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Chapter 20. the honeymoon lesson

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The wedding on Valentine's Day went off without a hitch. The dress she wore hugged her with off the shoulders sleeves and a veil that dragged behind her. Her hair was designed in a roman style piled up on her head that gave her a sexy look as well as a sophisticated look. She walked down the aisle on her step dad's arm to be placed in Marks at the altar. Mark was in an all-black tux with tails and the grooms' men wore the same but without the tails. It looked as if it was a rich woman's wedding. It was not. The families splurged with the flowers, photographer and the reception, making it a wonderful event. She and Mark were being sent to Hawaii for their honeymoon compliments of both parents.

They got to Hawaii and had someone waiting for them to drive them to the cottage where they would be staying in for three weeks. Reana decided she would get sleep and sun while she was here. Plus, she had to go to the farmers market and pick up gifts for her parents and his too. The first week they were there, they went to luaus and touring the islands around them. She thought that Trunk Bay was nice, but this was better to her since it has a lot more color surrounding the islands from the tropical plants to the colorful clothes the ladies wore. She gave a list to Mark to pick up items from the farmers market. When Mark went to the mainland to shop for fruit and other items they needed for the cottage. He ran into a few friends of his and invited them to come over that evening for a poker game.

He went and bought more items so they would have drinks and food to serve tonight to his friends. Reana was waiting for mark on the front porch enjoying the evening breeze. He asked for her help to unload the groceries and explained about his friends and how they would be coming over this evening for a poker game. This was the first time Mark had ever invited someone to come to their home for poker. Usually it was them going to others. She knew the cottage was real clean since she cleaned that morning when he left to shop. She went to the kitchen to start getting items for all to eat on trays and making up the poker table with the chips, cards and chairs around it.

"Slave?, Yes Sir. I want you to wear this tonight while serving drinks and the food." She looked to see what this was and it was a wraparound in colors of blue and mauve. She wanted one of them to wear around here, but Mark had explained while they were here she was to wear nothing at all times except her collar. He assisted her in getting the outfit on which her shoulders were bare and it stopped high on her thighs. If she bent over, anyone could see her assets in plain sight. She thanked Mark and went back to the kitchen to get everything completed.

Eight pm. The guests started arriving at the cottage and Mark let them in taking them to sit at the table where they would play poker. When the final guest arrived, Reana brought in trays of food sitting them on the small tables around the big table. She brought out the drinks as well. Mark asked her to sit by him as they played. She knelt by his chair with her eyes down. Mark grabbed a handful at her hair making her look at him. They locked eyes and he ordered her to take care of the guys at the table. She did not want to, but did not say anything but "Yes. Sir," but before she could get up, he stopped her to tell her she had to crawl to each person under the table and suck them off.

She was happy as long as she would be well rewarded for her obedience later with her Master. Over the next hour she went from one guy to the next. Reaching in their shorts to pull out there shaft and sucking to get them hard. Mark knew she was doing a good job when he would hear his friends breathing erratically, moaning and leaning back in their seats when their orgasm hit them. When she was done and her mouth was hurting, he told her to go to the bathroom and clean up. It did not take her long to do this and coming out of the bathroom, stepping into the dark bedroom, she noticed in the shadows Mark leaning against the door jam. What are you…..? "Hush," the harshness of his voice stopped her heart for a moment as her breath caught in her chest. She crept toward him as he motioned for her to come to him. He must have sent the men home after she was sent to clean up she thought.

She adverted her eyes anywhere but in his. She stops inches from him; the faint scent of his seductive cologne and his own smell bonded together swelling around her senses. She watched the slow steady rise and fall of his chest, and the silence began to bear down on her. In a low, steady voice said; "is that any way for a slut to greet her Master?" The softness of his voice was startling and the words more so. Her jaw opened slightly as she hesitated in finding words to respond with. With a swiftness she has never seen from him, his hand found itself tangled in her hair. "Apparently respect is something you do not believe in."

"I…I'm sorry." "Are you?" "Does not sound like it to me." she swallowed hard as his grip tightened; focusing on the heat in her stomach, realizing she had become very relaxed in the marriage so far and has forgot a lot of things he has taught her. "I'm sorry sir, my rudeness is unacceptable," he replied with a gruff "good" after a few seconds he growled at her "have you learned nothing," she dropped to her knees when her mind went blank and her eyes blurred out everything but his body. She laced her fingers behind her neck and making sure her knees were slightly apart. She felt his burning gaze upon her as he moved around her.

He crouched behind her his breathing right at her ear causing a cold chill to slide down her spine. "I know what you need, and your lack of respect insured it for you baby girl. He got up quickly from behind her and as he walked away. "Get ready and wait." she watched as he walked into the bathroom closing the door behind him. She slowly stood exhaling the breath she did not know she had held and made her way to the living room. She positioned herself on her knees with her hands locked behind her neck with knees spread apart. She waited for his entrance to the room. His gentle presence today was ominous; he carried with him a sense of forbidding. It was strange since he is not like that; yet it sent the butterflies in her stomach into frenzies. He took her hands and placed a cuff on each wrist, and gently placed a blindfold over her eyes. Speaking softly; "why am I doing this?" She answer with confidence.

"For my infraction." he tightened the blindfold and stood her up. "And what was that infraction?" "I showed no respect to you Master." his strong grip on her arms was sending electricity through her, as though for a moment, he let her feel his power. "You belong to me." he said as he attached her hands to the support beam. "Yes sir" She shuddered as she felt him rubbing the belt in between her inner thighs and her ass. "Who do you belong to?" He asked her in a tone she has never heard from him before. "I am your slut and belong to you sir." before the words could get out of her mouth, she felt the first blow of the belt across her cheeks. Another blow landed on her thighs as he continued to deliver the blows to her. She was trembling and crying from the pain of the belt.

The slow, methodic rhythm was hypnotizing, as her head blocked out everything but the sound of his breathing and movements he makes when he strikes with the belt. She could feel his body heat hitting her from all sides; hear the rise and fall of his chest. She collapsed on her knees as he released her from the beam. "Now answer me baby girl."

"I belong to you, "He moved her to be on all fours while he tells her; "I will take what is mine." he positioned himself behind her resting himself at her entrance. She felt the need in her building to the breaking point as he stayed still not moving to get inside of her. He rubs his cock along her entrance and her clit causing her to shudder. "What do you say Reana?" "Please Sir." He continued to grind against her entrance. "Please Sir, I need you, Please!" she said breathlessly getting more frantic. His silence was driving her crazy playing havoc with her mind. "Please! Please! Fuck me. I am your baby girl, I need you inside." she said crying now while he stills holding off from pushing inside her.

He finally enters her, hearing her cry out as he buried himself inside her hot entrance. His need slowly poured out of him with a growl, as it escaped his lips he slowly pulls back. He pushes himself back inside her, she pushed back to take him in deep. He begins to thrust in a faster rhythm, the feeling getting more intense with every thrust. His hips were pushing against her red backside causing her to moan every time. She heard him cry out her name and hoarsely hearing him say "cum for me" she cried out his name and clenched her walls around his shaft feeling him push back into her with his body shaking, as they both climaxed at the same time. He pulled out of her as she collapsed on the floor breathing harshly. She hears the shower turn on and getting up slowly walks to the bathroom to get in the shower with him. She wraps her arms around him hugging him to her. He turns and cleans her softly with the cloth and she does the same to him. They both get out of the shower drying each other off. He carries her to the bed, lays her down kissing her gently as he curls his body around her holding her closely to him. "Thank you Sir." she says as she drifted off into sleep.


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