Tanner's Scheme

By: Zahraaaaa

Page 1, A review of a highly erotic series.. adults only.

Tanner's Scheme was the first book I've read from Lora Leigh's Breed series. Most books take forever to get to some kinky scenes (most readers just go for the nasty), but this book is definetely amazing from the first chapter. It has you holding your breath in suspense as well as being highly turned on. 

It's about this woman who's been abused by her father and finds true love with a man who was an invention by her dad, so the guy is like part animal with abilities to sense her feelings and know exactly when she's turned on by him. The guy 'Tanner' has watched her for years, even when she had been doing threesomes and masturbating etc. She is shocked by the fact, but will she love him back? 

Lora Leigh is a great author and fills all your fantasies no matter how dirty it is ;D

I would rate the book 5 stars and highly recommend it.

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