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Babysitting And Babymaking

Book By: mommy2brooklyn

A guy babysits for the two little girls across the street
and ends up fucking them. Through the course of the story
he impregnates their mother and his own little sister as

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This is the story of an experience I had when I was still in high school. It explains how I ended up with my wife who is twelve years older than me and experiences we have had with our four kids. My name is Robert and I am currently 25 years old. Eight years ago I was 17 and in my final year of high school, living in a small town with a population of about 300 people. I had lived there all my life with my parents and my brother and sister. This whole story started when I came home from school and my sister told me that there were some new people moving in to the house across the road. I wasn't really that interested until a few days later when my mother invited the new people over for dinner. It turned out that our new neighbors were a single mother and her two absolutely gorgeous little girls. The mother's name was Jennifer, she was around 29 years old and an absolute knockout. Tall leggy strawberry blond with a pretty face and a set of pert little titties that jutted out from her chest and remained there unsupported. On this night she wore a tight white top and an orange and brown checked skirt which showed off the fact that

she was also wearing a g-string.

Through the course of the night I found out that she worked as a hairdresser and was divorced from her previously violent husband.

Although my cock got hard at the sight of Jennifer, it was her little girls that turned me on the most. I was just beginning to understand the fact that I was a pedophile and the sight of these two little darlings was enough to give me a raging hard on. Jessica the eldest one was 8 years old while Emily the youngest one was 6.

Both had straight blonde hair and the cutest little faces, and they were wearing matching dresses which showed off their tight asses. I stumbled though dinner trying to hide my hard on and at the end I excused myself and went to my room to jack off. I must have shot a gallon of spunk that night, thinking of those pretty little girls as I came hard all over the bed.

I saw Jennifer and the girls a couple of times over the next few weeks and every time I saw Jennifer she would give me a huge smile and my cock would get hard again.

One afternoon I came home from school to find Jennifer talking to my mom in the kitchen.

"Oh good, you're home," mom said. "Jennifer wants to ask you a favor."

"Oh, Robert, I don't know if you would be interested in this but I am pretty desperate and I don't trust many other people. I have to work Wednesday and Thursday nights now and I need someone to watch the girls for me. Would you do that for me?" she asked, batting her eyelids at me. I melted straight away.

"Sssure!" I stammered. "I'd love to." "Great!" she said, leaning over and giving me a kiss on the cheek. I slunk away to my room, hiding another huge hard on and not believing my luck. Three hours alone with those little angels every Wednesday and Thursday! It couldn't come soon enough.

Next Wednesday I arrived at Jennifer's house on time and she gave me a rushed tour of the house and a rundown of what the kids were to eat and what time they should go to bed before thanking me, giving me another kiss on the cheek and rushing out the door. The girls were looking absolutely darling in their little nighties, and as they lay on the floor watching television I was treated to a great view of their smooth, creamy legs and panties.

As the night went on the girls lost their shyness and became more active, demanding that I play games with them and jumping all over me. Several times I was able to cop a feel of some little girl ass and I even managed to brush a finger over Jessica's panty covered slit once or t Soon enough however they were tired and we all collapsed onto the couch. Jessica sat on my lap, nestling my hard cock between her ass crack while Emily cuddled up beside me. With Jessica's warm ass crack surrounding my cock it got increasingly hard, and this did not go unnoticed by the little girl on my lap.

"Hee hee, your thingy's all hard!" she giggled, wiggling her ass over my now rock hard dick.

"Lemme see!" said Emily, jumping off the couch and kneeling in front of me and Jessica.

"Yeah, let us see your thingy, Rob!" said Jessica, trying to unzip my fly.

Although this was extremely tempting, reason wandered into my mind and I knew I had to stop this.

"No girls, this is wrong. Big boys aren't supposed to show their penises to little girls," I said, pulling Jessica's hand away.

"Why not?" she demanded.

"Because I could get into lots of trouble, that's why," I said.

"Boys have a peyness, girls have a bagyna, that's what mommy says," giggled little Emily as she lifted her nightie above her waist and dropped her knickers to the floor. I was treated to a full on view of her bald little baby pussy, her puffy lips surrounding a perfect little slit. I was speechless.

"We won't tell mommy," Jessica said, reaching for my fly again.

"N-n-no, we c-c-can't do this!" I stammered weakly.

"That's not fair! Emily showed you her trickle, you gotta show us your penis!" yelled Jessica. She was so loud I was worried the neighbors might hear. I relented to shut her up.

"Okay, just a quick look, and you can't tell anybody okay!" I said.

"Yeah! We won't tell, its our secret," said Jessica. She helped me unzip my fly and both girls gasped as I hauled my nine inch cock out of my pants and it sprung to full hard between Jessica's splayed legs. Emily let go of her nightie and it fell back down into place as she kneeled on the floor in front of me, staring in absolute fascination at my huge cock.

"WOW!" said Jessica. "Can we touch it?" I was too far gone now to refuse, I felt like I would explode any second. The girls wrapped their tiny hands around the huge shaft, commenting on its size and warmth. They rubbed their hands up and down the shaft and before long I felt cum rising up my shaft. In the heat of the moment I forgot where I was and lost myself in the throes of a huge orgasm.

"AAAAGH, FUCK!! I'M CUMMING!!" I moaned. The first jet of hot spunk burst from my dick and hit Emily on the right cheek. She let go of my cock and jumped back in surprise and the next shot got her square in the mouth, dribbling out of her little red lips and dripping down her chin onto her nightie. I grabbed my dick and kept jacking, angling it back toward Jessica.

The next three shots spurted against Jessica's panty covered pussy, soaking her knickers with my sperm. As the last few drops dribbled out I slumped back against the couch, totally spent. My nuts ached with the force of the best orgasm I had ever had in my life.

"Ewww, gross! What's this sticky stuff?" Jessica asked, dipping her finger in a pool of cum that had dripped off her panties onto the couch.

"It's warm and tastes nice!" said Emily, licking her cum coated lips.

"That's my sperm honey. When it goes into a girls pussy it makes a baby in her tummy," I said breathlessly.

"Wow. What's a pussy?" she said innocently.

"Pussy is another name for a girls vagina" I explained as

I looked over at Emily, coated in my sperm, jizz running

over her pretty face and dripping off her left right and

centre. The realization of what I had done started to

sink in and I began to panic, scared that they would tell

their mother and I would go to jail.

"Listen girls, this is very naughty what we have just done. If you tell anyone we will all get into BIG trouble," I carefully explained, lifting Jessica off my lap. "We won't tell anyone. That was lots of fun, can we do it again?" said Emily. "Yeah, I wanna get some sperm in my pussy and get a baby in my belly like you said!" said Jessica, grabbing hold of my cock again.

"No way!" I said. "We've already done too much. Little girls aren't supposed to do things like this with boys," I feebly tried to explain.

"WE WANNA DO IT AGAIN!" yelled Emily.

"I want a baby!! Give me one or I'll tell mommy!" Jessica shrieked.

"SHHH! Quiet!" I said, worried that the neighbors could hear again. "Maybe we'll do some more stuff tomorrow night, but only if you promise not to tell anyone," I said. That seemed to satisfy them.

"Goodie! I'm getting a baby tomorrow!" said Jessica happily.

"Can I get a baby too? Please?" Emily asked, looking at me with her big blue eyes and sperm stained face.

"Maybe, we'll see. Now both of you get cleaned up and into bed, mommy will be home soon," I said. Within fifteen minutes I had the girls cleaned up and in bed and I was able to get most of the cum stains out of the couch before Jennifer came home about half an hour afterward. She came in, dropped onto the couch and asked how the night had gone.

I explained that everything was okay, the girls were absolute darlings and I would be glad to continue to look after them. As I left Jennifer gave me a big kiss again and cuddled against me, pressing her tits into my chest. When I got home I reflected with mixed feelings on what had been the most amazing night of my life.

After my activities with the two neighbor girls the night before I was scared shitless the next day. All through school I waited for the cops to come and haul me off to jail or the girls mother to storm in and bust my nuts. However nothing eventuated and I arrived home at the usual time, throwing my bag into my room and heading to the living room to watch tv. Mom and my brother were both out however my sister was already there and as I sat down I admired her lithe little 14 year old body.

Nice little titties just starting to develop and a fucking cute ass. I began to get a boner and was about to go to my room to have a nice afternoon wank when a knock at the door broke into my thoughts. I got up and opened the door and just about fainted on the spot. On the doorstep was Jennifer, the mother of the neighbor girls I had creamed on last night while babysitting them. This is it, I thought, I'm fucked now.Jennifer smiled as she saw me. "Hi, Robert! How was school today?" she asked.

"Uh, fine," I said, relieved that she didn't seem to want to have a go at me for molesting the girls. I invited her in and as she babbled on about her day I took in the sight of her hot body once again. She was wearing a tight halter top and a little pair of shorts that showed off her ass and didn't hide the fact that she was wearing a g-string. My boner began to return and I was off in dream world until she jolted me back into reality.

"Well, is that okay or not?" she asked.

"Uh, sorry, I missed the question," I said embarrassingly.

"You were a little distracted there," she said with a mischievous look on her face. "I asked if you wouldn't mind watching the girls for me again tonight. They loved you to death yesterday and practically were begging me to get you back!"

I couldn't believe my luck. "Sure thing, they are the most wonderful girls in the world, absolutely no trouble at all. I'd love to watch them for you again," I said. And with any luck, cum on their faces again too, I thought to myself.

"Great, come over about five o'clock, I've got dinner made for you," she said. I told her that was okay and she left, her butt bouncing as she went down our front stairs.

Five o'clock couldn't come soon enough and I had a real problem hiding my boner from my sister while we watched tv. I'm sure she noticed it a few times but said nothing. When the time came I told my sister to tell mom where I was and headed over to Jennifer's place. The girls, Jessica and Emily let me in, shouting with delight and trying to climb all over me.

They were both wearing short little denim skirts and pink halter tops (Jennifer was into dressing the girls the same). Emily succeeded in jumping into my arms and I kissed her cheek, ruffling her hair as I carried her into the kitchen where Jennifer was serving dinner.

"Hi, sweetheart," she said, moving over to kiss me on the cheek. "Thanks for coming over again, I really appreciate this," she said. "No problem at all. I love these two," I said as Emily traced lines on my face with her little hands.

"We love you too!" shouted Jessica.

We all sat down and ate dinner before Jennifer got up, gave me bath and bedtime instructions and left, promising to be home around 10 o'clock. When she was gone the girls and I headed into the living room and I sat on the couch, both girls snuggling up next to me. They wasted no time.

"You said we could get babies today!" Jessica said pointedly.

"Yeah, we wanna baby! We didn tell mommy like you said so!" said Emily. My confidence was building since yesterday and I decided against my good judgement that I couldn't miss out on this opportunity to get some pre teen pussy.

"Okay but you have to do everything I say and you can't tell mommy or anybody anything about this okay?" I said as I ran a hand up each of their legs and stroked their puffy vagina lips through their knickers.

"We won't tell," said Jessica dreamily as I rubbed her little crack.

"Hee hee, that tickles Bobby!" giggled little Emily.

"Why don't you take my penis into your mouth, Jessica, like Emil "Does it taste yucky?" she asked as she kneeled in front of me and hauled my cock out of my pants. It was big enough that her hand only just fit around it as she started to play with my dick.

"It's yummy, specially when the sticky comes out!" Emily cooed. She would know, after having a mouthful of my semen yesterday.

As Jessica took my tool into her mouth for the first time I instructed Emily to sit on the couch head behind me so I could access her cunt. I pulled her knickers off and threw them on the floor as she lifted her denim skirt around her waist and lowered her six year old pussy onto my face.

I was in ecstasy as my cock stretched Jessica's little mouth, her luscious red lips sliding up and down my shaft as I slipped my tongue into her sister's vagina, lapping away at her hairless pre teen quim as she squealed in delight After about five minutes of this I was ready to blow, though I didn't want to just yet. I had plans for my sperm tonight. I pulled my cock from Jessica's mouth and lifted Emily off me, standing up to remove my clothes. Finally I stood naked in front of the girls. Both of them stared at me in awe, seeing a man nude for the first time.

"You got hairies on you!" said Emily, running her hands though the hair on my chest.

"That's what happens to boys when they get big," I said as I sat back down on the couch.

"Why don't you girls take all your clothes off too?" I said.

They wasted no time shucking their gear and within minutes I had two gorgeous naked little pre teen girls squirming in my arms. We all fondled one another for a few minutes before I grabbed my jeans and removed a tube of KY from the pocket. I had come prepared for tonight.

"Okay, who wants to get fucked first?" I asked.

"Get fucked?" said Jessica questioningly. "That's wot mommy ses to daddy when he comes sometimes," said Emily matter-of-factly.

I laughed. "Get fucked has several meanings," I explained. "Fucking is another word for sex. So who wants to have sex first?" I asked.

"Is this when the sperm goes in my pussy and I get a baby?" asked Jessica as she fondled my rock hard cock. I groaned at the thought of initiating these innocent little darlings.

"Yes, baby girl. You want to go first?" I said.

"Yeah!" she squealed. As Emily sat on the floor and watched I lifted Jessica up and sat her on my legs as I sat on the couch. I opened the tube of KY and squirted a big dob of it onto her quim. She giggled as it hit her cunt lips.

"That's tickly. What is it?" she asked, rubbing her fingers around in it and spreading it over her clit.

"It's sticky stuff to help my penis go into your vagina," I explained as I rubbed some onto my dick. Jessica looked from my dick to her pussy, comparing the size.

"It looks too big to go in there," she said doubtfully.

"Your pussy can stretch a bit to make it fit," I said. I lifted her up and guided my cock to her slit, rubbing the head in her lips. "Now this may hurt a little at first," I warned as Jessica prepared to lower herself onto my rod. She stopped when she heard that. "I don't like it if it hurts," she said.

"Okay well we won't do it, we'll just do what we did last night," I said. "NO, no. I wanna have sex and get a baby," she said.

With that she began to sit on my cock. The KY helped a lot however her eight year old cunt was so tight that I took a lot of wiggling and pushing before the head finally cleaved her pussy lips and popped into her vagina. I groaned as her tight vise like pussy lips enveloped my cock, gritting my teeth and trying not to ejaculate too soon.

"Owww, it hurts a bit," Jessica moaned. I reached up and held her hips to relieve some of the pressure as I left my cock in her tight channel, letting her get used to the feeling of a cock inside her. Emily had come up and sat beside me, watching in fascination as my penis slowly sank into her sister's pussy. "Hmmm, it feels nice now, really big in me," said Jessica, looking down in awe at the sight of my cock embedded in her hairless quim.

Finally I met the unavoidable barrier of her hymen and I stopped, savoring the feeling of an eight year old cunt impaled on my dick.


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