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Slave-Prince Chapter 2 Subjugation

Book By: Reagan Catch

Continuation of Slave-Prince

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Just before nightfall, I could finally see the encampment. I have been pulled, pushed and prodded the entire way. My thighs are chafed from the sand that I now wear as clothing. Both my wrists and feet are bleeding and sensitive, and I'm so thirsty! The cool night breeze of the desert is making the sweat covering my body feel like little ice crystals. I feel miserable, thirsty, sore, tired, and hungry. I should have eaten this morning before I left, for neither food nor water seemed to be anywhere in my near future.

When we arrived, King Jahn pulled his horse to a halt and quickly dismounted. The rope that commanded me was tied to his saddle, but he didn't remove it. Instead he pulled the length of rope that ran between me and the saddle. I moved forward towards him with my head lowered. He pulled until I stood right in front of him and could see from his abdomen down. I heard shuffling behind me, just before someone kicked me in the back of the knees. I dropped, but before I could put my hands on the ground to catch my fall, the King pulled the rope upward. My hands flew above my head, and I fell face-down at the King's feet. I grunt and lift my head to spit the sand out of my mouth.

The King squats down, grabs my hair, and pulls my head up so that our eyes meet. He surveys me for a moment then forces my head back down to the sand. He stands and turns to a guard. "Bathe, shave, and adorn him; but take care of yourselves first. When he is ready, bring him to me." With that, King Jahn walked away, leaving me tied to his horse. The guards move away towards their tents talking and laughing. I was left alone. Escape would be easy, given the circumstances; but I couldn't go anywhere without endangering my people. The horse and I remained where we were, neither of us moving. I assumed we would stay there until the guards finished, but another slave arrived a few minutes later to take the horse. He untied my rope from the saddle and let it fall to the ground.

"This is ridiculous!" I whispered to myself. I understand why the horse receives better treatment than me, but no one worries that I may attempt anything. I can't go anywhere now that the horse is gone, but I could set some fires or something just as drastic. They've given me opportunity after opportunity. For what, so I can kneel here thinking about escape or the havoc I could reap? Dreaming is no use to me, so I resign myself to my position and remain kneeling. Finally, a few hours later, a guard walked up to me, untied my wrists, and told me to follow him. He was a short, stocky man with black hair.

I followed him, hoping we weren't going far. We were. He led me to a tent on the far side of the encampment. We walked inside, and I took in my new surroundings. The tent was surprisingly spacious, but the furniture was sparse. A tub in the center; a long, low table on the right of the entrance; and a black rug in the back of the tent was all that littered the tent. The pain in my body didn't subside, and not knowing my fate was even more disconcerting. I began to think about all the events of the day to keep my mind off of my screaming muscles. I have very few choices at this moment. I do not know exactly where I stand with the King, but it is of no consequence. Surely, I will find out in time.

"Lift your hands, slave." The guard orders. I raise my hands to the guards, but he doesn't take them. Instead, he backhands me. My head snaps to my left shoulder. "I said lift your hands; not give me your hands!" I glare at him, but continue to lift my hands. When they were above my head, he grabs one wrist and shackles it to a set of chains hanging from a beam. He did the same thing with my other wrist then grabbed two brown rags from the table. The guard wadded one up and stuffed it in my mouth; the other, he wrapped around my face, tightly. I was now blindfolded and gagged. I heard the flap of the tent swish.

"Is he ready for his bath, Haln?" The newcomer asked.

"Of course." Haln answers. "Do you have the buckets, Beloc?" There is no answer, but I hear the tent flap moving, feet scurrying, then loud plops behind me. "Good." Haln praises. "Feet first." Someone grabs my leg and lifts it. They place my foot in a bucket of scalding water. I grunt, but they do the same thing with my other foot. I started to breathe hard, trying to control the pain or at least ignore it. The water was burning my cut and bruised feet, and my legs started to slide outwards, forcing all my weight on my bleeding wrists. I could feel blood running down my arms. Then freezing water was thrown onto my torso.

I cried out into the gag, more from surprise. More cold water was thrown at me, until my entire body was soaked and freezing. Then another bucket of cold water was poured over my head, dousing the rags. I started struggling. I couldn't breathe. Another bucket was poured, then another, while hands ran over my body washing me. I started sucking on the rag in my mouth trying to dry it out, so I could breathe again. Nothing worked. I was sure this was the end. King Jahn spared my life just to drown me slowly. I struggled harder and harder as I tried to find air. Finally, someone untied the rag covering my face. I quickly spit out the other rag, and gulped air into my lungs.

I opened my eyes to see four male slaves standing around me. They were completely naked. They were holding razors, jewelry, and a foamy substance. "Stand up, slave." Haln ordered. I pulled my left foot from the bucket of water, but my other leg gave out before I could get my footing. My right leg slid outwards and tipped the bucket over with my foot still in it. I had to grab onto my restraints and pull myself up to recover, causing my wrists to start bleeding again. When I was standing again, two slaves released my wrists and pulled me toward the table. They tied together above my head, and my legs are spread and tied to the bottom of the table. They began applying the foamy substance from my shoulders to my ankles. They took the razors and began removing all of my body hair. When they are done with my legs and groin. Two of them continue working with my arms while the other two grab my penis. One of them begins stroking it until it is fully erect. Then they run an ice-cold cloth over it. I see one of the slaves grab a snake like figurine. The tail looks very sharp. I try to raise my head to see what they intend to do with it, but the guards pull my head to the side. The two slaves have finished shaving my arms, now they start on my hair. "The King wants this slave's hair cut tight to his head, but don't touch the top." Beloc tells the slave. The slaves quickly obeys; and, when they are done, they collect the razors and foam and leave the tent.

"He must be held down, my lords." One of the slaves says to the guards. Beloc and Haln move towards me. My breathing quickens. What are they going to do to me? My face pales, and I can feel sweat start to pour out of me. Beloc leans down on my chest, and Haln sits on my thighs. There is a stab of blinding pain, as the other slave pierces the top my cock with the snake like ornament. I scream as the pain travels through my entire body. There is another stab of pain and another and another, until I am screaming and fighting non-stop. I have lost count of how many times I am pierced, and the pain is excruciating. I can feel every twist as the snake is weaved through the top of my cock. The other slave that has been a bystander to all of this puts his forearm over my throat and leans down, cutting off my cries of pain and my air. I can no longer scream, and I can hardly breathe. Finally, they are done piercing my cock, and everyone gets off of me. I drag breath into my lungs quickly and attempt to regain some composure. My entire body is covered in sweat.

The slaves grab two small snake hoops that have two snakes intertwined, the crest of King Jahn's house. They move to my nipples and start coaxing them to harden. I begin fighting my bonds. My cock piercings were on fire, and I don't want to go through that pain again. I start to pull on my restraints and am chastened by a whip hitting my upper thigh close to my erect, pierced cock. I scream again more from the fear of where it could have landed than the actual location it landed in. I look over to see Haln holding the whip. I stop fighting my bonds as the two men simultaneously pierce my hardened nipples. The pain is nowhere near as bad as the cock piercings. I am sweating profusely from all that has been done, but there is nothing I can do.

I assumed this would be the end of my humiliation, but I was wrong. One of the slaves positions a long thin tube about five inches long at the head of my cock. He slowly inserts it up my urethra. Perhaps this would be painful under other circumstances; but, given the amount of pain surging through my body already, it instead caused a strange feeling to emanate from my groin. Once the tube was completely inserted, the slave clamps another bracelet just below my glans to hold the tube in place. This bracelet also has King Jahn's crest on it. Then the slaves fasten bracelets to my wrists and ankles. Lastly, a collar is placed around my neck. The tails of the snakes form a hoop in the front on the bracelets and collar, and the slaves affix a leash to the hoop of my collar. "He is ready, my lord." One of the slaves says to Haln, as he hands him my leash.

"Unbind him." Haln orders. The slaves release my ankles and wrists from the table, then pull my hands behind my back, and restrain them with a small chain attached to both cuffs. I look at Haln, who is leering at me. "You are beautiful. His Majesty will very much enjoy using your pliant body. Come, slave." With that, I am pulled out of the tent by the leash attached to my collar. As I walk out of the tent, my sweat turns cold from the evening wind. There are whoops and hollers from the soldiers. I walk gingerly behind Haln. My cock still feels like it's on fire, but there is nothing I can do but attempt to keep up with Haln. We walk through the maze of tents to the centermost tent. This is King Jahn's tent. Haln lifts the flap and drags me inside.

King Jahn sits on a spacious purple divan completely naked, with slaves all around him. There are two female slaves licking his balls and cock. His cock is easily eleven inches and about two inches in girth. Two male slaves suck at his nipples and another male slave applies oil to his skin. None of the slaves are adorned as I am. The females have emeralds hanging from their clits, and the males have golden studs piercing their cocks, but they do not bear King Jahn's crest all over their body, as I do. Haln leads me into the center of the tent and forces me to my knees. I sit back on my calves, with Haln holding my hair and forcing me to bow my head. I can see my nipple piercings and the decorations on my cock. The magnitude of my degradation angers me as I stare at the King's crest that now adorns my body. Six piercings, in all, were required to weave the snake through my cock. This is what I have become, a slave who wears the crest of his Master's house. No longer was I a prince with my own family crest.

I knelt in front of the king until his body was completely oiled. I could see nothing, but his crest adorning my body everywhere. I was his, fully and utterly his. Once the oil was applied fully to his body, King Jahn stood and walked towards me. He entered my line of vision, and I could see his bare feet. I was shivering as I knelt, but I tried not to show it.

King Jahn's hand touches my head. Haln releases me, and King Jahn grabs my hair. He runs his fingers through my fresh haircut and down my neck to my back and shoulders. Then he moves them to my front and pulls on the rings piercing my nipples. I gasp loudly, when he pulled on them. "Oh, you like that do you? Don't worry; the night is still young, slave." He continues to play with my nipples and run his hands over my upper body. "Stand him." He orders. Two slaves grab me and pull me to my feet. I keep my head down, and the king moves closer to me to stroke my pierced penis. His fingers trace the winding snake that runs the length of my erect cock with the snake head facing the head of it. "Your beauty is even more magnificent with my crest adorning your body. Once you are healed you will find great pleasure in these." He says this while pulling on the snake piercing my penis. I grunt from the pain, and close my eyes to fend it off. "Put him over the table." The King orders the slaves. I am pulled forward and bent over a table, so that my chest is pressed against cool wood. I grunt as my freshly pierced nipples are crushed into the table. I look over my shoulder to see King Jahn moving towards me. "Tell me, boy, are you a virgin?"

"No, your Majesty." I whisper.

He holds a phallus, an inch in diameter and about four inches long. He pushes my cheeks apart and begins moving the phallus towards my hole. I attempt to move away, but King Jahn pushes me further into the table causing my recently pierced cock to be pushed into the table edge. I cry out as pain flares through my cock, and I cry out again as the phallus is pushed quickly into my anus. "You sound like a virgin, slave." King Jahn says sternly. I'm grunting and trying to compose myself. There is so much pain. "Well, slave, have you ever been penetrated?"

"No." I groan.

"No?!" King Jahn roars as he pulls the phallus out and shoves it back in quickly.

I scream and revert to what I know. "No, Master."

"Very good." King Jahn says as he pets my head.

The pain is blinding, as my rectum is stretched by the phallus. I feel tears touch my eyes, as King Jahn moves the phallus in a circular motion inside my rectum. "You don't talk much. I expected more from you, but you are very docile with my guards. I wonder; do you enjoy being a slave more than a prince?" As he speaks, he continues to spin the phallus inside me. The pain starts to subside, and I cannot find my voice with these new, pleasurable sensations being released all over my body. The phallus rubs over my prostrate with every swirl, and it takes all I have not to moan my pleasure. As quickly as he inserted the phallus he removes it. "Perhaps your position has not been made clear to you, slave. A slave speaks when spoken to." I understand his meaning, but I have no answer for him. I prefer being a prince, yet I hardly follow the protocol of one. King Jahn grabs my hair and yanks my head back. I am surprised and worried. I don't think my body can take any more of his torture. "You dare to defy me, slave!" King Jahn roars at me.

I attempt to recover my thoughts, "No, Your Majesty. To both." I croak. I hold my composure, and look up at the King. He looks at me, his eyes filled with anger.

"Perhaps you need a lesson to remind you of your station. I was going to prepare you; but, since you choose to rebel against me, you will be punished." He releases my head, and it falls back to the table. I am tired of learning lessons from this man, and I haven't even spent a day in his presence. I feel his hand pull my buttocks apart. The head of his penis touches my sphincter. "Breathe in, insolent slave." He orders. I obey him and take a deep breath as his penis drives into my rectum until I feel his huge balls against my buttocks. The pain is terrible. My entire body seems to focus on my anus and the pain radiating from there. I cannot think or feel anything, but King Jahn's massive cock thrusting into me. The pain does not ebb; in fact, it seems to escalate until I am unable to control my gasps and screams of pain. It feels like his cock is beyond my rectum and in my stomach. His groans of pleasure add to my building anger. I try to force him out, but the more I try the deeper be seems to go. All I hear are his grunts of pleasure, and a feeling of hopelessness and despair spreads throughout me. I stop fighting and lean against the table, hoping he will be finished with me soon enough. I begin to feel numb, as he continues to thrust into me for who knows how long. Finally, I feel him spurt his semen into me and collapse on top of me pressing my body harder into the table. His cock slowly softens inside me, and he pulls it out. Immediately, two slaves begin licking his cock clean of his seed. I can feel the moisture dripping from my rectum, between my cheeks to the back of my upper thighs. "Perhaps now you will be more pliable, beautiful one." He says as he walks back to the divan. I don't move. My position is hopeless, and my humiliation is profound. I have no words for it.

Haln grabs my leash and pulls me off the table. He forces me to my knees again, and pushes me forward until I am prostrated in front of the King. My body is beaten and bruised, and I don't know how much more of this I can truly take.

"Unbind him." Orders King Jahn. The chain securing my wrists is removed, and my arms fall to my sides. I make no attempt to move. I just lay on the hard floor. Pain and humiliation are my only friends now. My rectum feels torn and the piercings...Ah…I don't even want to think about those. "Tend to him." Jahn orders next. I don't lift my head. I remain lifeless, as two slaves begin rubbing a soothing, gooey ointment over my buttocks and thighs. I feel something nudge my rectum and I start to struggle, but immediately a sandaled foot comes down on my back, and the leash attached to my neck is pulled taut. I force myself to relax again as the head of what I can only assume is another phallus spreads ointment onto my sore rectum. Then the phallus is inserted, and the pain seems to recede as the phallus is moved around my abused anus.

Finally, the slaves are done. I hope only that I will be allowed to leave the King's presence, but I doubt that he is done with me yet. He has sat quietly while the slaves tended to me. I hope that this is a good sign instead of him thinking up other tortures for his newest toy. "Do you wish to speak now?" King Jahn asks me. "Perhaps this has loosened your tongue."

The shame I feel almost seems tangible as the pain of my position hits me. However, I have no desire to be raped again, so I whisper. "Yes, Your Majesty."

"Excellent." He says pleased. "Now, do you have any questions concerning your slavery in regards to the serac, and the consequences of your actions should you attempt escape or assassination?"

"No, Your Majesty." I answer.

"Elaborate on that. I don't want you to accidentally do something that would jeopardize your lands. Do you, slave?" King Jahn asks. I can't actually see him, but I know he is doing this to add to my desperation.

"My brother's vow to you was that if you won the serac the losing soldier would be your property to do what you wish with. The land of Tardus was agreed to enter your possession, as well. As for my place in all of this, I am required to obey you until I die or you release me from my brother's oath. I cannot assassinate you. I am to pay you back for allowing me to live, by giving you what is left of my life, Your Majesty." I say all of this as though I am reading it from a rule book. I know my place. I have not fought anything that has been done to me, except when warranted. I have remained obedient thus far. Though it is getting harder to accept my place, I will still obey my brother' s oath. It is the only way to save my country.

"You're almost correct. What happens to your country should you not obey, Teelan?" The King asks.

"You can continue to push your forces further into our lands and attempt to add our lands to your empire, Your Majesty." I answer. I have no trouble answering his questions. I have thought of all these things, during the walk here. This is hardly news to me. Though my mind is foggy after everything that has been done, I know my place and at least I have prior experience.

"So you do understand the requirements placed upon you? Will you adhere to them, young prince?"

"Yes, Your Majesty." I answer without thinking. There is no reason to assume that I have any choices from now on. I am owned by this man. My desires and ambitions are now to serve him. There is nothing else I can do but obey my new Master, who is also my enemy. However, he has played his hand perfectly. I am hardly able to do anything except accept his commands. I cannot disobey him without risking the safety of my entire country.

"You don't seem as worried or disgusted as I expected. Do you think your father will try to save you from this life? Is that what you are holding out for, Prince?"

To be honest, I hadn't even thought of that option. Perhaps fleetingly, but I know my father, King Valhalya. He would not raise an eyebrow to my security. In fact, he is probably happy with my new station. "No, Your Majesty. My father hardly cares what happens to me, as long as I keep the oath of my brother. Other than that, there will be no wrath from him."

"You speak about your King with disdain, young Prince. Perhaps, you intend to break that oath in hopes of being released…"

"Not at the price of my country!" I cut in before the King can finish his statement. I feel the leash pulled taut again, as Haln attempts to choke off my words. "I did not offer to fight you because I thought I could best you. I offered because no one else should have to go through this. Not even one of my generals' slave. No one. My brother is the crowned prince…" Haln pulls so hard on the leash that my words are cut off, and I choke.

"Haln, allow him to speak." King Jahn orders. Haln relaxes the leash at my neck.

"His position is necessary for the well-being of the country. To lose a prince is hardly going to matter. However, to lose the crowned prince would be impossible to keep out of the town square. Had Shal fought you, the serac would not have been honored. I will keep my brother's oath, because it will protect my people. Not because of some perverted view that slavery is what I desire." By the end of the rant, I had raised my head to stare at King Jahn. I know my eyes are filled with fire, and I am extremely angry. Not that I think he will care, but it will be a small bit of honesty between the two of us.

"Very good, young Prince. At least you tell the truth, though not diplomatically; I might add. However, this brings me to the point you missed earlier. You are allowed to be as defiant with me as you like. I train my own slaves, I very much enjoy chastising insubordinate ones. Other than that, you were correct, but I do hope you fight me, Teelan. It will make this even more enjoyable for me." King Jahn wears a smirk on his face, and from my position I can see his entire body, including his massive cock. He has hardened, since I began talking. Now he is fully hard, and I am worried for myself. Would he rape me twice in one night to show his power over me? Yes, I believe he would. "Your eyes are very expressive, you know that? I could see your anger at me, now all I see is fear. Perhaps you are worried about something. Is there anything you wish to ask me, beautiful one?" The smirk never leaves his face. He continues to look at me with admiration and humor. The latter is causing my anger to spike again.

"No, Your Majesty. I have no questions for you." I answer.

"Ah, the anger is back. Come closer to me." His command makes me wary, but given my situation, I am required to obey. I begin to raise myself onto all fours, but I am stopped by Haln's sandaled foot on my back.

"You have not been given permission to rise! Try again." He orders.

This is annoying and embarrassing. I inch forward like a worm, until my head touches the King's feet. I remain in that position waiting for him to speak again. King Jahn raises his voice startling everyone. "Leave us." I hear the patter of footsteps as everyone leaves the tent, and Haln hands the King my leash. I begin to sweat, expecting the worst "Do you fear me, Teelan?" King Jahn asks. I don't hear any mockery in his voice. "Look at me when you answer." He softly adds.

I raise my eyes to his, and I am surprised to see concern in their depths. After my first few hours as his slave, torture and humiliation seemed to be the plan for the rest of my life. Now, I am unsure. Right now, he seems to desire to talk, so perhaps, if I comply, I can keep him from raping me again. My eyes leave his and dart to his cock then back to his eyes. He throws back his head and laughs. "That was necessary to show you your place and ensure that you understand that you are my personal slave and property. My pet, if you prefer. Plus it is important to remind my own men the power I wield over my enemies. I know you need to heal, Teelan. Your body is probably very sore at this moment, and I know you are making a strong effort to hide your disgust. However, this is your place now. So, answer my question."

I swallow. I really don't know how to answer him. I am not afraid of him, but I do respect him. A half-truth will suffice; I decide. "No, Your Majesty. I do not fear you." I look at him as I say all of this. "You bested me in a fight that I knew I had no chance in. This is the penance I will pay for losing, and I will not break my brother's vows due to a misguided desire to be a prince again."

"You are noble at heart, my beautiful pet; but why do you not attempt to beg for your freedom? It could serve you well, eventually, to let me know that your freedom is what you desire."

"Your Majesty, I assumed that would go without saying. Perhaps, I have been remiss in that assumption, but if the decorations on my body tell anything, I would assume that you have no desire or intention of returning me to my previous status any time soon. If your intention was to give me my freedom, you would have released me after the fight. Instead, you have informed my general that I will be your personal slave and brought me to your camp to act accordingly. That is what you have decided, as is your right. I concede defeat and accept whatever you may decide."

"Kneel." I comply and raise myself so that I am sitting on my calves. The position causes my recently abused buttocks to protest the position, and I groan from the pain. "You are correct in your assumption. I have no desire to part with you. I have searched for someone of noble blood to accept his place at my side. You may not desire to be there, but you will take your place, none the less. Do you know what I want from you?"

Gods, this conversation was going nowhere desirable. All I wanted was freedom, so my new job description was hardly a subject I wanted to ponder with King Jahn. However, he was right. I am forced to take the place he has opened for me. Most likely being at his side was meant in literal terms. "No, Your Majesty." I answer wondering if he desired me to move to his side.

"You will spend all waking hours waiting on me, whether that be sexually or another fashion of my desire. I will tell you what to do, so I am not asking too much there. I understand you are fatigued, not just from battle, but also from events of the day. You will be allowed to recover. Tomorrow night you will attend me at a feast. Three of your generals will be present. Do not think this gives you leave to misbehave. You are my slave and will remain so; however, I believe your father has sent them to barter for your freedom. So it seems you were wrong about your family. They do want you returned. Now, before I send you away, come closer." I crawl forward on my knees, until my body runs into the divan. "What do you think I want you to do, pet?" Instead of answering with my voice, I lean forward towards his fully erect cock. His hand falls on the back of my head and he pulls me forward. I hesitate before the head of his cock. "Take it into your mouth, pet."


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