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Maximum Couples Therapy chapter 5

Book By: keaves25137

Ultimate Role Reversal in marriage counseling coming to a science fiction lab near you! If you've ever wondered how it would be to live the other half's life. Here is my take on that thought.

Submitted:Jan 23, 2014    Reads: 101    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

And half an hour later, with hot coffee in hand and scrambled eggs cramming my mouth full I feel so satisfied with the start to this day. It feels so perfect. I love being tall. I love this girl that sits here with me sipping her coffee so daintily I feel her tiny feet move into my lap, rubbing my cock, getting me hard again. I laugh lightly, "None of that you vixen! We've got to get into the tank for the change. I think it's high time you were the man of this team. Put some of those things that you've learned as a girl to use." "Okay, I'll go load all the specs into the computers." She answers with a little frown. And heads out into the lab. I finish stuffing my face. I cannot fathom how men can be so hungry. Do they never feel full? "Good grief I think I could eat the whole amount again!" "The appetite for food never goes away, on the upside. You never really get fat if you work out a little to maintain the burn of it all. You can literally eat whatever you want whenever you want." I smile that sounds like fun. As a girl you have to watch what you eat constantly our bodies are made so differently. I've loaded some extra specs in for myself, Alex says grinning widely about his thoughts. And he says sit down so you don't fall during the change over. A moment later a blinding flash of light and I'm back to being my girlish self. And there stands Alex, as himself with a few improvements. "You made your cock thicker? Are you kidding me? Why?" "I have to satisfy my lady. That'd be you" he pokes me in my nose softly. Then I look down, oh my damn, what did you do to me? I glare at him as he tells me that he upgraded my metabolism so I won't have to diet as much. And he's specified bigger tits with higher sensitivity my nipples have never been so sensitive to cold before and now they are longer standing out pointing an inch long and so painfully hard. He reaches out his deeply tanned hand and gives one hard nipple a light pinch, and I gasp as the reaction goes straight to my clit, making me wet. He's already getting harder as we eye each other up and down. He moves his hand down along my tummy to my slit, beginning to work me over, speeding my heart rate up to rocket fast as I respond to his touch. He slides his other hand around my waist being sure to maintain skin contact then pulls me towards his chest and my nipples make contact with his chest hair teasing them even more. Oh yeah that feels delicious! He slams his mouth against mine forcing his tongue in and out of my mouth with such fierce need and hunger. I've wanted to do this as a man for so damn long. He grunts the words out between his teeth as he punctuates each word with his tongue shoving into my mouth. Every thrust awakens even more heat between my thighs. And his hand relentlessly rubs me there, making me so slick and wet and hot I start to grind my hips against his hand in a needy dance of back and forth hip thrusts. He picks me up easily. My tiny 5'3" frame crunching up against his chest. I turn my face into his neck. Oh Alex, please


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