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Both happy and tired

Essay By: Djoser

One more of mine

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She was sitting at her computer and was reading his last message again and again. He was so close, sitting in the next office down the hall. She especially liked the last lines of his message: "My penis demands its deserved freedom ...my underwear is a small patch of tissue that covers him ....! and this sweet pain caused by my excitement! ". The rest of his message made her nipples harder, she felt wet and warm in her panties. He was trying to get her long ago, but only recently he started writing these kind of things in his messages, which made her heart pound, her head was spinning. As it was not enough that she was letting him write all these things, she actually really wanted all these in reality. What else could she do, when he was turning her on, so badly, that she could feel her pulse down in her stomach?!

Her trembling fingers wrote what she felt:
"I hate you! You did it! I am all turned on and wet!"
Almost immediately came his answer:
"You can't imagine how I want to check it! Will you let me? "

She bit her lower lip:
"Take it easy, you smartass! My husband will check it and you check your wife's! "

The answer did not come, but soon he appeared inher office:

  • Should we take a smoke pause?

He did not smoke much, but often he kept her company. He preferred taking pauses with the most exquisite women in the office - with her.

She was following him. She was in a very beautiful dress and shoes with heels.

The passage to the terrace was close to quiet rooms. Suddenly he just took her hand and led her to one of those rooms.

  • " Why? What is going on? What are you going to do? " She was furious but her knees were shaking.
  • " Well, I am going to check on you" said he and clasped her by her waist.

Being so close to his body, her aggravated senses, the heat wave over her body, almost made her scream. A little more and she herself will put her hand into his pants, check his hardness. She wanted him.

  • "Yeah, right! You wish! " said she turning her back to him, almost ready to leave, but he would not let her go.

He pressed her against his body, leaning with his chest against her back. She could totally feel his excitement and hardness on her buttocks. He loved her buttocks. He loved everything about her. He loved her smile, hair, smell when she was passing by . She almost fainted feeling how his erection was pressing against her body.

He started whispering into her ear, at the same time caressing her neck, warming her ears with his warm breath:

  • You are one of a kind! You can't imagine how I was looking forward for this moment. I always want you, in different ways, first gently and then hard! But I do not want to do anything against your will. I want to know how bad you want me!

She felt his hands gently sliding up from her waist to her breasts, gently squeezing them. A quiet moan came out of her mouth because of that simple but passionate caress. Regardless, she pressed her buttocks against his groan.

When he unbuttoned top of her dress, she could not resist. She actually was eager to feel his hands on bare skin of her breasts. She felt how thin cloth of her brassiere was moved from her breasts. She felt her breasts fluttering while they already were naked. He clenched her breasts with his warm palms, caressing her nipples with the tips of his fingers, kissing her neck at the same time. Her nipples were already hard and kind of moist.

She was already trembling from all these. He, however, was completely concentrated on her breasts. She almost orgasmed when he carefully slapped her breast. Her body was covered by sweet pain when he pulled her nipples, she felt like her pussy going to meow from this joy.

Her body was completely under his control. He was doing completely impossible things with her breasts. She was just gratefully moaning, making sure that nobody else would hear them. Her eyes noticed that, he already managed to lock the door.

When his hands lifted her skirt, she did not protest at all. His hand gently, but kind of carelessly rubbed between her legs, squeezing her nasty girl down there.

She suddenly realized how wet was she. Heat wave of joyful shame covered her face.

His fingers kneaded between her legs. Even through the fabric of her pantyhose and underwear she could feel how warm were his fingers. He entered her underwear without permission and gently slid with his fingers between her lips, from clitoris down to her cave of passion.

She already wanted him to penetrate her with his fingers. She wanted it bad, hard. She wanted to feel his finger there, inside; she wanted to feel that sliding pressure. But he was not in a hurry. She was completely in his power and he seemed to understand it.

  • "Now tell me, what do you want! " he ordered her.

She understood that she was condemned to light caresses, until she will not do what he wants. His fingers were purposely avoiding her vagina and clitoris. She was already trembling because of this exquisite torture.

She slipped her hand into his trousers in response

  • I want to ... oh-oh-oh ... squeeze it between my fingers ...my palm...

In response, he deigned to touch her clitoris. She realized that she was ready to be his slave, only if he would continue caressing that button of the passion. She really understood what was required of her, for being explored all the way.

Without any hesitation, she turned around, hurriedly unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his hard penis. It was proudly raised, soaking in moisture of love.

Slightly bending over, several times she moved her nipples over dark purple head of his penis, noticing how her nipples were picking clear drops from the hole of his penis. Shiny treads were stretching from his penis to her breasts.

She knelt down in front of his erection, enjoying its closeness to her face and lips. She opened her lips, touched the head of the penis with her tongue. Having done this, she could hardly breathe, but she continued.

Head of his penis slid into her mouth. She closed her eyes with a pleasure and began to stroke on the trunk of his penis with her lips and tongue, sliding along the entire length, until his penis did not reach whole length of her throat. Once in a while, she would stop and would delightfully hold his instrument against her burning cheek. She liked how his penis was wincing in her mouth while she was sucking on it.

  • "Do you like sperm?" asked he almost breathless
  • Yes. I do!
  • I wanna cum into your mouth!

She even harder squeezed trunk of his penis, hard working with her head, helping with one hand and with the other one playing with his testicles.

His penis grew even bigger and started releasing the flow of sperm directly into her throat. Almost choking with delight, she could not hold that viscous fluid gushing into her throat. Drops of sperm were trickling down her chin, falling on her breast. She was enthusiastically sucking softening penis, trying not to miss even a drop of his goodies. Looking up she asked:

  • What about me?

He smiled:

  • Today you have to stay longer after work. I will be caressing you, giving you pleasure until you will be begging me to pound you roughly and ruthlessly as you like. But before that you will have to tolerate all my softness and tenderness towards you!
  • Doesn't look like I have much choice.

She could hardly wait for 5 hours. Her nipples were hurting and she was all wet thinking about what will happen. Several times he came to her office, not knowing or perhaps knowing and enjoying that if he would come a bit closer she would rape him right there.

When the last ones left the office, he came to her. He took her to one of the silent rooms and locked the doors behind.

With a groan, she hugged his body. Her hands dropped on his ass while they were kissing, sucking each others lips and tongues. He was kissing her neck and sucking her earflaps.

He stopped:

  • Not so fast, sweet girl!

A white handkerchief is in his hands. He stood behind her and tied handkerchief over her eyes, whispering:

  • Remember, you should only do what I say you to do and you should endure everything I am going to do with you and your body.

The handkerchief was very tight and shecould not see anything. When he began to unbutton her dress, she tried to stay still, while her impatience was growing. He was unbuttoning slowly, revealing the skin of her breasts. He slowly pulled down the bra.

He was lightly rubbing her nipples, causing pleasant vibrations all over her body. Obedient to his submission and almost unbearable torture she just squeezed her fists.

  • I see your nipples are already hard
  • You don't have even a slight idea what is happening between my legs
  • That we will check very soon, said he squeezing her nipples.

She could barely stand on her feet. Little more and she would collapse into his arms. But reminding herself about the rules of the game, she just leaned back. Everything was clucking inside, her face was burning under the handkerchief and her body was bending towards his hands.

  • Do you like it?
  • Yes, do it again!

Hard-hearted bastard did not even think of responding to her request. However, he was busy with something else. He took off all her cloth, except panties. Sometimes he was touching her body and it echoed in a shudders, releasing new wave of tickles down her belly.

She thought that, as that first time he will check how wet she was. But instead, he extended her torment, putting her across the table, so her head was hung from one end of the table and her buttocks from the other end. While she was not given any instruction, she invitingly spread her legs.

  • What a lovely wet spot has my queen between her legs, said he.

She felt his finger touch over her panties. Involuntarily she pulled her hips forward, hoping to feel his fingers with her eager MUS! She wanted it, even through the fabric of her panties.

But he took his hand away which made her groan in a disappointment.

She did not even realize anything while -hrrrr- her panties were ripped of her with a sudden movement of his hand. Her wetpussy did not have anything to hide anymore, in fact it was fully disclosed to his view, showing him all her secrets. He was delighted with this scene; she was in front of him in a most intimate form, fully prepared.

However, he was not satisfied just with that. She felt his fingers gently pressing and caressing on her lips down there, massaging them.

She groaned, feeling how close she was to orgasm.

He roughly squeezed her wet lips. She squealed with a delight and began to crawl with her butt in a hope that he will enter her. All her being was exhausted and she wanted to cry with a joy and annoyance that she has not been fucked yet.

She felt his warm breathe over her genitals. She felt his tongue slipping up from the hole of her vagina all the way to her clitoris, between her lips. He caressed each of her lips with his tongue. He squeezed her clitoris between his lips and sucked it. He was gently playing with his tongue around her clitoris. Again he went lower, kissing the entrance to her. He started sucking on her vagina, as he was thirsty and wanted to drain her.

His tense tongue entered her pussy. She was burning and writhing in ecstasy. He was literally fucking her with his tongue. Her body was responding with new explosions which were tearing her apart. She could not count how long was this all continuing, while his mouth was still bullying her poor pussy.

Finally, he let her to recover abit. She found that her head was hanging limply from the edge of the table, the handkerchief was gone and he was standing in front of her face with his hard cock so close to her face. It made her lick her own lips. She terribly wanted to take it in her mouth and eagerly she held her hand out.

He allowed her to take the head of his penis into her mouth. Here she came off. She enjoyed the fact, that she could easily caress his cock with her lips and tongue. She begged him to fuck her in this pose. He let her to suck on her cock as she wanted.

And then he freed his cock from her grasping fingers and walked around the table, standing between her wide apart thighs.

As he enjoyed her willingness, he penetrated her with one move. She screamed, feeling the head of his penis stretching wet and slippery walls of her vagina. He penetrated her to entire length. As he started to move in her, she came. She was coming all the way, while she was taken from behind, being hold by her hair and shoulders, while he was gently slapping her buttock and spreading them even wider. She was coming while he was taking her from the side, penetrating her so deep that their pubises were touching each other and her sweet pussy was squishing. She was coming while she was on the floor and her legs were over his shoulders and he was fucking her really hard, while their bodies were slapping against each other. She was coming while she was on her knees sucking his cock, while he was fucking her mouth so deep that his testicles were slapping her chin.

And here he cums, His sperm was filling her mouth, dripping on her breasts and belly.

Both happy and tired, they could not tear them self away from hugs and kisses. They enjoyed that sweet moment of tiredness. Quiet room was filled in with a smell of their sex, full of passion.


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