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The Slave and the Master

Novel By: vamp12sama

Tags: Slave, Master

Keira a slave has a future ahead of her that she doesn't understand when people she knows starts showing up in her life again

Submitted:Oct 2, 2012    Reads: 1,230    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Chapter One

I am to be sold, as a slave. I am to serve and please someone who wants me. I am to be there when that person wants me to be around. I was told two years ago that some man will want me when I turn twenty years old. And today was that day. As I sat in a chair with a women doing my make-up and curling my hair, the man who was about to sell me stood by and appraised her work.
For two damn years they trained me to be the best, I had a rocky start here in the slave academy. But, they had no trouble with me after the first month. I am the best they have trained in a long time.
"Slave number fifty-six your next." The boss man yelled out. That was my cue. My soon to be ex Master pulled me out of the chair I was sitting in and led me down the long narrow hallway to the stage area. Millions of men and women gather here to buy slaves. Some are just to be maids, some are to be just toys and some are trained to be in a relationship with there Master. I was in that training.
I am to be a wife to some man and to be used as he wished. I enjoy this life, I enjoy being used for just sex, or as a maid, or even to just be there and look pretty. But most of all that I love is the clothes I can wear. I love looking sexy, and the Master's learned to let me pick out my clothes becuase I know what shows off my curves. I am 6'2 with a very slim body and curves that show off everything. My tall tan legs thqt mqke men go crazy for them. My hair is red and is cut to my ass. I love my long hair and can have it in a braid all the time.
As I walked onto the stage, men whistled right away.
"Next is number fifty-six, she is in catogory five. She will make a lovely wife, and maid for those lonly men. She can do every pose, she can have regulur sex and anal sex, and she will please any man. She has trained for two long years and knows everything about this life. She is perfect. Her name is Keira and lets start the bidding at $ 5,000."
"$1,000,000." A man spoke in front of me. His green eyes pierced into mine.
"Sold, she's yours. Congrats Master Rock." I bowed to Master Rock and smiled.
"Thank you for buying me Master Rock, you will not be sorry." He returned my smiled and touched my shoulder and led me down the small set of stairs into the hallway that led out of the building. He had a limo waiting for us as soon as we got out of the door.
He sat beside me and pulled me onto the floor in front of him. He dug into a bag he held and pulled out a lace collar.
"When I put this around your neck your mine. Understand?" He asked.
"Yes, Master Rock. I fully understand sir." I bowed my head and he slipped the collar on me. Next he pulled out a tiny gold ring and a few diamonds on it.
"Now this is important. I understand you were trained to be a wife also, will you accept this life with me and be my wife and my slave?"
"Yes Master Rock." I didn't even blink. He slide the ring on my finger and pulled me close and kissed my lips.
"Here's my rules. Rule one, your aloud to do whatever you want in my house. Unless I say so. Second, When I call or want something you obey or you will be punished. And third, you are to be my wife so you are aloud to love me. If you want something you ask before hand. Shower I don't care if you take one but there will be times I will join you. If you have to go to the bathroom go, unless you are with me then ask. Eating, I dont care. You will be my chief so you can cook anything you want. But anything else you have to ask. To get dressed or anything. I will probly will have you running around naked alot unless I have guest. Understand?"
"Yes, sir." I nodded.
"Good, now lets get started." He unzipped his pants and his cock popped out. I licked my lips and looked up at him. He nodded to his cock and I pulled up to him. Opening my mouth I began to suck. He moaned in pleasure and that made me suck harder. He rubbed my nipples in a gentle circle and I moaned. He pulled my head away and motioned for me to turn around. I did as I was told and he lifted my mini skirt up and stuck his cock into my ass. I gasped in pleasure and began to rock back into him. He pinched my nipples more and I began to ride more.
"MMMMMMmmmmm, what do you want me to do slave?"
I gasped, "I want you to cum in my ass master!"
He smirked as he fucked me harder. I moaned as I felt his warm cum pour into my asshole. He pushed me up and I turned to face him. His eyes were on his cock and the left over cum. I knew what I was to do so I sat up and licked the rest of the cum off his dick. As soon as I swallowed he smiled and patted my head.
"Good girl." I smiled up at my Master pleased with myself for doing a great job for him. Master pulled his pants back up and zipped up. He looked out the window and pointed. "There's your new home slave."
I sat up and looked to where he pointed to a fairly small home hidden by alot of trees. A small pool peaked out of the back and I smiled. It wasn't a fancy house but for him it was perfect. The limo pulled to the side of the house. We got out and he led me inside.
"You will be sleeping in my room with me since its only a one bedroom. There is two bathroom's though. He pointed to the door leading to the kitchen and I walked in.
"This is your place to cook of course. You will make me three meals a day and you will eat with me at all times. Now lets get to the bedroom I have something I want you to have." He pulled me through the door to the living room which was huge. It was furnished nicely with leather couches and chairs. A nice flatscreen sat near the fireplace and a xbox sat on a side table.
To the bedroom was very green. There wasn't anything that wasn't except the bed and the side tables and dressers. But the curtians and the bedspread to the walls. The bed was very huge. King size with poles sticking up. But to my surpise a black pole stood out in front of the bed.
As I slide my hands over it Master walked up to me with a box. I stared up at him with tears in my eyes.
"How?" I began to ask.
"Your old Master told me that you use to be a stripper before you went into the academy. I figure you might as well like it." I smiled and turned to the box he held in his hands. He saw me staring at it and chuckled.
"I warn you its a butt plug. Have you ever worn one?" I nodded and bent over the bed. I knew these things to much. My old Master always made me wear one in the beginning. He would make them vibrate though. I thought about my past as my new Master pushed the butt plug into my ass.
"There you go all set. Now there is a closet and a dresser filled with clothes just for you I want you to take a shower and then get dressed. I am going to go fix some dinner." He walked off leaving me in the middle of his bedroom all alone.


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