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Chapter 18 The Ceremony.

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The day of the ceremony, Reana was at Mistress's house in a part where no one would see her until time for her to walk out on the platform. She put the skirt on, the belly necklace given to her by the Mistress. She just finished putting on the top when Mistress walked in to see what she was doing. Mistress came over and helped her button the straps to the back. "That should make Mark want to just take you when he sees this outfit. He can't until the Justice of the Peace says you are now Master and slave." "You look beautiful Reana. Thank you." Caria knocked on the door to enter to fix Reana's hair. Reana set down and closed her eyes as she worked on her hair. It took half an hour to fix her hair, but it was well worth it. Caria handed Reana her shoes and after putting them on went to the mirror to see what Mark would see when she walked out to him. The effect she had from her outfit to her hair and shoes was perfect. She twirled a few times in front of the mirror and smiling. She felt so sexy and loose in the outfit since she was wearing nothing underneath it at all. If she stood in a doorway with light behind her a few people will get a good look at what she does not have under the outfit.

The host came to the door telling Reana it was time. Caria was awaiting for her with her bouquet. The music started as Caria and the best man walked out to take their places on stage. When Reana stood at the spot to make her entrance, she caught a glimpse of Mark devouring him with her eyes. He looked so elegant in the black pants and white shirt. She felt her wetness drip on to her thighs from the sensation she got when she looked at him. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slow, the host took her arm again walking out on the stage with her. She had her eyes locked on Mark seeing the glimmer in his eyes caused her to tremble. Smiling, they moved to were Mark was standing and the host let him take her hand while she gave her flowers to Caria. They faced the Justice of the Peace as he started the ceremony with a quick prayer.

When it was time for Reana to say her vows to Mark, she knelt in front of him on her knees, looking up into his eyes as she recited the words she memorized since she wrote them down.

I come to you this day on my knees having you take ownership of me, protect me, encourage me, and for me to be the best that I can be for you. I am asking for your directions and guidance in every aspect of our partnership. I offer my Body. It is yours to own and cherish, to love and to train to be of service to your needs. It is my gift to you in Love and Honor.

I offer my soul again, as I have offered it to you before. Today, I not only renew my vows to strengthen the bond that continues to grow between us throughout eternity.

It is my giving to you to permit me to serve you and that you will take pride in my servitude, to respect and honor the partnership we have created with honesty as our creed.

From this day forward, I Reana beloved slave to Master Mark come to you in mind, body and spirit as I completely submit to your will for you complete me. I ask you Master to accept these vows to bind us in a complete partnership.

Caria and the others had tears in their eyes as Reana got choked up reciting the words of her love, honor and complete submission to him. Finishing her vows, a hush came over the room as Mark began to speak his vows to her.

My pet, my girl, and my lover, you make me proud with your obedience, support and allowing me to train you in the way of life. We will continue from this day on. Reana stands with her eyes looking down at his feet. I accept your vows as I accept your body and mind, as I place this collar upon your neck, it will remain as symbol and reminder that you embrace my will and shall perform to my desire. It is never to be removed as you are proud to wear this upon you. You are now mine and as a part of me, I vow to train, respect, protect and encourage you to become fulfilled with the knowledge that I will provide. You have become a competent servant. I am proud to have you and will take care of your needs. He reached down under her chin to make eye contact. You are now my slave and from this day on, I will hold that honor next to my soul.

Reana had tears silently falling down her face as she hears the words she has longed to hear for a long time. She knew at this point she truly belonged to him. The Justice of the Peace pronounced them Master and Slave, as their eyes stayed locked on each other, something told Reana that this evening was just the beginning to a new self-awareness and she felt as if a flock of butterflies had been let loose inside her. "I belong to him "she thought, wondering how she ever made it in life without him. Mark pulled her to him softly placing his lips on hers kissing with the emotion that has touched him through from her words. The sexual tension in the room was so heavy, it was having an effect on the whole room. Mark and Reana were unaware of the tension. They were locked into their own world as he brought her over to the table. You could feel the electricity between the two of them. Reanas heart beat rapidly as he brought her up against him, kissing her deeply. His tongue moved over her lips, chin and down to the dip of her chest. He tasted her flesh and smelled the perfume that she wore along with the natural scent which arouses him so. He pulled at the top she wore growling with the need arose in him. Her breasts came free of the top and she watched as he placed his lips upon her hard nipple. She felt her body attempt to slide down and away from him. He tightened his hold on her backing her up to place her back against the table.

Yes, she muttered placing her fingers in his hair holding him close. She felt the bite of his teeth; the tearing and pulling of flesh bringing a moan from within her "Master," she gasps, "I can't wait." He looked at her, his features changing, yet not enough for her to be scared. "Tonight is for waiting, you still need to learn to be patient, I will teach you." he backs away from her "Now Strip for me." She smiled her slow sexy smile and locking her eyes with his, she slowly takes the top off brushing against her nipples as she reached down to step out of her skirt. Bringing her hands back up she tweaks her nipples again. He reaches out and grabs her wrists in a demanding tone "No," you are not allowed to touch yourself unless I grant that wish upon you when I am traveling. "Yes sir." She says in a soft whisper. Standing naked and proud before Mark, she waits for his next request. She ached to slip her fingers inside to show him how moist she was for him. She did not; she let her hands stay by her side. Mark looked at her while walking around watching her shake with need. He came to stand in front watching her face flame bright red. He put his fingers under her chin bringing her head up to look into his eyes. "Beautiful" was all he said. "She said, Thank you baby." Not thinking as his face changed quickly when she realized her mistake. "Thank you Sir" "much better, now undress me."

Reana's fingers moved to his belt unbuckling it and sliding it free of his pants, she was about to toss it when he asked her to give it to him. She watched as he tossed it on the table as she thought of him using it on her. A drop of moisture dripped from her folds as erotic images filled her mind. Her fingers released the button of his pants and grabbing the pants on both sides slowly pulling them down and exposing his hard cock inch by inch causing her heart to beat faster and her breath to hitch in her throat at the site of his beautiful cock.

Springing free of his pants, he placed his hands upon her head keeping her down on her knees as he guided his cock into her mouth. Soon she had him enveloped into her soft hot mouth. He smiled thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth as she took every inch he gave her. Her mouth was devouring his cock. It seemed her mouth was made for him. "Stop," she whimpered when he pulled out of her mouth. She did not want to stop. She was so wet dripping all over her thighs. She looked upon him with a question in her eyes. "Sir?" he grabbed her hand guiding it to his sack. She lifted him to her mouth to suck on. Her tongue was pushing them around teasing them with short strokes of her tongue over the whole area of him. She worked with more passion waiting to hear more growls of approval from him.

He stopped her and brought her head up so he could slide his cock back into her mouth. Groaning as she slid her lips upon him and taking him to her throat. When he felt her throat open so he could get more into her mouth, he growled and pushed further into her throat slowly moving in and out. A wave of heat overcame her when she felt him engorge in her mouth almost making it impossible to suck on him. Releasing him from her mouth, she stands up on shaky legs as he brought her to him demanding a deep kiss from her. She kissed him deeply passing on her need in the kiss to him. He broke the kiss holding her to him while breathing next to her ear causing delicious chills cursing through her body. She felt him rubbing his hand on her backside then picking her up, placing her on the table. As he walked around the table, he pulled her hands above her head placing her wrists into cuffs. She feels her juice flow from the excitement of being bound.

He finishes by placing her ankles in restraints and leaving her legs open to him to the site of glistening lips. He reached up between her legs to lightly run his fingers over her lips gathering her wetness on them bringing them to his mouth to taste her. She trembled with need watching him. Just being this close to her, he makes her feel hypnotized causing her clit to harden and quiver. He pulls her to the edge of the table so her ass is right at the edge. He looks at her as she is bound for him to do as he wants with her. He sees the lust deep in her eyes causing him to groan as he shoves his cock into her swollen, quivering pussy. A savage cry comes from deep within his body to come out like a long deep growl. His cock which pounds mercilessly seems to fuse with her spine so that she becomes one with him, one with his cock, an extension of it, irrevocably fused to him. I have become one with him, and my skin is merely the skin of his cock, yearning for release as he ruthlessly uses me for his pleasure as her thoughts drifted through her lustful mind.

His orgasm is imminent, as his cock erupts, filling her with his sweet seed, as her body became his. She has become the flesh of his root and she loves it. She is mesmerized with it; she seeks only his will, his pleasure, his cock, his desire. The constant plunges of his will into her weak body with the sound of the heartbeat that pulses in rhythm with the throbbing of his meat. She is alive at last, fully alive. There is no sense of time or space. She has no knowledge of her voice, whether she is screaming or silent, she cannot say. All is his cock as he pounds and pounds. Until at long last, a shuddering release that floods through her spine, leaving her in complete darkness and silence, not even aware of her own heavy heartbeat. When she returns to consciousness, there is light around her and he is cradling her in his arms with his lips upon hers, stroking her hair and telling her what a good girl she was. How deeply she has pleased him, and how he loves his baby girl. Her body is free, unbound, but useless. She is unable to feel anything but his love, to hear anything but his sweet, calming voice. She is utterly spent and in awe of him, she literally glows with adoration of him. She seeks to please him for all of her days.

The room erupts in clapping and congratulations for the new Master and slave. He eases her from the table, standing among many friends thanking them for their participation in their ceremony. They both were glowing with love for each other. Making their way off the platform, the host and hostess come over to them to hug and let them know they have never seen anything as intense as what they just showed. "Thank you." All of them headed to the Ball room to feast, toasting the two of them and cutting the cake. Reana gasped as she looked into the ball room. It was dressed in silk curtains, white lights draping around the room and the tables were decorated with greenery, place mats with names, and all the candles on the tables gave it such an intimate feeling inside.

They made their way to the main bridal table, sitting down as the waiters started serving luncheon dishes. The champagne made its way around to all the tables. There was a lot of laughter and mingling among everyone. The music started and the song "bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis started playing, Mark drew Reana to her feet taking her to the dance floor to have his dance with his slave. She rested her head upon his shoulder loving the feel of his body pressed to hers. All the sensations form their love making was still with her and causing her to drip wetness down her thighs. Mark groaned and whispered in her ear. "I can smell your arousal." He pulls her closer so she can feel how erect he is. She moaned wanting more of what she had earlier with him. She angled her head so he could kiss her right there on the dance floor. He also moved his hand down to caress her backside while pulling her more into his erection. He looked down at her locking eyes, and leaning down kissed her softly. The music stopped, causing them to pull apart and walk over to the cake to cut it. The host and hostess did there toasts before they cut the cake and each drinking champagne from the others glass. When they cut the cake, both of them got a big piece to feed to the other. She opened her mouth so he could feed her the cake piece. When he placed it in her mouth, she ran her tongue across his fingertips creating a tremble through his body at her touch.

She also fed Mark his piece in which he returned the favor by licking her fingers before she pulled them out of his mouth and placing them in hers to lick as he did placing his taste on her tongue. Watching her do this almost brought him to his knees. He felt like she just licked his cock from the base to the head causing his cock to throb with need. He pulled her to him to kiss her deeply and pressing his cock into her letting her know what she did to him. The sexual tension in the room was off the charts in the ball room. They could smell each other's arousal and as she had flash backs to the ceremony, she drips from her folds onto her thighs from her excitement.

They head back to the table to sit down, drink and eat the food that had been brought out to them. Mark places his hand on her thigh lightly running it up and down pulling her skirt up at the same time. They set at the table for a long time teasing each other with caresses on the thighs and barely touching the groin. She was ready to go for the evening to their room on the other side of the house and leaving early in the am for home. Mark looked at her and realized she was tired from all that has happened on this day. Mark got up helping her to her feet, wrapping his arms around her waist to help her to bed and saying goodnight to all. It was a struggle to get her up the stairs, so Mark lifted her in his arms carrying her and kissing her as he made his way to the bedroom.

She fell asleep in his arms. He smiled at how young she looks in her sleep and how beautiful. He laid her upon the bed undressing her. When he was done, he puts her under the covers hearing her sigh while she snuggled deeper into the pillow. Mark went to the bathroom, stripped down and got into bed beside Reana pulling her to him holding her while she slept. He soon fell asleep. In the morning before the sun came up, Mark headed down to make a big breakfast for the both of them. He took his time making coffee, biscuits, pancakes, and scrambled eggs. He placed these items on a plate along with a rose placed upon her napkin. He poured their coffee into two big mugs and headed back to the room to wake her up.


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