50 Shades of Grey review

By: Zahraaaaa

Page 1, A review of the widely famous book `50 Shades of Grey\' by E.L. James.

A very well-composed book I must say. The first book didn't flow too much, but the second and third book did it justice. The sensual and erotic scenes are compelling. Christian Grey, a controlling, rich and extremely handsome billionaire, ensares the heart of a young virgin named Ana Steele.

Villains, adventure, and sex were pretty interesting and definetely would keep a reader engrossed. Repeating phrases such as "the apex of her thighs" is a little annoying, but yes it's an amazing book until the end regardless.

Christian Grey's secret dark past and his favorite pastime for BDSM all changed when he met Ana. It's a great book full of courage and everyday life's problems mingled with a little darkness.

A very interesting read! Christian and Ana's love story is unforgettable and will leave you thinking and wanting more at the end.

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