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Chapter 21 The year annivesary

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A month has passed, since they got home from their honeymoon in Hawaii. They have been doing good and she was wondering why nothing has been done lately with them or others. She did not need to be with others all the time, but a month was different all together. Later that day, she received an envelope at work from Mark. She felt the butterflies go crazy in her stomach just hearing from him. Meet me at "our" place. He was talking of the coffee shop where they had met for the very first time. He asked her to dress in the short dress she has with the thigh high stockings and stilettos to match. She had two hours before having to be there. She left work right after she got the message needing to go home shower and shave. He expected her to be clean shaven, her nails long, and her hair to be piled atop her head. He loves to nibble on her neck without her hair in the way.

She gets to the coffee shop right on time to see him sitting in a chair drinking a mocha latte. Her stomach gets the crazy butterflies again with her heart beating faster as she gets wet just looking at him. He slowly stands as she approaches him. He smiles and looks her over to be sure she dressed as he asked her to do. He was pleased that she did as he asked. Kissing her on the lips he pulls the chair out for her to sit down, when a waitress comes up placing a cup of coffee before her. She was pleased he remembered what she drank and took a sip of coffee. Just looking at him, she can't believe it has been a year now since they first met. They sat drinking the coffee and going over the year they have had together.

One hour later, they made their way to the hotel they stayed at that first night together. Opening the door to the room, he tells her to stand in the center pulling off her coat to show him what she had under the coat. She had on the tan baby doll, thigh high stockings and the stilettos he loves seeing her in. He inspects her from the front side and the back side, watching as she trembles from his stare. Before he moves away from her, he places his hand between her legs to see how wet she is. She moves her hips to get him to rub her. Instead, he pulls his hand away from her. He knew every button to push and how to give it to her. He placed his hand back, cupping her in his palm and squeezing tightly. She whimpers and silently pleads with him letting him know she is in urgent need. It feels so good to have his hand on her again. He moves away from her sitting down on the sofa in the room. He motions for her to move to him and get in position. She sits between his legs on her knees. He grips her hair, tilting her head back as he leans down and kisses her. "I Love You Master." He grins "I love you to, baby girl."

She shivers, her body tensing, her nipples hardening and rubbing against his leg. Her legs quivering as she strains to keep them from clenching and giving away her reactions. He laughs softly as he sees and know the way her body reacts to him. He places his hand on the side of her head and she knows she is to get on all fours and await for him. He comes up behind her, gripping her hair, he nips her and bites her neck. She moans her pleasure.

He presses into her moving up and down against her causing her to tremble. He quickly turns her over to her back, laying her flat on the floor. He slides his hands up, pinning her arms above her head, growling softly for her not to move. She trembles slightly nodding in compliance. He moves in between her thighs moving them further apart with his legs leaving her wide open. He leans down kisses her as he presses his hips into hers, guiding himself to her entrance. He pushes into her so slowly that it becomes agonizing, teasing her with his entrance and the small pull backs taking what he gives her. She feels his gentle throbbing, hoping it can't last too much longer. He suddenly thrusts harshly into her, bringing out a gasp of surprise from her. He tells her in a soft growl, "Don't cum, my pet. Wait for me to tell you."

He sets a steady pace, thrusting in her, as he bites and sucks on her nipples. She squirms under him, trying to keep up with him. She is fighting for control which is winning out with every thrust he parts with. He senses her losing it and he pulls out replacing himself with his fingers to spread her wetness down to her ass, rubbing gentle and entering her with his fingers. She moans softly and raises her hips to get them in further when he pulls them out. Sighing in disappointment, she feels his tip at her, pushing to get past the rim and into her. She cries out with the pain of his entrance which turns into soft moans as he moves in and out of her. He grabs her hips bringing her hips up off the floor, as he thrusts harder and faster into her. He reminds her she has to wait for him and not to cum. She is incapable of speech; she is lost in the pleasure of him riding her.

He picks up speed, thrusting harder, faster and deeper. He gets more erratic as he gets close. She hears his breathing, and watches the sweat dripping on her belly as he explodes inside her. She is lost in the pleasure and breaks apart as he slows down and slides out of her. Both relax on the floor with her in his arms. They lay in the bed wrapping themselves around each other falling asleep. The following week was slow for Reana since Mark was out of state and she missed being in his arms, his quiet confidence and his forceful presence. He always makes her feel safe and protected when he is at home and pushes her limits knowing she loves serving him. One morning, at work she received a call from Mark. "Come to my office now baby girl."

She could not think of anything as she was walking to her vehicle to drive to his office. She hardly ever gets an order as this from him. One time it happened when they were first dating, but none since. She wondered what friends think when he calls her "baby girl" to her it is an endearment same as being called "honey, or sweetheart. Driving to his office she was already wet and wanting to touch herself but, she is not allowed to. He owns her completely whether he is next to her or miles away. He has total control of her body.

It took longer than normal to get to his office due to an accident. It had delayed her twenty minutes in her arrival time. She parked and ran in to the door to get to him. His secretary tells her to sit down and he will be with her shortly. His office door opens as he and another man step out and shake hands the man leaves, that is when he turns his head and locks his eyes with hers. He nods to his secretary and enters his office again closing the door. The secretary tells her he is ready. She nods to her rushing in to see him. Staying by the door as she closes it behind her, he looks up looking her over, asks her to come stand by him. She walks slowly over to him to stand between his legs then kneeling down in position he likes her to be in.

Pushing his chair back, he stands up coming up behind her, he grabs her hair hauling her to her feet bending her over the desk. She hears him take his belt off. She trembles. "You know why you are being punished?" Yes Sir. "I was not here promptly as you requested." She braced herself as the first sting from his belt lands on her behind. Her first response is to turn and get away from him, she does not move. She is not sure of what is worse the whipping or that his office can hear him whipping her. She cries silently while the whipping takes place until she has welts on her red behind he stops. He sits down in his chair continuing his work as if she was not there and he did not just whip her. She is still crying for the unfairness of it all.

She did not hear what he said into the intercom but his secretary walks in and watches as he pulls her by her hair to get under his desk. "You do a good job, Sir" The secretary says to him about paperwork he had finished. "Yes, and be happy you get to work on time every day." Chuckling, she leaves the room with the papers he gave her to do research on. He leans over and rubs her behind causing her to whimper from the soreness. He tells his secretary to leave the door open. This humiliation he is causing her for anyone who walks by to see her under his desk like this brings tears to her eyes again. She wonders how long this will last.Then she feels his hand moving down between her legs sliding along her clit causing it to throb and her to drip from her folds. He slides his finger inside her causing her to moan and whimper with need.

She feels him pull her back. He removes his hand and she whimpers. She hears him unzip his pants; she opens her legs wider needing him buried deep inside of her. He suddenly drives his cock inside of her taking her roughly on the floor. She begs him to let her cum. She does not care if anyone at this point can see what is going on between them. He places his hands on her behind and the pain from being whipped only intensifies her pleasure. He reaches up and grabs her hair pulling her back against him and onto his cock. She can feel her orgasm gaining momentum and holding on since he has not given her permission to cum yet. "Please Master, May I cum." "What are you?" "I am your baby girl Master." she is breathless holding on the edge to her orgasm.

Then he gives her what she needs as he drills his cock into her. She screams as she releases for him. Not caring that the whole office can hear her. She hears his breathing change and his cock spasm with his release as it fills her up inside. When he is finished, he pulls out of her leaving her to get cleaned up. When she hears him fix his pants, he says "I guess everyone in the office knows how a good girl you are for me." with her face bright red, she stands straight and fixes her skirt. She is told to go back to work. When she leaves work today, she is to go home waiting in her position for him bringing herself to the edge over and over until he comes home to her. She gets to work, whimpering as she sits down due to her sore behind.

She was at home where he likes her to be in the living room in the kitchen, cooking nude playing with her nub for a while and stopping when it gets to be too much. She is dripping wetness on her thighs at a rapid rate. The rooms' air was laden with her arousal and as he stood watching her flush face, her heavy breathing, he took all of it in as he took a deep breath walking over to her. He leaned over whispering in her ear; "how proud he was of her not succumbing to her need when she has been home alone all this time." Feeling his breath against her ear and neck caused her to shudder and chills run down her spine.

He bent her back with his fingers deeply in her hair, back to his hungry mouth, kissing her, deeply, passionately, erotically, feeding off of her need. She struggled to maintain her balance and she simply allowed him to hold her up by her hair. Her passion rose to an incredible level while submitting to his kiss. He slid his hand down to were hers was on her clit, which he bypassed and sticks two fingers deeply inside her. She almost goes over the edge. She is at the end of her endurance and he senses that she is beyond her endurance to have her orgasm. He wants her to succeed.

He broke away from the kiss, and suddenly raises her to stand on her feet and then back to her knees by her hair. Touching her shoulder, she knew he wanted her to suck him. She teased his slit with her tongue. She lubricated his cock with her hand from her own sex. She knew he was close, from his groans and throbs of his cock. She felt his passion when he kissed her. She kept focused on his pleasure knowing he would enjoy his control much sooner than he expected.

She dripped more as she heard his groan come from within him. She scooted close to his body, pointing his cock upwards as she licked his sensitive underside and stroking him with her hand. She captures the precum as it rolls down the side of his shaft with her tongue and gently sucking the spot she licked it from. When she felt his throbbing pick up, she places her hand on his sack, sucking and licking them and back up to his shaft. He kept groaning and moving his hips to match her hand movements. She took him fully into her mouth but not so much so that her nose was inches from his pubic hair. She teased him by not taking him down her throat. Then he thrust hard into her mouth, making her take every inch of him.

She knew he was ready when he brought his hands up placing them on her head and moving his hips so she is buried in his pubic hair while he continued the rhythm. He thrust deep into her mouth cutting off her air but she was determined she would keep him there as long as she could. She relaxed her jaw to take him more deeply into her throat. Doing this, was when she got that deep groan he does right before he releases. Yet, he is holding off. He kept going in deeper into her throat every time he pushed in and out. And then she felt that rush from him causing her to cum at the same time. He slowly pulled himself out of her mouth so she can lick him clean. She was cleaning him when he told her to fix dinner and leave her clothes off. She was to be in nothing but her collar. When she was washing the dinner dishes, he came up behind her moving her hair to the side as he kisses her neck. She moans and moves her head to the side so he can have her neck.

He slides his hands down the sides of her body to her knees and bends to pick her up and carry her to the fur rug in front of the fireplace. There was a gentle glow from the fire that flows across her body. He draws in a sharp breath as he looks her over in the firelight. He has never seen anything as beautiful as she is right now. He was pleased he found her when he did in that coffee shop. He decided at that moment to take her there every year for their anniversary. He lays his body next to hers with his hand holding his head up. He runs his finger around her belly, over each breast, over her arms, touching her everywhere. He will keep this picture of her in his mind for a long time. She is watching him and what he does with his finger, enjoying the gentleness of his touch and the way he is looking at her.

She looks into his eyes and asks "may I take the robe off of you, please." "You may, but that is all you are to do" tonight is your night baby girl. She looks into his eyes shocked as a slow smile breaks from her pouty lips. He gets up looking down at her smiling then kissing her deeply as he moves between her thighs. He breaks the kiss and he moves down to bury his face into her mound. She moans loudly as he is pleasuring her. She runs her hands through his hair as he sucks and licks her. Moaning with pleasure she feels her muscles tightening up and her juices flowing freely from her very soul. Only her Master can do that for her. She wiggles grinding her hips into his face. His tongue working it's magic on her. She cries out his name over and over as he looks up at her and smiles. He Leans up to kiss along her hips, her belly and back to her nipples. She pulls at his hair as he sucks both of them. His cock is so close to being inside if she just moved but a little he would be inside her. He moves a little and enters her as she moves her hips with him. They move in unison making their own music. She feels every inch of him when he slides in and out of her. The pleasure is so great she keeps moaning with every stroke of his cock. He feels her tightening up on him cumming as she feels him throb. The pleasure keeps building up in her and with a drawn out scream her body is racked by a long hard orgasm. This causes him to cum deep inside of her with a deep growl of pleasure. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he smiles at her then kisses her deeply.


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