but I hated it. I was a wanton SLUT! I came so much that night - like more than 50 times - until I nearly passed out. I had no land legs to see him out - I was lost to Subspace in only 2.5 hours.

I lived in that surreal subspace for every bit of 15 days after only 2.5 hours of a play-date. He called for me - but I resisted. Are you nuts! I wanted normal sex, not crazy sex. I didn't understand what we'd done - what I'd done. I was so emotional. I loved him one minute and absolutely hated him 5 minutes later. And later, I hated him some more! .

After about 7 days of emotional upheaval and whining, I reached out to the BDSM community for help to understand about this subspace, about the living hell - I now lived in. I'm a positive pussy - I hate negative Nellies. I learned from reading other stories about sub-space. Aftercare was critical. Most people use Chocolates and water and cuddling. I had gotten none of that. I had ogasmed all day long and over 50 times that night. I had accidentally created a chemical imbalance in my brain. Without proper after-care I was doomed and I had crashed. Recovery could take weeks.

I ran from the Mystic. I hid from him. I refused to answer his calls. But I liked the energy. I teased him and taunted me.

I know it was just the taboo of swinging. At Least, That's what I want to believe, but OhMyGawd....What a night it was!

Lady Jewells (AKA Lady Liger) - February 2014.


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