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Maximum Couples Therapy chapter 4

Book By: keaves25137

The ultimate in role reversal of couples therapy, coming to a science fiction lab near you! Ever imagined changing roles with your lover/spouse. Well here's a story to go with that mood. Think about the differences between men and women and the different things they want from relationships. The problems are endless and so is the fun.

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Then talking about what feels the best made you happy? Oh yes my sweet little plum. Maybe that's what you taste like to me, a plum, ripe and sweet and so warm. MMmm, I bend down again and begin licking her slit up and down, back and forth, working my tongue into her flesh as she begins to rock her hips against my hungry mouth, moaning and begging for more. Oh yes, Ally, it feels so good, as I slide a couple fingers into her pussy and begin pumping them against her hot little G spot. Watching her through the lashes of my eyes as she nears another cataclysmic orgasm. I feel her body convulsing around my fingers and drink the drops of sweet nectar that spurt and ooze from her tight pussy. I'm licking my fingers and sucking the juice off when I noticed she has fallen asleep finally. I move her so that I can lie down next to her and pull the covers up over both of us. I doze off playing with her nipples and her soft long blonde hair. I wake up to very early morning light streaming in through the high windows in the tiny room. I hear Alex in the bathroom. I follow the sounds and find her sitting on the toilet. "Oh I am so nasty!" she says with a grin on her face. "I'm covered with so much stickiness from last night. But oh, Ally that was totally worth it." Here I'll give you a bath right after I shower off. I pick her up easily and place her in the tub filling with hot water and enjoy hearing her soft sounds of pleasure. I towel off my hair and begin to wash her hair listening to her relax into my hands as I work the shampoo into a thick lather and then massage her shoulders she slumps back in the tub. She looks up at me as I rinse the shampoo out of her soft hair and apply some of her conditioner. Then I wash her body with some sweet smelling body wash. MMM, you smell like oranges now. Yum! I nip at her neck and she squeals with giggles. When she is thoroughly clean I begin anew rubbing her slit with fervor I want to give her as many orgasms in this our only day together as I possibly can, my cock hardening as I touch her soft folds of skin and she begins to moan louder.

I pick her up from the bath water, wrapping her in soft towels, getting her dry and then I carry her to the bed putting her down gently. She gazes up at me as I climb on top of her and resume rubbing her wit slick slit until she is writhing under my hand, begging me to fuck her. I'm so hard I can't think of anything else but that. I slide inside her tight soft pussy all wet and hot. And I groan as I begin to thrust at that spot that teases the head of my cock every time I get near it. It feels so good to pound it into submission. MMM, I begin that rocking motion I worked on last night and feel her body tensing around my cock edging closer to orgasm. The pleasure building so fast inside my cock. "Oh the heat of it all is overwhelming. I want to cum! But then again I want to wait so I can feel that pulsing pleasure of you surrounding my cock with those spasms that make you shake all over." I grab her breasts, pulling a hard nipple into my hot mouth and sucking hard on it. She gasps and pushes her hips up to me as I thrust in harder than I had planned because she moved to meet me half way. OH GOD! ALLY! She is yelling yes yes. More, harder, faster, deeper, oh hell I don't know what I want. I just want you to not stop, it feels so good right now. A moment later we roll and she is on top of me and I cup her tits in my hands and push them together so I can suck on both nipples at the same time. I feel her sliding back and forth on my cock. Her hands on my shoulders, her eyes glassed over with pleasure and need, desire and heat. I push up into her hot wet pussy, as hard as I can. Sucking those sweet nipples as she squirms back and forth on my cock. Oh, Alex, you feel amazing right now. Don't stop baby, Ah ah, she starts orgasming pounding my cock with her tight little body. I just hold still for a few seconds enjoying that onslaught of feelings in my cock, the pleasure of feeling her release is almost too much and I'm breathing hard and deep trying to hang on to my erection. I don't want to finish just yet. I roll us back over so that I can put some serious pressure on her clit with my hips and start rocking in and out of her pussy, grunting with every thrust that hits her G spot. And she is panting as I shove her ever closer to another climax. Tears fill her eyes as the second one grasps her hard, hot liquid gushing out onto my cock as its bombarded with her spasms, quickly making me shoot my load. Oh wow I can feel your cock pulsing inside me to your heart beat! That feels so good. I wipe her tears away with my thumbs as I take her mouth with mine. Oh baby you feel so good. So good to me. She grins a silly smile at me and says, "Yep I feel really good right now. I have to change my bed sheets cause I've come all over them they are soaked! Damn it. Oh well, it was worth it. I need another shower. So do I, she looks up at me the tears starting again. "How do you know exactly what to do to make it feel so damned amazing?" I was a girl my whole life before yesterday afternoon, doll. She just falls apart, tears raining down her cheeks, saying, "I never thought about how a girl's body reacts to mine when I was a guy! I was so stupid. I mean, wow, the feeling of you being inside me when I climax has got to be astoundingly higher pleasure for you. Is it?" I start laughing, "Oh my damn yes! Thank goodness I didn't hurt you. I was freaking out when I saw those tears. Happy tears that I'm that good in bed, huh?" "Oh Ally, that is an understatement. I feel so selfish right now. So ashamed that I didn't know better to give more and get more from all the relationships that I've had before when I was a man. You are still so much more thoughtful than I have ever been. Thank you for tonight." I grin, let's go make some breakfast, I am starving!"


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