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Passion In Love

Book By: Wanderer92

A sequel to 'Passion In Life'. 'Passion In Love' contains three categories: Straight, Gay, and Lesbian; each category contains five different stories of sex, love, life, and Passion!

Submitted:Oct 29, 2009    Reads: 369    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Passion In Love


Straight (Page 4)

Experiencing the power of touch (5-9)

The Steam Room (10-18)

Embers (19-27)

Beneath His Hands (28-36)

First Time With Tyrone (37-133)

Gay (Page 134)

Sam (135-157)

Justin Jock (158-170)

Kevin Surrenders (171-200)

Extra Credit (201-218)

Revenge At The Beach (219-234)

Lesbian (Page 235)

Meant To Be (236-269)

Everything (270-282)

Everything About You (283-299)

Stress Management (300-318)

Falling For Madison (319-336)


Experiencing the Power of Touch

She is laying in the centre of her bed looking out the large windows watching the soft white clouds tease her with discontinuous glimpses of blue. The treetops are bare and the cold winter winds blow from the North. The bed-cover tensely frames the bed. A corner is slightly ruffled showing where she had removed the feather pillow from is assigned spot to put under her head.

"This is my favourite place in the whole world," she thinks as her pink slipper caresses her ankle when she unconsciously crosses her left ankle over her right. Her hands are held together gently resting on her stomach and she feels silly when she notices that she likes holding hands with herself. The slow shifting patterns of white and blue perform a slow dance in the distant winter sky that lulls her into a dreamy, sleepy state. Knowing she's waiting for her husband to come home from work, she stops herself from drifting off to sleep but lets the Zen-like presence of her daydream settle the tension she almost always feels at that spot on her back where her neck meets her shoulders.

The distant sound of a bird singing pulls her back to reality and her eyes open. Searching the tips of the branches on the distant trees, she looks for the bird but nothing catches her eye. No shape flitting from branch to branch. No sudden dart of flight moving from one place to another.

"Surely there's no bird out there today," she thinks, "it's nowhere near time for songbirds to be returning from their annual pilgrimage to the warm places they visit in the south this time of year."

But she hears the song again and closes her eyes letting it echo in her mind. Her tongue wets her lips and she softly bites her lower lip. The songbird's call comes closer and its song becomes more clear. She inhales deeply filling her lungs with the familiar scent of the bedroom. Holding her breath deep inside of herself, slowly exhaling she feels her feet rub against one another letting the pink fabric of her slippers rub together. The sound they make finds the rhythm of the bird's song. Her mind empties completely as she lets the room's air fully escape from her lungs.

Holding her breath at the end of her exhale. She consciously stops herself from inhaling again. She begins to count slowly. "One,. . two . . . three . . ." Her body struggles to make her breath again and she begins to inhale slowly through her nose. Gradually she feels her body begin to relax again.

As she inhales, her mind is bathed in the fragrance of lavender and roses. She smiles softly and swallows hard as her mouth fills with a slick wetness and the fabric of her soft white T-shirt teases the tips of her breasts. Her right thumb gently strokes the palm of her left hand and her body trembles softly as she tastes the sweetness of the air in her lungs. Again, she exhales slowly and deliberately and then inhales deeply filling herself with the now familiar aroma of the invisible flowers. At the peak of her inhale, she consciously stops herself from exhaling and holds her breath again counting but this time out-loud "One, two, three, four, five, . . ." Her mind drifts away to a conversation she was having with a new man she had met in a chat room and she smiles softly in her dream-like state.

Before she begins to breath again, she feels him touch her wrists. Kneeling on the bed beside her, he gently separates her hands and kissed her palms. First the right one; then the left. His kisses are moist and tender. Each one begins with the warmth of his breath followed by the soft touch of his lips. Her body's pulses flow through her streaming from her palms to the soles of her feet. She uncrosses her ankles letting the energy flow freely back and forth from her palms to her toes pulsing hard inside of her as his kisses caress every inch of her body. He slowly raises her arms to an up-stretched position over her head. He puts her hands together again and they instantly grip one another and she moans softly. She feels the silky soft fabric of a scarf being loosely wrapped around both wrists and tucked under the pillow causing a slight tension against her wrists but she clearly knows that she can free herself from its restraint instantly. This gives her great freedom to relax knowing that she can give herself to him completely but that she can instantly regain control again at will.

She realizes that her body can no longer discern his presence on the bed. She can feel the motion of his body through the air and she knows he is present but she can't tell where he is or what spot on her body he will touch next.

His kisses move down her arms. She can hear him breath and feel the heat from his body as it pulses hard against her entire body. But the only tactile awareness she has is of the tip of his tongue and the hot wet caress of his lips and teeth. His kiss finds her lips and she opens herself fully letting his tongue instantly drive deep into her mouth. His kiss fills her body with passion and she drives her own tongue hard against his pushing herself into his mouth in a powerful full dance of ecstasy. Some of his kisses are soft only letting the tip of his tongue tease her lips. Some of his kisses are full and hard with teeth biting her tongue . . . they are hot and powerful and wet. His kisses move from her mouth to her throat with passionate bites and tender kisses first finding her left breast and then her right. She can feel his hot mouth wetting the sensuous soft skin of her breasts through the rough fabric of her T-shirt. His tongue plays with her nipples and his mouth swallows hard, bringing her swollen pulsing nips deep, deep inside of him. The wetness of her T-shirt is cold against her hot throbbing nipples.

Her breasts are on fire when she suddenly realizes his mouth has moved down to her stomach leaving a slick wet line of kisses toward the throbbing hot pleasure of her womanhood. She feels his mouth kissing her through the fabric of her panties as she lifts her hips and feels her panties slide softly down her legs. Lifting her right leg she pulls herself free from the panties and his mouth instantly returns to her swollen hot wetness. The physical touch of his mouth against her lower lips causes her to moan out loud and pull tight against the silky fabric holding her wrists. . . Biting her shoulder she stifles the moan and arches her back as his mouth takes her under his hot wet control. She trembles as his tongue drives hard into her dark swollen wetness and a moan of his own fills her body with pulsing, pounding pleasure.

His tongue slides out of her moving down to her swollen hot rosebud. With just the tip, he teases her hole and she shivers with pleasure. Her mouth moves from her shoulder and she lets herself moan loudly filling the room with echoes that bounce off of the walls and ceiling coming back to her body as waves of blue and gold light. The colours penetrate her closed eyes filling her body with every shade in the rainbow. His mouth traces a line down her right thigh moving all the way to the tip of each of her soft pink toes. Moving back to her pulsing pleasure, he kisses her again and his tongue repeats its track down to her toes this time taking the left pathway.

She calls out loud, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweetheart!" and his mouth instantly returns to her swollen hot lower lips. She is filled with his hot wet tongue. He licks her throbbing clit and teases her lips until she shivers with desire. He tenderly bites her short cropped hair and presses the full width of his tongue along her swollen full nub. She lets a deep, deep moan scream from the depths of her soul "NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!"

His tongue fills her pounding swollen lips. Her nipples explode with throbbing hot pleasure. Her neck and shoulders tremble and shudder in convulsing patterns of passion and delight. Every spot on her body that his mouth had tasted before now instantly exploded with simultaneous waves of orgasmic energy.

"YESSSSSSSSS!!!"she screamed. "OH MY FUCKING GOD, YESSSSSSSsssssssssssss." Her full body explosion racks her existence with pounding, pounding pleasure. Her fingertips dance with passion and her toenails scream with joy. Her eyes close tight filling her mind with colours of purple, pink, and blue. She becomes one with him and she feels his own pulsing pleasure flowing over her entire being. She cries and cries and cries as his lips find her mouth and his kiss filled her with a quixotic, flood of pleasure she has only known before in her dreams.

She disappears from existence as her aura blends with his and they dance with the wind and the clouds.

The song of the bird once more calls to her and she opens her eyes and feels herself begin breathing again. This time, the familiar scent of her bedroom has returned and the perfume of lavender and roses is gone. She finds herself in the middle of the bed with her hands locked together tightly in a heap on the centre of her stomach. Her panties are back on but there is a slick wetness between her legs and her pink slippers have fallen to the floor. Her right ankle is crossed over her left one and her head is in exactly the same position as it was when she had begun her daydream.

But her mouth can taste his kisses.

And her body can feel the moistness of his tongue.

She wets her lips with her own tongue and slides herself to the edge of the bed looking out the window one more time before standing and walking toward the bathroom where she will take a long, long soak in the tub. She looks out the window and sees specks of blue smiling at her through the greyish white clouds.

"Yes," she says out loud this time, "this is my favourite place in the whole world."

Later that evening, her husband called to her from the bedroom while she chatted with some friends on the computer downstairs. "What's this scarf doing in the bed?" She stopped typing and walked up the stairs fast enough that her heart was pounding as she stood in the doorway of the room.

Her husband had pulled the covers back and found a multi coloured silk scarf laying softly in the middle of the bed. He picked it up and threw it toward her. The scarf fluttered wildly as she reached out to catch it and it released the strong fragrance of lavender and roses filling the room with a memory that caused her to blush. Catching the scarf as it waifed downward toward the foot of the bed, she trembled silently and clinched it against her breasts.

"There it is!" she said looking down to see the multi-coloured pattern that was made by a sensuous inner-twining of roses and lavender branches. "Tina gave me this for Christmas and I've been looking for it for days! It must have been with the sheets when I took them out of the dryer."

"Plausible deny ability," she thought to herself as she walked back down the stairs letting the silky soft fabric of the scarf dance against her fingertips and hands. Never once did she wonder where it came from or how it had appeared out of nowhere

"What a wonderful find!" she said.

She walked into the room and instantly noticed her Yahoo Messenger browser bouncing on the screen and she trembled as a strong wind blew hard against the trees outside.

"What a wonderful find!"

The Steam Room

God I was hot and sweaty! My heart was racing and my breathing just beginning to return to normal. I was exhausted and sore, but satisfied.

I took the towel and wiped down as the screen started blinking my workout summary. A nice run, I'd done some weight lifting, god if I wasn't set! I loved coming to the gym, especially this late at night. There was next to no one here at midnight and most of the machines were completely free. I was able to get through my workout in record time!

On my way down to the women's locker room I glanced in at the pool and hot tub area with the co-ed dry and wet saunas. They were completely deserted. I mulled this over while I went to the lockers. I bypassed mine and checked out the women's area with its own steam room and sauna. Both were closed for cleaning, just my luck. I hadn't brought a swimsuit and that was required in the co-ed area. But my legs were so sore and the idea of an engulfing cloud of steam relaxing worked muscles was so tempting.......

I tiptoed into the pool area quickly to scope it out one more time. All clear. I hustled back to disrobe, tossed my stuff in the locker and grabbed the towel I had had the foresight to bring. Unfortunately it was only a little bigger then the gym-issued towel, but it covered me enough to warrant only a PG-13 rating, R if I bent over.

I snugged the towel above my D cup breasts. There was an inverted V of exposed flesh along my side starting at my waist and widening at my hips and thighs. I don't think I'd ever had anything show off my hourglass like this little towel did! It was too bad no one was there to appreciate it. The white towel made my tanned skin look even darker, it was a nice affect. I went to the vanity area and undid the severe ponytail I was wearing. I shook out my deep brown curls (not as bouncy due to being severely abused in my preferred workout coiffure) and ran my fingers through my hair and took a quick look at myself in the mirror.

Lets see, wide dark brown eyes, nicely arched brows, high and well defined cheekbones, check. Rose-y complexion showing through the tan and full dark lips that are always quick to smile. I wasn't displeased with how I looked, I'm willing to admit I'm pretty, attractive even, but hardly pin-up material.

I loosely pulled my hair up into a messy bun, ignoring the escaping tendrils, eager to get to my clandestine steam rooming I quietly padded across the cool tile and peeked around the women's entrance one more time to make sure the coast was clear. Finding no chubby old men in speedos nor women uncomfortably adjusting their swimsuits I made my way to my target. The glass was completely misted, which was great, since no one would be able to see me. It didn't occur to me that this thick of a fog could only be attributed to someone maintaining it recently. All I could think about was the soothing heat seeping into knotted muscles.

I opened the door and was welcomed by a wave of wet heat. I slipped in quickly not wanting too much moisture to escape. The room was impossible to distinguish and any noise I made was covered by the whoosh of fresh steam being pumped in. I knew from experience that I was surrounded by white tiles with the occasional blue motif added in to break up the starkness. There was a rubber blue mesh mat on the floor ensuring that no lawsuits would be made and 3 tiers of the seating all around the edge. Along one side of the room was only 2 tiers due to the Plexiglas windows that looked out at the rest of the pool room.

I headed to the back of the room, near the hose and the sensor. About half way there realized that I wasn't alone. I slowed as I neared the far end and a figure became distinguishable in the haze. He was sitting in the middle of the rear area on the second row with his head resting on the seats behind him and legs stretched out in front of him. He looked pretty comfortable and I could barely make out that his eyes were closed. I decided that now would be the time to turn back and had every intention of using my leet ninja skills to sneak out before he was aware of a mostly naked woman in the room.

Just as I started my retreat I was stopped by a soft, sonorous masculine voice, "Hey, I don't mind if your in here if you don't mind that I'm here."

I turned back to face him and saw that now he was leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and I could make out his smile.

He looked me up and down, taking note of the ill fitting towel that bared a lot thigh and barely reached the bottom of my ass. "I'm not in much longer," he said, "If you can stand the company."

He was cheeky, I liked that. I returned the conspiratorial smile and moved closer to where I had originally been heading (back corner top tier). Upon closer examination I realized he was pretty hot. Even though he was sitting I could tell that he was taller then my 5'7 frame with long muscular legs, wide shoulders, and tapered waist. His body was nice and toned without being overly muscled, his chest bare of hair except for a neat love trail extending from his navel down to his....lower areas. He had a nice strong jaw with slightly wide lips set into an impish grin (even when he was resting the corners still seemed to turn up), nice bright blue eyes, straight nose, olive-y complexion topped off with black (could be brown, he was wet, I didn't care, it was sexy) hair that reached just below his ears. He'd obviously been running his hands through it and it was falling quite rakishly. He looked like he might have a little Italian in him, I wouldn't mind having a little in me for that matter......

I had managed to make my assessment pretty quickly, since there wasn't much space between where I was and my favourite spot and even less between him and me. Once I had achieved my perch I had to take in the different angle. Yes, very nice legs, nice waist and where they met was......covered up by Mickey Mouse boxers! I couldn't stifle the giggle and when he looked up at me with a cocked brow I couldn't help but do a little ribbing.

"Nice boxers", I said. "Nice towel," was his quick return. I couldn't help blushing since I knew I was breaking a rule and he was within bounds, damn lucky men with their easy loopholes around dress codes!

"Don't worry," he was quick to reassure me," It'll stay between you and me. Besides, how often am I ever going to get the chance to share the steam room with a sexy chick in a skimpy towel? I'd have to be crazy to say no to that!"

Laughter bubbled up again, "Thanks, I've always wanted to be the centre of a conspiracy! I was lucky to get the steam room with a man who likes to live dangerously!"

The laughing and chatting had loosened the towel and I had to snatch the edges quickly so as to leave something to the imagination. His eyes had caught my sudden movement and followed my hands. They then scanned down my body, taking in my legs (thank god I'd shaved this morning). I was well aware that he could probably see a fair bit of muff due to his angle and my leg placement, but I didn't bother correcting it. Thank god he didn't have too much to undress with his eyes or I'd have to sit here quietly for a lot longer!

We sat in companionable silence, eyeing each other from time to time, waiting for the other to say or do something first. I'll admit, my mind raced. He was hot, I was horny (thank you adrenaline), and we were in a public place. This situation had two adventure variables, a stranger AND a public arena! However even I can be shy sometimes and need a little encouragement from the Penis Gallery. I let my thoughts run in lazy circles, getting myself worked up to the point that my heat and wetness was not due entirely to the steam room.

I eventually became aware that the hissing had stopped and the steam was losing a little of its oomph. I didn't say anything, I just watched and waited for him to make a movement or say something. I was almost hoping for the movement. His boxers had a white back ground and the only thing keeping him this side of decent were the well positioned black mouse ears. I sighed a little and ran my hand down my leg, appreciating the slick smooth skin and the fact that he had turned when he heard me sigh and watched me leisurely stroke my legs.

"What do you say we get another good batch going?"he said. I nodded and he kept looking at me and then the grin was back. "Your right below the sensor, as much fun as it would be to hose you down, you're going to have to come down here while I get this all started!"

I stuck my tongue out at him and descended the tiers while he nabbed the hose and turned on the cold water. The water splashed a little and felt good on my heated skin. It didn't last too long since I warmed up the moment he stood up and moved close to me, very close. He aimed and started spraying the censor, brushing up against my bared leg with the back of his hand. I shivered. It was casual contact but there was something about it that made my knees a little wobbly. I closed my eyes and darted my tongue out to lick lips that managed to dry out in a steam room.

I looked over and caught his eyes on me again. There was a very unrepentant glint in his eyes, I felt a little more wobbly and was it me or did it get WAY hotter in here?

The sound of the steam core turning over broke through my senses. "I think you've forced it into obedience," I said a little more huskily then I intended. He kept an eye on me as he bent down to turn off the hose. I clutched the towel to me to keep myself from grabbing his shapely posterior, get a hold of yourself! Its not like I've never been in a room with an incredibly fuckable man! Granted this was a special situation, we were in a steam room after all!

He turned and sat back down on the bench and I was about to mount the steps and return to my place when he reached out and gently grabbed my hand.

"Why don't you sit down here with me, its better then being all the way up there by yourself," he intoned softly.

If his words hadn't stopped me his eyes alone would have. They weren't the paler blue that I had noticed earlier, they were now a deep midnight shade close to dominated by the pupil. I know I shared the same look of desire and lust and did nothing to hide it. I was tickled he felt the same way.

There was a tingling sensations spreading out from where his hand grabbed mine, reaching out to all my limbs before settling into a little ball of tension in the pit of my stomach. My limbs became flaccid and unresponsive as he drew me down next to him. Hell, practically on top of him. His other hand reached up and tugged at one of the little corkscrews that had formed around my face.

"I like your hair, I've always thought curls were sexy." His voice had grown deeper, quieter with my proximity. I was turned towards him slightly, my breasts pressing into his arm and my naked thigh against his. Smooth and supple meeting steel and slightly furry. Farther north Mikey was looking a little rounded out....very rounded out, widely lonely rounded out..... Thank god we were surrounded by water or the puddle forming around me would be waaaaay obvious, I still wanted to play it nonchalant and make him think I was in complete control of myself.

"Thanks, I guess my parents chromosomes knew what they were doing when they split." Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. Not thank you, not , I'll show you sexy, no, it has to be something biological and incredibly UNSEXY. Good one! Wait, he's smiling and getting closer.....

"Yes, yes they did, I like a girl with looks, body, and brains." Nothing else was said. Nothing needed saying. His mouth was on mine. I didn't need any persuasion to open my mouth to this new guest. His kiss was perfect. Not too wide, no suction or excessive slobber, no tongue trying to make friends with my uvula, my lucky day! The tongue play was a fun little dance that was an attempt at distracting me from what his hands were doing. Mainly playing Lewis and Clark with my lower half.

One arm was resting along the level behind me while the other went a questin'. His well shaped fingers carried a bit of pressure but slipped along my sweat/water soaked skin easily. They felt along the contours of my leg muscles from knee to the barrier of the towel, which was right about waist.

I brought a hand to his chest and let the other one run up through his slick hair, giving it a little pull back, forcing his head back and myself into a more dominant position, causing me to lift my body slightly above his. This got quite a pleasant reaction. Both hands came down around my waist to squeeze and pull me tighter against his hard chest. I had to straddle him on my knees to keep my balance, but kept myself elevated. The kiss became longer, harder, deeper, more penetrating, giving a sample of what could be coming next.

I freed my hand from his chest and brought it around his neck, digging my nails in slightly along his spine before sliding them down his sides, down his flat abs to his long, hard erection. When my hand found its destination he moaned into my mouth and fought the towel. It was only a moment til I felt his hands kneading the skin of my back and ass, tracing nails up and down my spine. The towel soon slid loosely to drape across his knees exposing me completely. At this point "fuck the towel" wasn't on my mind, all I could think of was "fuck me".

I grasped the shaft through the thin fabric of his boxers, squeezing slightly and doing a little pumping motion, not wanting to chafe the sensitive area with the rough fabric. I wanted to feel him. I fumbled at his waistband and then made my mark. Even in the nearly suffocating heat my hand warmed further. I slipped my fingers around the head and sensitive ridge before going to the "sweet spot". I moved my hand up and down, holding to where I wouldn't slip along the skin but work the skin itself over the swollen tissue.

His palms pressed into my lower back, urging me down on top of him. When this proved fruitless, he brought one of his hands down, cupping me , and sliding his fingers along my wet slit before plunging his middle finger right in, working it in and out.

I gasped and moaned, letting his mouth escape, throwing back my head. He used the momentary separation to his advantage, kissing my neck and moving to my breasts. He took one of my nipples in his teeth and applied just the slightest bit of pressure and flicking the nub with is tongue. The movements made that ball of tension start to spread across my body. I felt my vaginal muscles tensing and begin to ache with the need to orgasm.

I pressed myself down on him, forcing his hand to retreat back to my waist as I began to rub myself along the his hot, twitching dick still covered by his boxers. He looked down at my pussy and the thin layer between us, his mouth parted and his eyes rolled back as he lowered his head back.

"I can't fucking believe this! God you're so fucking hot!" he managed between clenched teeth and squeezed my hips hard. I wouldn't have been surprised if he left marks.

I just smiled before dropping my mouth to his jaw line and gently nipped to his ear while I continued to gyrate on top of him. The minute I clamped down and sucked lightly on his lobe he went crazy. I felt his body spasm slightly as he arched up, flattening my breasts to him and catching me a little by surprise. I had found his g-spot and t definitely wasn't in his pants!

As much as I wanted to explore this new bit I think he was ready to move on to phase II. This became apparent when he lifted me up to where I had to drop my knees to keep from falling as he pulled his boxers down around his ankles, joining the towel on the lowest stair.

"You're sure...." he strained as he reached for a handful of breasts and squeezed them both. I nodded as I bit my lip and threw my head back, revelling in the rough handling and heat.

I reached down and grabbed hold of his throbbing cock. It was already nice and slippery from the steam but I still ran the sensitive head long my labia, making him shudder and rock his hips. The tip hit my opening and he pressed up, dipping his head into me. He groaned as I remained in my position, but bounced just slightly, enough to bring the head in and out. He was a big guy and I wanted to be able to accommodate every inch which meant a little prep. Every few strokes I went farther down the shaft, taking a little more in. I held his shoulders when I got to the halfway mark and suddenly pressed myself down, engulfing him suddenly and quickly.

"Holy fucking shit!" He was a talker, that was fun. A stray thought flew through my mind, I didn't even know who this guy was! Here I was in a steam room, preparing to ride a guy into the tiled ground and I have no clue about him at all! I felt fierce, dangerous, and wanted to fuck.

I moved my hips in a circle instead of bouncing. I loved being on top. I could feel my clit grinding into his pubic bone with ever motion. I could feel every inch of him inside me, my poor tissues straining as they held onto every bit inside me clamping down, refusing to let go.

My nails dug into his shoulders as I felt my orgasm build. I prolonged a bit more by moving to a bob and then back to the circling. He kept up a steady stream of nearly unintelligible groans and grunts as I rode him. I wasn't gentle. I could feel my knees scraping against the grouting, his upper back was pressed into the edge of the next tier hard. All the little discomforts were inconsequential compared to the building tension. Everything received from this was going to be a war wound and damned if I wasn't going to make it worth it!

His hands moved all over me, groping, holding, stroking, tweaking wherever he felt inclined. His breathing was getting harder and his noises more insistent, matching the little noises escaping my throat as I gasped in the burning wet air around me. He finally brought back both hands and grabbed my ass, forcing me down harder and faster. The pace was bruising but titillating.

The tension and force building inside me reached every muscle and nerve ending. My clit was engorged and throbbing, my pubic bone was doing its best to merge with his, and my nipples were hard and erect. Next thing I know he found purchase for his feet as he arches up, making me lift myself enough that he can start furiously pumping in and out of me. This is too much, the tension burst flooding through me, escaping from my lips as I called out in surprise and triumph.

My head was thrown back and to the side, eyes scrunch up and mouth drops open as my body is wracked with an extended orgasm as he continues to fuck my tightened sheath. My muscles are tight, clamping down even tighter, I'm surprised he can move in and out of me at all. The speed reaches a crescendo, a look of pure focus and animal lust crosses his handsome face as he brings me down with 1, 2, 3 more bone jarring thrusts as he cums inside me.

We both sag down into the seats panting and finding it hard to breathe with the hot air. The water condensing on our exposed skin is commingled with the sweat of our bodies.

"Dear Diary: Steam room+Girl in towel= amazing sex! Eat that Einstein! Heh," he managed. We both dissolved into laughter which quickly turned to gasps from him as my laughter caused my insides to jostle and tighten.

I leaned down and kissed him before gently extracting myself. He ran his hand through his hair and watched me stand up and stretch. "Thanks for the unexpected workout! Its a good thing I was a rebel tonight!" I winked. He laughed as I leaned over to pick up my towel and his boxers.

"Definite good thing," he said as he grabbed hold of the wrist attached to the hand offering the boxers, drew me down in and kissed me hard.

"Will I get to see you again?" he said. I laughed, "Well, there is a good chance, I'm a member here and I like to workout late. You'll just have to check the steam room a little more often and I'll conveniently forget my bathing suit." I turned to leave and opened the door.

"Hey, have a good night, if I see you again I'm getting your number. Consider that a warning!" he promised.

"Ooh, I love the chase!" I replied laughing as I blew him a kiss and left for the ladies room.

I took my time changing into the tank and wrap skirt, revelling in post coital satisfaction. I felt warm and comfortable, ready for sleep. I gathered my things and headed to the front to drop off my towel and get my membership card back.. I dropped the towel and gave my last name as I rooted in the bag. When I looked up to retrieve my card, I met the piercing blue eyes and grin that I had become VERY accustomed to. I felt a blush spread across my cheeks but let the smile slipped as I held his eyes.

"Red is your colour, more then Mikey prints."

"Yeah, beggars can't be choosers! I have a pair of red silk ones I'll wear for you sometime. SO....will we be seeing you the same time tomorrow?"

"Depends, is your break always the same time?"


"Then I guess I'll be working out late again tomorrow night."

"Great, bring the towel!"


"There is a reason I never come back." Ethan stood in the kitchen doorway. The sunlight framed his body.

"And which reason is that? There are so many. You left a list last time. I taped it to the refrigerator," Joseph turned around to face Ethan, the rag he had been using the wipe the table dangling from his fingertips. He wore a rough cotton button-down shirt, tucked loosely into faded jeans. His dark brown hair was slightly too long and messy.

"You are such a prick sometimes," Ethan said flatly.

"Only sometimes? Feeling generous today, are you?" Joseph tossed the rag into the sink. It made a wet slapping sound. Ethan and Joseph stared at each other for a few moments. Joseph broke the silence.

"Well, come in and shut the door already," he said as he turned around to open a cabinet. He took two mugs out, and a box of tea bags.

"What makes you think I want to stay?" Ethan asked testily.

"You actually walked into my house."

Ethan let out a humph of air, and stepped into the kitchen, swinging the door shut with one hand. He unbuttoned his grey overcoat, took it off and folded it over his arm. He remained standing next to the door. His charcoal suit, dark green shirt and green tie were immaculate. He ran his free hand over his perfectly trimmed, sandy hair, then scrubbed it over his clean-shaven face. He looked uncomfortable in the cluttered kitchen.

Joseph filled the black kettle with water from the tap, and put it on the stove. He turned the burner knob, then lit a match and set the gas under the burner on fire. He waved out the match. The smell of sulphur tinged the air.

Ethan closed his eyes. He remembered lighting the logs in the fireplaces in the school at night with Joseph when they were 12. And 13, and 14, up until they were 17. The long matches would release the same sulphur smell after they were struck. While waiting for the fires to build, the two boys would talk freely.

"We were so innocent then," he whispered.

"'Scuse?" Joseph asked. He walked to Ethan, touched the elbow under the folded overcoat. Ethan opened his eyes, stared into Joseph's, one brown-eyed stare to another.


"I'll hang this up," Joseph tugged the coat from Ethan's arm. He hung it up on a hook near the door behind Ethan.

"You plan on putting anything stronger than water in that tea?" Ethan asked.

"There's brandy in the hutch."

Ethan stepped to the hutch and opened the door. A half empty bottle of brandy sat in the front on the shelf. He took it out, put it on the table. Joseph had pulled one of the chairs away from the table.

"Have a seat?" he asked.

Ethan sat. Joseph returned to the stove.

"Gail know you're here?" Joseph asked, his back to Ethan.

"Course not."

"Business trip?"

Ethan made a non-committal grunt.

"You never come back here, yet here you are. That's a bit of a conundrum, even for you, Ethan."

Ethan was quiet. He fidgeted for a few moments.

"I em... haven't seen you in a long time," his tongue tripped over the word "missed."

"You missed me then?" Joseph said with a hint of laughter in his voice.


"I missed you," Ethan said simply.

The kettle whistled. Joseph took it off the burner, poured hot water into the mugs, swirled it around, then poured it back into the kettle. He poured hot water into the mugs again, dunked tea bags into them. He turned, placed a mug in front of Ethan.

"You still make tea the way Mrs. Callahan did," Ethan remarked.

"Only proper way to do it, I dare say," Joseph retorted with a smile. He sat down in the chair opposite Ethan, long tanned fingers curled around his mug. Ethan noticed Joseph had a couple-days' worth of old stubble on his chin.

"She used to make us tea Saturday afternoons. We would sit in the front room, the one with all the wood we'd have to polish in detention."

"I remember," Joseph said quietly. "It was usually your fault we were in detention doing all that polishing, though."

"I came up with the ideas. You followed through with them."

Joseph laughed. "Very true." He removed his tea bag from his mug and flipped it across the room with his spoon. The bag thumped into the side of garbage can, and dropped onto the bottom. He opened the bottle of brandy, poured a generous amount into his tea. Ethan removed his tea bag from his mug with his spoon, stood and dropped it into the garbage. He returned to the table.

"So civilized," mocked Joseph.

"Some civilized behaviour would do you some good," Ethan said. Joseph shrugged, took a large gulp of his tea.

"I am how I am. Not about to start apologizing for it," Joseph said.

Ethan poured his own generous amount of brandy into his tea. He watched Joseph swirl his tea around in his mug.

"I missed you, too, Ethan."

They stared into their mugs. Joseph fidgeted with his spoon on the table. His hand turned it over and over, fingers rubbing the handle. Ethan's pale, manicured hand reached out and stilled Joseph's.

"The first time I worked up the nerve to really touch you was just after you turned 17," Ethan said quietly. Joseph's hand remained still. He didn't look up at Ethan.

"I was in the library. You came in from the soccer field. It had rained, and you were soaked through," Joseph turned his hand over. Their palms rested against each other. Ethan slid his hand across Joseph's palm. His fingertips rested on Joseph's wrist.

"You were at one of the tables in the back, hunched over some textbook. Your hair had fallen forward, your shirt collar backward. Your hair's always been too long, hasn't it? That little bit of your neck that was exposed was so tempting-"

"Your hands were wet and cold, and I screamed when you touched me." Joseph stated matter-of-factly.

Ethan laughed. "I wondered if you screamed because my hands were cold, or if it was because it was me touching you."

"A little of both, I think."

Both men were silent. Ethan felt the heat from Joseph's hand seep into his cold skin. Joseph slid his hand out from under Ethan's. He stood from the table.

"There's no point communing with the dead," he said flatly. He turned away from Ethan.

Ethan jumped up. His chair crashed to the floor. He moved around the table, and caught Joseph's arm. Joseph tried to yank his arm away. Ethan tightened his grip, and pulled Joseph up against him. Joseph froze. Ethan smashed his lips against Joseph's.

They grappled, alternately trying to grope and push the other away, their lips together. Ethan broke contact first, sucked in lungfuls of air. Joseph balled his fists in the lapels of Ethan's suit coat, breathing hard. He pushed the other man roughly backwards against the kitchen wall. Ethan let him. His hands rested on Joseph's hips. Joseph stared into his eyes. Ethan stared back, waiting. Joseph leaned closer, lips hovering next to Ethan's for a heartbeat, then captured them.

It was a gentle, sweet kiss, like their first in the library all those years ago. Ethan felt himself melting into it. Joseph nudged his knee between Ethan's legs, pressing his thigh up against Ethan's crotch. Ethan's hands moved from Joseph's hips to tug the rough cotton shirt upwards, and put his hands on the warm flesh at the small of his back. Joseph groaned, tightening his fists in the suit coat lapels.

"Is this why you came here?" gasped Joseph.

"Is this why you haven't tossed me out?" retorted Ethan.

Joseph rocked his hips against Ethan, felt his growing erection. Ethan closed his eyes and groaned. Joseph felt his own cock harden.

"The bedroom is more comfortable, if I recall," Ethan whispered. He brushed his cheek against Joseph's, to his ear. He pressed his nose to Joseph's hair- he smelled sweat and spicy soap.

Joseph nodded. He let go of the front of Ethan's jacket, his hands making a long stroke down Ethan's chest. Took Ethan's hands, and pulled him along, through the kitchen and the living room into the bedroom.

The bedroom was small. A full sized bed was pushed into the corner, neatly made with a forest green patchwork quilt. A dark wood dresser stood next to one wall, a matching desk against another. Books and papers were scattered on the floor and desk.

Joseph stopped in the doorway. He leaned against the door jamb, eyes focused on Ethan. He pulled gently on Ethan's tie. Ethan obligingly came closer. He placed his hands on Joseph's neck, under his messy hair.

Joseph kissed Ethan again. He slipped his tongue between his lips to touch Ethan's, seeking entry. Ethan opened his mouth slightly and Joseph plunged his tongue inside. Ethan's tongue met Joseph's, rubbed against it. Joseph's hands dove under the lapels of Ethan's suit jacket, and pushed it open. Ethan dropped his arms to let Joseph take the coat off. Ethan's fingers fumbled with the buttons on the front of Joseph's shirt.

"You never managed to get my buttons undone," Joseph teased. He helped Ethan unbutton his shirt.

"No point since you would always get fed up and help anyway." Ethan slid his hands under the material, along the muscles of Joseph's chest.

"I never understood how you managed your own," Joseph said.

"Mine I have no problem with. It's yours- the idea of your skin behind them makes me clumsy."

Ethan pushed Joseph's shirt off. Joseph unknotted Ethan's tie, unbuttoned his shirt, yanked it out of his pants and shoved it off. He wrapped his arms around Ethan, bare flesh against bare flesh. Joseph kissed Ethan's shoulder. He swept his tongue along the collarbone, outwards. Ethan's hands wandered down Joseph's back, down the back of his pants. He squeezed one of Joseph's ass cheeks roughly. Joseph grunted.

Joseph's hands found the belt on Ethan's pants. He undid the buckle, button and zipper. His hand slithered down, along Ethan's cock. He rubbed it under the soft material of his underwear while biting his neck. Ethan let his head fall back with a sigh.

Joseph stepped away. He popped the button on his jeans. Ethan moved Joseph's hands and unzipped him, pushed the material down Joseph's legs. He knelt in front of Joseph, looking up. His hands rubbed up Joseph's muscular tanned legs in circles. They kneaded into his thighs paying special attention to the pale jagged scar on his left.

"Why do I get the impression that you rarely work outside with clothes on?" asked Ethan with a grin. He pulled down Joseph's underwear. His erection stood in front of Ethan's face. He buried his nose in the nest of curls, took in the musky scent that was purely Joseph. He trailed a long, slow lick up Joseph's cock, before taking the head into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on the head a few times, then slid his mouth farther down the shaft. He took most of Joseph into his mouth, and began gliding his mouth up and down, twisting his tongue around the head. He placed his hands on Joseph's flat stomach, stroking the hair.

Joseph's fingers twisted into Ethan's short hair. He threw his head back, and moaned.

Ethan's tongue quickened on Joseph. Joseph gasped. His hips started to move unbidden, thrusting himself into Ethan's mouth. One of Ethan's arms wrapped around Joseph's hips to keep them still. Ethan's other hand gently massaged Joseph's balls.

"Ethan..." he whispered. He stole a glance downwards, and found Ethan looking up, head still bobbing. Joseph's hips thrust once before he regained control of them. Ethan slid his mouth down Joseph's dick, then back up with excruciating slowness. Joseph's breath became shallow, rasping between clenched teeth. His cock exploded in Ethan's mouth, Joseph bit off a scream turning it into a shuddering moan. Ethan swallowed Joseph's cum, then let his cock slide out. He licked a long, slow line up Joseph's stomach and chest. He kissed Joseph's trembling lips lightly.

Joseph rested his forehead against Ethan's, leaned his body against the other man.

"You always were a quiet one," Ethan whispered teasingly.

Joseph worked up enough energy to glare at Ethan. Ethan snickered quietly.

"You won't be laughing for long," Joseph growled as he pushed Ethan down onto the bed roughly.

Ethan lay back with a smirk on his face. Joseph pulled off his dress pants and underwear. Joseph braced himself on his arms over Ethan. He kissed Ethan deeply on the lips, then moved his lips along his jaw, working his way down his neck and chest. Joseph stopped at one of Ethan's nipples. He sucked on it, scraping his teeth against the tender skin. Ethan arched off the bed, hands gripping Joseph's hips. Joseph moved his mouth over to Ethan's other nipple, gave it the same treatment. Ethan moaned. Joseph licked and kissed a meandering path down Ethan's stomach, to his cock. He twisted his tongue around it lazily several times before moving back up Ethan's body. Ethan groaned in protest. Joseph reached over to the drawer in the night stand, and opened it. He moved his hand in the drawer, pushing things around. He pulled out a bottle of lube, and shut the drawer. He opened the bottle and squeezed some lube onto his fingertips. He wrapped his hand around Ethan's cock, coating it with lube. Joseph wrapped a leg around one of Ethan's legs, turned him onto his side. Joseph turned his back to Ethan, and Ethan slid his slippery cock into Joseph slowly, gasping when he was completely inside. He stayed still for a moment, savouring the heat. Ethan wrapped his arms around Joseph, and began to thrust in and out. Joseph gripped Ethan's hands on his chest. He matched Ethan's slow thrusting, moaning low.

Ethan felt Joseph clench on his cock a little. Ethan buried his face in Joseph's long hair. He thrust harder, pushing himself deeper. He groaned loudly. He felt the pressure building in his cock and balls. His pace sped up, became shallower. His cock moved in and out just at the opening of Joseph's ass. Joseph writhed underneath him, bringing Ethan closer to the edge. He thrust in once more, hard and deep. He came with tremendous force, slamming his pelvis into Joseph. He shouted Joseph's name as he did, and collapsed.

The two men lay on the bed, panting and sweating for a few minutes. Ethan rolled off Joseph, pulling himself out. He gathered Joseph close.

"The reason I don't come here is because I love you," Ethan mumbled before dropping into sleep.

"I know," Joseph whispered. He shifted to bring Ethan's body closer against his own, then drifted off into unconsciousness.

Joseph woke up with a start. He found himself under the quilt and alone. He shut his eyes and let out a disgusted sigh. He flopped back down on the bed and squeezed his eyes shut.

"You're awake. Finally," said Ethan from the bedroom doorway. Joseph sat up quickly. His mouth dropped open.

"You're..." Joseph cleared his throat. "You're still here."

"Perceptive, aren't we?" Ethan walked into the room carrying a glass of water. He set the water on the night stand, and made a motion for Joseph to move over.

"Hog the whole damn bed, why don't you?" Ethan grumbled good-naturedly.

He climbed into bed under the covers with Joseph. Joseph laid back down facing Ethan. Ethan pulled Joseph closer, looked into his eyes. He stroked Joseph's long hair. Their legs intertwined.

"Won't Gail notice you're missing?" Joseph asked, still aghast that Ethan was still here.

Ethan shrugged. "Probably not. We don't talk any more. She's filling for divorce."

Joseph's eyebrows went up. "She is?"

Ethan nodded.

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

Ethan shrugged again. "Would it have mattered?"


They were quiet again. Joseph laid one hand on Ethan's chest, over his heart. He felt it beating steadily.

"I've always known that this was mine," Joseph said.

"I think it's been yours since we were 12." Ethan smiled. "Or at least since we were 17."

"I gave you mine when we were 12. I would have done anything for you. I realized when I was 15 that I loved you. I lived in agony for 2 years, waiting for you to realize it." Joseph said. "Why did you- that day in the library?"

"I had wanted to for so long. You seemed so oblivious to me. I was tired of trying to catch your attention through subtlety, I figured it couldn't hurt to be blatant. You were concentrating so hard on that textbook, I snuck up behind you and touched your neck. You jumped and screamed. I kissed you to shut you up. I had such a nice seduction plan all laid out, too... But I forgot that my fingers were wet and cold."

Joseph laughed. "Didn't matter, though. End result was the same."


They became silent. Joseph kept his hand on Ethan's chest. Ethan stroked Joseph's cheekbone with the pad of his thumb.

Joseph cleared his throat. "Are you planning on staying this time?"

"I'm staying this time. At least until you piss me off. Then I'll go do whatever it is that you outdoors types do-"

"Chop wood," Joseph interrupted.

"Then I'll go chop wood until I'm calm again. And then I'll come back. Over and over again."

Beneath His Hands

Molly's voice echoed in the candlelit bathroom, her off-key words bouncing from the tiled walls. The scent of gardenias filled the air, drifting from the emptying bath behind her. With her face scrubbed free of make-up and her body relaxed after a long soak, this was one of her favourite parts of the day. The boys were in bed. Housework done. Her time to finally wind down at the end of it all.

She pulled her robe closed and belted it at the waist, smiling at the thought of the fresh sheets and warm bed waiting for her. She'd probably read for a while then have an early night. It had been one of those days she was glad to see end. Working part-time and caring for twin four year old boys wasn't easy. Molly had spent half the afternoon breaking up wrestling matches.

Swiping condensation from the mirror, she reached up and tugged at the clip fastening her hair. Chestnut waves tumbled free over her shoulders. Molly ruffled her fingers through the strands and stared at her reflecti


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