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At a wedding

Book By: LustfulSinner

It gets lonely at Weddings, Especially your younger brother's wedding. that doesn't mean you cant have a little fun right? As long as you make your own fun with the pretty Aida. Pronounced-(A-dah)

Submitted:Dec 16, 2010    Reads: 1,972    Comments: 12    Likes: 6   

They had never met before until tonight. But as he looked at her dancing, he knows that he wants her. To plunges himself deep into her. But not now, he would wait. Wait and let her sway her hips upon this stranger, but no matter how must sway, the thrust he told himself would be his job, and trust he plans to.
Jake hates wedding. Two gullible people thinking that they can really spend their whole life together! What a bunch of bullshit. But he doesn't look down at his little brother for wanting to marry Michelle; after all, she was a fine piece of ass. And she does give a good blowjob, of course that is before he introduced her to his little bro and she was wife bound. Eh! But who gives a fuck!
After waiting, the beautiful brunette finishes her long dances and walks over to the bar, ordering a martini. Jake found himself drawn to a suckle breast. And he offers to buy her a drink. Smiling at him, her sexy brown eyes seducing him even further, she accepts. Drinking the martini. He doesn't want a fucking wife or a relationship, just a good fuck. And she seems like the type of girl to do exactly just that. "Jake" he introduces himself, extending out his hand to her.
"Aida? That's a beautiful name" he compliments her.
"Are you a friend of the couple?"
"Big brother of the groom" he clarifies, smiling at her.
"Big brother? Why not married" she asks pointing at his unadorned finger.
"Nah, I like to have my fun" he tells her looking starlight into her eyes and licking his lips, telling her exactly what he wants. And knowing exactly what he means and answers him.
"Exactly what I like"
Jake cannot remember how the fuck he got back to his hotel room, but at this time he's too busy sucking on Aida's sweet nipples. They smell of vanilla, he loves vanilla. While his mouth works on her erects nipples, she cannot wait any longer and undoes his button tuxedo shirt, unveiling his well defined abdominal. Letting her go, he lets her take control, let her unbutton his pants and find the exploding bulge in his brief. Gently, moving back the brief, she lets his manhood sprang at attention. Letting all of her clothes fall on the fall before she bends to her knees, she opens her mouth, wide taking his large engorge cock into in her mouth.
Slowly she starts, licking the tip of his cock; sucking on the tips, making Jake's head fall back as he enjoys the suck. She then continues, accelerating her pace, leaving him breathless, no woman had ever taken him so deep before. He can feel the tip of his penis sometimes touching her uvula yet she makes no sign of discomfort, sucking him, pleasing. Then doing the unthinkable, she sucks at his penis, only sucking, never letting go, sucking him in like a black hole and Jake feels his climax build, and she continues to suck, feeling him pulsate for her. Yet she only give him a smile, letting go over the edge, making come, exploding his seed into her mouth and contently she swallows him.
"Fuck you're good!" he compliments her as she gets up from her knees.
"Thank you!" She says giddily ad walks over to the bed, spread her legs before him, holding them spread apart with both hands, letting Jake see the full view of her shaven pussy. "You can return the favor later" she tells him. "Now fuck me"
Following orders; Jake grabs his pants on the floor and pulls out a condom and quickly slides it on. Walking to the bed, he positions himself at her whole. He can see her swollen clitoris and with his fingers, he presses down, making her let out a delicious moan. Tracing his fingers back down, he enters her with his index and middle finger, finding her wet and slick. Buckling for him, he adjusts to three fingers inside her tight cunt. Then places a fourth and she bucks rapidly and begs for him.
Smiling, Jake again takes his position at her cunt hole. He would fuck her, and he would fuck her senseless tonight.
Pushing himself deep inside her, he rocks her to the core hard, fast. Reaching so deep that her juices wets him all over. Fucking her so hard that his falls slaps her sexy ass. As he pounds restlessly against her body, hitting her depth, he feels her walls clenching, sucking him deeper harder and faster. With being to hold on no more, they both explode in a lustful moan

To be continued... I don't know! What do you think? I am new at this


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