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Essay By: Lady Jewells

Tags: Snake, Red, Flags

WAKE UP LUCY!!! Poisonous or not - a snake is still a SNAKE!

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My friend, Grumpy D calls me his "Lucy" - because just like Ms. Lucy Ball, I'm blonde, zany, a tad funny and always getting into sh!%. Not really bad sh!%, just sh!%. I get into sh!% mostly, because I'm hopelessly horny and impulsive. Plus, I tend to believe all people want to be good, and because I don't pay attention to "Life's little Red Flags."

I tell people all the time, I'm blonde and I live in the clouds. "Saying, I live in the clouds is better than admitting I'm an airhead, Frog! Jeez! Stop bugging me and let me tell this story. "Don't pay attention to the Frog, he's an Ant dressed up in a Frog suit. I on the other hand, am a liger moonlighting as a grasshopper." Hmmm where was I? Okay, I remember.

In my world, my inner circle of friends is like a little jungle. I tout myself as a Lady Liger or a Ligress. I ask everyone who joins my inner circle ( my jungle), "What animal most represents you?" It's all done in fun. Its a benign question and most everyone plays along, mostly because people like my brand of giggles - I make life fun.

The whole Jungle theme started in 2013, with some new friends, a beautiful White Tigress and a (horny) handsome Lion, who calls himself the "Mad Lion." The White Tiger and I would gossip about the Mad Lion and his dating antics. I called our gossip - Jungle Soap.

Well being the blonde that I am, Jungle Soap morphed into something much larger in my own life. The White Tiger and I are are still good friends, but my jungle has grown. My older daughter is a beautiful ligress, my younger daughter is Nala, a lioness and her boyfriend is a silverback gorilla. Several of my male friends are gorillas, Grumpy D is a prince of a Frog, a favorite writer, Spyguy is a dolphin, my co-worker, is an elephant, another good friend is an eagle, and my newest friend, GW - is a Tiger; you get the picture.

About mid of February 2014 - I stumbled into another of my crazy mishaps. Might I digress? Trying to find a suitable mate gets me into trouble 99% of the time. I'd given up on finding that "1" and decided to give the polyamorus thing a try. So I'm reading and trolling the poly websites online, trying to find some "Friends" when I crossed paths with these fine folks - whom I'll call D & s. They too, were ready to find a poly-amorous relationship and start a life as a open triad family. I wasn't, I really just wanted a steady dick with lots of wild sex on the side.

In reflection, I guess I became literally a unicorn, though I thought we were all coming in as separate friends, but D & s were actuality, a dating couple (a Dom & his BabyGirl). But D, whom I was now calling Daddy, had been a swinger, so he understood my cravings, but s, his BabyGirl was used to a different sort of lifestyle. Initially, we all got along pretty good. And as luck would have it, a couple of "Life situations" sped up our November 2014 move-in timeline by some 9 months.

By the end of February, we were all sharing my condo, as an open triad - or so Daddy said. But our "open triad" wasn't really open at all > the open part, was an illusion. The only extra sex I got was with 2 previously arranged play-dates, which was not enough. I'm a ligress - I hunt dick all the time; but because I wasn't acting like a proper poly triad mate, Dom Daddy limited my playmates to just him. My hunger grew - and I was restless, so I started rocking the boat all the time.

And in retrospect - because I'm vanilla - I wasn't ready for everything I witnessed between Daddy and his BabyGirl. Daddy had been a swinger for 5 years and a part of Fetish play 2 years, and his BabyGirl had been a part of the BDSM Lifestyle for 10 years! She even plays dual roles > a submissive & a Dominate Mistress. Was the Mistress her Alter Ego or just another kink?

By the beginning of April 2014, I had had enough. After learning about the liabilities involved and the potential high costs of playing it rough, I fled our poly-amorous relationship, feeling overwhelmed and disillusioned. In a flurry of texts, I ordered my poly mates to "Move! > Go do what you do > somewhere else!" "I can't do this - I'm vanilla!" And I told them in print, some 3 days later in a notarized notice to vacate the premises, via my father, the Landlord.

And because the universe loves me (according to the Frog), I escaped another mishap relatively unscathed. The whole relationship lasted 2 months, instead of the 10 months, it might of lasted, had "life" played out on the original trajectory.

I really want to believe it was all an illusion and treat it like some bad dream, but that's not reality. In reality, the memories of what I witnessed are still fresh and the evidence, the pictures are still posted on Fetlife. In hindsight, I could have avoided all of it, if I'd paid attention to "Life's Red Flags".....!!

What "Red Flags?" Shortly after we met, I had asked Daddy what animal he was and he told me, a Dragon (the Mythical sort). O-kay, that's different. But I like things that are unique. Okay no biggie, right? Then I asked his, BabyGirl and she said she was a snake. A Jamaican Thunder Snake to be exact. Ding, Ding, DING!!!!!

Wake up LUCY!!! A snake is still a SNAKE!
Poisonous or not - a Snake still bites!

By Lady Jewells (9 May 2014)


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