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The Saga of Lady M. The Pendulum Swings Both Ways

Book By: S A Payne

When Mi'risa Barrett's mother was involved in a fatal car accident, it threaten to expose the head of a major drug ring operating in the United States for over 30 years.

*this is a work in progress*

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It Was Right on the Tip of my Tongue

Early spring in Maryland. The weather is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. It could be rainning for 2 weeks straight. Blink your eyes, and it's sunshine and blue skies. We PGians have learned to adjust from years of abuse. "The man on the news says that there's a 30-40 % chance of rain later on today" we say to our honey over that early morning cup of coffee. Now you have to lug your briefcase, umbrella, and jacket with you on the subway. Abuse. Oh we complain. Complain, complain, complain as if that's gonna make mother nature do a better job tomorrow. However, on this particular day, the weather didn't cause any abuse or injury to Mrs. Mi'Lynda Barrett. But someone or something did.

"Hey dumpling!" Mrs. Barrett spoke into her bluetooth.

"Oh Ma please. I asked you to stop calling me that. I'm 25 years old as of last week. And in case you haven't noticed, I look nothing like that wild haired, chubby little girl that used to run around barefoot in the great yard" exclaimed Mi'risa.

"Oh I noticed alright. I saw that picture of you and Mayor Floyd in the Post yesterday. That dress you were wearing was a bit to....what's the appropriate word here...revealing?"

Mrs. Barrett adjusted the volume button on the steering wheel. Etta James' sweet meloncholy voice hung in the air. Filling the Mercedes Benz with tales of long lost love, heartbreak, and disapointment. The weather was beautiful and traffic was flowing at a steady pace on the BW Parkway for a change.

"Ok, I'm willing to admit that the cut was a tinsy bit to low in the back." Mi'risa acted as if she were pulling her hair out at her mother's constant observations. She was always reminding her about the do's and don'ts while navigating the washington dc social scene. Mi'Lynda Barrett was a true southern belle and wanted her daughter to have those same wholesome qualities. "There was no time for me to run out and find something more "appropriate" for the occasion. I received a last minute invite to the Quest for a Good Education Gala and I couldn't turn it down."

"A tinsy bit huh. And just where was Mrs. Floyd?" Mrs. Barrett questioned with a hint of false suspicion in her voice.

"Ma don't even go there, you raised me better than that. Besides, I'm a main course kind of girl. And Mi'risa Barrett don't eat nobody's leftovers."

Mother and daughter erupted with laughter.

"Alright now, you're being sassy!" Mi'risa's mother scolded.

"Mama, you're acting like I rolled up in there looking like Lil Kim at the VMA's with pasty's on."

"Lil who?"

"Nevermind mother. Aren't you supposed to be at the airport by 10?

"As a matter of fact, I'm on BW now. My exit is coming up next. I just wanted to say goodbye and don't worry about stepping in for me at BI, you'll do just fine."

"I'm praying. Besides, what can go wrong in 6 months? Relax and enjoy your vacation mama, you deserve it."

"Yes indeed baby. I'm looking forward to cruising on the mediterrenean and laying out on the deck with a good book. Bi' gave me one to read by Anoiyt Ashor called Sixty-7. I can't wait to turn those pages. It's too bad she couldn't come with me on this one. You know, with Virgil being sick and all."

"Aunt Bi' has her hands full with that old hard headed man. Uncle Virgil won't be satisfied until he ends up in the hospital. I know he don't want me down there playing drill seargent." Mi'risa hated the way her uncle never followed his strict diet. After her father died, he became a father figure to her so she was fiercly protective of him.

"Oh, here comes my exit dumpling!"

"Ma!" Mi'risa pouted. She hated being teased about her weight as a little girl and her mother knew it.

"Bye baby."

"Bye Ma. I"


Mrs. Barrett had already released the call before Mi'risa could finish her sentence. As she took her exit to merge onto I195, Mrs. Mi'Lynda Barrett thought about how she had been in love with only one man for over 25 years. Raised a lovely daughter, and led one of the most successful black businesses in the United States.

"My cup runeth over, thank you Jesus"

All of a sudden, the pearl white Mercedes Benz seemed as if it was being driven by someone else. Mrs. Barrett struggled to keep control of the steering wheel as her car began to fishtail and spin clockwise. The Benz came to rest on it's roof in a ravine, wheels still in motion.. It wasn't raining. The skies were clear. The temperture gauge on the dashboard read 56 degrees.

(Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz)

"The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup. I say a little prayer for you". Aretha came buzzing and vibrating from Mrs. Barrett's Rebecca Minkoff handbag. (pic of handbag)

"You have reached the voicemail of Mrs. Mi'Lynda Barrett of Barrett Industries. I am unable to take your call at this time. Please leave a message after the beep."


"Ma, I forgot to tell you I love you. Call me as soon as you reach your first port."

Mi'risa hung up the phone and continued on with her morning yoga routine raising her body into The Bridge.

Mrs. Barrett was to busy singing along with Etta, and chatting with her lovely daughter to notice the black 4 door sedan that clipped her bumper as she exited the parkway. It had been following her since she left home.

Breaking News...

"Mi'Lynda Barrett, 52 widow of Robert Barrett and CEO of Barrett Industries was killed yesterday in what can only be described as a freak accident. For no apparant reason the Mercedes Benz she was driving suddenly veered off exit 47 on BW Parkway and crashed into a steep embankment. No further details have been released. You may remember that Barrett Industries had been embrolied in an unsuccessful hostile takeover attempt two years ago by Frazier Robotics based in California. The company is estimated to be worth over 3 billion dollars. Barrett Industries employs about 200 prince george's county residents in it's Largo Industrial park. And now to you Jerry for the weather, how's it looking out there today?"

"Those bastards!" Mi'risa shouted motioning towards the television with the remote. "They just had to throw in the hostile takeover attempt for sensationalism. After all the philanthropic work my mother has done all over the DMV and that's all they have to say about her? The donations to that rinky dink news station alone should allow for more story time than that. As long as i'm CEO, nobody has to worry about losing their job. BI will remain one of the top employers in the state of Maryland. I can't beleive this is happening!" The gravity of the events over the past 24 hours brought Mi'risa sobbing to her knees.

"Your Daddy would be so proud of you sweetheart. You've grown up into a strong, confident young lady. You fought alongside your mama and helped preserve your family's legacy. You've done fine, just fine."

Mi'risa can hardly turn around to face her. Aunt Bi'Lynda, her mothers identical twin. Mahogany brown skin, shiny like one of those satin bows that come wrapped around fancy chocolate candy boxes. Coal black wavy hair with streaks of grey cascaded her heart shaped face the same way her mother's did.

"Aunt Bi' spoke softly as she walked across the room towards Mi'risa. "Baby girl, did you know that the plantation owner where our people were slaves, had mind enough to set them free? Even before the Emancipation Proclamation. The only reason he caught some sense was because his only son threatened to leave Georgia and never come back. The man was in love. With this lil slave girl named Lo'retta."

A tear slid down Mi'risa's cheek as she listened to her Aunt's tale. "Great-great grandmother. Ma used to tell me that story all the time when I was little. She always talked about being proud of the fact that her great grandparents loved so hard and so strong that they risked their lives just to be together."

"Your mama sure does come from strong stock and so does your Daddy. You know it's running all up in you to lil girl. Now come on baby, go on in the bathroom and wash that pretty face. Your mascara is running. Aunt Bi' dabbed at Mi'risa's left eye with a Kleenex tissue. We have to get on over to your parents house. Those news hounds are probably camped out already looking to get some sort of statement from the family."

"I love you Aunt Bi', thank you for getting here so fast."

"Chile, now where else would I be? At the end of the day, family is all we got."

Press Release from Barret Industries public relations department dated April 14, 2009:
Mi'risa Barrett would like to thank the residents of Prince George's County, state and local goverment officials for their outpouring of sympathy regarding the sudden death of CEO Mi'Lynda Barrett. Ms. Barrett would especially like to thank the loyal employees of Barret Industries. Without you, there would be no BI. As acting CEO, Ms. Barrett would like to assure you that business will continue and there will be no changes made to the current course of operations. Ms. Barrett also requests that donations be made in lieu of flowers to one or more of the following organizations her mother was so actively involved with.

The National Cancer Society
Kidney Foundation

High Heels Little Feet

Mi'risa Barrett is quite the social butterfly. Years of taking ballet and various dance classes sculpted that wild haired chubby little girl into a tight, toned curvacious young lady. She's beautiful, her parents wealthy, and since she's the only child was spoiled rotten. You could find her at all the DMV hot spots like BLANK and BLANK. She also loved to take in the vibes that flowed freely during Love Jones Sunday at BLANK. Being featured regularly in DC Magazine for her outstanding work on behalf of the Family Crisis Center in Brentwood, MD was not unusual either. Mi'risa knew that the Barrett's weren't wealthy because of how much was in the bank accounts. Love was their riches. That love was now missing from her life like lost puzzle pieces never to be found again. Her parents were her biggests supporters aside from her best friend Lita. Most of the so called friends she did have could only be described as leeches. They were always expecting invites to exclusive parties or asking for a helping hand up the corporate ladder. After her mother died, she knew that she would have to step up and run the famliy business. The Barrett family's legacy rested with her now. This gave her a fear unlike any she has ever felt before. The years spent interning at BI since she was 17 years old have prepared her for this. Though never in a million years did she image having to take the reigns so soon.

Mi'risa sat quietly, continuously running the brush through her onyx baby soft curls thinking about how she didn't have life figured out like she thought. It was no secret that she loved receiving gifts. If you were the unfortunate soul who had to give a gift to Mi'risa Barrett, you better come correct. They absoulutely had to be jazzed up with lots of filling paper complete with ribbons and bows in pastel colors. That's what life was like to Mi'risa. Only, they are supposed to be good gifts. Designer purses, perfume and jewelry. Not bad news, the worst news. Death. Presented by a police officer at your door speaking words like "I'm sorry miss" and "there's been an accident". She brushed furiously in a desperate attempt at taming her curls and erasing the memory of that day. Mi'risa rose from her vanity bench and walked slowly over to the matching cherry four post bed. She turned around and fell backwards into the pillow top mattress.

"One things for sure, i'm glad I decided to move back in. That apartment on steroids never felt like home to me anyway. I feel closer to Ma and Daddy here."

She had finally managed to organize and pack away most of her parents belongings since moving back home. Back to Work, a program that provides low income and homeless women with professional clothing would be picking up her mothers suits, purses, and shoes in the morning. The last room that needed to be packed away was the den. Mi'risa decided to tackle that one tomorrow evening. Right now, she needed a good nights rest ahead for her first full day as CEO. Sleep found her as she watched the raindrops slide quietly off the skylight overhead.

The Good Detective

"Now if that's not progress then I don't know what is" said Mi'risa while staring at the Aquisitions and Mergers chart.

She thought about how business had been good despite the economy. Much to the chagrin of a certain segment of the population, the healthcare bill and the rollback of the Bush tax cuts did not cripple businesses as they predicted. BI had been able to open 2 more battery production divisions hiring on at least 100 more pgians. However, it wasn't easy. BI took a hit in it's stock values due to the bad press with the hostile takeover. The business is worth about 10 % less than it was a year ago. Mi'risa had faith that things would return to normal once Wall Street was comfortable with her in the CEO position. She was more than ready to prove that she was capable of being more than just a party girl.


"Line 2 for you Ms. Barrett, a Det. Rico Westin?"

"Thank you Tabitha, oh and you can take a 20 min. break."

Mi'risa wanted total privacy as she braced herself for what words may be exchanged, . Tabitha was one of the new hires made over the past year. She graduated 1st in class from the Back to Life program Mi'risa's father instituted before he retired because of his heart condition. He was always adament about giving back to the community. Hiring and paying better than average wages was important to him. So it became important to her. It was the right and responsible thing to do.

"The pendulem swings both ways. The Lord may give but he sure can take it away" was her father's favorite saying.

"Hello Det. Westin, this is Mi'risa Barrett and unless you are calling to tell me that you caught the mutherfucker that killed my mother, this conversation is over before it even gets started.

"My my, Ms. Barrett, you could start with a good morning before you curse me out.

"Det. I have no time to make nice with you. My mother has been gone less than 2 years and what. Nothing! The dent in my mothers back bumper? That has to mean something right?" Mi'risa exclaimed.

"I know you feel that we are taking our time about this investigation but you're wrong. Let me assure you that we've had 2 men including myself on this case at all times since day one. We don't come across many like this. Please be patient Ms. Barrett, give us a chance" Urged the Det. "I will be in touch."

"Ok, Ok I'll accept that. Let me tell you this, i'm not letting this go. Ever. Thank you, goodbye Det".

Mi'risa glanced at the papers laying on her desk before locking them away in her desk drawer

Reversal of Fortune

Friday, December 12. By now, her mother would have had Christmas decorations galore strung up, over, and through the house with Christmas music blasting while she decorated. Mi'risa remembered how her mother would play Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by The Temptations over and over until she made everyone nausiated. The best part, was the sweet and spicy scents of apple cinnamon crisp baking in the oven sunday morning. Kisses were stolen each time someone entered a room. The mistletoe was ignored so it always came as a pleasant surprise.

"I don't have the funds Aunt Bi'. I'm going to lose the family business. All of my parents hard work, I feel like such a failure. Let's be honest, I was in over my head. My degree is in political science not business managment. My plans were to get my feet wet in community activisim and see where it takes me. It worked out pretty well for our President didn't it."

They shared a good laugh. It was the first time Mi'risa was able to open up in a long time.

"Still, I don't know where Coleman Frazier is coming from with these claims. Somethings just not right Aunt Bi'. I wish you were here to and tell Uncle Virgil I said hello. I hope he feels better. He needs to stop being hard headed and follow his low sodium diet! I Love you to." (click)

M'risa sat thinking about how life as she knew it was going to change. She could make due without the material things. Oh, she did love the parties, being able to have the pick of any table she wanted at the most exclusive restaurants and of course shopping. Her shoe shopping and accesories budget alone was rent on a 3 bdrm apartment. But none of those things were important. Her fathers name was being trashed by unfounded allegations that he stole the concept for an electric car battery charger he had been developing since 1993. Robert Barrett was one of the most successful black businessman to come from the state of Maryland. He was proud of where he came from and how Barrett Industries became one of the top auto parts manufacturers in the United States. He accomplished this not by stepping on backs or burning bridges like most of his competitors did. Compromise and negotiations were his weapons of choice.

(ding ding)

"Who is it?"

"It's the Avon lady bitch open up".

Mi'risa screamed and cried all at the same time.

"Ahhh Lita.. when did you get in town? What are you doing here!"

"I heard about what's been going on with your families business, i'm so sorry M."

"Lita, girl get in here." Mi'risa grabbed Lita by the arm and pulled her into the house.

Mi'risa's best friend took off her wool trench and flung it over the bannister that supported the oak staircase. Barrett House had a country feel to it. 3 levels, white with black shutters and a porch that encircled the whole house, complete with porch swings. BLANK trees that came alive in the spring with magnolia blossoms stood guard in the great yard. Her father had plans drawn up by the same award winning architect that designed BI's office and industrial parks. He wanted nothing but the best for his wife. The house gave her the feeling of being home in Georgia. As they rushed over to the sofa Mi'risa explained to her best friend the surprising details that had come to light in the past year.

"Someone is claiming that my father stole patent information."

"I know. It's in all the papers. Even overseas. It's not true is it M?"

Mi'risa threw her head back. She almost felt embarrased to answer that question.

"That's the hardest part. I don't know. My heart says no, absolutley not. My father was a honerable man. He would never do anything like that."

"Well there you go. Follow your heart sis, always."

Valita Norris, A dark skinned earthy soul sister rocked long dark dreds dipped in blonde. She was always confident and comfortable in her own skin. They became best friends in the 8th grade when Mi'risa called herself running away after a petty arguement she had with her parents. Lamont Torrence, a boy that Mi'risa probably wouldn't give the time of day to now, finally asked her to go out to the movies. Her parents forbade her to go, saying she was to young to date. Mi'risa being headstrong even at such a young age found herself at Naylor Road Metro rather than King Street where her Auntie Marie lived. After watching her stand there in the middle of the platform like a lost puppy for 20 minutes, Lita approached Mi'risa and offered her help. Since then they were PIP, parteners in crime. They attended each others senior prom. Lita's at Suitland High and Mi'risa's at BLANK. She was there when Mi'risa had that pregnancy scare during senior year after losing her virginity to Diondre Johnson. Lita was also there when Mi'risa had to fight lying ass Diondre's girlfriend. She decided to pick a fight with Mi'risa in the middle of a pep rally rather than confront Diondre. Lita was more like the sister she never had than a best friend. Because of that bond, Mi'risa didn't hesitate to tell her about the documents she found in her parents den.


"M, you have got to be kidding me right"

"Oh girl hell no, not in a million years would my father be involved with drugs. I couldn't even stand near someone who's been smoking weed and then try to come up in this house. He would skin me alive. It was my father's old business partner Coleman Frazier of Frazier Robotics."

"I didn't know your Dad had a partner."

"Hmpf, not for long. Get this, he found out that Frazier was selling drugs out of one of the warehouses in DC. Not the small time either i'm talking about wholeselling, supplying."

Lita was surprised by Mi'risa's language. Her best friend, up until 3 years ago didn't even know what a blunt was. She was embarassed once during a for sistas only get together when Cheray asked her if she wanted to ride with her to get a blunt. Mi'risa told her no because she really didn't need a hair cut.

"According to these papers I found wedged behind a bookcase in the den, this guy was holding 1100 kilos of cocaine at their first warehouse on V street in NE. My father was furious! If the feds got wind and raided that place, everybody would have went down including him with no questions asked. A few weeks later, he forced Mr. Frazier to take a buy out for less than what his share in the business was worth.

"Um hm, sounds like Mr. Barrett. I can't see him going for some mess like that." Lita said while twirling her her dreds.

"That was in 1986, I was 2 years old. To young to know left from right thank God. This Frazier character, I never met the man personally. Not even during all those legal battles. I let the attorney's handle it. They did the best they could but that document he pulled out of his ass at the last minute blew any chance we had. My father would never sign away the rights to his invention. There's not enough money in the world that could make him sell out. Better men had tried over the years."

"And since they started out in business together I guess it wouldn't be to much of a leap for the judge to believe that your father reniged on the deal." added Lita.

Mi'risa nodded her head in agreement.

"Lita, I can't let it end like this. My fathers good name in this state and in the auto industry is ruined. I assured BI employees that they would always have a job. Now that might even turn out to be a lie. To top it all off, the business is in the hands of someone who couldn't give a rats ass about it. Girl I need a drink, you want anything?"

Mi'risa got up and walked into the kitchen.

"Not that fancy stuff M, just get me a beer if you have one."

Mi'risa brought (beer glasses) of Miller Genuine Draft back and sat them on coasters.

"I do have an idea. It's going to take a whole lot of something that I only have a little of.

"What's that sis?" Lita said while taking a sip of MGD.

"M-O-N-E-Y" Mi'risa spelled out. " A big chunk of what liquid assets my parents had went to pay the law firm for that phoney lawsuit. The stocks and bonds are tied up in red tape and I won't have access to my trust fund until I turn 35."

"Geezus, this is fucked up M.

Mi'risa gave Lita a look as if to say thanks alot bitch.

"I'm sorry go ahead, what's the plan?"

Mi'risa took a deep breath.

"I'm going to challenge Coleman Frazier's claim with these." Mi'risa waved the documents in the air. "The attorneys need $500,000 before they even get started drafting the first motion."

"For what? Why so much? That's crazy right there."

"It's complicated. They have to go back some 30 yrs and investigate my father's business dealings. That is going to take alot of time and money. I swear on my life, I'm willing to do what ever it takes to get my family's business back and restore my father's good name. It's on me now, all on me."

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

"M. let me help you."

Mi'risa paused.

"Girl do you have $500,000 laying around? Staring at you like that Geico money in those commercials? If you do then we need to get to the attorney's office ASAP.

"No, i'm serious, I want to help. If it wasn't for the scholarship from Barrett Industries, I would probably be like my sisters. Living in the projects. Only known as Ray Ray's baby mama. Stuck waiting for him to come around and drop off some money when the mood hit him."

"Hell no, you could never end up like that. You always had a plan for your life. All you ever talked about was designing."

"My point is that things could have turned out drastically different for me if I wasn't given the opportunity to go to college. I feel like I owe your family."

"What's on your mind, tell me?"

"Why don't you talk to my brother."

"C, thuggish ruggush bone C? Your brother Corleone that has something smart to say out of his yuck mouth every time he sees me."

"He only does that because he's madly in love with you."

Lita raised the back of her hand to her forehead as if she was fainting while collapsing into the plush overstuffed sofa.

"Yeah right, that boy is satan."

"And he wants to run his fingers through all that thick pretty hair."

She reached over and toussled Mi'risa's crazy curls.

"Lita please, you know this mess is hard to tame!"

They both laughed. Moments like this were few and far between for the best friends. Lita, a fashion consultant was on tour for months at a time with different artists in the music industry. She had rushed back to the states from London where she was touring with Jennifer Hudson.

"Honestly, do you really think he can help me?"

"Not him, it's who he knows. Girl you know big brother has been out there for a while. He knows the streets. Just talk to him, it can't hurt. A penny saved is a penny earned no matter how you got it. And $500,000 is alot of pennies."

Let's Talk Business

The Boulevard at Cap Centre was the place to be if you wanted to take the pulse of the streets. A hood car show was the one place you could find a bunch of thugged out niggas that were normally up to no good out in the open doing good. A portion of the entrance fees went to So Others Might Eat, an organization that feeds the homeless. All the pimps and players were on point, showcasing their rides hoping to pick up a shawty or two willing to go to work. There was never a shortage of tricks looking to ride off with any nigga that looked like he had bank. Enzo and The Crew used this back drop to socialize aKa talk shit.

"Son i'm telling you, the bitch couldn't deny me no matter how hard she tried. Gave up that pussy just like that" boasted C to Enzo and The Crew.

Lorenzo Mesa, Enzo for short is the youngest ever to supply the east coast families. Falling into that position was a long time coming for him since he started running the streets at 14. Going from corner look out to trusted courier taking trips down south and even to Canada now and then gave him enough street cred to be promoted without hesitation. His time finally came when Minnesota got caught up in some beef with a dude he was in the pharamcuetical exchange business with. Unfortunatly, he found himself full of some hot ones. About 5 of them to be exact. Lucky was Enzo's right hand, the messenger. Mack, the investigator left no stone unturned before Enzo had dealings with anyone. Even his Mom's. Mack got his nickname because he always had a youngin or two chasing after him. Katt was like the accountant. She knew exactly where all the decimal points were supposed to be. The girl had a gift for working with numbers, big ones. Last but definatly not least of The Crew was Monty. He was Enzo's enforcer and the brotha didn't always need to use his piece. Just one look from that muscle bound nigga and even those that claimed to be the hardest wet themselves. He was a legend around southeast.

"He lying yall, don't believe a word that comes out of his frosted mouth" said Lita as she and Mi'risa strutted over to where the gang posted up in front of C's Denali.

All eyes were on them.

"Yo, shawty wit Lita look like that broad from the stories and shit. Drucilla, yea Dru." Lucky whispered to Katt.

Katt just looked at him and shook her head.

"What? My Grandma stay watching that shit. Aight, aight I watch that shit to. But don't even start questioning a niggas manhood."

"Lil Bit, what tha fuck you doing down here? Barked C. Aww shit, look at this bougie bitch". He gave a head nod toward Mi'risa.

"Kiss my ass Corleone." snapped Mi'risa

"Oh, youz a freaky bitch, see I knew that shit all along."

The Crew stood around cackling enjoying the back and forth between Corleone and Mi'risa.

"See what I mean Lita, I didn't come here to be insulted by this imitation of a man" Mi'risa turned around and started walking back to her midnight blue BLANK Benz.

Enzo corrected Corleone. "Aye man, show some respect."

"Yea, show some respect" chimed Lucky.

Lucky had a habit of repeating almost everything Enzo said if he felt like it was important enough.

Mi'risa chirped the alarm and sat down in her car.

"C, can I talk to you for a minute?" asked Lita while playfully poking him in the side.

"What's up, ain't nobody fuckin wit you is they. Please let it be Ray Ray. I been wanting to smoke his triflin ass for a long ass time."

"Ah no, he WISH he was still fuckin with me though. It's M, she needs our help."

"Her, our help? What the fuck can we do for her. Her family already run half this muthafucka."

Lita smacked Corleone in the back of the head.

"Fool, you know things have been messed up for her since her mother died. Nevermind, why am I trying to explain grown folks business to you. Point is she needs our help."

"Aight aight lemme stop. Her fam was good peoples. What she need? "

Money, alot of it."

"Like how much, I mean I can let her hold something but she gotta let me hit that ass first."

C made humping motions as if he was hitting it from the back.


"Look, stop that shit aight!"

"Boy please stop playing, this is serious. She's my best friend, my sister and she needs me. I'm going to help her with or without you. I might just go over there and talk toTruck. Maybe he will loan it to me."

Lita started to head across the street to where Truck was holding court surrounded by his hoes.

"Uh uh uh uh you ain't fucking wit no Truck. That nigga will have you walking the Pike with his other raggedy ass hoes to pay him his money back. Fuck that. Not my baby sis."

"Well what's up then. Look out for Mi'risa and do something nice for someone besides yourself just this once in your grimey ass life."

"Let me finish hollering at these niggas and i'll hit you."

Lita gave her brother a kiss on the cheek then headed to the car.

"He's gonna see what he can do."

Mi'risa laid her head back on the head rest.

"He'll come through, don't worry about sis."

Mi'risa sat listening to Jill Scott and thinking about how her life was golden before Coleman Frazier came into the picture.

"This new ProFitz mixtape is hard as nails" said Lucky as they bobbed their heads to Vado flowing over crazy ass horns and melodic strings backed by 808's.

"Hey Enzo, step into my office for a minute bruh."

"Sup C."

"I know someone who want in bro."


They shook and agreed to get up on it later.

Who's the Man With the Master Plan

"Aight hoes, it's check out time. Let's go up, up, up" Corleone said while snatching blankets and throwing clothes all over the room in a flurry.

Sunday morning, Corleone woke up feeling like the man. It wasn't because he had these two freaks Erin and Erica, the Brewster twins from around the way passed out butt naked in his bed. It was Mi'risa Barrett. The only woman that could turn Corleone Norris into a sucka for love type of nigga. In two hours he would be hooking up with Mi'risa and Lita so that he could pick up the $50,000 he was to deliver to Enzo. Once he delivers the cash, Enzo will be greatful that he looked out. This just might get him a spot in The Crew. All the years he spent working the DMV streets, he could never come across that one power move. The one that would put him over. Make him the Man to know not the man who knows the Man. Corleone was also hoping that making this move could get him closer to Mi'risa.

"Damn, how can she resist?"

He turned left and right admiring himself in the full length mirror. Aside from sporting a clean shaven head, he could easily be mistaken for Allen Iverson. Corleone started randomly slapping asses as the girls wandered around with a purple haze in their heads searching for the bathroom. A long night of blowing trees and straight fucking get em every time he thought.

Corleone yelled over his shoulder "Aye what it feel like outside?"

"How the fuck should we know nigga, we been sleep all gotdamn morning" the girls chanted as if they choreographed everything they said.

"Fuck it, i'll just wear my leather. Aye yo, yall betta come on shit."

Corleone was hyped and ready to hit the street. Today was going to be THE day. He could feel it.

Not Bad As Far As Business Partners Go

"Somebody somewhere best beware of my crew" blared through the Bose sound system. Katt was in the back scoping while she polished the chrome on her Ducati. Monty was posted in front of the business office as always. Lucky and Mack acted as the employees. Enzo's detail shop, The Alley on Branch Avenue was pumping as usual. Business ran like clockwork 7 days a week. It was a beautiful operation and Enzo had it up and running for 5 years now. Automobiles arrived clean but rode out dirty. Caddy's, Benzs, and SUV's rolled into the garage bay and got a quick wax on wax off while Lucky and Mack concealed the product inside their secret compartment. Never the same driver, never the same cars. If someone did get stopped by the police after they left, it was agreed that they would take the charge alone. After all, no one put a gun to their head and made them hustle. That's a consequence of being in the game.

Corleone arrived on time for his meeting with Enzo despite having to practically throw the Brewster twins out of his condo. He was sure that after today, Mi'risa would be his lady and he wouldn't have to deal with money groupies anymore.

"Sup babe" said C as he entered the shop. He and Monty dapped each other up. "Enzo in the office yet?"

"Yeah he up in there. Give him a minute though. He on the horn" Monty confirmed.

"Aight that's what's up big man. Hey Katt, lemme get a ride girl, you know you want to."

"Not even if I was straight nigga". Kat scolded Corleone for the ignorant comment.

C. loved to flirt. He took way too much pleasure in annoying Katt. She was the only female he could be rejected by 100 times and still walk away with a smile of his face. He knew he didn't have a snowballs chance in hell with her.


Monty cracked open the office door "Aye Enzo, C out here."

Enzo gave a head nod and covered the mouth piece of the phone with his hand "Tell em I got em."

He resumed his heated his conversation.

"Have you ever received your product in the wrong measurments? Then why did my money come back short again? Philly Man you stuttering. Tell you what, the next time my money's not right, The Crew will be making a special trip to the city of brotherly love you understand?. And you know, Monty don't like road trips."


"Send Corleone's funny looking ass in here".

To Be Continued...



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