Sexual Love Scene

By: gallygirl18

Page 1, I wish this was how he felt! Tried to do this as much from a guys viewpoint as possible - difficult as i am female but i think it went okay - didnt paragraph just wanted to get the content up sorry about that!!

I looked up and there she was. Sitting there, nervous – looking on edge. She looked so gorgeous. Her hair was curly, and her beautiful face was made up, a bit too much for my liking but it didn’t change the fact that she looked stunning. I called her name and she followed me tensely upstairs, as she passed me I inhaled her perfume, sweet and fruity. I thought about what she had under that coat. A leather jacket, dark wash denim jeans, and a black waistcoat type vest. I thought about her breasts underneath. My breath caught in my throat. As I held the door open she walked in and sat down. Directly opposite me now, I looked straight into her eyes and I knew there was no way I could deny my attraction to her anymore. How I wanted to rip her clothes off right now; my eyes were lasers my gaze so hot, I wished I could burn straight through that fabric. We started to talk and I tried failingly to not stumble on my words. She began talking but in my head I was replaying a fantasy ……

She walks over to me. Leaning forward, ‘(name) ****** I know you want me. I can’t stop thinking about when we talked about how much I masturbate. God you make me so fucking wet.’

I’m getting hard in this dream and I don’t bother to stop myself. In the safety net of unreality, I can allow myself. I pull her softly to me, and kiss her soft, creamy tasting lips. My tongue slips easily into her mouth and she kisses me back, just slightly at first; but then passionately. I start to kiss her as though my life depends on it, I can’t get enough of her. She pulls at me, fist fulls of my shirt, pulling my body close to hers. I pull her on top of me so she’s straddling me on the chair. I break away from her mouth, planting hot, gentle kisses down her neck; I pray she feels my desire on her skin. She pulls off her jacket. I can see her breasts resting at the top of her waist coat. I unfasten the first button, forcing myself not to rip it open, hoping somehow that prolonging the wanting will lead to even more satisfaction. The second unbutton undone now, I press my mouth to her collarbone, she moans slightly and it drives me mad. Third button now and I can see her push up bra, forcing her tiny breasts to create a cleavage. My mind is going crazy and I want to rip it all off. I want to make her bloody scream. Sensing my frustration she unbuttons it quickly and takes off her bra and there they are. Her nipples hard, her perfect little breasts. I look up at her and I know that she knows how I’m feeling. I couldn’t be more bloody obvious. She starts rubbing her crotch against my dick. She pushes her breasts together and they wobble as she moves, she rubs herself harder on me and I feel a wave of pleasure go through my legs, and I let out a whimper that sounds almost pained by what I’m feeling. I can’t contain myself any longer.

I pull off my jacket and unbutton my shirt my breath quickening. Slowly I move my hand to her crotch and rub it through the fabric. It feels bloody hot down there. She moans and it sends tidal waves of wanting through my body. I take a breast into my mouth and lick her nipples - suck, lick, suck ,lick. I rub her mouth my thumb and put my thumb in her mouth and she sucks on it. By now I don’t want her to suck my dick. I want to be inside of her. Feeling my cock rubbing the walls of that pussy, hot, wet and so, so tight. Fuck. I undo her jeans and unzip them. Her thong is white, god, can she turn me on anymore? I start to rub her clit through the material and she’s moaning loudly. I pick her up and hold her around me while I walk to lock the door. Now no one can disturb us…. I carry on rubbing and kiss her again, I can’t keep my face off her beautiful luscious soft lips. I go underneath her panties and rub her clit and she moans even more. I pull off her jeans and panties and look at her cunt. God it’s beautiful. Big pussy lips, and completely hairless. I pick her up off me and place her on the chair we’ve been sitting on. I look into her eyes and she knows what’s next. There’s an unspoken bond between us, everything flows, without a need for a word to pass either one of ours lips. I start sucking on her clit and moans so loud, groans, I eat her ravenously. She tastes so good. Even if she hadn’t washed I know I’d still eat her. Musky, heavy tasting. Heavenly. Sweet. My cock is burning and pulsing. I don’t want to hurt her so I carry on eating her. She leans down to her bag and gets out some lube. Fuck. Why is she my perfect woman? So ready for it but not slutty, so sexy but yet so demure and virginal. So innocent. Well it feels that way when she cocks her head to one side and tucks her hair behind her ears when we’re talking, but I know from the current situation innocent –she’s anything but. Rubbing the lube on her pussy, I put a finger inside. I can tell she doesn’t like it so I stop, I rub massive amounts of lube on her and get out a condom from my wallet. I know that some girls find fingering more painful than sex, and I know she’s no virgin to masturbating; but I know she’s a virgin to sex and I don’t want to hurt her. I want to please her. I want her to cum on my cock, but I know that she’d need stimulation on her clit for that to happen. So many guys just want to bang pussy’s hard, but that’s really no way to please a girl. I want to fuck her hard, no doubt, but I want her to enjoy it and beg for more. I suck on her clit again, lick up her thighs, and put on the condom. I cover the outside of my cock with lube and part her. I rub her pussy and wait till she moans again and then slowly slide into her. She’s on top of me and I fuck her slowly and gently. I look at her face and I can tell it’s uncomfortable, but she doesn’t seem to be complaining either. I kiss her passionately. She moans into my mouth and our tongues lap over each other. Im grunting and groaning and I wish I could bend her over and fuck her hard but I don’t, as I want the romance, the sensitivity. I rub her clit and fuck her for what seems like a lifetime. Then her breath starts to quicken and her face is tensing, and she groans so loudly I think the wall will fall down. Then her breathing is shaking and her hands dig into my shoulders and I kiss her while she cums, then I feel fluid squirting from her, a combination of pee and ejaculate. She looks embarrassed but it just turns me on even more. I cum groaning, and lacing my fingers through hers; I feel utterly at one with her. Absolute.The fact that I have 20 years on her doesnt matter in the slightest. AndI think as I look into her blue eyes, that really are the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen; that I am irrevocably in love with every inch of her.

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