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A Wise Woman Ponders - Tantric Rapture

Essay By: Lady Jewells

Tags: God, Love

It's a Tantric orgasm - It's a Rapture! ~~ I know it's God's way of loving me.

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~~I have always been multi-orgasmic and a bit psychic. Have I always been tantric?? A little bit. I have always been sexual and very loving. Bordering on precosious as a child. However, early in life - I developed some extreme allergies (allergic to the protein in sperm, allergic to latex, sensitivity to touch) that often prevented me from enjoying sex with even my 1st husband.

Were the allergies my body's way to keep me safe??? Maybe.

To cope, You learn to seek pleasure in alternative ways. I turned to writing and dreaming. I got heavily into sensation play - I couldn't feel it done to me - but I could love through someone else. My erotic poetry stirred the fires in other hearts.

I've always been very spiritual & I've always been a light healer. I believed in GOD, but railed against the hypocrisy in secular understandings. As for healing, that was God given. But I don't lay on hands on people - I just sit near a person and God does the rest. It's not all the time - but I walk a walk of wellness. I make people laugh with my stories or smile with my smile.

I walked as a peaceful warrior, always. Standing up for the underdog. A herds-woman. I don't want to lead the way, but I can - if need be. However - I'm more of a guardian. I watch for trouble and will work to smooth out differences. I work to remediate issues or short comings. I look for the good in people and work to reinforce good behavior. I facilitate success.

I have died twice during this lifetime. The first was when I was almost 2 years old, I drowned. Then I had my stroke in 2009. The blinding pain would pause and I'd feel so very loved. I was at peace and ready to go, but My daughter - bless her soul, wasn't ready to lose her Mom. She shook me back into awareness. Believe me when I tell you that stuffing your aura back into this body is the most painful experience you'll ever have outside of losing a loved one. God's parting gifts included: A 10 year memory loss, loss of speech, and freedom to love everyone. In addition to the 50% of my body that was numb - was about 15% that was now hypersensitive!!! But these hardships were gifts. There is nothing I can not handle or find a way to cope with.

After my stroke, I could feel everything. Everything came with new sensations. I was a grown-up baby. EVERYTHING was a stimulus. OMG!!! I was a walking orgasm. The AC draft, the fan, putting on clothes, taking off clothes, a whisper in my ear, the sheets, OMG!!! It took 3 years to desensitize my skin and to learn not to cum unintensionally. But I love to orgasm - it's addicting. I can't help it..

Your awareness is so very keen. My world is colored by energy. Meanwhile, you split your reality into 2 zones - 1 foot is here on Earth and the other is in heaven. I think it's the result of constantly being overly stimulated.

The stroke flipped a tantric switch, for lack of a better word. Before the stroke my tantric volume was on low. NOW post stroke, it was deafening. I radiated pure tantric energy. As I healed, my psychic gifts improved, too.

But I was so very, very sexual. It bordered on criminal. I couldn't love or be touched, but I soon discovered I could throw my heat away from me or give it to someone else.. Or foster it between 2 other people. Uh-Oh! I can see the strips of tantric energy that people cast off - it's everywhere!! Why?

AND NOW I'm an empathetic - I can steal other people's high by standing near them - WHAT the FUCK!

Every fiber in my body begged for control. I stepped away from everything and focused on healing me. I focused on managing my increasing Tantric abilities.

Post stroke - MY spiritual walk gets a boost.** I shower and fill-up on GOD's love & wellness. I become a walking Glitter bug. There are no more accidental meetings... If someone is hurting or sad, God will bring them into my life and I'll power up. I meditate and wrap my invisible hands around a person and embrace them with Our (God & I) healing energy & love. You don't tell people - you just do it.

These Tantric Orgasms started in 2013. The peace that descends over me following it - is so very, very Yummy. But the experience it's so very startling... Your whole body is involved. From your head to your toes. Inside and outside. You are at the mercy of a divine something. It's a Tantric orgasm - It's a Rapture! ~~ I know it's God's way of loving me.


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