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Vampire's Lust

Book By: vamp12sama

Sara didn't know who she was until she saw a vampire killing her best friend that she thought of as a brother. Now with her real brother in the picture her memiories are coming back and she finds out she is the queen of all the vampires.. With the king lusting after her day and night she is content with her life. until something happens that is never forgiven

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Chapter One

(only chapter one for now)

Her eyes watched in horror as she watched a man being torn into pieces and bitten to death. The man's screams gurgled in the night as he died. Her breathing became faster as she broke out in a sprint for her house. Her long blond hair blowing out behind her, her legs pushing faster to get her inside before she was caught! A shadow flashed by in her side vision and she skidded to a halt as a man with bloodshot eyes stood before her. His face mean as hell and his long cob web hair moved around him in the light wind. His muscular body lunged forward towards her; all she could was scream as she was frozen in spot.

Suddenly another man was in front of her. This man was different, kinder, lovable... yet she seemed to know him.

"Stop!" He commanded, the other man huffed,

"And why should I, She seen it all, she seen me killing the man. She should die!"

"If you lay a hand on her, you will die." A woman spoke behind her. She spun around to face a tall skinny brown haired woman with pale white skin with large bloodshot eyes.

"She should not have been here!" The man screamed at her.

"Kyle knock it off, King Ceon wants her alive. I do not know why but I know she needs to be alive. So chill or I will have to remove you." The woman stared at the man named Kyle and as they bickered back and forth the other man was watching her. He stepped towards her and she watched him back. She knew him, she couldn't place it but she knew him. He touched her forehead and a sight came to her. She remembered,

"Brother Trevor!" She screamed as she blacked out.


"Ma'am!" Someone was shaking me; I groaned and opened my eyes. First thing I saw was bloodshot red eyes. I screamed so loud she flinched and moved away from me. The door opened and the men I met early today came rushing in, with another man.

"What the hell is going on?" My eyes focused and I stared at the man I called brother Trevor a bit ago.

"All I did was say ma'am to try to wake her up." The women crossed her arms in a huffy fit.

"Wouldn't you scream too if you saw bloodshot eyes when you first open your eyes," I rolled my eyes at her. I stared off into space remembering my memories and stared at Trevor. I walked over to him and smiled.

"I know who you are, I know why I am here, But why now. After you removed my memories from me, I thought I lost you brother. But I remember, I remember you are a vampire, and I am your sister and a vampire as well. And that man is the King of the vampires and my soul mate. But why now!" I screamed at him.

"Because you were in danger of the rouge vampire's," The king spoke and I turned to him.

Nodding I focused on Kyle and snared. "You!" He stepped away from me into the King and he looked uneasy.

"What did you do Kyle?" The King asked.

"He tried to kill me, when they found me, I watched him kill a man that was like a brother to me and he tried to kill me." I growled.

"You tried to kill her!" The King roared. He grabbed Kyle's throat.

"King Ceon please, I didn't know she was yours I swear." Kyle squirmed in King Ceon's grasp.

"I don't care, you tried to kill your queen, and you should be punished. And your queen will punish you when she fully gets her memory back." Ceon pushed Kyle out of the room and I frowned.

"Me punish him… no no no and double no. I can't punish someone. I have never punished someone in my whole life." I mumbled.

"Come on sister dear, let's get you dressed in something more comfortable for your king, tomorrow you two will wed. But tonight you will be with him." He held out a hand to me and I took it. He pulled me from the room and into a long hallway with dark blood red curtains and bookshelves long as the walls. "Wow that is a lot of books."

"Yes, we love to read around here, it's nice to sit and read near a nice fire. I have missed you so sister dear and I am so sorry I left you alone in the dark for so long. It was to protect you, but know this, I always watched over you. I love you sister dear." He kissed my cheek and lead me into a large room with bright green walls, large dressers on one wall huge and filled with many clothes, A huge bed clothed in green bed sheets and soft and a baby's bottom called me name and I smiled remembering all this.

"I know this brother, Thank you for all you're doing but I am scared to be coming back into this world now. I hope I do well dear brother." I kissed his lips and walked into the bathroom. I heard him leave and I stared at myself in the long wall to wall mirror. My eyes bloodshot stared back at me, my long red hair flowed around me softly. My soft pale white skin glowed under my dress I wore. I spied a nightgown of a soft see through silk. I peeled my dress off and put on the nightgown. After it was on my curved body I looked around at my surroundings. The bathroom has changed since I last been here. The room was a bright white and green, I heard the door click open and Ceon stepped in. He was just topless with old blue jeans on. Oh my god just how I remember him I thought to myself as I walked towards him. My hands ran over his chest and I smiled. "I missed you my love." I whispered in his ear, and giggled when he lifted me up and spun me around.

"As I have missed you my dear lover," He kissed me on the lips and my mind spun around. My eyes flashed open and stared into his.

"I remember," I whispered… "I remember, my father! It's my father; he is trying to kill me. You and Trevor took my memories so you can protect me from him. Is he still here… in this coven?" I asked.

"Shhhh, don't ask questions right now. This is mine and yours time for us to connect again."

"Mm, yes sire" I smiled as I was dragged to the bed, He pushed me gently on my back and climbed on top of me. I purred under him as he slowly undressed me, He stared at my naked body as I fumbled with his belt on his jeans as he was kissing my neck. I arched under him fusing my body with his. His fingers found the opening to my sweet pussy. He dived in sending me arching and moaning in pleasure. I bite into his neck as he finger fucked me. He groaned as the bulge in his tight blue jeans got harder. I smiled wickedly and pulled his pants down. I watched him watch me as I opened my legs wide showing him what I wanted. He smiled and moaned as he pushed his dick into me.

His hands where in my hair, mine digging in his back as we made love in the moonlight. I screamed as I orgasmied, I felt hot cum pouring into my happy wet pussy. I sighed in relief and smiled up at Ceon.

"Damn…Damn!" He kissed my lips and pulled me into his lap and wrapped his arms around me. "I missed you so much my dear Sara."

I touched his cheek and smiled again. "As I have missed you, tonight let's just be together and make love. I want you my dear."

He grinned as he nipped my breasts. "Yes we shall. I love you"


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