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Essay By: Cherie

Descriptive content of lovemaking

Submitted:Aug 7, 2008    Reads: 979    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

After Glow

I imagine your voice and it tells me where to touch, just how hard and just how much. I feel your hands exploring me and my body starts to tingleā€¦I can hear your voice guiding me as my hands slide across my aching breasts imagining they're your hands and not my own. How I wish you were here to see the Goosebumps on my skin. For you to see the wetness you have created with just mere thoughts of you.

When you touch me your hands are like a brush and I am your canvas, your fingertips paint pleasure onto the canvas of my body. I think back on last night, how ungodly lost my body became to you, how you took my mind, my soul, and my senses. How taken you made me feel, with skill and strength and the power of lust. With you knowing what you wanted and how to get it. To feel the power of your body with even your most delicate touches, how you made me respond with such wild uncontrolled abandon. All sounds gone except that of your voice, that of your breathing, all my senses tuned into your hands, your face, and your voice.

The exquisite pleasure you bestowed against my skin with your delicious mouth. Feeling nothing but crashing waves of pleasure the kind that rips the breath from your chest; and makes you feel so alive that you could die...

Now hours later just the thought of you and I am now so wet, dripping wet, flowing with the need for you, my breasts and my lips are swollen from the thought of your kisses, the kisses I still feel burning on my lips from hours before, still prickling at my neck, still grazing against my flesh. I am now more than ready for you.
How you singed my body with yours, marking me as your own. With each thrust and with each spasm you sent me deeper into ecstasy. I can feel it running down me, covering my fingers, sticky warm and wet, how I wish you were here to taste me and to fill me. I feel my back arching, my body giving in, I hear your voice whispering soft into my ear, guiding my hands like they were your own on where to touch and tease and roam. With all my senses I imagine you and I look up into your eyes and draw in your scent and feel you throbbing against my lips. I run my hands across my chest teasing one nipple then bringing it to my throat, taking my own breath as you took mine hours before...as I hold my hand firm around my throat I can still feel where you had yours placed against me today. I can feel my pulse racing thru my fingertips, I can feel my skin flush my eyes wondering aimlessly uncontrolled, that familiar dizziness from early coming back again.

I can still feel your hands running smoothly down my back and cupping my ass tightly dragging my aching body against yours. I can feel my nipples grazing across your chest feeling them tighten and throb against your warm flesh. I remember staring up into those luscious lips and wanting you to lay them on mine, to tease me with them to devour me with them and in more then any thought I could have imagined your lips burned into me more powerfully then I could express. You rendered me helpless, you took all my control, I could feel you breathe your lust into me as I breathed mine into you.

It was like our bodies, and our needs and all our desires dance in a rhythm. I feel you have taken my body and control it now, I feel you always touching me, I still can smell your scent on me, I can still taste you on my lips. You have become like a craved fruit from a forbidden garden to me. Your caresses and your strokes have brought out my carnal urges and left me saturated with desire.

I imagine you again inside me and I strain against your hot flesh, I feel your mouth plunder mine, caressing my lips, teasing my tongue, how erotic and needy and wanting you make me. How I want to feel your fingers winding into my hair, dragging my aching body down against yours, watching me glide you in and out and taking my breath and flicking my tongue across your swollen need.
How I want you to look at me and watch me slide down until my lips are at the base of you, your fingers still wound tight in my hair guiding me and filling my eager mouth with your hard hot flesh. I want you to feel the rush of my breath and the flick of my tongue and to sink yourself deeper into my wet soft darkness. I want to strain against your hot flesh and feel your pulse with every stroke. I want you to watch me look up at you with satisfied needing, wanting eyes as you thrust deeper into me. I want you to feel that fire burning inside my mouth that spreads throughout my body. I want feel your body tightening against mine as you spill into my rapacious mouth and to see it flowing down my chin and watch me as I lick it up.

When I rise, place ardent kisses on my lips and part my thighs and lay me back and tenderly rub my clit and slide your fingers into my wetness and capture my excited cries with your kisses. I want to bury my fingers into your skin and drag you down onto my wet hot swollen lips. I want you to make me cum against your tongue and feel my desire engulf you as you drink me up. I want you to feel my insides pulsing against your hand and with each stroke feel me tighten around you. I want you to lick at my juices and penetrate me with your hard strong hands till I beg for all of you.

Make me beg, tease me to my limits. Then position yourself between my thighs as I squirm against you and press your cock into me. Grip my hips and smoothly thrust as we watch you slide back and forth into me. Feel me squeeze around you, my hips thrusting in rhythm with yours. Fuck me harder and force yourself to hold back, locking your eyes into my eyes as you finally pour into me and listen to the sound of our moans blending together as we succumb to ecstasy and feel me bathe in the aftermath of your fiery touch.


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