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Sir - not Master

Essay By: devadasi scribe

More thoughts on play and service.

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Every person enjoys and at times needs to be taken care of, accommodated. In successful relationships, the balance between who is giving and who is receiving flows like a tide. Depending on the need of a person will determine the strength and length of the tide.
I am a man with many needs. My strong male persona is my strength and my weakness for when I need support, I need a partner ready to fully cater to me. When my tide runs strong and the emotional forces pull on me, I want someone willing to service my wants and lustful desires created by my demanding sexual and erotic needs, but though their best and most alluring side of themselves
I do not want a slave calling "master". To me that connotes obliteration of oneself - the destruction of a persona in order to please another. I want a partner who brings her true essence and self to this game, and creates something wonderfully new and until then unknown for my pleasure.
The phrase "sir" seems a more appropriate term for this interaction. By addressing me as "sir" she is offering respect and service without blatant destructive submission. She is a partner bringing her intelligent, creative erotic persona to the play, and showing new things to sooth you that you would not have thought of yourself. She is now a bringing of true service.
She is a mistress, a concubine who works with you to understand how best to help, and does it with her own spirit. By just adding "sir" to an end of a sentence when asking you what you would like (even as simple as what beer you want her to order for you), it signals the beginning of the soothing release through her service. Presenting herself in her unique manner that she finds sexy and beautiful for your pleasure lets you know what gifts she can bring to this playful exchange. Her style becomes part of the trigger letting you realize when she is entering her service for you.
In my case my ego finds great release in the displaying and showing off my partner. My ego is stroked by having such an alluring person seen by all with me. Where I may want to just rip off her clothes and display her naked to satiate my raging need she may offer a more subtle beginning - a translucent dress, a bright light behind her and momentary flash of her body for all to see (like the time she quieted a boisterous table of men at a restaurant by timing her walk by them with the bright light emitted by the front door opening). Where I may desire her to show her off directly to a trusted mutual friend, she may do it less blatantly by choosing a revealing dress that she wears in his presence and is one that has been worn in the past when she has addressed me as "sir". Her knowledge of me and herself creates true satisfaction for both of us.
The beauty of such creative engagement by my partner is that I can now find great release and soothing in ways I never imagined myself. She creates for me this pleasure in a manner that she finds true to herself. And it can start with a simple word "sir" whispered under her breath.


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