Murder, and other things of a love affair.

By: TrueLust

Page 1, A devil worshiper falls in love with an angel, and things go wrong.

Summer's body was pushed down, onto the floor. Edward violently grabbed her hair, and yank her face, to look at him. "Oh, you little tease, don't you walk away from me!" Summer was flailing her arms, and tried to hit him. He pulled her up, and pinned her against the wall. "Edwardo! Stop this! Let me go! HELP me, somebody!" Summer was sobbing, as Edward spread her legs apart. "I told you not to call me that, you little bitch! It's just Edward now!" Edward turned her around, and took out his pocket knief. He held it against her throat, as he tried to grab the duct tape he brought with him for this attack. "Now, you're going to be a good little SLUT as you let Papi tie you up." Summer started to cry again. 'Papi' was what he forced every girl he's slept with to call him. He was very tanned, and had a spanish accent, that was very sexy. He was wearing a wife beater, and baggy shorts, and looked as 'thug' as you could get. Compared to Summer's pale body and blonde hair, he looked, dirty. "Now, we can do this privately, and I might let you enjoy this or I'll humiliate you, and fuck you right here. And if you don't behave, I'll take pictures of you and post them on the internet. Understand?" Summer nodded, and tried to relax. Sure she was scared as shit, but if she could somehow enjoy this encounter, then it could possibly less tramtic. "Let's go somewhere private Edward, I'll do what you want." "That's a good girl," Edward leaned off her, and smiled,"Maybe I don't need to tie you up anymore." Summer looked down, as he moved her into his car, and started to drive to his apartment. She wanted to jump out at any second, but for some reason, she thought it was okay to stay." "You'll enjoy it, trust me." Summer walked up the steps, into his building, and then waited for him to open the door. "You live by yourself." "Si, my parents are dead." When the door was unlocked, Edward pulled her inside, and onto his sofa. "Take off your top, you tease." Summer landed in his lap, and had no choice but to do ad she's told when she saw the knife in his pocket. She pulled it off slowly, wanting her decency to last. "Faster." "Fine, I was just trying to-" "Did I saw to talk?" "No..." "Then do as you're told whore." Summer's tank top was thrown on the floor, and she shivered from the low temperature in the room. "Aye, Papi is getting you wet, no?" Edward pulled her stomach into his lips, and started to kiss and suck on her. "Please, don't leave me a hickie" Edward bit right below her left tit, and sucked painfully hard. "I'll do what I want with you, hoe." 'God, now everyone is going to know we slept together!' Summer thought. Edward's hand crept under Summer's skirt, and felt her panties. "Why aren't you dripping for your Papi? You better hope you get wet enough, so it doesn't hurt all that bad." Edward's fingers started to rub her through her underwear, and Summer bit her lip. Edward circled her buldging clit, and rubbed one finger on it. After some time, she started to grind against his hand. "Si, baby ride your Papi's hand. Tell him how wet he makes you." Summer held onto his shoulders, and started to really get into it. Edward's left hand was holding her hip, and squeezed hard when she didn't answer him. "Edward you make me so wet." "Say it right!" Edward moved his hand out from under her, and she whimpered. "Papi, you make me so wet!" Edward smiled, and put his hand inside her panties. His fingers found there way into her damp sex, and slowly went in and out. She grinded onto him, trying to speed him up. As he spoke, he quickened his pace. "Moan for Papi." "Aye, Papi! Mmm... yes. Please faster!" He kissed her neck, and started on marking her skin with his tongue. "Now, baby please your Papi." Summer unzipped his pants, and pulled down his boxers. Edward yanked off her now soaked underwear, and threw them on the coffee table. He pulled up her skirt, so that it was above her hips, just enough so the fabric would scrape against his penis. "Pull it all out, and climb ontop of me." Summer grabbed his boner, and studied it. It wasn't huge, it was average. But, nevertheless she slide down onto him. They both let out a sound of pleasure. "Ride your Papi, and tell him what you want him to do to you." Summer grinded her hips, and hoped on him, trying to please them both. "I want you to fuck me Papi." "Not like that, do into detail." "Uh- I want you to pound your dick in me, and cum all over my body." Edward groaned, and leaned his head against her forehead. "More." He cock was swelling inside of her, and he was grunting, and breathing heavy." "I want my Papi, to force me on my knees, and shove his cock in my mouth. I want his cum to dribble down my chin." Edward grabbed her shoulders, and started to thrust up, matching her speed. "AYE! No more! I'm going to CU-!"

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