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Return Of Jeremy

Book By: laurasstories

My character returns, but this time he's not with Monica!

Submitted:Jul 30, 2010    Reads: 219    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I look up at the beauty riding me with enthusiasm and I wonder how I got so lucky to have her show up on my doorstep.

Her name is Isabella, barely legal, and has been recently removed of the label 'virgin'. Yes, I am the one who got the pleasure of 'popping her cherry'. Her body is perfect and round in all the places I like. She has long black hair and hazel eyes, around a 38C and 110lbs. Her legs are long and her hips are round, not too mention she has an ass to die for.

I run my hands up her thighs to her hips which causes her to moan deep in her throat and I hold on firmly, moving her a tad faster than the pace she's going, not that she's really complaining. In fact, she's almost screaming in pleasure as she rides my 8" cock. I'm thrusting up as she comes down, which now causes her to scream but only slightly. My hands travel back to her ass, grabbing it I start grinding her down onto me before I slide my hands up to her back and push her forward and down so I can suck on those creamy breasts of hers, my reward is her moaning in approval.

I lick and suck her right then her left she's riding me harder now, which makes me moan and thrust harder in return. But, pretty soon, I tire of this and roll her onto her back where she promptly wraps those long legs of hers around my waist and I lose control and hammer into her with such vigor, it makes me wonder how she can keep up, but somehow she manages to do just that. Now, I know why she's my favorite lover, not that I'd let anyone else know nor does it affect my bedroom performance with others.

"Oh god, Jeremy!", she screams now that I have her pinned between me and the bed as I am not a very gentle lover after the first time.

Isabella's pussy is meaty, always wet, and hairless. She meets my requirements which are two things; legal and shaved. Her being a virgin when she was sent to my home a week ago was a major plus. She's not into me eating her out, but that's fine, I just pound the hell out of her pussy instead.

"Isabella...", I moan into her ear as I pound her into her mattress.

She screams as she creams my cock. My balls are tightening as I pound her, I can't control it anymore and cum hard, pushing my cock deep inside her.
Trying to not let any of my cum seep out, but I am not successful as I feel it slide out of her, down her ass and my thighs. I collapse onto her for a few minutes and finally rolling off her onto the empty space on her bed.

My name is Jeremy. I'm 32 years old. I own a sex toy store, I'm originally from California but moved to Indiana a few years ago with my wife, whom I've since divorced. I have made a name for myself here as I did in California. I kinda have a harem living in my house. The women here have kept me from feeling lonely and old, since most are between 18 and 25.

"Mmm, I love it when you do that.", she purrs

"Do what?", I ask, almost knowing her answer

"Fuck me like that."

"I love fucking you like that."

She moved onto her left side when I rolled off her, but now she's on her back. I'm looking at her body which is glistening with sweat and just looking at her is making me aroused again. I waste no time.

"On your hands and knees, Isabella."

She does what she's told and she does it quickly.

I get behind her and thrust into her already knowing that me telling her what to do makes her extremely wet and sure enough my cock comes in contact with that always wet pussy once again.

"Want to play rough now, Isabella?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl."

Grabbing her hips I pound her hard and fast, harder and faster and it's moving her closer and closer to the wall. I quickly pull her back down and instantly makes me go in deeper and boy does she ever scream.

Sliding my right hand up her back, I grab her hair, twisting it around my hand, pulling her head up hard. My left hand never leaving her hip as I pound her and pull her hair.

"YES! Give me more!", she screams

"You know what I love about you, Isabella?"

"What, Master?"

"You're the only one who lets me do this to you without complaining it hurts."

"Thank you, Sir. I'm honored. It hurts, but I love it!", comes my favorite reply from her

"I think you're a masochist."

"Indeed Master."

I pull her hair which snaps her head back hard, I decide to let her hair go, scratching her back hard on my way back to her hip. She moans and I grunt. Lowering my hands down to her thighs, I pull her legs back and she crashes down onto the mattress. I lay down ontop of her and continue my attack on that pussy of hers.

She growls, purrs, moans, screams all while trying to fuck me back, but I have her pinned so she can't. She has no choice but to just lay and boy does she ever hate that!

"Lay there like a good girl."

"But...I want to please you."

"You ARE pleasing me. Just lay there while I pound this tantalizing pussy of yours."

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl...", trailing off as I lose myself in fucking her.

She's not very good about laying still as I feel her move up against my thrusts, which at this point I don't care since I'm once on the verge and so is she, but somehow I keep going until I can feel the unmistakable pulsating of her pussy as she climaxes and then pumping into her more and more I cum, again pushing my cock into her.

After a few minutes, I roll off her. I lay beside her and listen to her even breathing knowing she's fast asleep, I get up and go into my bedroom where I promptly fall asleep.


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