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My new slave

Essay By: Emy Naso

Teaching the slave

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(First session with the young woman who cleans my house and how it all began) She pushed out both arms, saying, "Thank you, Emy. I will be good." I took her offered hands in mine. "Then you will willingly accept your punishment?" "What is that?" she said, confused. "Punishment is what an English master would give to a naughty girl, Lulu. It is preferable to being dismissed from service." Nervously she nodded. "Good!" I announced. "Let's get this over with. Bend over the desk, Lulu." Her mouth opened, no words ensued. "Be quick, girl, I have a busy day. Be punished or I will have to immediately dismiss you as not suitable for my training. Her gorgeous face full of doubt, Lulu moved to the end of the desk and tentatively leaned forward, hands on the leather inset top. "Right over," I instructed, pushing her down. "I think six spanks will be right for the crime, Lulu." I undid the ties on her apron, pushed it aside and started to lift her dress up by the hem. She made a move to resist, trying to get up. My strong hand held her down. "This dress is so course and thick, Lulu, spanking you through it will not be real punishment." I continued to raise her dress, pushing it up, seeing her simple panties coming into sight. "It is customary to spank bare bottoms, Lulu," I said, endeavoring to keep my voice neutral, the mind hot with excitement. Feeling under her stomach and touching her panties beten the girl's legs, I detected little murmurs from the girl. I would not be denied. Sliding her panties down, I bit his lip at the sight of her naked ass. "Stay there, Lulu," I hoarsely said, going quickly to my study door and locking it. Eager to continue the punishment, I went back to the prone young woman, felt over her rear cheeks and then whacked her three times in rapid succession. Lulu cried out. His heart beat faster. Listening, I waited, in case anybody heard her yelps of pain and came to investigate. I watched her naked ass redden, the marks of my heavy hand clearly visible. Unable to oppose my desire, I let my hand rest on her rear, slid a finger down into the valley of her gorgeous cheeks and traced a route to Lulu's clitoris. She made a groaning sound, trying to keep her legs tightly together, denying me any more access to her body. I was far too physically powerful for her resistance and soon fingered into her vagina. Fearful that she might scream, I stopped the fondling, whacked her with my hand three more times and then stroked her chastised ass. "You have been a good girl, Lulu, accepting your punishment. Perhaps at another time we can discover if you want me to help you keep your job and have some pretty things in life. Now get dressed and get back to your work." With satisfaction I watched as she pulled her panties up and straightened the thick gray dress. Before she got to the door and unlocked it, I said, "Lulu. It would be better if you did not tell anybody about the punishment. I will be between you and me." The girl paused, tucking her dark, sheen black hair under her bonnet, the long strands loosening when the spanking occurred. I felt an overwhelming desire for her, wanting to see this fascinating Oriental divested of the working clothes and before me like a naked Geisha in the submissive presence of her lord. http://emynasoerotica.blogspot.com/ http://shop.renebooks.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=118 http://samhainpublishing.com/authors/emy-naso http://twitter.com/EmyNaso


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