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Chapter 19 The Home Life

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Reana woke when she heard the door opening and smelled the delicious coffee. Groaning and hearing her stomach growl, she watched as Mark came to the bed to place the table between them. She took the toast added jelly to them and handed one to Mark as she ate the other. They ate in compatible silence enjoying each other's company. She laid her head on his shoulder running her hand down his chest feeling the tickle of his chest hair under her fingers. She was thinking that it was going to be so wonderful waking up to him every day as his slave and his wife. She tweaked his nipples and pulled on them looking down she could see his cock growing in size. She took her hand rubbed his belly and teased him by rubbing her fingers under the band of his shorts. Bringing her hand back up his belly to his chest and playing with his chest hairs, she blew on his nipples causing them to get erect.

She leaned down to lick one nipple then the other and back repeating this over and over. Mark held her head to him as she sucked his nipples. He groaned as she paid a lot of attention to him. She moved to straddle him while she placed her breasts in front of his face looking and begging him to take them in his mouth and suck them. He took them in his mouth sucking hard on her nipples. He wrapped his arms around her to bring her yet closer to him. He sucked, licked and nibbled on her as she was moving against him in his shorts. He moaned around her breast breaking contact, he reached down to feel how wet she was and pulling his cock out of his shorts, he slid it inside her swollen pussy. She moaned when he was fully inside her. She was moving in a slow rhythm up and down. He brought his hands around to place them on her hips moving her faster and harder on him. The smell and the motion of making love brought her to a climax real quick. Throwing her head back and crying out when her body tightened up on him causing him to climax as well.

She stayed on top of him just feeling him throb inside her. She laid upon his chest breathing hard and listening to his heartbeat a fast rhythm under her ear. He was running his hand in her hair while she laid on him relaxing after their love making. They finished the breakfast and cleaned up in the shower since they needed to get to the airport for their flight home. When they got home, they stayed busy for the next week by seeing family they did not during Christmas. The following weekend after they returned home, Mark brought a surprise home with him. She assumed the position to greet him when he comes in the house. Her heart races when she hears the door of the car closing and the key in the door waiting breathlessly for him to open it and see her. He comes in with a slow approving smile upon his face and then it disappears quickly. His face is impassive as he walks around her to make sure she followed his orders. She continues to wait upon her knees not moving until she is ordered to do so. Her hands are behind her head, with her breasts jutting out waiting for his touch.

He moved in front of her, he reached down grasping her hands, raising them above her head pulling her up. She stood up keeping her head straight but eyes down. Taking his hand running it down her arms, thinking he would never get tired of coming home to her and seeing her beauty every day. She pleased him beyond his expectations. Backing her up against the wall and pressing himself firmly against her. "Look at me." He says in a soft but firm voice. She smiled as she locked eyes with him. He crushes her lips under his kissing her deeply and crushing her under his body against the wall. Whimpering, from the force of his actions, and because she can feel his erection through his clothes. Finally releasing her hands, she brings them around his neck as he places his on her hips pulling her so they did not know when either of them began or ended.

She loved how easy going the relationship is between the two of them. Unless he specifically tells her she is not to question him, he lets her ask whatever she wants. As he paused in kissing her she asks "how was work today?" "it was good, but since coming home it is better." She shivered when he said those words to her; he loves to be with her as much as she loves being everything for him. His face changed a little, but she did notice and she realized her error. She dropped to her knees; cringing from not saying "Master." when they are home she is to address him as Master no matter. When in public they address each other by their names. He walked into the bedroom, sitting down on the bed when he says in a stern voice "come here."

She moved across the floor on all fours and sits by his knees not moving until he directs her to. "Undress me. "

"Yes, Master." She stays in her position and takes his shoes and socks off. Then staying upon her knees she leans up and unbuckles his belt removing it, getting up she places it in the closet as he likes then walking back to him, she stands between his legs as she slowly starts unbuttoning his shirt with her eyes down. He reaches up placing his hand on her breast squeezing it gently then harder causing her to whimper. She gets his shirt off then unbuttons the button on his pants, so she can unzip them. He stands so she can pull his pants and his underwear off of him at the same time. She tries her best to ignore his hard cock as it sprang forward.

He grabs a handful of her hair `Did you forget something?" she thinks quickly to find out what she did not do. "No, Master I don't think I forgot to do anything." she started trembling not knowing what she forgot. Her pussy was drenched with wetness at this point. She did not care if she forgot something all she wanted was his cock. Oh No. she thought and said "yes, Master I did forget to do something. I'm Sorry Sir" He released her hair and in quick time picks his clothes up, folding them, placing them on the chair in the room.

She hurried back to him in complete submission position for him. He open his legs further, waiting silently for the message to come to her what he is waiting on. She knew when he moved his legs like that she was to get between them, as she does, start licking his sack sucking on it and then slowly running her tongue on the underside of his cock. She knew his buttons to push to get moans from him. She nibbles the tip of him lapping up afterward the pre-cum that came to the top. She placed the head of him in her mouth just sucking on it to draw more pre-cum out. She loves the taste of him. It was a unique taste and not too salty, making her want more of it. She went into her zone, as she was working on him, loving his cock. Watching her he groaned, she learned quickly how to please him and get him so worked up enough to set him off. He pulled away from her, hearing her whimper as he did. He walked out of the bedroom to go sit on the couch. She kneeled where he left her, watching him. "Alright, come here." he was settled on the couch with his legs open so she can kneel between them. She crawled to him, kneeling between his legs, as he took his cock in hand holding it for her to take back into her mouth. "Look at me" she looked at him when she had him in her mouth. They locked eyes as she moved up and down on his shaft. He groaned moving his hips to drive it deeper into her mouth. Taking what he gave her and gagging from him putting it in her throat, he would pull it back as she breathed deeply then he would slide it back in again holding it there for a second. He teased her like this for a while.

He slid his hand onto her head just holding her head letting her control the movements. She continued to suck him using her throat muscles to message the head as he went in her throat. He balled his fist in her hair pulling her away from his cock. As she sat back on her heels awaiting for what would happen next. He stood up, pulling her up with him. "Go fix dinner." Yes, Master. It took her close to an hour to get dinner fixed. Luckily she had pre-made the meatloaf and had the oven on when he came home. She fixed the table as he liked, and brought dinner out, fixing his plate with the food and a glass of cold ice tea, she went back to the kitchen to get her ice tea, as he came up behind her pressing her into the counter as he slipped his cock between her legs rubbing it back and forth. She moaned and whimpered since the counter was cutting into her stomach bringing a dull pain to her mid-section. She will have a bruise from this in the morning. "Finish cleaning the kitchen, then you can come in and eat." Yes Master. Not taking long to get the kitchen cleaned, she went into the dining room to sit at the opposite side of the table, when he says ; "No, I want you up here next to me." she moved her dishes and drink next to him. After sitting, she watched him get a bag and pull out a dildo about five inches, but real thick. She gasped, knowing what he wanted her to do and she pushed back from the table, ready to run into the bedroom to get away from it. She just did not have it in her to do that while he watched her. He grabbed her arm tightly pulling her to him. He bent her over his knee when he sat down, bringing a paddle down upon her backside. She cried out in surprise at the force and pain. The paddle came down again on her causing her to squeal and squirm trying to get away. "Don't you ever! Try to get away from me again." His voice was severe as he kept bringing the paddle down upon her backside.

She broke down in tears and her body shook from the pain. He reached to the side of him grabbing the dildo rubbing it into her wetness and sliding it up inside of her. She moaned as he placed the dildo inside of her. He pulled her up to a standing position, motioning for her to sit and eat her dinner. It was hard not to squirm in the seat since her backside was on fire. She made it through dinner barely eating. He picked up the plates putting them into the kitchen as she got up slowly from the table to go to the kitchen and finish the cleanup. She walked around him at the sink, when he swatted her on her backside. Crying out from the pain, he smiled and walked out of the kitchen so she could finish.

She worked slowly on washing and drying the dishes trying to buy her time for her backside to ease up. She still had the dildo inside of her. He taught her how to keep it in and not lose it. It was hard to do, when she was getting very wet causing it to become slippery. She was moving her legs and hips as he turned the vibrator up another level. She moaned and leaned her head upon the kitchen counter trying to keep her grip on the dildo. She got on all fours crawling to the couch were he sat. She was glad that she crawled cause her legs would not be able to hold her up right now. The sensations were overwhelming her and before she got to the couch, she arched her back with the orgasm that flowed through her body. Mark has never seen such a beautiful site as he did when she was crawling to him, and trying to keep the dildo in at the same time. He could see the sheen on her body from sweat, and when she arched her back, she threw her head back crying out when the orgasm hit her.

That was his undoing, he got up walked behind her getting his cock wet from all the juice that was on her thighs, slid his cock into her ass causing her to scream and buck her hips against his. He could feel the vibrating dildo inside of her as he kept thrusting in and out deeply. He grabbed her hair, pulling her up so he could wrap his arms around her, holding her as he and she rode their orgasms together. He let her lay on the floor, as he pulled himself from her slowly and taking the dildo out as well. He took them to the bathroom to clean and brought back a cloth to clean her as well. The rest of the evening past with no incidents occurring with him working on his laptop for work and she laid in bed reading where she fell asleep.

A week later, Reana had a few errands to run while Mark went to check on his business. She was out for most of the day and part of the evening. Rushing to get home before Mark and get dinner started. When she enters the house, she takes her heels off and lays her purse on the counter, then lifting her head she turns a little to see his shadow at the corner of the kitchen door. She swallows hard not sure of what to say. "your Late, and no message from you as to why you are late." she backed up so her back was against the counter. "I'm sorry Sir." she said as she got on her knees. After doing the errands I ran into Caria and we had lunch together and she showed me the dating site she is on trying to hook up with a cop. She trembled when he did not answer; she knew he would not care about Caria and a cop. He slowly makes a move towards her as her heart rate increases and the shaking begins inside her making her to aware of his stance. He is upset for me not contacting him. She hung her head with her eyes on the floor not wanting to see the anger flashing in his eyes.

She feels his eyes on her wondering if he can see the wetness on her thighs, if he does, he does not say anything."Since you spoke to me without asking for permission, I must punish you." His words cause another wave of wetness to drip and roll down her thighs from wanting him so badly. She stays quiet as he orders her to get prepared and she is to be bent over the bed when he comes out of the bathroom. She gets up off her knees and walks to the bedroom while feeling his eyes follow every move she makes. When she is next to the bed, she pulls the paddle out of the night stand laying it on the bed. She cringes at the sight of the paddle with the little nubs of wood that had been attached to it to do some damage if it was hit upon her skin hard enough. She then takes and places the restraints near her as she climbs into her place upon the bed so he can lock them to the posts of the bed.

She lays face down with her arms and legs spread just as he likes it. She hears him enter the room. In the position she is in her smooth, wet pussy is visible for his eyes. He runs his fingers over her lips, spreading them open to see the wetness gathered there. She moans as he does this a few times to draw more wetness from her. The sting of the paddle brings tears to her eyes and by now her behind is severely red and very sore. He tells her the punishment is over by smacking her on the cheeks of her behind and one hard smack on her pussy. He pulls her up taking the restraints off and holds her close to him while he wipes the tears from her eyes, he kisses her. She feels his cock hard against her inner thigh as he kisses her deeply. She slides down his body to her knees to caress him through his pants. She slowly unzips them and placing her hands under the sides of the pants, pulls them down off of him. She smells deeply his masculine scent causing her to drip more down her thighs. She traces her fingernails over his cock before kissing it from the base to the head. The excitement was exhilarating for them both from her punishment in which he enjoys greatly giving to her.

He moans softly, as she puts him into her hot mouth. She starts sucking him hard as he moves slowly in and out of her mouth. He keeps hitting the back of her throat causing her to gag. When she finally loosens her jaw, she is able to take his cock in her throat. With the combination of her tongue stroking him and the sucking he comes quickly in her throat. She swallows every drop as he looks at her, making her open her mouth to be sure she took every drop. He smiles and lays her flat on her back in the bed again. He binds her arms and ankles so she is spread for him to have access to her body. He ties a black scarf over her eyes. Then sliding down the bed, he slips a large vibrating dildo inside her then leaves the room. She cries out in frustration wondering when he will be returning to take the vibrator out or let her climax. She turns her head listening to him return to the room. He leans over to her to suck her nipples making them stand up. Then he places clamps on them as she cries out needing to come and yet not getting the push to take her over the edge.

She has not been taken to the edge for this long a time since she has been with Mark. Suddenly she feels his breath on her clit, crying out she needs to be pushed over the edge as he licks and sucks on her clit. Then she is there and it brings a scream from her as her body trembles and shudders. She hears him get off the bed and leaves the room again. She is still frustrated; she wants him to be inside her. She wonders why? Is he leaving me like this? She is not understanding any of this. She hears the door opening again and someone else is in the room as well. She is not sure if it is a female or a male. She groans as she feels someone between her legs feasting on her as her breasts are being played with as well. She feels hands rub her all over and untie her bindings.

She is brought to a screaming orgasm again. When that subsides, she is lifted off the bed placed on top of his cock. She knows it is her Masters cock. She starts sliding up and down on his hard shaft as he nibbles on her nipples. The other man in the room is lubing the rim of her ass, sticking his fingers in to open her since she is so tight. He does this a few times then slides his cock in opening her up more as she groans. She feels a massive orgasm building as the two men get into a rhythm. She takes a deep breath and screams out when the orgasm hits her harder than she ever thought was possible. With her contractions continuing around their cocks it is too much and they both fill her up with their orgasms.


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