my teacher told me i was a bad girl

By: liv div

Page 1, \"you know we all have crushes on teachers sometimes and fantasise well ... my fantasises came true\" Annabelle was a good girl until her spanish teacher turned up ... a short story about an a affair between a student and teacher

He walked in a way I can't describe, his lips looked so soft when they moved and when he rolled his tounge as he spoke I knew he wasn't a first timer. This man that walked infront of me , that made me melt with every word he formed was not a crush I had on a boy in class but my teacher ! I could do nothing but stare at this blesses face that had been set to teach our spanish class.


you know we all have crushes on teachers sometimes and fantasise well ... my fantasises came true... I was utterly in love with this man i wanted him and i didnt care if i had to play dirty. when he taught I just wanted his attention to be focused on me , so I started acting up , at first it was just throwing paper so he would just say my name and form it so elegantly with his lips " Annabelle please stop". After a while I got more determined i found my self shouting to him " Oi ! sir i bet you love using your tounge " through all this he ignored me and i got tired so i thought. It was wednesday lesson 5 spanish and i was ready , we walked in and were told by lush lips (sir) to copy the board. I took my seat and wrote , so 20 mins in im ready we are learning the names of clothes and the room was silent now was my chance. I stood up looked in his direction and shouted " wanna take off my clothes sir " and lifted my skirt to him , the whole room gasped and he sent me out. so there was about 30 mins left and i sat in the corridor who cares !


The bell rang , the class cleared and i was summoned inside with a stern looking teacher. I took a seat and he spoke , " Annabelle , sweet daring , beautiful annabelle " he said walking up to me " you never learn sweetheart do you , i dont like bad girls , bad girls need to be punished" he said this all while stoking my hair.

"ooo but sir i saw that you wanted me"  I whispred standing up " i knew that i had to have you ". He brushed his finger against my lips and as i giggled and looked down I saw that he was hard. I started to kiss him softly but he pushed me away , took my hand and sat me on his desk he stood infront of me and stroked his hand on my thigh and slid it up my skirt stoking my panties. He began to kiss my neck and i let out small moans of pleasure as to what his hands were doing. We began to kiss and his tounge was in my mouth , he then carried on to strip me of my top and skirt. I got off the desk and bent over it , he spanked my nice bum "oh sir" i giggled he took down my panties and started to rub my clit i let out a moan "oooo mm". He put two fingers inside me and started to move them up and inside my pussy , he fingerd me faster and harder i was so horny it was un-believeable. "ohhh oh oh mmmm im gonna cum ohh" i moaned

continued ................


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