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Plaything - Chapter 7

Book By: jjenkinsbooks

J. C., tired of being used by his girlfried who complains he does not satisfy her, has executed a plan to give her exactly what she's been longing for. . .

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Plaything - Chapter Seven

The warmth of her mouth on my cock is amazing, saliva slick and tantalizingly tight. I rock my hips against her face as she deep throats me, taking my red-hot poker to the back of her mouth, where my tip caresses, strokes and pushes against soft and moist tissue. She swallows, swallows, motherfuckin', swallows me and I feel I'm being drug to the bottom of love's sea by my vixen's voracious vortex. Damn, if she'd taken this device out of the box from the beginning, I would've been chasing my own tail twenty-four-seven, doing all sorts of tricks just to sniff at the door of her tropical toyshop.

As it stands, I'm already partially Hannah's lust slave, needing her rough treatment to get off. So, it's no mystery that I continue pumping against her face, into the ever increasing, painful tightness of her warm throat and mouth, wondrously feeling her lips kissing the flat region from which Spunky The Wonder Dick springs. Man, oh man, I love this hard-as-nails hellion and that emotion is growing, becoming more complex.

Burying my nose in her crimson bush, I lap at the sweet, creamy center of her copra cookie. Spiraling and thrusting, I eat up her sticky goodness, taking breaks to nip and nibble on her nub so that she sucks harder on my crack pipe, bowing my spine, trying to trick me into kicking Spunky out of the game. My Boo doesn't want to play against a major leaguer. She needs Willie The Woebegone Wanker back on her mound. That third-leg, relief pitcher, alter ego, will set her free from the cuffs and docilely have her hitting my ass with a hickory stick. But Spunky ain't retiring to the dugout just yet.

I feel her throat constricting and expanding, her mouth restraining and freeing, trying to milk the man-juice from my marrons. But stretched out atop her, with my dick planted to the hilt in the haven of her oral hole, hedonistically humping and grinding, I have the ultimate control over her, over this fantasy fuck festival. The choice of when I leave her inner sanctums, the lower of which will make me one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, is up to me.

Moving my lips, I kiss and lick her inner thighs, my slightly opened mouth caressing back and forth across satiny skin. She shudders, rhythmically lifting Mount Pleasant back against me. I groan, inhaling deeply a nose and lungs full of her intoxicating love potion number 69. Willie whimpers and whines, wanting me to roll off Hannah so she can have her heavy-handed way with him. But Spunky and me just keep on sliding in and out of her slick mouth, feeling the raised texture of her tastebuds slipping along my Spunkmaster's sensitive skin. The tip of my tongue flicks across her sex-swollen seed. I drag my teeth across that bundle of nerves before biting down and tugging back. She's doing the same thing to old salty dawg and I'm panting against the gates of her promised land, my pulse pounding perilously. The muscles beneath the cashmere soft skin of her abdomen spasm and vibrate, dedicating a silent, stadium shaking orgasm, a shout out to her little homie Willie, some conniving, Cheap ass Trick song, a pussy entreaty of 'I want you to want me. I need you to need me.' that the whipped wussy is pricking up his ears for, falling for her again.

My pelvic muscles tighten as her snapping pussycat constricts on my tongue, her mouth toying with my taunt string. Willie's listening, buying into that silent rolling wave of destructive feminine desire, the luscious undulations of her body that make speech unnecessary for her to get her point across to him, 'Willie-boy, throw the damn game'.

With the full flat of my tongue, I'm lapping at her coco-nutty ho cake, parting swollen pink lips with each lap, stroking across the pleasure center while Willie is being bathed in wet, stupidity increasing steam heat. Hannah's head makes circular motions as she pulls him around the way, whipping him to her will. He's dazed and dazzled by his Domina. His need to satisfy her and boner blindness, makes my thrusting into her mouth less deep and I no longer give her nastily naughty nips to her nub-nub. Willie has me physically and emotionally softening, which Hannah rewards him for by simultaneously taking him and the twins into the match for a rockin' and whirlin' sexcapade down deep in the sultry, slippity-slope of grove rima oris. My legs and butt tense as I grip handfuls of white cashmere thigh and black cotton sheet. I know the sensation of being peeled, outer layers removed to get at my gooey, spineless center and I allow Willie to take the lead, with a tender cry of, "Oh Hannah. My precious Boo." Spunky retreats, but no fuckin' way am I ejecting him from the game.

I've been at her for hours, and still I can't get enough of her funky stuff. What I'd seen her do with those men, just like with the photos of her and those players, whetted my appetite for a banquet, and not for one of those dollar, red-boxed microwave meals. She's a female Ramsey Gordon, cordon bleu to the core. Everything about her is five-star and fresh, mouth, cunt and definitely her private reserve of bootylicious, cherry-chocolate Rocky Road, a delectable dessert I'll devour at the end of this weekend, but not yet. There's still much I need to do to her before that happens. A little more fucking, followed by an iron-rich brunch for Hannah, then some more playtime for me as I prepare her for the next segment of her erotic fantasies.

Kissing her nether lips one last time, I pull out of her mouth, the wetly erotic 'slurp-pop' sound of my hard, throbbing cock springing free of her moist woodlet, has the twins drawing closer to my body and with Willie, my entire world is Hannah. I excavate my face from between her thighs, moving to see her eyes and if her O face is worth an eternal pact with the Devil, then the euphoric expression of my woman well loved is priceless. She's laid back. Her skin is flushed and dewy, with her lashes relaxedly closed, lips parted on an endless sigh, chest and nipples still shaded rosy-red with satisfaction from their previous extended playtime with the vibrating clamps. Unable to resist the pink swollen mammillas, I lower my head and suck one into my mouth while squeezing and rolling the other between my thumb and forefinger.

"Oh, Jhumar," she sighs, lifting into me, rubbing her thighs together.

Still strumming my fingers over her breast, I kiss my way up her neck, to her mouth where I lick her parted lips, darting my tongue in and out of her sweetness, saying, "Boo, I have to do this, give you what you need so we can move on."

Against my mouth, she emits a tortured cry. "You're leaving me for those women, after all the years of my putting up with your whining and sniveling? For three years I tolerated your clumsy groping, but now you're poppin' super-stud pills, putting me through an Atomic Dawg screw session, and plan to continue using and abusing me this weekend only to toss me in the gutter on Monday, unemployed, homeless and with no means of transportation."

"Now don't get upset Hannah, it's not like that and I haven't hurt you at all." I kiss her, Willie wanting me to calm the fear he feels within her restrained body. I sit back on my haunches, running my left palm from her flat stomach, to her hip, squeezing the firm curve reassuringly, before walking my fingers down to her shapely calf and on to her delicate ankle, which I grasp securely, pushing her leg up until her knee is parallel with her breast. Her big-blue eyes are staring into mine trying to bewitch me.

I have to look away, focusing down on her exposed and taut passion flaps. "Damn woman, you're a delicious coconut sweet potato pie," I declare, beginning to rub her tender flesh, watching as she winces and shudders, needing to bring her to orgasm again.

Hannah bites her lower lip, riding out the waves of O that threaten to drag her under. "J. C., I don't like you acting all crazed, posing as something you're clearly not. What would your parents think if they knew you've been doing God only knows what with those three women and God only knows what they did to that man last night. If they hurt him and when they're all tied back to you there's going to be prob-", her words die out to a strangled moan as I shove three fingers into her slit, rubbing her clit with my thumb. She's panting, "Sweet mercy-- How much Viagra are you taking? It's nearly noon and you still haven't come."

Withdrawing my fingers from her tight clinging flesh, I spank my cock against her grand divide. "This is all you're doing Boo. Being a sledgehammer of a woman, you need an iron hard spike of a man to bash away at, before he finally drives his point home." Letting my hot rod rest against the folds of her labia, I hear her purring deep in her throat, her eyes flashing at me menacingly before she shutters the emotions behind her lashes.

"Don't blame me for this muck up. But by the end of next week, you can do all the finger pointing in my direction that you like. I won't shrivel up like an old out-of-the-box raisin because you've decided to waste your time and talent playing around at being a pimp. I'm going to move far away from California and marry the first old guy with enough money to buy me happiness."

I know the sensation of cold steel piercing my chest. Willie is so beside himself with the thought of her taking off, belonging to, not just screwing with, someone else that I struggle to leave her wrists bound. Still holding on to one of her ankles I grip the other one, extending her legs up and spread open, over her shoulders, toes pointing at the upper bedposts. "You play with other men Hannah. I'll never see you married to one."

"If those women are staying in your life, then there's no need for me to be a fifth wheel," she declares defiantly with an icy glint in her eyes.

Drawing my hips back, I ram into her so hard the bed shudders. "If any man marries you I'll break the son of a bitch."

I want to punish her for the threat, so I viciously pump, roll, ball slap and grind against her and I swear I hear her body calling to me, "That's right J. C., punish me."

Leaning back, I watch my one-eyed monster claiming and possessing her, sliding in and out of her sticky sauna as I try not to have visions of her married and settled down with a bevy of Bebe's kids or Southpark juvies tied to her apron strings. Suddenly, I feel queasy. I return my gaze to hers, seeing in their depths that she has every intention of following through with the threat to spite me. "Damn it Boo, don't make me do something we may both regret." I pull out of her and lower her legs back to the bed.

She looks smug, chin tilted up, glowering at me, "You don't have to give me back the condo, car, plane or my job. All you need to do is explain about the women, assure me there haven't been others and tell me you'll get rid of them." She stretches and undulates her beautiful beguiling body, trying to entice Willie. "I promise things will be different."

"They already are," I say, positioning my mouth on her mound, sinking my teeth into the flesh of her luscious lower-lips until she screams and sighs with pleasure, arching high off the bed. Biting her again, I force her back down to the mattress and keep her imprisoned beneath the strength of my palms on her abdomen and hip. Hannah corkscrews her cunnie against my face, spreading her legs wider to grant me greater access to the rave hopping off in her South Central Coliseum.

"Uh, uh, uh… Oh yes, yes, yes… Harder, hard, hard, harder…" The muscular mouth of her pink gold mine puckers for my lips, kissing me in return, drawing my tongue in, latching on tightly, allowing me enough freedom to spear back and forth to her cried out Cha-Cha rhythm of, "Oh-oh. Oh-oh-O."

Sliding my hands under her ass, I lift her home plate of jellyroll delight into my mouth and I eat her like a starving man, biting, chewing, and swallowing her delicious juices. She's still moaning, her knees trembling against my chest and when her climax rips into her, Hannah begs, "Fuck me. Please fuck me now."

I stop. Willie and Malibu J. C. would run and fetch, do her bidding. High in the hills above Vegas, me and Spunky the Spinmaster weren't being suckered. Moving to lie on my side next to her, I smile at her frustrated cry of, 'Fudge, fudge, fudge,' as she angrily drums her heels against the mattress. Slipping one arm under her neck, I slide my hand onto the mound of her still overly sensitive breast and nipple and the moment my warm palm settles there she's shuddering and crying out her release. "That's right Boo. Let me hear it. Who's your man baby? Who's the Grandmaster?" With much satisfaction, I see her lips form their perfect O, which demands another kiss. With my fingers pinching her nipple, palm rotating across her breast, my other hand slides between her legs, massaging and teasing her tender box open, as I hook my fingers inside her demanding, "Tell me you won't leave."

From beneath lowered lashes, she studies me and I can see the brightness of unshed tears sparkling diamond bright in her eyes. "I'm going as far away from you as fast as I can unless you get rid of those women," she mutters in a defiantly choked tone.

"Alright Boo," I say, pushing four fingers into her and delight in the spilling of her tears as I begin rotating my fingers inside her, readying her for the slide of hand into her body.

Her bottom lip trembles as her mouth forms a happy smile. "Oh, J. C., you're wonderful. You won't regret-"

I laugh, a harsh, bitter sound and stop at the look of confusion in Boo's eyes. "My kittens aren't going anywhere and neither are you," I inform Hannah, pushing and skewering my hand into her tightness. Lowering my lips to hers, I peck at her mouth, and then kiss each cheek before planting a tender kiss on the tip of her nose.

Something in her breaks then and she's crying with heart wrenching wails, struggling to dislodge my hand from her center, needing to be free of the cuffs so she can regain the control she believes she wants. She's thrashing and wriggling about until she's flushed pink all over and suddenly she stops flailing and fighting, crossing her left leg over her right, sniffling out, "I-- Have to-- Pee." Her anguished sobs resume, an artic blast to my libido, and I gently withdraw my arm from beneath her head and my hand from inside her, scrambling to undo the cuffs. "No, no, precious Boo. Don't cry," I say, trying to calm her, while freeing her wrists. I take a few seconds to pet and gentle her before I help her into a sitting position and before my ass is firmly anchored on the side of the bed, she bitch slaps me hard enough that my ears are ringing. Then she takes both of her hands and shoves my Willie-silly ass onto the floor. I look up at her, my head full of ring-a-ding-a-dinging. I see her mouth moving angrily, her hands and arms gesticulating wildly before she begins marching away.

Reaching out I snag her ankle and pull her off balance so she topples to the floor a short distance ahead of me and all the pleading and silent signals she's accustomed to giving to Willie the Wuss, aren't gonna make one damn bit of difference. Fuck my head hurts and I'm gonna show Miss Heavyhanded Hannah Hardcastle, once and for all, that while she's in my house, she'll play by my rules. Unsteadily, I lunge toward her and my stubborn, coconut-headed Boo deliberately mule kicks me in the nose. I silently sprawl backwards against the side of the bed, feeling blood trickling from my left nostril, but at least my hearing has returned. When I'm able to stand up I'm gonna wear her ass out.

She gracefully climbs to her feet, towering over me; legs spread apart, hands on her hips. I can see glistening drops of her cunt juice glossing her burning bush and all I think about is getting inside her. Distractedly, I tune into what she's saying, "Stay put. I'm going to get my clothes and when I come back you're going to tell me about those women." Angrily pivoting on her heel, she stomps to a door I guess she believes is the closet. Unfortunately, for her, it's not. Swinging the heavy black wood open, she's greeted to the sight of my blond kitten standing outside with three Rottweilers surrounding her and I see my other two kittens hurrying toward the open door.

The dogs sniff at Hannah and emit low thundering growls that immediately have her walking backwards. My blond gives Boo a look that lets her know that if it weren't for me, Hannah would be in a shit load of trouble and to Boo's credit, her spine stiffens and she stops retreating, stands mad dogging the three Rottweilers and all three of my kittens saying loudly, "I want you out of his life. Whatever criminal mischief, drugs and perverted games you've been involving him in are over. J. C. is mine." She advances on the blond, despite the growling and barking of the dogs that has started and snaps her fingers in my main kittens face.

I get to my feet and watch as the blond smiles brightly at Hannah before she shoves her with staggering force. She keeps pushing and propelling Boo backwards toward me, as the other kittens usher the dogs from the room then return, joining in the jostling and jolting match. Surrounding Hannah, they bash, batter and bully her between them, crowding past me until Boo falls on the mattress with a strangled cry, "J. C., help me."

The black-haired kitten leaves the others to their fun-and-games, switching her fine tail over to me. She takes off her snug fitting white t-shirt, her bare breasts bouncing as she cleans the blood from my nose and face. Then she lifts the stained garment, inhaling the metallic scent of my blood and the animal musk of my desire for Hannah. Dropping the shirt to the floor, she undoes her skirt to stand naked before me. I give a silent nod and she returns to her now naked playmates, which are holding Hannah down by her wrists and ankles. Without preamble, she climbs atop Boo's twisting hips, planting a knee on either side of her body before she leans forward and grabs her hair, effectively ceasing Hannah's struggles before releasing her.

I watch as she circles her pelvis in a slow clockwise motion, her shiny, succulent black rose, sliding against Boo's flaming thatch and I'm instantly erect. My blond straddles Hannah's face and plants her Duranta-gold shrub on her lips, spiraling in the opposite direction of her black-haired teammate and I know they plan to unwind Boo, weaken her for me. Baby kitten, who's been holding on to Hannah's ankles, releases them and moves up between Boo's spread thighs. Placing one palm on her dominant partner's perfectly rounded rear, she slides the fingers of her free hand into Hannah's cunnie, repeatedly force fucking her with a fervor designed to shock some sense into Boo's hard head. As a treat to me, she moves the hand that's resting on her amiga's tantalizing tush, to finger her pal's back parlor, before sliding it into her. God, this wasn't part of my plan but I can't stop looking at them. Four of the most beautiful creatures to ever grace a man's bed alone, were all in mine and me, Willie and Spunky want in on the game.

I climb onto the bed just as the blond and black-haired kittens lock lips, forming a tent over Hannah's torso. I slide into the opening and latch on to Boo's breasts. Placing a hand on one and my lips on the other, I squeeze, suck, squeeze, suck, pinch and bite until, despite the combined weight of us all holding onto her, Boo bucks up off the bed. She's convulsing in the most spastastic orgasm I've ever seen, eyes round, lips O-ed and her hand pressed to her heart that is beating so hard and fast that I can hear the boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom, filling the room, see the pulse pounding in her throat. She's ready and so am I, needing to claim my punished and repentant Boo before I grant her the love bite of a lifetime.

The kittens move away, taking seats around the room, leaving Hannah and me on the bed. Sitting on the side of the mattress, I pull her up and over to sit on my lap facing me, drawing her feet up on the Serta Perfect Rest, so that her knees fit snugly just at my armpits. My arms are wrapped around her hips, my palms stroking, cupping and playing across the swell of her sexy rear-end. Leaning forward, I nuzzle wildly disarrayed strands of hair back over her shoulders then shift back to gaze into her eyes, and then scan her face. Her cheeks are blush pink, her lips, swollen and wet. I smell her concession stand still serving up the mixed cocktail fragrance of her and the raven-haired kitten. The scent reminds me of a Necrophiliac: vodka, melon liqueur, pineapple and orange juices combined with light and coconut rums, a befitting foreshadowing for the dark and mysterious erotic fantasy that's to come.

Leaning in to kiss her mouth, I feel Boo's hands tremble atop my shoulders and know that she's scared to death of what the kittens will do to her. I squeeze her buttocks reassuringly, hugging her closer, smooch, smooch, smooching at her lips, then end the oral contact to say, "Accept that they'll always be near or with me and things will be easier Hannah." I slide my long denied cock into the welcoming warmth of her Wrigley field and hear her pleasured sigh as she wraps her arms tightly around me, squeezing me as if she'll never let me go. I'm stroking up into her and she's pushing down on me, our movements becoming more energized, fierce, and combative as we battle for the dominant position in this thing we've got.

She nudges my ear with her nose, biting the lobe as she whispers, "I'll die before I accept those women in your life. I don't care how many men you allow me to fuck or how broken and destitute you try to leave me. You're mine, my door mat to walk on when I want, a toy to tease and torment, my rocking horse to ride and whip at my pleasure. So when I get you back to the city, I'm going to put on my blackest, highest, kick-ass boots and have you on your knees for hours, sniffing my snatch and eating my pussy until you're drunk from my brand of Everclear. You'll remember then, which one of us calls the shots. Once I have you free from whatever voodoo vibe those women have you under, I'm gonna ride your ass until you're sopping wet, lathered up and ready to be wrung out."

Grinding down on my cock, she tightens around me until I scream out her name and pump harder into her, crying out, "Yes -- Oh yes-- Ride me, baby. Ride me hard."

She doubles the action of her hips. Pump, pump, pumping. Tightening-- Fuckin' squeezing me until I toss back my head, pressing my chest snugly against hers, palming her ass so tightly she moans out an O and extinguishes the burn in my flame shooter with the gushing flood of her ejaculation. The commingled sound of our labored breathing fills the room and I hug her one last time, kiss her sweet, sweet lips, before I beckon for the kittens to come take her away.

They pull her off me, surrounding her and to really piss Boo off, they each step to me, Frenching my mouth for all they're worth, The black-haired kitten even kisses my injured nose. I feel my cheeks color like a nerd who's recently discovered his palms aren't the only means of sexual gratification in the world.

Sheepishly looking at Hannah's angry red cheeks, I see she'll keep fighting, so to prepare her for a battle that even Abraham Van Helsing wouldn't undertake, I say, "Now Boo, go along nicely with the Kittens. They'll prepare you for your next fantasy. I was gonna do it myself, but for some reason I've developed a headache. Rest assured you'll be in good hands and by sunset tonight, you'll be ready to have your 'Secret Thirst' satisfied."

Blink, blink, blink, then she looks at all three of the kittens, before returning her gaze to mine, her eyes so wide, they dominate her face and in a high-pitched squeak she says, "You're fuckin' kiddin' me, right?"

I shake my head. "Naw Boo. I'm gonna make sure you get a lot of Vamp Hampton Wick tonight with a plentiful helping of Lamia Fruitex Vulvaria on the side. Aren't you lovin' the treats I serve up at these away games? I think they beat the hell out of Wursted Willie on a boot-heel skewer," I say, smiling at her broadly.

She looks at me for several seconds, apparently thinks I'm joking because she bursts into peals of laughter and when no one else joins in the merriment, she abruptly stops and gives me an incredulous stare. "You're full of shit Jhumar. All four of you are head cases from Madhattersville. Vampires don't exist," she finishes with an authoritative tone used by know-it-all morons who haven't ventured beyond their own comfort zone.

I watch as Raven, my black-haired kitten taps her lightly on the shoulder. Hannah spins around with an angry, "What?"

Raven smiles beautifully at Boo, her eyes shifting from obsidian to a smoky gray, and then going a colorless, blinding, glowing white before she extends her fangs for Hannah Hardcastle to see. My Boo steps back, opens her mouth to say something, thinks better of it then turns around to confront me when Raven steps up behind her and lightly grazes the side of Hannah's neck with her sharp teeth. For the umpteenth time, in less than twenty-four hours, I'm treated to Boo's O face, as she faints at my feet.


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