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The Bad Girls of FLU (Falcon's Layer University) Vol.1

Book By: MasterCoe

"Detention Room One": Falcon Layer is Ivy League all girl university with high standards. When the freshmen girls try to test the rules, they soon find out that these rules are not meant to be broken. Girls breaking the rules will be severely spanked and humiliated.

"Shoplifters will be punished": A young manager is experiencing loss from shoplifters. A corporate expert is called in to help her get things under control. He introduces Julie (the young manager) to the use of corporal punishment as away to punish shoplifters and employees.

"The Abduction and Training of Little Miss Molly": Molly is a self-proclaimed nymph. On her way to the university she is hell bent on getting laid. She meets another girl who is more of a sexual deviant then Molly. Molly is introduced into the world of BDSM. But first she must be punished for the sins of her past. Her punishment includes extremely hard spankings, bondage and humiliation.

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Detention Room 1

Sally wasn't getting her freshman year of college off to a good start. Less then a week into the new school year and she has already made three trips to the Head Mistress' office. She has been late for class twice and now she has failed to turn in any homework assignments. Falcons Layer is one of the most prestigious all girls university, known world wide. It is a reputation the Head Mistress planned to keep.
Sally walked nervously down the all so familiar hallway. The words of Head Mistress Tara echoed in her head. She was warned that her disobedience would not be tolerated and any further infraction would be dealt with harshly. She didn't know what that meant, but she was soon to find out. Her heart dropped as she turned the knob to the main office, not knowing what to expect.
The reception Mrs. Wright looks up from her desk. "Have a seat. Mistress Tara is expecting you", Mrs. Wright points to a group of chairs against the wall. After what seemed like a lifetime to Sally, she heard Mistress Tara calling to her from her office. "Sally, come into my office and close the door behind you."
Sally entered the office and closed the door behind her. She wasn't even given a chance to explain or to give an excuse. She didn't even have a chance to sit down. Mistress Tara handed Sally a sealed note. "Take this and go to room D-1 in the basement. I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to this so soon, but you are getting off to a bad start."
Sally tried to give a defense for herself, "I promise I will do better
... "
Mistress Tara cuts her off. "I am not interested in your excuses. Your parents are paying good money for your education and you will learn to appreciate it. When your parents enrolled you they gave us full power to use whatever disciplinary measures we feel are needed. You are going to get a good dose of that right now."
Sally takes the note with trembling hands. She wanted to speak, but she chokes on her words before the can form.
"Get going young lady," Mistress Tara barked. "You have five minutes to report to room D-1 or your punishment will be doubled."
Sally's stomach was tied in knots, as she makes her way down the dimly lit hallway of the basement. When she sees the sign that read "Detention Room One (D-1)," she wanted to turn and run. But she knew that would only make things worse. She took a deep breath and slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open. A loud squeak broke the cold silence. She walked in and handed the note to the lady sitting in the front office. Sally stood in silence as the lady read the note. When she had finished the lady stood up and walked over to Sally. "I'm Samantha, I see you are going to be a regular down here."
Without saying a word and before Sally could resist, Samantha had removed Sally's uniform skirt and pulled her panties to her knees. She took her by the arm and led her to another room. She was walking so fast she was nearly dragging the petite Sally behind. It was everything Sally could do to keep her panties from coming completely off.
The room was empty except for a wooden chair in the middle of the room, with a large wooden chest next to it. In the far corner was another very large wooden chair that faced the corner. When Samantha stopped and let go of Sally's arm, Sally tried to pull her panties up.
"Leave them down, or they and everything else will come off." Samantha fixed them around Sally's knees. "Spread your legs and stand still."
Sally embarrassed that her private area and bottom were fully exposed tried to cover herself. Samantha gave her six fast and hard smacks on her bare ass. "Keep those hands on your head and don't move."
Samantha left the room and closed the door behind her. After several moments the door opened and Sally could hear heavy footsteps behind her. She didn't dare turn around. But she knew they were not the footsteps of Samantha. The footsteps stopped behind her. The silence was killing Sally.
Finally the voice from behind her spoke. "I am Mr. Keller. I am the disciplinarian here. When you come down here, which the girls call Hell's Basement, you are here for one reason only. To be punished. I will not listen to your excuses. It is too late for that. You will do what you're told and when you are told to do it. Is that clear?"
Sally could barely speak, but she managed to force the words out, "Yes, sir."
Mr. Keller walked around and sat in the chair in front of Sally. "Take off those panties, shoes and socks. When you are down here, you will not wear anything from the waist down. You will not need them. So from here on out you will remove them in the hallway before you even enter the waiting room. You are to fold them up and hand them to Samantha, until your punishment is completed. Is that clear?"
"Yes sir." Sally was trying not to fall over as she removed panties past her shoes.
"For now leave them where they are and come stand to my right side." Mr. Keller opened the chest and pulled out a wooden hairbrush from the other neatly arranged punishment tools. "Since this is your first time, I will go easy on you."
Before Sally could position herself, Mr. Keller grabbed her arm and pulled her over his lap. His hands were like steel, as they flew over her bare bottom. Within seconds her poor ass was turning bright red.
She tried to protect her bottom with her hand, but to no avail. He pinned her arm behind her back with lightning speed, never missing a beat.
Soon her legs were kicking wildly and she was sobbing uncontrollably.
Her ass was on fire and there was nothing she could do about it.
The more she struggled the more helpless she felt.
She didn't know which was worse the pain or his silence as he went about his task.
When every inch of her ass and tender thigh was red and on fire, he reached down and picked up the hairbrush. "Now young lady you are going to learn why going to class on time and doing your homework are so important." He bought the hairbrush down with a fury.
In a matter of seconds she was hysterical. If this was going easy, she didn't want to think what a serious spanking would be like.
All forms of modesty were gone. She only wanted him to stop.
This has been the first time Sally had ever been spanked. She had no intention of getting another anytime soon.
Finally as fast as it began it was over. He let her go and she fell off his lap and grabbed her has. Her poor bottom was so sore she couldn't even grab it. Any pressure made it worse. Mr. Keller allowed her to flail around on the floor for a few moments until she calmed down some. He then lifted her up by her arm. Sally was slow getting up.
A few sharp smacks from the brush on her flaming bottom changed that. She was quickly on her feet.
He escorted her to the large wooden chair facing the corner. "Sit down"' he ordered. "Don't move. You have an hour corner time to think of how you are going to be a good girl for the rest of your stay here, at Falcon's Layer. Samantha will come and get you when your time is up."
The chair was so large; her feet didn't touch the ground. Her poor bottom had to support her full weight. All Sally could do was cry softly to her self, as she heard the door close behind Mr. Keller.

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