....and it started so beautiful

By: Djoser

Page 1, This is a story about a relation. I am not sure how it will end. Yet...to be continued.

That was a coincidence.  He rang the wrong number.  Sad voice.  He said that he was very unwell, we had a conversation, he apologized and disappeared from my life in the same way as he appeared. And then ... then the first death, I – a dullard, could not save the life. I am alone, sitting in the kitchen, crying, dialing his number and saying, "I'm sorry, now I feel bad ..." And so began our conversation.  We phoned each other without even knowing that we live in the same city, we walk on the same streets. Sometimes I would receive SMS "I am drinking coffee, stay with me." Slowly but surely, I realized that I was binding to him. I knew that I did not have anyone but Him in this city, there was no one with whom I could talk. I knew that he would always find time for a conversation with me, he would comfort and support me. He was no longer sad and never complained about his life anymore.

I was awakened at night by a phone call from my work –‘’ urgent one, you are joining a group which is dealing with a fire at a nightclub ..." Everything happens very quickly. An awful sweet scent. Everything burns.  Someone screams, someone asks for help. I quickly understand who needs help and who would not be rescued.  I receive short orders, no unnecessary talks. My group is hopeless, not much help to be done. I work absent-mindedly.  When will all this be over?.  I am standing in front of a boy, aged 20, his mother beats in hysterics near him, a familiar face, we live in the same area, she escapes from the hands of her husband, falls to her knees next to me and asks to save her son. Everything merges into a nightmare. The boy is alive, shouting something ...

I am home the next evening. While lying in the bath, the phone rings brokenly. I feel suffocating odor everywhere.  I am calling back, "Where have you gone? I'm worried about you. Are you okay? "So dear, worried voice. "I'm home. Come here ... " and I drop the line. I send him sms with my address.  I make coffee. It is almost 12 at night. The doorbell rings. He is by the door…. And I'm in a terrible shape, tearful eyes, and even the smell.  We silently hug and cuddle. "I know where you were. I'm sorry. " Damn, I am still wrapped in a towel. "Come into the kitchen. I'll be back. " I run in to the bedroom. Shorts, T-shirt, fuck the underwear, I do not care tonight.  I somehow combed my hair. Let him see me like this.

I am standing by the door, watching him. No. Not my type. I do not like such types. He is smiling. He is gently stroking my arm. And I am talking, talking. He is quietly listening. Sometimes squeezes my hand, when I get tears in my eyes.

"Do you want me to stay?" – He smiles.

"Yes I do. I'm afraid to be alone. "

"Am I not scary? '. He is standing next to me, stroking my hair.

"No, I am not afraid of you "

Several days are passing by. We sleep in separate rooms.  He does not even touch me, we kiss on the cheeks when we see each other. In the mornings we are getting ready for work, in the evenings he picks me up from work. We talk a lot. Often we are going out for the evening walks. It is New Year in a month. I am not crying anymore.

He no longer lives with me. Everything is back as it was. Everyone has their own life. Work, things to take care of.  I will spend the holidays at work. I do not have any other options. He calls less and less frequently.

December 25.  I receive SMS "Waiting for you at 19:00 by the seafront." My mood is at ZERO level. I am there. Silently hugging, cuddling. He whispers in my ear, "I missed you."  I have nothing to say. Am I offended? Am I angry? No. I also really missed him.

New Year we celebrated together. At his home. Together we choose the new year tree, decorated it up and prepared dinner. His friends were with us. Later, we all went to the club. We were back home early in the morning. We were alone. Slow music. Dance. He looks at me thoughtfully, just like he tries to make up his mind. I want him. I press myself against his body. He looks at me from the top to the bottom. He is smiling. I unbutton his shirt. I kiss his neck. He pulls my dress. My bra falls down somewhere. He is pushing me on the bed. "My Girl", he whispers to my ear, kissing my neck. He squeezes my breasts, a bit too hard. "I want you" - with my hands I am squeezing his shoulders.  I help him to take off his clothes. He pushes aside my panties, they are soaking. "You are so wet." He penetrates me unexpectedly. I synchronically move my hips against his movements.  He moves slowly, gently biting my earlobe. A few quick moves and I will be coming soon. He stops inside me, looks into my eyes. "Say that you want me to make you come." I am confused.  I squeeze him inside me with my muscles. How nice it is to feel him inside me. He tries to pull out.  "No. I do not want to. I want more. " He does a little teasing move in me. "Please let me finish" – I gently whisper him. "I did not hear what you want." I repeat louder. Excitement rolls over me.  I do not quite understand what I'm saying. I just see his happy smiling eyes. Orgasm is covering us quickly, we come together. He did not pull out and did not move away, instead he hugged me only stronger.  "Clever girl, my good girl" whispers he somewhere in my hair. I look at him, "Thank you dear, I'm very happy with you ..."

February. Frost, wind, snow. "Let's go somewhere and have a vacation, the sun, let’s get some heat? '. We apply for holidays, buy warm clothes. Long flight, difficult conversation. And long live the sun, palm trees, the ocean.

The conversation started after the New Year.  That complicated conversation took place only once, we did not talk about it anymore

"Honey, do you understand that, just sex is not interesting for me?" -  I silently nod my head. "You see, I want you to belong to me completely, not only the body but also the soul. I want you to be just my little obedient girl, whom I will be punishing for all the mistakes. I will listen to you, to your opinions, which are important to me. You will discover a new world for yourself; you will experience something what you would be ashamed even to think about. And believe me, you will like it, you'll like what you will be and what you will be for others. I interrupted him with slightly trembling voice, confusion in my eyes "what I'm going to be for the others?" . "You will be confident, knowing what you want and what you need. Sometimes you do not have enough confidence in you, but you can be confident in everything. " He gently strokes my arm. I am sitting opposite to him, I look in his eyes and do not understand what he wants from me? "Think about it. When you say that you are ready for this change, I will tell you about all the rules of your new life, ". He smiled, kissed the top of my head. We never came back to this conversation again. But something changed in him. He was looking at me differently. He became more demanding. Now , he demands that when he is back from work, I meet him with makeup and hairdo. Occasionally, when he would come home and I slept off duty,  I would see his inner struggle with himself, but the desire to belong entirely to him became stronger and stronger

We are on the plane. I woke up, it is impossible to sleep in a half-sitting position. I kissed him on the cheek and he smiled. "Do you remember our conversation about the changes in our relationship?" I nod and look away. "I know that you were thinking about it, I want to know your decision. I will understand if you say no, but sooner or later you will be what I need you to be, you are already changing. " A long silence, I am watching as the sun rises over the illuminator. It is very beautiful. "Yes, I have been thinking for a long time and made a decision. I agree. But I want to learn the rules of the game. " "Nothing will change much. Everything will remain as it. But you'll have to be more open, so I could read you like a book. You will be a toy in my hands, a soft toy, formless, which I will form myself as I need. I will both encourage and punish. I will tell you more, do not worry. All will be well ". He pulls me to himself and hugs me.

I will belong to him, he, who needs me so much. He will take care of me and do everything, so I was happy.

My hand slid down on his chest, down to the belt. A quick look back, two other passengers are sleeping sweetly. I look up at him "Can I?". How I love his smile, I am ready for anything to get this satisfied smile. Quickly I am unbuckling the belt, button, zip fly. He is breathing heavily; his firm flesh is in my hand. I pull out his penis; carefully run my tongue over its head. I squeeze head of his penis between my lips, I feel his hand in my hair. I am moving slowly, trying to take his dick in my mouse as far as possible.  His hand begins to direct my head, rapid and rough movements. I caress his testicles with my hand. I suck on his penis harder, I feel that he loosened his grip, I move myself, I take the entire length. He squeezes my hair. He does not even let me pull my head away. His sperm hits deep into my throat. I try to swallow it all, but it turns out that his penis enters my throat even deeper. Now he lets my head go, I lick his cock, those remains of his sperm. He gently strokes my hair. I help him fasten his belt. He hugs me, gently kisses me, "Thank you darling, I adore you." Embraced by him, I fall asleep on his shoulder. "Master, I feel very well with you." He smiles, "I knew that make a wise decision" ...

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