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Sex Is Not Always What It Seems

Book By: The Erotica Doctor

A Sex and Porn-addicted man finds that after fucking a Shemale, he starts to transform into a Shemale Slut.

Submitted:Sep 21, 2012    Reads: 907    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

It was a quiet, still night. A perfect night to get some girl in bed. As I walked to the bar, I noticed it was eerily chilly for September. I zipped up my jacket and headed to Dick's, the bar on the end of my block. Dick Mobison, the owner and bartender, was there when I arrived. "Eh, Mikey! You Kinna early, doncha think?" "I guess so. Any new girls?" I asked. "Only one new one." He answered. "But she's real shy. Aint talked ta anybody yet." He raised his eyebrow. "Think ya can do it?" "If anybody can get a girl laid, it's me." I replied, walking past him. She sat in the back corner booth, one I hadn't noticed before. She was pretty, with redish-brown hair and a good face. She wore a Pink frilly dress with floral patterns on it, with light-red high heels and pink lipstick. Her breasts must have been at least DD. "Mmmmm...." I thought to myself. I plopped down on the bench parrallel from her. She looked up, and I smiled. "Hey girl, you look lonely. I think I know who can make you un-lonely." She stared with curiosity. "That's me." I said as I bought her a drink. She giggled, showing her perfect, white teeth. Soon after, she was more drunk than a 19 year-old at a Frat party. "Hey, girl wanna come back to my place? We can have a little Fun?" "Sghguureer!" She answered. At home we got into bed and kissed several times. We then got naked and turned the lights down. I felt something hard brush up against my arm. I went to say something, but she stopped me. "Sshhh." she said. "Lay on your hands and knees." she cooed. I obeyed. Suddenly, somethimg long and hard was thrust up into my butthole. It moved back and forth, in and out, several times. I moaned. Something warm was shot into my butthole. "Wait, I know what that is!" I thought. I turned on the light, and saw her. Or, him. She had a 12" cock, dripping with Cum! She giggled, and licked the Cum off of her finger. "What!?" I screamed. I kicked her out on the street, only throwing her clothes back after a couple minutes. "I'm not gonna Fuck some Shemale!" I yelled out. I fell asleep slowly that night, trying to forget what had happened. I woke up, and screamed. Not in a deep, manly yell, but a high, overly feminine screech. I looked in the mirror. I had ridiculously big breasts, long blonde hair, and a girl's face. I turned around. There she was. The Shemale I'd kicked out the other night. She giggled and waved her fingers, and my body changed. I had an hourglass figure with even bigger breasts! I tried to put on a t-shirt, but it shrank into a corset with a bra. I tried putting on a bathing suit, but it morphed in a bikini. I even tried my old wedding tux. Long story. Anyway, it morphed itself into a wedding dress! "How!?" screamed in rage. "Remember that stuff that came out of my penis? It was my urine, not cum. It changes anything it touches into a Girly cumslut." I started to fall back, and fainted. I awoke with the Shemale standing over me, her large tits in my mouth. "Suck!" She commanded. I obeyed. I sucked both breasts until they were out of milk. Then she stuck her large cock into my mouth. Strangely, I had the biggest urge to suck on it, to drink all the cum I could swallow. And I did. I drank lots of Cum. Then She kicked ME out, leaving me in nothing more than a Bikini and face full of cum. She snapped her fingers, and suddenly my hands were stuck to a Cardboard sign that said: "Will Fuck guys or girls for 1$ per day." "Don't come back until you've made 1000 dollars! Then shemale screamed. "Well, I better get to work." I told myself. "That's a lot of money, so I'll need to start real soon!" I saw a husky man walking down the street who looked handsome. "Hey, You!" I pointed to him. "Donch'a wanna fuck this?" I cried, pointing to my body and breasts.


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