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The Suffering: The Beginning

Book By: LadyLoverJoker76

Markus Lakar is a prince and has devoted his life to taking care of his family. He is the founder and leader of the Brothers of the Damned. Markus hasn’t smiled or laughed as much as he has since he met Valkary Adams. His cravings get in the way of Valkary and his love. Someone is threatening the woman he loves the most. What happens when his life is threatened by the Guygi? What will happen if he leaves the town and Valkary?

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I would like to introduce myself before this story begins. To be clear I am not boasting about myself. I am older than five decades, but still look like I am in my twenties. I am Markus Taseus Lakar, I am six foot eight, I have shoulder length black hair, I weight one fifty and that is all muscle by the way. I am from Paris, France. My eyes are blue, but when I'm upset or anything other than calm, they are red. I am caramel skinned, and my voice is nowhere near high pitched. Enjoy.
- Markus Lakar
"Dad, why don't you talk about mom?" Valcon asked.
He stands at five foot nine, he weight at least one twenty - five, and he has hair to the lower part of his back just like his mother. His hair is black; he has her brown eyes and my skin color. He was growing up to be just like her, caring, passionate, love, and kind. He had his moments where he showed his side like I, but mostly he is his mother's son.
"It's hard to explain. Look, just go and watch T.V. or something. I'm doing something very important." I explained to him.
He left and closed the doors to my study room. My study is filled with books on two different sides of the walls, there are books around a chestnut colored Russian desk, a lamp with the Three Sisters of Destiny on it, papers with important documents. It also has French styled candleholders and two chandlers that are lit with fire, bringing the room to have a glowing effect to it. There is a painting of the Mona Lisa and painting of swans, and forests that my son painted for me. He helped decorate this room; it also has a fireplace with old Greek Gods. It has been fifty years since anyone has asked me about that gorgeous woman that I love. Valkary Anora Adams is Valcon's mother, she was supposed to become my wife, but that dream was cut short by my stupid actions. Ever since he turned six, he has kept asking me about Valkary. What happened to Valkary was the most horrific thing that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. I wished that it was just a dream, but it is not. My son is about to turn seventeen next month and I think that he can handle it now.
"Valcon!" I called to him.
"Coming dad!" He said as he came running up the stairs.
He came into the room and sat in the wooden chair on the other side of the desk and he looked at me inventively.
"Valcon, I'll tell you about your mother and what happened." I saw a slight glimmer in his eye when I said this.
"Really Dad, are you serious?" He asked me.
"Yes, I will. Now listen up, alright." I smiled.
Chapter 1
Her name was Valkary Anora Adams. It was fifty years ago when I met the most outgoing, smart, courageous, pretty, and interesting woman in my life. The only thing that rather separated us was that of course, I am vampire and she is human.
I went to the same high school as she did and I caught eye of her the first day of class.
I sat in the back, trying to keep eyes off me. I had sat down in my chair, waiting for class to start, when she walked into the class. It was as if she had an aura of her own surrounding her that had brought me to my knees and into her hands. She wore a long renaissance dress; it was a white dress with red flowers on her waist. She had her hair hanging down past her waist, her hair held red flowers on the right side of her head. She had brunette hair, her skin as smooth as a pearl. She was caramel skinned; she had a red ruby necklace and a pair of white lace gloves. She greeted the teacher with a smile that would warm the coldest winter. She had doe brown eyes and beautiful bone structure.
She came and sat right in front of me, as she sat down a river of her sapphire, perfume went rushing into my nostrils. That entire day I spent watching her. For the first time since I was a child, I smiled.
I was heading home when I saw some guys surrounding someone.
"Will you let me be, please?" I heard Valkary's voice.
My anger grew and I just knew my eyes started to turn red as I rushed over to her side.
"Leave her alone!" I bellowed.
"And what you goin' to do if we don't." A boy with a scar on his left cheek laughed.
The one with the scar was tall, he had muscle, and he wore the school uniform making him an easy target for me. He threw a punch my way and I moved to the left, spun around and brought the hand that wasn't holding her and punched him in the jaw. As he fell to the ground another guy, who was shorter and frailer than I was, he tried to grab her from me. I spun around again and kicked him the mouth with the hill of my boot. At the time, I had on what most would call gothic apparel. I pushed past them and sat her in a corner and I stood in front of her. She was crouched over with her head in her lap and her hands over her head. I looked back at the guys and they were walking toward me, I looked at them as they froze as they gazed upon the color of my eyes and I bared my fangs. They ran and I went to her side.
"Are... you ok there miss?" I asked, as my eyes turned back to normal and my fangs went away.
"Yes, I am thank you. Thank you very much, sir." She said as she stood up and gave me a warm, spine tingling smile.
"Would you like me to walk you home?" I asked as I looked at her shaking body and I covered her with my over coat.
"Oh, yes please. If you do not mind?" She beamed from cheek to cheek.
We began walking; the sky was full of purples, pinks, and blues as the sun began to set. It was beautiful how the setting sun's rays made her hair glisten so magnificently. I couldn't help but stare at her as we walked, then she pushed me.
"Watch out! You almost hit that tree." She shook her head at me and laughed at.
She turned a corner and I saw a large mansion that outstretched any cathedral. It was made in a Victorian manor, with red and gray flowers on every window. There was a front balcony that I assumed was to a room. The front door was normal with a gold handle. It had red and white roses along the sides of the walkway, which was made up of gray marble in an unshapely form. On either side of the door was two golden three - handled candleholders that were lit for the evening time to arrive. The drive way wrapped around to the front of the house from both sides. In the middle of this wrapped around drive way was a fountain. At the bottom were carvings of angels. In the middle of the big round, fountain bass was the pole to the next part that had angels leaning over pouring water to the bottom. At the very top was a statue of Valkary. Her hair was blowing as well as her dress, which meant the statue was done outside during the evening time. She smiled, turned and looked at me.
"This is me. Thank you again for your help and I hope to see you around." She smiled, leaned in, kissed my cheek, and handed me my jacket.
She went up the long pathway, turned and waved good-bye to me. Then, she slowly disappeared into the house.
Chapter 2
I began to walk home as my stomach began to grumble. I had ignored my hunger, trying not to relive what I had done to the last village my sisters and I had been to, I went to the local meat shop to get something for my sister and I.
"Can I get 80 pounds of beef and 60 pounds of fine sliced steak?" I asked calmly.
"You got to be playin' with me bub. You can't afford that much unless you be around here stealin' from folk." The man laughed.
"Look, I steal from no one and besides," I said as a pulled out a black bag, "I know you know what I am here for." I knew he was a blood feeder I could feel it.
"Ah, my apologies. I should have expected you this time of year and hour... Markus." The man went to the back and then returned.
"So how is Sarah holding up there, Malik?" I smiled.
"Pretty good. She'll be havin' her baby next month. That wife of mine is somthin' else when she be gettin' moody 'round here." He laughed.
"I bet." I laughed with him.
"Now what are you two laughing about." In came that foul smelling Ronald Lyels II. He was the one that watched over the town and did all the executions and jailing.
"Nothin' but my wife Mr. Lyels." Malik answered.
"And who might you be? Wait a minute you're that boy who came into town two days ago, you and those beautiful young ladies." Lyels smiled.
Ronald Lyels was five foot nine, he had dirty blood hair, he was light skinned, he wore black pants, white undershirt, a vintage black jacket with red studded cuffs, his eyes are a dark blue, and he had a fair set of teeth. He wore rings on his two middle fingers and had a mustache.
"I'm Markus and those are my sisters you are referring to, sir." I said the 'sir' part hard enough to let him know that I don't like for my sister to be talked about like that.
"Ah, I understand," He said as he looked at the bag in my hand, "Isn't that a lot of meat you carrying there."
"No, it is not. I have to feed me and my sisters and a family that I must take care of." I replied remembering the other Night Walkers that live with me.
"Must be a big family. Your parents must have a hand full." He smiled.
I could feel Malik shaking his head at Lyels telling him not to bring up parents.
"You are mistaken for I have no parents. You can say that they are dead." I smiled and left him in his shock.
It's not that they are dead; my sisters and I don't have parents. We were made by Norakamatia, one of the Three Sisters of Destiny. She made us to be the leaders and the helpers of her power. In a sense, she is our mother. Nikamotia is mother of all demons and Nekoramta is mother of all werewolves.
I finally came up to the house; it was a large mansion that looked like the house of Frankenstein, but with a bit more of the French decor. My sister opened the door.
"What took you so long Markus?" She asked.
"I had a long day, Mira," I said as I went inside, "Where is Lathiora? I need her help. I need you and Alitha to get everyone to the dining area so that they can eat. Oh and I met that Lyels guy. He is an ass to this town." I smiled.
She laughed as she went to do what I asked. There was a house full of vampire, demons, and werewolves. In addition, vilars, which are like children vampires they are turning and can be easily killed when in this state if not kept safe. There were mere wolves, which you can guess are turning werewolves and demoneskors, which are turning demons. The oldest of the three sisters of mine, Lathiora, walked into the kitchen. Her hair was pinned up in a bun, she had on a long black and purple gothic corset dress, with black flat shoes, Her eyes are permanent red and the rims of her eyes are purple, she had on purple lipstick, and her skin was a pale caramel skinned color.
"Ok, so are you going to tell me what girl you had to save this time?" Lathiora smiled as she began to help me cook.
"Look, I couldn't just leave her there alone. Those guys were picking on this girl." I explained.
"So, it has nothing to do with the fact that you like her because as I remember correctly a girl was being bet by a guy and you looked at her and asked if she was ok, she said no and you told her to have fun, then you walked away." Lathiora bumped me when she finished.
"Ok, I like her a lot. She is very beautiful." I smiled.
"She must be if she is making my big brother smile very hard and she isn't even here," She smiled, "I want to see her, let me see her please." She smiled at me.
"Fine, hurry up, get it over with." I said as I pulled back my sleeve.
She stepped closer to me and brought my arm to her mouth, she sank her fangs into my veins as she relived everything that had happened in the past four hours in three minutes.
"Wow, she is so very beautiful," She said as she wiped her mouth, "Very beautiful indeed. She looks like those rare flowers in our old garden that used to grow so freely, they were the collar lilies."
Then in came my other sisters. Mira walked in first, with her hair down as it curls naturally, with a white headband across her head, with her sapphire eyes, and her Victorian black and blue halter dress, with blue flat shoes. Her lips had dark red color to it, her skin pale and caramel like. Then walked in Alitha, with her gypsy like outfit, her eyes are gray and sliver at the rim, with glittery red lipstick.
"We heard everything. We also saw that smile you gave when you talked about her and for sister to describer like that she must be beautiful." Mira smiled.
"What is this wonderful woman, who got my brother to smile, name?" Alitha, the youngest, said as she twirled into the kitchen.
"Her name is Valkary." I replied as Alitha and Mira picked up plates.
"We'll talk later girls we have people to feed." Lathiora said pushing them out there to feed the others and winking at me because she just saved me from a load of questions.
I smiled at her and finished making plates. Once I finished we all set at the table and prayed to our Gods. More so the one that protects the turners, The Vilciorus. I watched as these people can be so happy and know that they are in danger if something happened to me. I pushed that thought away and enjoyed the dinner and entertainment I was getting from this family we had.
I was heading up to my room when I felt a tug on my jacket. I looked down to find Daloriana, my vilar. She is becoming a beautiful young woman. She was twelve moons now ad will soon be old enough to mother her own family.
"Good night Lord Markus." She smiled.
"Good night Daloriana and live well." I smiled.
"Fight well, Lord Markus." She said and walked to her room
After making sure everyone was safe, I went up to my room, sat in a chair on the balcony, and watched the moon, when I heard the door open.
"Don't worry it's me. I came to tell you that everyone is sleep, which includes Mira and Alitha. So I was wondering if we could talk." Lathiora asked.
"Sure come and sit down," I gestured to the chair next to me, "What's on your mind sister?" I asked.
"You really love her don't you brother?" She looked at me.
"Yes, I do. She is so very beautiful and different, and kind. She reminds me of Norakamatia. She is so much like her I thought she was one of us and was going to offer her a room. I don't think anything will change how I feel for her. She is like the morning sun when she smiles and even when she isn't smiling." I took a deep breath.
"I have never seen you so passionate over a woman, let alone anything else but keeping this family safe. Oh and Pain asked me if he could come stay with us. His house was set on fire, killing his parents. I checked on Joker like you asked and he said he was moving to the town to see you more. Soundz is having difficulty with surprising his anger let us just say he wiped out a whole town and I suggested he come here. Roosevelt is coming by to visit for a while as well." She shook her head.
"My friends need to get new hobbies. Fine in the morning make sure that you three get those rooms together and tell everyone else. I don't want it to be a surprise, they should know for their own safety." I replied.
"Ok, that's no problem," She said as she stood and leaned in and kissed my cheek, "I hope you have finally found love. Good night my brother."
"Good night sister." I said as she closed the door to my room.
I looked at the sky and asked the Light Tail to guide my heart and show me how to love again. I pray that Zilorian and his daughters watch over me. I got up, lay in my bed, and slept.
Chapter 3
I walked down stairs and heard everyone laughing. As I got closer to the living room, I saw Pain, Joker, and Soundz.
"Hey! There is our sleeping vampire prince. How are ya?" Joker spoke loudly.
"I'm fine. Pain, Soundz." I said bowing my head as they did the same.
"Have you guys seen Roosevelt? That slacker." Joker laughed.
"Who the hell you calling a slacker, you piece of shit Werewolf." Roosevelt smiled.
He always had a foul mouth, even when he was younger. Roosevelt is eight foot six, he weights six hundred pounds even. He has blood shoot red eyes, his hair is black and it's always in a ponytail. He wore black baggy pants, a white dress blouse, and a black vest that was always open. I watched as Roosevelt engulfed Joker's smaller body. Joker is six foot three; he is two hundred and twenty pounds. He has blue hair, which he had since he was born. He wore black leather pants and a black shirt. Pain is seven foot one and one hundred pounds. He wore black dress pants, a white under shirt with ruffles on the collar that was covered with a vest. His hair is black with red streaks which was also was born with. Soundz was the quiet one. He only spoke if it was important or if something was wrong. He is five foot five and two hundred and seven pounds. He wore dress pants a white shirt and an over jacket that was like a cloak. His hair went down his back and it was black. They began to laugh and joke with one another.
"So, Markus what have you been up to?" Roosevelt asked.
"Nothing much, just trying to keep this family safe." I replied.
"Are you ready to go?" Joker smiled.
"What do you mean?" I asked confused.
"We do have to attend school, don't we?" Joker smiled.
I shook my head and smiled lightly. We walked out of the house and began to walk to school. We were talking and laughing when I heard my name.
"Markus! Markus wait up!" I heard a female voice behind.
We all looked back and I waved as she began to walk towards us.
"Why is such a fine young lady calling your name Markus?" He said as I glared at him.
"Hi, Markus." Valkary smiled.
"Hey Valkary. These are my friends, Pain, Roosevelt, Joker, and Soundz." I told her.
"How are you? Well, I have to get going. I hope to see you at lunch Markus. Good day to you all." She smiled and walked ahead of us with her friends.
"You don't go with hr do you Markus?" Pain asked.
"No, I don't." I said and began to walk inside the school.
Once we made it in the school, I showed them around and went to class. I began to do more in class and interact, hoping I would be teamed up with Valkary. After classes was over, I decided to go to lunch. I don't know why, but I was feeling spontaneous that day.
When I got my food, I took a seat at an empty table with Soundz and Pain. Joker and Roosevelt was in the office for fighting a couple of guys. While talking to Soundz and Pain about those two idiots, I realized that our table was across from Valkary's table with her friends. I started to eat, but I was then hit by a whiff of her perfume and looked up and I couldn't help but stare. She looked magnificent in her yellow and blue summer gown. She looked at me and waved. I looked down, embarrassed that I was caught staring. Pain and Soundz smirked once they found out what I had been doing this whole time. She began to walk over, I could hear her heals clicking on the ground in my direction.
"Hey there. How are you? You guys don't mind if I sit here." She smiled so beautifully as she took the seat in front of me.
We shook our heads and I began to eat faster.
"Hi." This was all I could utter without making a complete fool of myself.
"I saw you looking at me and I would like to know the reason. I know you saw me before, you saved me and walked me home. Which my parents are thankful for, by the way." She began to eat.
"Well, I think that you are a beautiful young woman and I couldn't stop myself, and I apologize if I scared you." I said before I took a bit from my food.
"Thank you for the compliment and it didn't scare me I was just curious is all." She smiled.
"Excuse me." I smiled and bowed my head after burping.
"No need to worry Markus." She laughed.
I had a feeling rush through my body as she smiled and laughed, but I pushed it aside. I knew that Pain and Soundz knew what I was thinking and I really felt like I should marry her some day.
"Valkary," She looked up, "If I were to ask you would you be my...lady by any chance."
She smiled, "Of course I would. You're different and you make me feel safe and you're funny...in your own way."
"Well, I'm asking. What do you say?" I smiled.
"I say, yes Markus. I'd love that." She smiled as she got up.
"I'm glad." I looked up at her.
"Meet me in front of the school, so you can walk me home." She leaned over kissed my lips and walked away.
I didn't want people to see that I was stunned so I left and freaked out in my mind about what was happening.
Once in the bathroom I put water on my face and looked in the mirror. Pain and Soundz walked in and looked at me.
"We are happy for you Markus, but you have to be careful. You could hurt her and possibly get her killed." Soundz spoke softly.
"I understand." I said not really paying any attention as I rushed out of the bathroom.
After school, I met her in front of the school. I looked around and saw that guy with the scar scolding me in a way with his eyes. We began to walk in the direction of her house. I began to hear her heart beat faster, as she walked closer to me. I rapped my arms around her and it began to beat faster than before. I smiled and looked at the sky, knowing she loved me the way I loved her.
"What is it? What are you smiling at?" She looked at me confused.
"I...nothing. Just thinking, nothing important." I looked at her.
"It's something different about you Markus. It's like you are more yourself when you are alone and when it is noon. I like that about you, it makes you mysterious in a way." She said as she stopped.
"Well, I kind of am." I laughed.
"Markus, Can I tell you a secret." She asked.
"Sure." I smiled.
"Well, Markus. I love you and I would love to be your only lady and I would love to have a family with you." She looked at me.
I turned my head and looked back at her, "Valkary, you do not want to be with me or let alone start a family with me for that matter."
"Oh, but I do, dear Markus. I would love to, I really would." She tried to explain.
"Valkary, I'm not what you need or want. I'm not the right person for you." I looked away.
"Why aren't you? What makes you think that you are not? Markus I do not care what it is, I just want to be with you." She grabbed my hand and held it to her heart.
"Valkary," I said pulling my hand away, " I am not human...I am a vampire and you would be in danger. I'm not what you are looking for."
"Oh, but you are wrong for I still love you," She said and kissed me hard on the lips, "You are everything that I am looking for. Please don't go." She finished as tears began to form up in her eyes.
"I promise to never hurt you. I need you promise to never tell anyone." I wiped a tear from her cheek.
"Ok, I want, promise." She hugged me and I embraced her back.
We began to walk again and soon came to her house. She hugged me again, her veins caught my attention, and I swallowed hard. This was going to be more hard than I thought. My eyes began to change colors. I was getting way to excited. She looked up at me and smiled. She pulled my head to hers and she began to kiss me. I kissed her back, the kiss became more intense and I was losing all my resolve. I began to trail my kisses down her neck, a small moan slipped from her lips, and my mind went blank. As I sucked on her neck I heard a sharp inhale from her and as I pulled up and saw blood on her shoulder. I licked my lips and tasted her blood.
"Markus calm down. It's not your fault, please calm down." She tried to calm me down.
"I'm ... so sorry... I..." I said, turned, and ran home.
People looked at me as if I was crazy, but I didn't care. I had just hurt the woman that I love and I can't change what I had just done to here.
Once in the house I fell against my sister Lathiora and began to cry.
"Markus! Alitha get everyone to bed and go get Mira, Soundz, Joker, Pain, and Roosevelt." She said as she brought me into the living room.
We all sat in the living room and I buried my face in my hands and cried harder.
"Brother you must tell us what happened. If you don't tell us what happened we cannot help you." Mira said to me.
I looked up and began to tell them what happened. Mira got up and hugged me.
"Markus, I know that you are hurt for what you did, but you can't give up on her. It sounds as if she still cares for you. So, I advise that you don't give up on her and you try your best to fight your thrust and eat right." Pain spoke.
As I sat there, I began to think about what Daloriana told me, 'Fight well, Lord Markus.' This is what she meant. She was preparing me for my battle against this. I will fight little one. I got up, looked at everyone, went to my room, and looked at the sky.
"Help me Norakamatia. I need you beside me for this battle." I said to the sky and went to bed.
Chapter 4
After two months of going out it became very hard to control myself. She noticed not too long ago and has been trying to help me. She hadn't told her parents and that was why I was setting in their house. We were partners for a project and had been working on it in the living room. We had finally finished and I still had time before I had to start heading back home.
"Hey, Markus want to go upstairs and I'll show you that book collection in my room that you think I'm lying about." She laughed.
She had told me about the book collection in her room and when she told me that she had a wall and a half of books I was surprised. I thought that maybe she was just bluffing.
"Sure. I still think that that book collection is not that big, Val." I smiled and followed her up stairs. She showed me her father's study and it had a bed and every wall except for the one with the door had bookshelves full of books. I was starting to bit my words about her book collection.
We finally made it to her room, she opened the door and there were all those books I couldn't believe it. Her walls where a pearl like color with silver at the bottom and top. Her bed was made like a princess canopy bed. The linens matched the color of her walls and her carpet was white. She had a desk on the other end of the room with a lamp and a changing curtain. On another wall was huge two-door closet. She smiled at my expression, then her face grew serious as she closed her door. She walked up to me and kissed me and she didn't pull away. We sat on her bed and I pulled away to look at her.
"Valkary, wait. What about your parents?" I looked worried.
"They went to town five minutes ago." She looked at me.
I kissed her sweetly and laid her on the bed and I began to run my hands over her body, while she started to slip her hands down my pants.
"Wait. Please, tell me two things first. Are you sure about this?" I asked.
"I am very much sure, Markus." She smiled.
"Are you a… virgin?" I asked.
"Yes I am and I would love for you to be my first Markus." She said.
I took off my cloths and climbed on top of her. I kissed her neck, down to her breast, then the other. I then traveled down to her stomach, I lingered around her belly button. I went lower and placed kiss on the outside of her walls. I kissed her thighs, then I went back to her core and began tongue kissing her clit. I heard her inhale deeply. I sucked on her clit and flicked it with my tongue. I separated her lips and went deep into her with my tongue. As I went in with my tongue, I flicked up to cause her to shiver.
"Markus!" She screamed.
"Shhhhh my love." I tried to quiet her.
She grabbed my head and I went further inside. I came up and kissed her lips.
"Are you ready Valkary?" I asked.
"Yes." She moaned.
"You do know that it will hurt, right?" I asked.
"Yes, I know." She replied.
I began to inch toward her opening and I saw that her eyes were tightly shut, and she was tightly gripping the sheets.
"Valkary, my darling, please open your beautiful eyes and let me gaze upon them." I said sweetly.
"I am afraid Markus." She said as she slowly opened her eyes.
"It's alright. I would never hurt you." I told her.
" Alright." She looked me in the eyes.
I slowly entered her and she yelled in pain and ecstasy. I tried my hardest not to move so that she could get used to it.
"You can move Markus." She said.
I pulled half way out, she began to moan and drive her nails into my back. I pushed in and out of her, every time going faster. I thrusted into her going deeper and deeper every time. I rolled over, putting her on top of me. She screamed louder as I began to thrust up every time she came down. I grabbed her beautiful breast and played with her nipple as she bounced on me. I flipped her on her back while still making love to her.
"Ahhh! Markus!" She screamed.
I knew she was about to cum and so was I. I speed up and I was about to cum. I tried to pull out, but she grabbed me tighter and I came in her.
We laid there entangled with each other. I kissed her forehead as I got up carried her to the bath I made her. I washed her up and put her in her nightgown. I took a quick shower and dressed. I kissed her forehead then her lips and said my good nights to her parents as they were walking in.
I looked at the sky and thanked Norakamatia and the Light Tail for what they had given me. I made it home everyone, but my sister Lathiora was sleeping.
"Now, what kept you this long dear brother." She said as she got up from the black couch and walked in front of me. She began to sniff the air.
"Look, I'm tired. I'm going to go to bed." I looked at the ground.
"I see. Well, I would advise you to shower first. For one if any of these males caught whiff of her, you'd have a problem. Two, you don't want to send the turners into a frenzy at such a young age." She patted me the back and headed for her room. I did what my sister said and laid down and didn't get a wink of sleep.
I realized sharing a bed with Valkary was the wrong thing to do. I could feel her pulse more than before and my thirst for her was growing harder to with hold.
I was sitting with Valkary during our lunch, when my sister came through the lunch doors. She clocked her eyes and she came and whispered in my ear.
"It's the Guygi and Lyels. They were at the house, we have to leave before they figure out. I'm sorry Markus." She said and left.
"What's wrong Markus? Who was that?" Valkary looked w


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