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Chapter 17

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Mark came in and set down beside her wrapping her in his arms kissing her deep and slow. They ended the kiss and hugged one another hard knowing no words could say more than the kiss and hug did. He asked "is there any more peach pie and coffee?" "Yes, sit down I will get it." She came back to the table with his coffee and pie as the other family members came in to join. Mark set down and told the family that he was sorry this woman did that and no, he never had a date or been with her. She just showed up everywhere he went and he figured she would get over it when he told her he was taken. The truth of the matter is Mom and dad; Reana and I are getting married on Valentine's Day. His mom cried out got up and hugged Reana as his dad did as well. Congratulations came from everyone and asking did she have an idea of what she was doing or going to wear. The questions were being fired off to her in which she just said the only thing I do have a caterer for the reception. I do not have the church or even the reception hall as of yet.

The men left the table as the ladies talked about the wedding and what Reana chose as her clothes and what type gown she was wearing. She laughed and said; "I have no clue." Sandy got a yellow pad and pen to write down things to do and get done while handing out paper to all the ladies to handle some of the tasks that she did not have the time to do. She was dizzy from all that has to be done for a wedding. They had time to do it all, don't need to do it in one day. She did decide that the bridesmaids would be dressed in slim line dresses in the color of black and white.

It would fit with what she wanted the color scheme for the girls and the wedding itself. She had a list that she needed to do on her own and Friday being the biggest shopping day of the year; she was going to drag the girls with her to do the shopping. For now, they will enjoy the rest of the day and evening together.

Mark found Reana in the shower. He joined her so they could have some time alone before the family will come looking for them. He put his arms around her causing her to jump. He kissed her to make her quiet down so they won't be caught. Reana did not care, she loved that he was in here with her and to hell with the family. This is hers and Marks time and she will use every minute to have him to herself. "You know Pet we will be doing a separate ceremony that will bind you and I together." "Yes, I was told that happens by the Mistress we had seen at the party."

She offered for us to have the ceremony in her home. "That is great. Are we going to do that Mark?"

"I do believe we will and she will explain everything to you that you have to do. I have been to "bindings" as this and it is a very beautiful thing."

Reana was sitting with the Mistress the week following Thanksgiving. She had given her a list to look through and ask any questions she has. The Mistress spoke of the menu she would have and how the place will be decorated. The ceremony will take place on the platform. There will be flowers and candles around the whole room to give it an erotic atmosphere. They completed the walk through of how it would be set up and where she would be, and where she will stand before being brought out to the platform to stand in front of the minister. So far, she thought that it would go very well and the Mistress asked her to follow her to her private room, she has something she wants her to have for the ceremony.

"Do you know the color of the collar you will be getting?" "Yes, Mark told me it would be gold with an emerald on it." That is very nice. She watched as the Mistress reached into her closet bringing down a box and placing it on the bed next to Reana. "Open it and look inside." Ok. Reana was unsure what would be in the box but, she did not expect to see the gold chain she saw. "What is this for?" "It is a stomach chain, when you wear the white outfit we spoke of, you will wear this around your belly" "I don't know what to say. Thank you very much, but why?" The Mistress answered; "Since I met you before the party and after, I feel like you are a sister to me and I want to keep it that way and offer this to you as a sister."

Reana had tears falling down her face as she hugged Mistress. "Thank you so much. It means a lot to me. The sister I did have died over twelve years ago and I miss having someone to talk to like we did. Good then I can be your new sister." They hugged again before leaving the bedroom.

Mistress walked Reana to the front door as she made her way to the car she looked back and waved goodbye.

Reana got home to sit down and make two separate lists that she needed. One was for the Master-Slave ceremony and the other for the wedding with family. Her family nor Mark's new they had the relationship they have. They preferred to keep it that way and that is why the two ceremonies are needed. They set the Master-Slave ceremony to be performed on Christmas Day. Reana wanted to see the snow and to have pictures made of them standing with the snow in the background. She had to go to the printers to have the invitations made for the ceremony among her sub friends and there Masters.

She also had to come up with vows that will bind her to her Master. She had tried to put words together for the vows but nothing was working. She gave up for the day and with rest, maybe she could get her thoughts together to write them down. She fell asleep earlier than usual and got up early in the am. She took a quick shower then headed to the kitchen to make coffee and some blueberry muffins. She brought paper and pen with her so, she could write what she wanted to say to bind her to Mark.

I come to you this day on my knees having you take ownership of me, protect me, encourage me, and for me to be the best that I can be for you. I am asking for your directions and guidance in every aspect of our partnership. I offer my Body. It is yours to own and cherish, to love and to train to be of service to your needs. It is my gift to you in Love and Honor.

I offer my soul again, as I have offered it to you before. Today, I not only renew my vows to strengthen the bond that continues to grow between us throughout eternity.

It is my giving to you to permit me to serve you and that you will take pride in my servitude, to respect and honor the partnership we have created with honesty as our creed.

From this day forward, I Reana beloved slave to Master Mark come to you in mind, body and spirit as I completely submit to your will for you complete me. I ask you Master to accept these vows to bind us in a complete partnership.

She felt complete with those words. She was excited to read them to Mark and see the love in his eyes for her that would be the best gift she could receive from him. The next few weeks flew by for Reana as she has been decorating the house for Christmas and shopping for the outfits she needed for both ceremonies. She had to go to the printers to get the invitations for both weddings and work on those throughout the evening to be mailed the next day. She did not have time to talk to people other than sending emails out to reach them about the dresses for the bridesmaids and to inform of the appointment for them this Saturday coming up. She met the girls at the shop for them to see and try on the gowns. She waited patiently for the girls to put them on and show her how they looked. The gowns looked really good and she liked how they fit into them with no need for adjustments. They went back to change and Reana paid for the gowns so they could take them home and keep them.

Reana has been getting the rsvp cards back for the ceremony on Christmas day. There was a total of one hundred and fifty people coming to the ceremony. She placed a call to the Mistress to let her know how many there would be and she wanted to be sure they had the room to hold all the guests. Mistress reassured her they did have the room. Two hours later, Reana went on the internet searching for the outfit she needed and hoping she can find it or it would be devastating to her not to get it in time for the ceremony. She did find what she needed, but it was in another country. She went ahead and ordered it with priority shipping to have it the following week. It cost a lot to do that but she had no choice in the matter.

Caria came over to talk with Reana about the items she had purchased to make sure they were the correct ones.

She stayed for an hour and upon leaving she let Mark in saying goodbye to him. He went to see what Reana was doing. She went to the bed to lay on it with a cold cloth on her face. "Pet, what is wrong? Are you ok?' She turned over and looked at Mark. "Yes, I am fine. I have a slight headache" he smiled as he helped her to sit up so he could take her tee shirt off and then her shorts. He undressed as well and coming to lay beside her, he placed his fingers on her belly slowly running his hand over her breasts then back again to her hip bones.

Mark enjoyed touching her. He did not know what she did to keep her skin so soft, but he liked it. He was placing butterfly kisses on her skin and inhaling her scent as he worked his way up to her breast to suck on them. Reana arched her back loving how he sucked her nipples and gently biting on them. He gets excited and harder when she moans like she does. He moves up to take her mouth in a demanding kiss as she wraps her arms around his neck to hold on to him. They kiss for a long time while holding each other close together. He breaks the kiss off and whispers to her "ride me pet". She runs her fingers down his chest to his thigh going from one side to the other and back again. The tingling in her stomach, she got when she first met him still happens when they are together. She laid down on top of him with her head down by his thighs and her entrance was right at his mouth. He trembled as she slowly ran her nails on his inner thighs as she followed with her tongue licking him slowly as she tasted his skin while inhaling his musky male scent.

His muscles twinged with each touch, each hungry suck. The insides of her thighs quiver as they feel his fingers there, she presses her body to his, urging him to explore her, to take her closer to his mouth where she wants to be. He moves Reana off of him turns her and brings her to his mouth so he can plunder it with his tongue, making her moan into his mouth transmitting her need and her want. Their passion becomes animalistic when Mark turns Reana to lay beneath him. He pins her arms above her head, pressing her further into the bed. She struggles to get out of his hold but not wanting to. His free hand winds its way down her body again, resuming its explorations between her legs. She moans as he slides a finger over her lips, her hips rise as his finger approaches her clit, her every motion driven by sheer lust. She wraps her legs around him locking her ankles, opening herself up even more. Lust has total control of the two of them driving them beyond just sex. She cries out for more but he does not, not yet, he takes her to the edge, teasing her body, tormenting her mind. He tightens his grip on her wrist as he slides another finger inside her, finding her g-spot.

He feels her reactions to his movements. His fingers move in and out slowly. It was not enough for her and he could feel her struggling, begging him to go harder to completely take her. He brushed the head of his cock across her clit. He brings his mouth back to hers dwelling deep as he slides inside her. She wants to consume him, but he is too strong, his hand holds her wrists in place, despite her withering underneath him. Her movements caused tingles to descend down his thighs making him shake with need. He lets go of her wrists as he pulls her tightly against him crushing her breasts into his chest. She licks the sweat off his chest biting his nipples. They are one, their bodies completely entwined. They move together in perfect sync. She looks at him as she cries out as the orgasm explodes deep within her. She shudders in his grasp as he holds her tighter, feeling his orgasm flooding his body making it impossible to hold off. He shakes as his body releases inside her. They both tremble together as they finish off the last contractions. She loves feeling his full weight on her after the last shudder occurs, both breathing hard as their bodies lose all tension. The final closeness only two can share after they have pleasured each other. They both get up and go into the shower to clean up. He plays with her breasts and softly runs his fingers over her lips and into her again. She moans and he kisses her while moving his finger in and out of her. She shudders as another orgasm moves through her. He kisses her and moves to finish cleaning up and getting them out of the shower. "Go to bed. I will call you tomorrow." "Yes Master." Reana went back to her bed and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. She woke up the next morning to her phone ringing. Picking it up, she listened as Caria told her of a shop where she found the wedding gown she was looking for. Reana got up and told her she meet her in an hour.

She rushed to get to the shop to see the dress. Pulling up, Caria runs out grabs her hand and pulls her along to enter the shop. She followed Caria to the dressing room where the dress was hung up. Caria tells her try it on. She got out of her clothes quickly and into the gown. She came out and had Caria zip up the back of the dress. She and Caria walk over to the platform to stand on it and see the dress in front and behind her. Reana was stunned. This is what she has been waiting for and it fit perfectly. "Caria what do you think?" "It's is beautiful on you. That dress was made for you." Caria moved away and brought over three different veils for her to try on. She chose the one that had to be placed at back of head with it coming around to her forehead with an imitation emerald.

They got her out of the dress and Caria took it to the sales lady while Reana dressed. She paid for the dress and helped Reana get it into her Tahoe by laying it down in the back. Reana got home; she opened the door, and got the gown and head piece placing them in the spare room closet. She breathed a sigh of relief since she was ahead of her schedule and this room was filled with all wedding favors for both ceremonies. She got a call from Mistress to come over to her home Friday evening at six pm. Waiting for Friday was hard on Reana, her work week had problem after problem and she was running late on Friday to Mistress's home due to her flight being delayed and hour in Atlanta.

She knocked on the door and was led in by a butler to the main living area of the house. When she looked into the room, everyone was there and the room was packed with people, tables, gifts and a food spread that would make a caterer envy it. It was a Bridal shower for her, they all stood in a line hugging her and steering her to the table so, she can have the first plate of food. Sitting down and eating, the Mistress was playing games with everyone and when a winner was announced, she got to grab from a grab bag. Some got a gift card, some got lingerie and some got an envelope with money. After the games, Mistress got up and had Reana cut the cake while she dished out ice cream. It was a long day and the party on top of that made her real tired. She made her excuses to everyone saying she needed a good night's sleep to get well rested for the ceremony tomorrow. She left soon after heading to the hotel she was in and watching it snow lightly outside.


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