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The Moonfull

Book By: silencedviolets

Lina the youngest of the the Red Daughters. She is to marry Nate Rosa a Lykin Lord. Lina was betrothed to Nate since birth. Nate will make her love him no matter what. Lina hates Nate and will find a way out of the marriage. Another Lord of sorts wants Lina also. He will do anything to have her, even take her life.

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The cresant moon shimmered through the dark blue clouds. Its beams glittered off of thier naked pale bodies. Lina Red danced by the raising fire. She raised her hands above as she twisted left and right. Her long dark violet hair hung past her back. Her light violet eyes glowed as she took her big sister's hand. Mim raised her and her sister's hands higher into the air. Meowing to the moon lime green light surrounded them. Mim turned into a giant red violet lioness with gray eyes. Lina turned into large violet panther with light violet eyes. Mim meowed once to Lina then disappeared in a blur. Lina roared to the moon as she took off running through the Nate Rosa let out a loud growl as he turned into a huge black and green wolf. With fast speed he chased after his young betrothed. Lina loved the wind going through her fur as she ran at a faster speed. The leaves and grass crushed under her paws.Lina sniffed the air as she was hit backwards by a hard force. What the fuck?!?! Lina thought as she looked around her surroundings. Such language for a lady. an Irish voice thought into her head. A large wolf now held her on her back. Lina let out a loud hiss as she tried to scratch at him. Nate bit lightly into Lina's furry neck. Lina wrenched her left paw up and clawed at the left side of his face. Nate howled in pain as he backed a step. Oh my you like to fight dirty my little one. Nate whispered into her mind. Lina stopped and looked at the wolf with a stunned glare. only one person calls me that. Lina thought. Nate charged into Lina knocking her again to her back. In a flash of blue smoke Nate and Lina turned in human form. Nate held Lina down with his strong body. His long dark brown hair curtain their faces as he leaned down and kissed her. Lina put her hands on his chest. With a hard shove she tried to push him off of of her nothing. Nate wouldn't budge. Lina raised her left hand to scratch at his face again. "Oh no not again little one." Nate said He held her hands above her head as he kissed her hard on the lips. Lina could feel his hardness against her. "No way in hell you damn dog.As I told my father I not going to marry or screw you.!" Lina quickly with all her strength raised herself and kicked him in the groin. Nate yelped and growled. In his wolf form he disappeared into the forest.


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