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Book By: jawisniewska

'Exploration' is a collection of ten short stories exploring human sexuality. My previous three stories on Booksiesilk, 'Seduced on the Massage Table', 'Seducing Teacher' and 'An Interview to Remember' are included in the book along with seven new stories.

This extract is taken from the story 'Grycan's Elixir of Ecstasy', which tells the tale of a wizard who helps people come over their sexual dysfunctions.

The book will be available on Kindle on 7th July and on Amazon print on demand later this week.

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The wizard named Grycan looked pensive as he examined the herbs his assistant had brought him. He had been asked to prepare an elixir which was particularly complicated to brew, and he knew it would take all his time, all his effort, all his concentration. He sighed as he began the process of chopping and stewing the herbs, knowing the whole process would take six weeks to complete. He had a hard slog ahead of him, but he took comfort in the fact that, when he was finished, the result would be worth all the graft.

Over the next six weeks Grycan toiled day and night, getting the mixture absolutely perfect. He got very little sleep as the concoction had to be meticulously stirred from dusk until dawn. Six stirs clockwise, six stirs anti-clockwise, six stirs clockwise, six stirs anti-clockwise, all through the night. Some ingredients had to be added when the moon was full, others when the first star appeared in the sky. Day and night he slaved over the cauldron until finally the day came when the elixir shimmered gold and a faint mist floated on top, giving off an aroma which created a pleasant, heady feeling in those who entered the small forest hut.

"Trinkwood!" Grycan called excitedly to his assistant, who was chopping wood in a nearby clearing. Trinkwood put down his axe and rushed to the open door of the hut. "It is finally ready. Go take word to Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom in the village, and tell them to be here at twilight." Trinkwood turned towards the path which would lead out of the forest and began to jog. Grycan looked around his modest home and rubbed his hands with glee. The events that would unfold that evening were why he did what he did, why he worked so hard. But there was still work to do. He had to prepare the hut for the arrival of the Ramsbottoms, and also make sure he was fully rested. And so he set to work once more.

A bird squawked somewhere up in the trees and woke Grycan from his slumber. He had spent two hours cleaning his home and had got Trinkwood to bring some necessary supplies, making sure everything was in position. He then sent Trinkwood home before collapsing onto his bed for a well-earned rest. He looked over at the elixir, which was still simmering over a small fire, its mist still wafting into the air. He looked out of the small window and saw that the sun was beginning to set. He jumped out of bed, went over to the small washbasin and rinsed himself down with cool water. He dressed in a long purple robe and waited for his visitors to arrive.

About half an hour after the sun had fully set, there was a slight rap on the door. Grycan strode over and opened it. His customers stood there, huddled together looking rather subdued and nervous.

"Good evening," Grycan said softly, and gestured with his arm for them to enter. Before they had arrived Grycan had lit candles and begun burning incense. Along with the mist coming from the cauldron the effect was rather welcoming and cosy, and the couple visibly relaxed.

"Please, take off your cloaks" Grycan said. The Ramsbottoms complied; Grycan observed their appearances as they did so. Mr Ramsbottom was of medium-height and stocky build with jet black hair which fell messily to his shoulders. His appearance was in stark contrast to Grycan's tall, angular frame and waist-length silver hair. Mrs Ramsbottom was slightly shorter than Mr Ramsbottom, with fiery red hair which flowed all the way down her back and over her rump. She had a typical hour-glass figure with perfectly rounded breasts and hips. Grycan admired the couple, thinking they made quite a picture together.

"So," Grycan began, feeling it was time to get down to business, "you came to me six weeks ago requesting my help with your problems in the marital bed." He focused on Mr Ramsbottom. "Premature ejaculation and an inability to bring your wife to climax were the most prominent, I believe."

Mr Ramsbottom shifted from one foot to the other uncomfortably and, without looking at the wizard, nodded.

"Come now, there's no need for embarrassment. You are not the first to come and request my services."

Mr Ramsbottom looked up at Grycan. The wizard gave him a small, sympathetic smile, which Mr Ramsbottom shyly returned.

Grycan continued. "As you can see, here is the elixir which I promised you. There is a supply of about six months here, depending on how often you use it. I can assure you it will solve all your problems. However, to make sure you have no adverse effects from the mixture I insist that you first use it here, in my home, so I can assess the effects. Do not be frightened or bashful" - Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom had flinched when he had mentioned taking the potion there and then - "Remember, it is my work and my expertise. Now, come over to the cauldron, lean over and breathe in the fumes."

Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom walked over and tentatively breathed in the mist. Within seconds any reservations they had had about what was going to happen that night vanished. When breathed in directly, the heady feeling felt when entering the hut intensified, and a tingly sensation erupted over every inch of the Ramsbottoms' skin. They stood over the cauldron for a few minutes, allowing the delicious sensations to wash over them, until Grycan said:

"Now it is time to drink."

Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom lifted their heads, their eyes glazed over and lop-sided grins on their faces. Grycan dunked two goblets into the elixir, then handed them to the couple. They simultaneously took a sip, slightly apprehensive of what the strange concoction would taste like. They need not have worried - it had a strong mint flavor which seemed to both cool and heat their insides. With an encouraging nod from Grycan, they drained their goblets and waited excitedly for the effects. A few moments passed and it seemed that nothing was going to happen. The couple looked at each other anxiously, wondering if they had been tricked. Then, out of nowhere, a rush of euphoria swept through their bodies, settling in their most intimate of areas. Blood started to rush to Mr Ramsbottom's cock, which began to lengthen and throb beneath his attire. Mrs Ramsbottom's face flushed as her nipples puckered into two small points, rubbing against the material of her dress. Wetness formed between her legs and the muscles of her pussy clenched. She involuntarily began pressing her thighs together in an attempt to create some friction, but only succeeded in increasing the feeling coursing through her nether regions.

To find out what happens, and also read other stories, you can find 'Exploration' on Amazon Kindle and soon on print on demand.


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