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The end of the story.

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They both get up and he carries her to the bedroom where he lays her down and joins her on the bed. Gently he lifts her face to his to kiss her, to let her know how gentle a kiss can be. He runs his hand down over her body as a soft caress to her skin. He continues to explore her body slowly with his light touch. He has her close her eyes and just feel and relax letting him make love and touch her body and mind in ways she never has felt before. He whispers to her softly, "this is the way you will always feel my love for you and the enjoyment of it upon your skin." He leans down kissing and nipping her skin as he works his way to her nipples. He loves how she easily gets aroused by his touch. That makes his arousal more potent. He continues his way with licks and kisses across her belly, her legs, and turning her over he kisses his way up her back to her neck nipping it as his hands run all over her backside.

He wants her to remember how he can be so gentle yet, be harsh too. She takes her hands and starts exploring every inch of his body as he has done to her. She surprises him by rolling so she is on top of him and he underneath her. She asks him to close his eyes and let her make love to him. She starts at his forehead, running her fingers lightly across his face, and neck where she licks then nips him. He groans softly when she does that letting her know he approves of what she is doing and wanting more. She takes her time kissing his chest and sucking lightly on his nipples. Her hands are following her lips as she makes her way down to his hips, kissing and nipping him causing him to jerk in reaction. She rubs her hands down his legs and asks him to turn over to his stomach. He complies and she gets in between his legs on her knees using her hands to message his backside from his legs to his shoulder blades.

She then grabs the lotion that is always beside the bed, rubbing it into her hands to warm it up; she applies a generous amount to his back while she messages his back, getting him more relaxed. She messages his behind, down his thighs and back up again. As she is moving back up his back, she lays flat against him rubbing herself against his back. He lets out a long low growl of pleasure feeling her breasts rub against his back. Without any warning, he shifts suddenly taking her under him as he gets atop her. "Close your legs pet." she closes her legs as he gets the lotion applying it to her front side all the way to her feet. He then slides his body against her, knowing she gets very aroused from him and the lotion. He turns her over to message her backside as she did his. She moans as he makes his way up and down her back feeling her tension easing from her muscles. He lays upon her back rubbing himself against her, his cock moving against her behind heightening her arousal that much more. Groaning he climbs off the bed walking over to sit in the chair in the room. She waits for him to tell her to come to him. He watches as she trembles waiting for him to say something to her. He makes her wait until his erection has softened. She can feel his eyes on her wondering what he is thinking about. "Come here." She gets off the bed and slowly walks over to him, to stand between his legs with eyes down. He takes his hands placing them on her sides and reacquainting himself with her skin again. "Turn around" she does so quickly and eagerly. He places his hands on her shoulders bringing them down her back to place his hands on her cheeks. "I'm going to enjoy playing with you baby girl."

He squeezes her cheeks saying; "this is all mine." causing a shiver to run up her spine. "Turn around and face me" she does and he sees the excitement shining in her eyes and glowing on her face. "Put your leg up" he says as he places his hand on the arm of the chair. She raises her leg placing her foot on the arm of the chair, opening herself to him to view her. He just seems to intently gaze upon her with his eyes. He is thinking of his ownership of her. His arms drop to the sides of the chair, which I notice the leather and scarves waiting for his use upon her. She notices the ankle restraint in his hand as he grabs her ankle to place it upon her, her pussy clenches deep inside causing the wetness to drip on her thighs. He runs his hand up her leg stopping short of touching her lips. She moans and moves to try to get him to go further, when she feels a sharp slap to her backside. "You know you are to be still." "Yes, master" He asks for her other leg and she receives the same treatment as before. This time he gets his fingers wet from within her folds and brings them up for her to smell the muskiness of her excitement for him. "Taste" he says in a husky voice of need. He watches as she sticks her tongue out to lick his fingers. He throbs as she slowly licks the tips of his fingers. He feels like she is licking his cock causing him to get very erect. Groaning, he pulls his fingers back placing his hand between her legs and cupping her sex in his palm. He pulls back and tells her in a whisper at her ear to "hold out her hands." She does and sees him bring a purple scarf binding her hands and letting the tail end of the scarf to hang down.

He moves his head returning to her face and kissing her. She wants to lean into him to grind herself against him but does not. She feels him apply a blindfold to her eyes and walking her back to the bed they left not so long ago. He lays her flat on her back in the middle of the bed bringing her hands over her head and attaching them to the headboard. He runs his hands over her as he moves down her body to her feet, attaching her ankles to the posts at the end of the bed. He is making sure I cannot move away from him at all. "Lift your hips" she does and feels him place a towel underneath her hips to absorb all the juice that she will give to him. "Now my pet, this is all mine, as it was intended to be."

"Yes, Master." She is excited and scared at the same time. Not from him hurting her she knows that he won't. It is just not knowing what will happen and being bound like she is. She feels the bed move as he comes to her, placing his cock at her lips. She sticks her tongue out to lick the tip where there is a collection of pre-cum. As her mouth opens, he slides his big mushroom head into her mouth for her to suck him. He groans as he gets to the back of her throat. She pulls on the restraints needing to stroke and hold him while he feeds his cock to her. She moans deep in her throat causing her muscles to vibrate along his tip. "Enough!" she opens her mouth as he pulls out allowing her a quick kiss to the tip as he moves away. He gathers her globes in his hand squeezing them and pulling on her nipples. She is trying to break free of them to hold his head against her. He takes her nipples in turns to his mouth sucking on them and biting them causing her to arch her back up off the bed. He leans across her, removing something from a drawer. He moves back giving her a quick kiss on the lips. Reaching down, he opens her lips with his fingers and slides his fingers in her. He lets one of her hands free. "Now show me how you take care of yourself when I am not here." she groans clenching on his fingers as she brings her fingers down to join his. She feels his other hand running over her belly, her hips and finally he taps her clit. Taking his time in rubbing it, he watches her breathing increase and her body moving to the pleasure she is receiving. She can't take anymore of him playing; she arches her back up with her hips opening as she cums drenching her inner thighs.

She took in a quick breath realizing her fraction and knowing that he will call her on it and punish her for it. "You do know I have to punish you" Yes, Master. He went to her ankles untying them to turn her over. He replaces the restraints as she is settled on her stomach. He leaves the restraints loose enough for her to get on her knees to have her backside in the air. She awaits to feel his hand upon her ass but instead she feels the sting of the paddle. She bucks her hips crying out from the sting of the paddle. He keeps bringing it across her cheeks causing them to become fire engine red. She is crying and moaning from all the pain he is inflicting on her. Then suddenly it stops. She feels him at the entrance of her hole and cries out when he inserts his mushroom head inside of her not stopping and just driving it deep inside her. She moves back to meet his thrusts as he picks up a steady rhythm, he smacks her on her cheeks causing her to shake from the pain and his thrusting inside of her. She knows what he is waiting for and with him driving into her like he is, he will get it shortly. He knows she will be having her anal orgasm soon; he feels the tension and contractions of her muscles causing her to milk his cock causing him to drive deeper and faster inside of her.

Her body starts to tremble slowly and continuously while she arches her back, throwing her head back screaming with the orgasm that over takes her whole being. He is sweating from his friction in his fast movements. He grabs her hair in his hand bringing her against his chest as he explodes inside of her. He holds her tightly to him, then slowly releasing her he slides out of her and starts taking off the restraints. When he has completed that, he lays with her among the bed laying her on his chest and slowly falling asleep together.

Caria comes to see Reana in the morning to talk to her about a few things. They sit at the kitchen table talking over Things going on with their jobs and other girlfriends. Caria asks her "what is it that causes you to love Mark so much that you let him treat you like he does,?" Let me try to explain this to you to understand the lifestyle that he and I share. She nods her acceptance and waits patiently for Reana to get her thoughts together to tell her. Well, you have to understand that it all starts with trust that is developed and earned by both in the relationship. In time the bond grows between us as does the love. The Master's love is the kind of love that bonds and seals the relationship and the one thing a slave looks forward to when she is down or is needing his support. It does not necessarily come among a master/slave but, when it does, it is a love that knows no bounds it is so deep.

"I can understand that." She says; "that is the bond that you and Mark have." "Yes we do." "You know, I met a cop online and we have been talking a lot. I may even take a trip to go see him." "That is great! Good luck on that."

"Thanks Reana, you're a good friend."


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