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The Spy And The She Devil

Book By: HornyJohn

My story as a spy during the war and my exploits in occupied France!

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After recent events I have decided to tell my story of my colourful life, particularly my younger days. I say colourful but you would maybe say eventful or even frightening! I would agree that, as you will see it was very scary at times.

In the run up to the war I had had the good fortune to go on an exchange visit to France and work on a farm. These had been special and fantastic times. Once the Germans occupied France there was considerable pressure on the British to help. Because of my background I was contacted by the war office with a view to helping the effort in France. This scared me but I eventually agreed to go and try and do something to help the people who had been so welcoming and friendly during my times there. I eventually went through a serious of training exercises and briefings and in what seemed no time I was saying goodbye to my family and was smuggled into France and made my way to the farm I knew so well from my visits.

For some months I met with the resistance and was in contact with Britain via a courier. I was called a spy but I called myself a facilitator for the resistance. I didn't think that I had anything to worry about, being in the country, a long way from anywhere, life seemed just like it did when I spent my summers here. This all changed dramatically early one morning.

The Arrest

I was awoken early one morning by a commotion outside my room, in what seemed like seconds my door burst open and 4 German soldiers with guns pointed at me burst in and surrounded my bed they dragged me out of bed and were intent on taking me prisoner. I shouted to ask if I could get dressed first, they looked at each other and agreed but stayed surrounding me and shouted 'quick'. I thought 'shit, how do I do this while keeping my dignity' I managed to pull a pair of panties on and up under my nightie without showing these 4 burley men my private parts, they looked on intently! I realised that unless I was prepared to remove my nightie and show at least 2 of them my tits I would have to keep it on. I decided on the latter and found a chunky jumper which I pulled over my head. I had noticed that these soldiers were looking at my generous curves while in my clingy nightie. I remembered what this was like from my teens while living on our farm in the country.

I started to notice then that men, and in particular the 4 farm workers, 3 of whom were married, would look at me different. I realised eventually that they were looking at my chest. I had known for some time that I had a generous pair of tits compared to other girls of my age. I would enjoy caressing them when naked in my room. I knew my sexuality from an early age and had always been excited when watching farm animals 'doing it'. It excited me that these older men wanted to 'ogle' my tits.

My first 'experience' happened one day while working alone in the fields with one of the men, he accidently brushed against my tits. He realised what he had done, I could tell by the satisfying look on his face, I didn't say or do anything but he had noticed by the look on my face that I had noticed the look on his face. We worked on for a while and then he purposely slowly brushed against me again. I felt flattered that a man wanted to touch me, it excited me sexually, I knew I was excited, wet and felt a buzz I had not felt before. Again I did not say or do or gave any impression that I objected or in fact encouraged it. We worked on loading the trailer and drove to the barn to unload. During unloading in the hay barn he came up behind me and 'touched' my back, I stopped dead, I felt an incredible surge of excited feelings rush through me, I must have gone rigid and at that point he ran his hands down my back and then around my sides and up towards my tits. I was incredibly excited, I knew I was sexually excited and was wet down below. He spent what seemed like ages caressing my tits from behind, I noticed he was excited, there was something hard pressing against my behind while he was close to me. He eventually stopped and whispered in my ear they're fantastic, when I have more time I want to see them naked!

A few days later I was feeding the hens which were in a remote part of the farm, The same farm hand appeared from around the hen house, I knew we were all alone and I knew I wanted him to touch my tits again, it was obvious he had 'arrived' with the planned intention of touching them. He came over to me and again spun me around and ran his hands down my back and around my sides then slowly ran them up towards my tits, as if testing if he could do it again without me stopping him. I would expect that being an experienced married man he would know I was enjoying it as I was holding my breath and arching my back. He whispered in my ear again, 'are you enjoying this?', I thought to myself 'what a fucking stupid question! He knew I was enjoying it!' I think that in my stupor I must have nodded and at that point he moved his hand down to my waist and the next thing I knew my top was going over my head, I took a deep intake of breathe in the excitement, I could hear him smile with excitement. Once again I felt him hard against my arse. He was really squeezing my tits now and I was enjoying it! I felt him undoing my bra and in no time it was off and my tits were free and in the open air, it felt great. He then let me go and moved around me to the front and I could see he was having a good look at my now naked tits. We were in the open where other people could have seen my tits and that excited me more; I was really wet and had never felt that excited before. He continued to squeeze my naked tits now, God it was great! He then let go, bent down and my hard nipple was in his mouth and he was sucking it. I could feel my knickers were wet with my juices oozing out of a very excited pussy. He suddenly stopped and looked at my naked tits and said I told you I would see them naked, did you mind? 'mind, I thought? If you slip your hand down my trousers and feel my wringing wet knickers you would know how much I minded!' I think that because I didn't say no just hesitated while I thought about the situation, I felt his hand slide between my legs and slide slowly up to my crutch, when it arrived which seemed like an eternity and all the time I was getting stiffer and stiffer, he 'rubbed' me, I thought I was going to pass out because I was not breathing, the next thing I knew I let out a moan as I 'came'. He smiled and said I now know how much you enjoyed that! And walked away out of sight, I was almost disappointed at that as my body was saying 'more', my tits were still out and my nipples were still rock hard, I found myself rubbing them, then slipped my hand down my trousers and felt my wet knickers, they were dripping!, I could not resist slipping my fingers down inside them and into my soaking pussy. I have never known it so wet! I only had to rub for 2 minutes before I came again which was deeper than ever.

As the days went by I found myself wishing he would find me alone again and in fact found myself wandering off in the hope he followed me. He didn't! What I didn't realise in my naivety was that men brag and like to talk about it to others. My parents were in town one afternoon and we were all working in the paddock (behind the barn) when one of them asked me to go to the barn and get some string which I did, when I was heading to the open barn door all 4 appeared at the door and came in and shut the door. My heart sank, I was shit scared, I knew they were going to do something to me but I realised I was also sexually aroused! They all came over to me and surrounded me, the guy that had already touched me said 'we won't hurt you we only want to let you experience more of what I gave you' He came forward I was frozen to the spot, shitting myself but also wringing wet! He pulled me back onto the hay and grabbed my tits. I struggled a bit cos I was scared, he tried to pull up my top but didn't manage cos I was wriggling about, next thing I knew the others came down and grabbed an arm each and one had my legs, he then pulled my top up and off, there were hands all over my body touching me, I was writhing on both fright and excitement, he pulled my bra up over my tits to get them out and there were hands all over them, my nipples were rock hard and they knew that I was enjoying it. One of them was feeling my crutch and that just made things worse I was almost cumming in my knickers! I was still been held down quite strongly and it aroused me more. One of them started to undo my trousers and get his hands down my knickers, I felt him feel my hair and felt his way around my lips, I was rigid, excited, bursting! I couldn't see who was down my knickers but I could certainly feel him, he had big hands! After a little 'exploring' he slipped his large fingers inside of me I felt them slip in no problem as I was dripping wet, he gasped with delight at that wet young innocent pussy, I was passing out again, partly because I was holding my breath and partly cos I was being held down. Within minutes he had 2 fingers in me and I was absolutely gasping for breath with excitement. Seconds later I came with a massive release, he knew I had cum and rubbed more gently for few seconds then his hand came out but within seconds another hand was down my knickers only this time I was already wide open and had already cum, his fingers just found their mark without hesitation. I then felt somebody else was dragging my trousers down I squirmed but it didn't stop them being dragged off, I realised I was in my knickers with my bra around my neck, 2 blokes were holding my arms and squeezing the shit out of my tits. One was down my knickers and was doing a good job of heading towards a second orgasm. I managed to look down towards my feet to see who was fingering me so well, I noticed the big guy taking his trousers down, I had never seen a man naked before, he dropped his pants and his dick was rock hard. He noticed me looking with eyes bulged, got hold of it and 'rubbed' it as if to say 'this is a hard dick and you have done this and are going to get it', he then said get her knickers off. I took a deep breath and thought fuck, I am going to be raped but in the same breath I was incredibly excited at the thought of being raped by this group. Before I knew it my knickers were off and now my legs were apart and I was laid naked and all on show. He came round to my head and got hold of my hand and put it on his dick and was showing me how to excite it. I was getting more excited by the minute, if that was possible! I had one guy sucking my nipple, one was doing a fantastic job of fingering me and I had a fucking big dick in my hand. As I got faster with my hand I got more excited and the guy fingering me sensed it and fingered me faster. Within minutes I came and the guy I was 'playing' with came, I was shocked, I did not realise what was happening it seemed to squirt up into the air for ages then it came down across by tits and stomach. It was warm! The guy playing with my tits rubbed it into them; it was warm and slippy and felt great on my tits. When I got my breathe back I realised the 4th guy not touching me, I looked around and saw him sat with his dick out and he was playing with himself while watching me being fingered. That gave me an incredible buzz. He then got up and came towards me and shouted to the others to hold me down I knew what he was going to do and although I was shaking with fright I was also willing him to slip it inside of me. I realised that I actually wanted him to fuck me, I wanted to be fucked, I wanted them all to fuck me one after the other. There was a noise outside and they all jumped up and quickly disappeared. I felt deprived of my first fuck. I rolled over and thought I had better hide as I was still naked and my clothes were scattered around, I gathered them up and hid behind some bales to gather my breath. I lay in the hay naked recalling that fantastic buzz.

The next day I was feeding the hens when the first guy came up and started talking to me asking if I had enjoyed it the day before and how close I had come to getting fucked. He must have seen the disappointment on my face cos he then grabbed me, dragged my top over my head, dragged my bra over my tits and let them drop free, then rammed his hand down my trousers. Somehow before I realised what had happened my trousers were lying on the floor with the chickens and I was stood in my knickers, he then flung me face down over a little hen house and held me down with one hand while ripping my knickers off with the other, I could not move as he held me down with one hand and my bare tits were pushing against the rough wooden roof. I knew I was going to be fucked and I was so excited I wanted it! I said 'what about your wife?', he replied 'she wouldn't be interested in you'. It all happened that quick ( I don't know how he managed to get his trousers down with one hand so quick) I hadn't really had chance to get wet but I was getting wetter by the minute as I waited to be penetrated. His feet shoved my legs apart and I knew it was time. I couldn't breathe he was holding me so hard and I was so emotional. I was in the open held naked over the hen house about to be fucked in full view, boy did that excite me!

I felt his rock hard dick against my bare arse, he tried to slip it in me but I think I hadn't had chance to get wet and it didn't slide in, I was so excited about being forced and held down I was getting wetter and wetter all the time. He rammed his fingers into me from behind, I gasped with surprise and enjoyment rolled into one, my pussy was now wide open and 'ready and waiting' he removed his fingers and his hard dick just slid in and in and in...... God it was heaven, all I had dreamed about, he started to thrust and it was fantastic and I could feel myself building to orgasm when suddenly he groaned and came inside me, it felt great but at that moment he withdrew, pulled up his trousers and walked off. I felt deprived of my moment, I got up still naked and wet and wanting, I lay back on the hen house with my legs open and touched myself until I came!

Things seemed to just follow that pattern for months, I would be minding my own business when one of the farm hands would grab me, rip my knickers off and fuck me for about 1 minute, cum in me and leave me unfulfilled. Then one summer night I went to the dance in town and when it finished late at night a very young lad offered to escort me home along the lane. I thought, great at least I won't be grabbed in the dark. As we turned into the farm track he suddenly asked if I had had sex, I was so taken aback I said yes without thinking. He said he had had regular sex with an older woman who had taught him all he knew. I remember thinking a young lad can't know much or be very good. He ran his hand down my back which almost instantly turned me on. He kissed me and boy could he kiss. I was wet and desperate for it within minutes. He lifted my dress and felt my arse while he kissed me passionately. I knew he would take me and suggested I take my good dress off, he watched as I took it off and stood there in bra and pants. He removed his shirt and embraced me once more, he then shoved me onto the grass verge and proceeded to kiss my legs and then my tighs until he was running his tongue around my knicker legs. I put my hands on his head and guided it towards my crutch, he obliged with fervour. He then got hold of my knickers and I eased up to help him remove them. He returned to a now very wet and wanting pussy, his tongue ran around my erect clit, I groaned with pleasure, he licked that pussy so passionately I came there and then. He knew I had cum and stood up and removed the last of his clothes, I removed my bra and my tits fell free, his eyes widened at the sight of them. He came down and lay next to me on the damp grass at the side of the track under the stars. He kissed me and caressed my tits then in what seemed like a well rehearsed manoeuvre he seemed to be between my legs and his dick was inside of me, I was dripping wet, he moaned with pleasure as it slipped in gently and he gently slid it in and out, he seemed to be able to keep thrusting forever, not like the 'men' that had shagged me before. The more he thrusted the more I groaned with excitement, I could feel my loins swell up with excitement and I was bursting, I came with a massive rigid shake and expel of breath. He smiled at me and just carried on thrusting, I thought I could not take any more at that point but within seconds I was excited again and thrusting with him to improve penetration. It was an unbelievable experience when I came for the third time; it was a deep experience I had not felt before. At that moment he thrusted deeper inside of me and held it there while he came. I felt his cum blast out and hit me inside, wonderful! We laid side by side under the stars totally naked while we got our breath back, I could feel fluid running down the inside of my thighs and I knew it was my vaginal fluid, my cum and his cum all mixed together and oozing from my now satisfied for the first time pussy. As we lay there I found myself touching his limp dick, I wanted more of what I had! I had him hard in minutes and his fingers were inside of me, I moved his hand, he took my hint and withdrew and slipped the now rock hard dick back into me. God he was good! He fucked me softly and hard and I must have cum dozens of time that night. Every time we stopped and rested I found myself wanting more and wanking him off to get him hard again. He then satisfied me every time. When the sun came up we kissed goodbye and headed our separate ways. As I walked along the track to our house I could once again feel fluids running down my upper thighs and thought to myself we should have stayed and kept going!

The next day when I woke late morning my loins ached, I knew that it was down to the amount of times I had cum in the past few hours. I got up and decided to go into town in search of my little stud (I wanted more and more of what I had, had that night!) alas I never found him or ever saw him again.

When we arrived at the German Headquarters I was dragged from the car and taken to an office deep in the basement and sat in front of a German officer. He interrogated me with questions for what seemed hours. I had not given him what he wanted so he jumped up and shouted something in German, the 4 guards came back in and dragged me into another room which seemed to have a chair and a small couch in. They took me to the centre of the room where they strapped my hands up to the ceiling and left me hanging there. After a while, during which I was scared shitless, I didn't know whether to cry or piss myself! A woman in officer uniform came into the room carrying a ridding crop. She came up to me and said 'what have we got here?' she then rubbed the crop against each side of my face, I was wetting myself, she then walked around the back of me where I could not see her and felt the crop running up the inside of my leg until it was lifting my nightie it got higher and higher and I could feel myself getting excited but at the same time I was absolutely scared stiff. When she reached my crutch she rubbed the crop across my pussy. I could feel myself getting wetter, she then came round to the front and produced a large knife which she flashed in front of my face, I thought that I was going to be stabbed there and then but instead she started to cut off my baggy knit jumper until it was in pieces on the floor. I was then hung there in my flimsy nightie with the knickers I managed to pull on in the arrest. She looked wide eyed at my chest, which was prominent in this nightie with my nipples sticking through the thin material. She lifted the crop and tapped my tits and said 'well what have you been hiding under that jumper then?' She then went round the back again and I felt her get hold of the top of my nightie and with a massive yank she ripped it down the back and off my shoulders, she could now see my knickers and she tapped my arse with the crop quite hard which made me jump. She came round the front and ripped the remnants of my nightie off me. My tits were just hanging there and my nipples were out on stalks. She smiled with delight at them and reached out and caressed them. I had never been touched by a woman before but she knew how to caress tits and her little soft hands caressed my nipples, I was getting wet by the minute. She then whipped them across the nipple area, a searing pain went through me and I cried out but my mind and loins said excitement. I felt a surge of wet as if I had cum (I hadn't!) At that point the good looking officer came in and sat down on the chair in front of me and watched the woman playing with my tits then whipping them, rubbing the crop between my legs. My panties must have had a large wet patch showing. She groped my crutch occasionally and that sent new emotions running through my body. The male officer watched intently and occasionally adjusted his dick inside his trousers he was obviously hard! That excited me as well to think that he was excited by me. He got up and came over to me and played with my tits for what seemed like hours, my arms ached hung from the ceiling. He then shouted the guards who came in and took me down and dragged me over to the short couch and laid me face down on it, they tied my hands to the front legs of the bench so I was held down tight. He came over and literally ripped my knickers off, patted my bare arse, the guards then spread my legs over the edge of the couch and strapped my ankles to the rear legs of the couch so my arse was stuck out and I was bent over the table. I could not move an inch, and I felt a new excitement. I was incredibly wet. The female grabbed my hair and yanked my head back to make me look up, he came over in front of me and started taking his clothes off. I was getting horrible feelings but also very excited feelings at the same time. I knew what was going to happen and that just excited me more. He had an incredibly fit body, his dick was fully erect (I thought to myself he's that hard cos he is excited at me) he held and pulled at his dick right in front of my face as if he was showing and taunting me what I was about to have inside of me. (my mind flooded back to the time in the barn when the farm hand had done the same) He disappeared from my view, she let go of my hair and my head flopped forward, I felt him touch my bare arse and I knew it was imminent! There was nothing I could do, I couldn't move an inch, I clenched my body as if I was waiting for torture but my heart was pounding and my juices were flowing and I secretly wanted it that way, I had come to realise that the thought of rape sexually aroused me. I felt his rock hard dick against my arse a few times then suddenly it slid in to me, I took a deep intake of breath and I knew I was enjoying this! He was thrusting into me at a slow steady rate that didn't alter I could feel it slide all the way in then slip out, I was getting very excited. After what seemed like forever he was still pumping me and I was close to orgasm (again), he started to speed up and I could feel it getting deeper and harder, I could not hold out any longer and with a loud groan and an arching of my back I came. He gave me no time to recover, when I got my breathe back, he was still pumping me as fast and deep and was now starting to hit my arse with his loins, I could hear it slap with each thrust. I remember thinking 'I have just cum but I am excited again already' I wanted more of this! I managed to look up and the 'she devil' was sat in the chair looking at us with a big smile on her face, her skirt was up around her arse and she was playing with herself. That excited me even more, although it was a struggle to keep my head up to look at her I was transfixed by her and the thought that she was excited at the sight of me getting fucked senseless.

He was able to keep up this relentless pumping for ever, I kept expecting him to cum and be finished but he kept going and going, this was wonderful. I was so excited that I could feel my insides tightening and I knew I was heading for one almighty orgasm (I had never felt this before, this was going to be deeper than ever I had know) within seconds I groaned my last, went stiff, stopped breathing, and then it happened - I exploded! God it was incredible. As I recovered my breathing before passing out he thrust into me so deep it made me grimace, he held it in, deep in, and he came with a shout of joy, I felt his cum hit my insides like a blast and it seemed to shoot again and again.

He sat down with a smug look on his face and I think I passed out. I 'awoke' with a scream as I felt a searing pain on my arse; the she devil had whipped me. She then ran the handle of the riding crop around my arse and slid it between my upper thighs, which by now had his sperm and all my body fluids running down them. She then slid it in me and was 'fucking' me with it, her soft hands caressed my arse and at times slid down to my pussy where the crop was hitting home with exact precision with every thrust, she sensed that I was trying to move with excitement and just pressed it further into me, I kept thinking 'fuck, that thing is about 2 foot long, I can't take it all'. I raised my head and the officer was just sat watching intently and was hard again. By now she was thrusting what felt like half the crop into me and each time it went in it seemed to go on forever I was getting very aroused, it was building gradually but I knew that I was heading to another massive orgasm, I didn't think I was capable of so many deep exploding orgasms. In a few vicious thrusts I screamed in sheer agony or delight I am not sure which and exploded onto that crop handle. She stopped and held it in there for a while, then gently slid it out, as it came out I felt fluid running down my thighs again.

I must have fallen asleep with exhaustion, the next thing I remembered was being woke up by the she devil, the officer came over to me asked me if I was going to tell him what he wanted (he knew I didn't know anything that he wanted it was an excuse to have more enjoyment out of me) I said 'you know I don't know anything'. He just laughed and shouted something in German to the next room, I heard a lot of feet and people coming into the room as they came round I could see it was men all naked, they stood around the room smiling some were already hard after seeing me totally naked and strapped down. The she devil came beside me and with gleeful laughter in her voice said 'these are the first shift from the guard house, some of these have not had a woman for months, ENJOY!'

I noticed the officer nod and one guy came over to me the rest started jeering and laughing and shouting encouragement, he ramed his dick into me and got faster with each shout of encouragement, within a dozen thrusts he came, (it reminded me of the farm hands who never got enough sex and would come very quickly). After about 7 or 8 had cum in me, my pussy was full and it was running down my legs, the officer shouted something and a big cheer went up from the men, the she devil came over and yanked my head back again to make sure I was watching. A strapping man was striding towards me who had bulging muscles like a body builder, I then noticed his dick and it sent a shudder down my body, it was massive, twice the length I had ever seen and looked as thick as a rolling pin. I thought there is no way that I can take that and if he could get it in me it would touch the other side, but although I was trembling at the thought my juices were flowing. He went behind me and I was waiting for the pain of a penetration attempt, instead I felt him touch my pussy area then spread the cheeks of my arse and he was rubbing the cum around my arse hole, he once again collected more 'lubrication' and this time it went further in my arse his finger was in my arse, I realised with horror that he was going to try and put that dick into my arse and fuck it, I knew that was not going to be a pleasure, I had never had anal sex and now I didn't want to. He withdrew his finger and shoved two in, that stretched my arse! When he withdrew those fingers I felt him move closer to me and I knew and trembled at what was about to happen. He was as hard as wood now and slapped the massive tool across my buttocks then spread my cheeks apart and forced that dick into me, I screamed out loud and wriggled as much as could in agony, a big cheer went up from the watching crowd. With each trust into me I screamed and shouted in agony. I noticed the officer and the she devil were laughing. The last thing I remember was the intense pain and the noise, I must have passed out.

I awoke to the she devil whipping my arse and shouting 'wake up you bitch', I came to, my arse felt like I had been passing tennis balls and my pussy felt as wide as a cave,he must have fucked me while i was out of it, Cum was running down my legs. She asked me if I wanted a drink, I nodded and within no time my hands and feet were free and I sat up, she handed me a drink then as soon as I had finished it she took the cup and started squeezing my tits. She knew how to touch a woman and I felt an attraction to her, my nipples stood out hard, she rubbed them then shoved me down onto the couch, two guards gripped my hands and pulled my arms over my head and strapped my hands to the couch so I couldn't sit up, she continued to give my tits a good squeezing and occasionally her hand went down to my pussy and rubbed me. She then seized my ankle and bent my leg back over my body and strapped it to something that held it there, she did the same with the other leg, then I saw her go behind my head and heard her cranking something, the belts shortened and my legs were pulled back and down over my body and spread open at the same time, it began to get very uncomfortable and I was glad when it stopped. She came back into view and bent down next to my face and said 'let's see how you like it this way' she was holding the ridding crop and she rubbed the leather strap down my face and down my neck and across my tits, she continued down my body and I quivered with an excitement I had not felt before, she got to my now wide open pussy and rubbed it with the strap, she was rubbing my clit which by now was obvious to all and sundry as it was stood erect in excitement, I managed to lift my head enough to look down towards my pussy and I could see her rubbing with the crop, I saw a movement and felt an intense pain in my clit area, she had flicked the whip a little and the strap had twanged my upright clit. As I gasped I also felt a surge of something down there, it was exciting me, and she continued to rub then flick with increasing regularity until I came with an almighty gasp. She came back to my head and rubbed the wet crop around my mouth and whisper in my ear 'let's see if the next shift can make you cum as well as I have' I heard the officer shout again and another group of men came in. She began playing with my tits again and The first guy shoved his erect dick into me he shoved down on top of me with all his weight and in this position it felt like it was going in forever, I groaned in pleasure (I think) he came in me and the next took his turn. It all seemed different now as I could see their faces smiling at me and enjoying fucking my wide open pussy, some managed to feel my tits at the same time, only one seemed to excite me and in combination of her caressing my tits and his thrusting I must have cum. After they had all had me and left the room I noticed that the she devil had stripped down to her knickers and the officer was playing with her tits, she was wanking his dick which by now was getting hard, they kept looking at me and smiling as if acting in front of me. They eventually came over to me and he started squeezing my tits, he started rubbing my erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger it was gorgeous then all of sudden he gave it a big squeeze I shrieked in pain, he just laughed, she bent down and started sucking it, as if she was sucking it better. She then came up to my face and kissed me, when she realised I wasn't objecting she kissed me passionately and her tongue gently touched mine, I had never been kissed that passionately before and it was beautiful. I felt something gently slide into my pussy and start rubbing, it must have been his finger, then there was two in and he was rubbing the inside of my inner pussy, she was kissing me and he kept on rubbing me, it was as if he knew exactly where in there excited me most, my stomach ached with all the pleasure, my legs ached with being held back at that angle, my arse still hurt from being stretched by that fucking great bull! My tits ached with all the squeezing, my buttocks hurt from all that whipping and my pussy hurt from all those dicks BUT I was enjoying this, I could feel emotions building, I wanted them to stop, no I wanted them to keep going, I wasn't sure what I wanted but I knew that if they kept going like that I would explode in agony or was it pleasure. They didn't stop and I did explode to their enjoyment.

She was still kissing me and caressing me when the straps were removed my legs fell back to their normal position with great relief, the strap released my hands and I felt free, she sat me up still caressing my body, she put my hand on her tit, I responded in the same way she had and she rolled her head back in pleasure then came back for another passionate kiss. The officer was just sat watching, she then moved my hand and put it between her open legs, I felt nervous, I had never touched another pussy but my own, at first I wasn't sure whether to move or not but decided to move my hand up towards her pussy, when it made contact with her knickers I felt a surge of excitement and wanted more, it was warm down there and it felt right. I began to rub her and I could feel her knickers were wet from all her excitement, she was kissing me like I was her long lost lover and I loved it. Without me realising it I was caressing her tit with one hand while rubbing her crutch with the other, she was moaning with pleasure and that excited me more to think that I was exciting her as men had excited me, I was in charge! I slid off the table and bent down took hold of her knickers and pulled them down to her ankles. She gasped in delight, she had a very curly bush of hair around her pussy that matched her red hair. As I stood up I came across her enormous nipples and my mouth seemed to just go there as if it had sucked them for years. She was loving it, I came back to her soft lips and her tongue went straight into my mouth. I slid my hand down her body until I felt that bush and on between her legs, she seemed to just ease her legs open as if to say 'yes please its ready' My finger went inside her and she was slippy and wet, she moaned with delight as I rubbed her. I withdrew and shoved two fingers in to a little yelp of delight and before I knew it I was thrusting my fingers in and out of her like crazy, I could feel her pussy starting to bulge with excitement and I knew that very shortly she would orgasm, within seconds she cried out with elation , she was rigid and she thrusted her pussy against my fingers and held it there, I could feel her cum running over my fingers, I gently slid them back and forth to rub it in, she kissed me as if to say thank you.

The officer was now rock hard and he came over to me and told me to get down on my knees, which I did, I thought he is never going to fuck me again! Before I realised what was happening his hand was behind my head and his dick was in my mouth. At first I spluttered, I thought I was going to choke but he gently slid it in and out and before long I was enjoying it, I had his dick in my mouth, I was in control now, every time it slid it right down my throat he groaned with pleasure. I started to move my head back and forth, faster and faster, until he was groaning and groaning, then another new experience, without warning I could feel his dick expand in my mouth and it shot his sperm out like a cork out of a bottle, I felt it hit the back of my throat with quite a force. My mouth was full of his cum, it was warm with a slightly salty taste but not unpalatable he went limp and withdrew, I swallowed hard and licked around my mouth to clear it of his sperm.

I will leave this part of my story for now, I was released and returned to the farm.

When I got back to the farm I seemed as though I slept for days, recovering from my ordeal, my pussy and my arse and my tits ached for days if not weeks, never-less as I lay in my bed I often had thoughts about the incredible orgasms I had been subjected to and immediately felt aroused and wet again. Over the weeks I kept a low profile but I had this feeling I was been watched.

One warm summer night, I was in bed asleep naked with no cover on it was so warm and still. I woke with a start, somebody was in my bed and kissing me, I soon remembered those passionate kisses from that soft mouth and realised it was the she devil, she stopped kissing me for a second and put her finger over mouth and said 'shush', she immediately started to kiss me again her hand was all over my tits, her knee slid its way between my legs forcing them open and came up until her knee was rubbing my now wet pussy. She was naked and it gave me an uneasy feeling that she had come into my room and removed all her clothes and got into bed with me without me waking. I remembered the time we had together with a rush of emotion, I realised I wanted this as much as I wanted men! She moved down to my tits and was running her tongue around my erect nipples then sucking them, they felt enormous. She then started running her tongue down my body and I shuddered with delight and gave a little groan of pleasure, she did it again and again then carried on down until she was between my legs, she spread them wide and I was expecting her fingers to suddenly penetrate me. To my surprise she started running her tongue around the tops of my tighs and around my bush, I was wriggling with delight, then suddenly without warning, I gasped as she shoved her tongue onto my clit and pushed into me and I could feel her tongue moving up and down and around it, it was a pleasure I didn't want to stop and a feeling I was to long for it in future years. I felt myself rubbing the back of her head and pushing slightly as if to tell her I wanted it more, my loins were swelling and I was dribbling with wetness, I could feel a orgasm building and in a final burst of frantic tonguing from her I went absolutely rigid and almost screamed with pleasure as I came, I managed to hold my scream to avoid waking the household. She came up and kissed me and her fingers gently slid in to my dripping pussy and rubbed that wet around it, I was in heaven! I remember wondering what it would be like to put my tongue in another woman's wet pussy, would I really like it? I had to know and I took a deep breath and decided to go for it I went down the bed and spread her legs and ran my tongue up her slit till I reached the top by her clit, it was warm and wet and it did excite me, I worked away on her and she came with a squirt of emotion and I felt a spray of fluid hit my face as she burst forth. She told me she was testing something they had been working on and asked me if I would return to the headquarters and give her my opinion. I reluctantly agreed, thoughts of fright prevented me from being easy about going back there.

We arrived at the back of the building early in the morning and entered through a back door, there was no one around, she led me down a corridor and down steps to a basement area and entered a room. There was a chair, a medical looking couch and in one corner there was a machine contraption with an arm that I could see. She led me to the couch and started to remove my clothes, at that the officer came in and nodded and sat down and watched as I was undressed, I remember thinking that I wasn't bothered, he saw me naked for hours and had me in more embarrassing positions than stood here naked. She lifted my legs suggesting I lay on the couch, She took one hand and took it down the side of the couch and strapped it in, then went and did the same at the other side, at this point I thought I was going to be fucked stupid again and thoughts good and bad flooded back. I gave a struggle as if I had changed my mind but it was too late I couldn't go anywhere. She bent my legs up and clipped in a pole to the couch that had a stirrup affair on the end, both my legs were put in these so I couldn't move them or close my legs. She then clipped some sort of stops against my shoulders, I realised later these were to stop me sliding myself up the couch. She gave me a kiss and said 'I think you will enjoy this!' she then rubbed her hand across my pussy as if checking how wet I was, by now I was WET!

The officer had got up and was wheeling this machine over towards the bottom of the couch, I tipped my head to look down my body and could see this machine being tethered to the couch between my legs, it had an arm affair hanging down at the front and had motors on it from what I could see. They seemed to adjust it for ages as if lining it up. Eventually they switched it on and it whirred into life the arm was moving somehow but I could not see how. They turned a knob and its motor noise increased and the arm seemed to increase in movement. I felt nothing touching me. They switched it off and picked up something from a case, it looked like a model of a dick, of average size! They seemed to fit it on the end of the arm. At this point they slid the machine along until I felt the 'dick' starting to slide into my gaping pussy. It went in a couple of inches and was not unpleasant but did not excite me much. The officer then looked at me and then at the 'she devil' and started to turn the knob, it started up and I could feel the dick move very slowly in and out. I could see two knobs and one seemed to be moving the amount it penetrated me and the other was to be the speed. He kept adjusting the knob and the machine was 'thrusting' in and out of me and it was getting deeper as he turned this knob. I remember thinking 'that's enough, that's deep enough' I tried to shuffle up the bed away from it but the stops on my shoulders prevented me. It stopped getting deeper and they both looked intently at me and smiled, it was getting me very excited by now it's methodical pace was relentless and I knew that within no time I would cum, I found I was tipping my pelvis and almost thrusting with it as if to say come on fuck me! Suddenly it started to speed up and that finished me I came with pleasant smile on my face, I expected it to stop at that point just like when a dick has cum and goes limp, but it didn't it kept going, still on its relentless thrusting, I felt a new emotion, I was used to a bit of a slowdown in pace after climaxing but this thing kept going and it was still building that excitement, as if the orgasm was just a passing phase. I was getting very excited again and thrusting my hips as best I could in this position. She came over to me and started caressing my tits, this excited me even more as it took my mind off the fact that this was just a machine, I started to imagine I was being fucked by a real man, I felt a longer thrust that went deeper and deeper, he was turning that knob again!, my nipples were stinging with the erect excitement as she played. The machine went on and on faster and deeper than before and I could not contain myself anymore and came again from deep inside of me. I could hear squelching noises as it continued to thrust in and out of my dripping pussy. The machine stopped and they withdrew it from me. She came and said 'I told you, you would enjoy it!' I did! In fact I was slightly disappointed it had stopped.

She went to the machine and took off the dick and came towards me licking my juices of it, she enjoyed teasing me! She went the case and put it in and picked another one up and came over to me, she 'taunted' me with it, it was fucking huge, it was three times the length of most dicks and two or even three times thicker (about the size of a large rolling pin!). She said to the officer 'I think she is ready for this now!' and went down to the machine and started fitting it. I was quivering, a few minutes ago I wanted more now I wasn't so sure, but my loins told a different story, they were excited at the thought of this monster!

They slid it forward again and gently eased it into me, it didn't want to go in and I winced as it tried to force its way in, at that point she reached in and gently eased my lips around its girth with her finger tips. It suddenly slid in a bit and I gasped as it stretched my pussy to new heights. At that point I heard it's motors start-up and at that point I shouted no, no, no more, but they just laughed and it very slowly started its thrusting movements, it was excruciating as it slowly slid in and out but under that feeling was a feeling of arousal. They let it do its work very slowly for what seemed like hours and I started to enjoy it, it was fucking massive inside me, I could feel every movement it made. It then started to move deeper and deeper and I thought they would split me wide open this was too big! But it kept going and I winced a number of times each time it just went deeper, they were enjoying this!. In my torment I managed to tilt my head to look as if to ask for less but all I could see was her now naked and she was on her knees pulling his trousers down, she pulled his pants over his very, very erect dick, it looked magnificent and I had a surge of excitement, she got hold of it and put it in her mouth, he arched his back and groaned with delight, I just came at that point, partly from the relentless thrusting of this massive dick and partly at the sight of his wonderful dick in her mouth.

She looked up from his dick, she knew I had come, then carried on, the machine carried on, I carried on getting more and more excited, I thought to myself 'nobody is controlling this relentless fucking thing, it could go on forever, what if it when wrong and literally ripped me to bits.!' They continued, it continued, I continued! I kept tilting my head to look at them and how excited they were, she reached round without taking his dick out and I saw her reach for the knob, she turned it, and went back to the job she had in hand. The machine and this massive dick started to thrust faster it was building and I was starting to think that it would now rip me in two literally I felt a wave of fright but at that point it levelled out and was just relentlessly thrusting this gigantic dick in and out of me. Within minutes I had cum again, I thought my insides were coming out I have never had such a deep cum like that before. I seemed to squirt forever and when I looked they were going hell for leather and he came in her mouth. She immediately got up and came over to me and kissed me passing his cum into my mouth and rubbing it around the inside of my mouth with her tongue. I don't know whether it was that or the nonstop thrusting after my cum that brought a surge of excitement. I thought I was going to cum again. She had saved some of the cum and went down to my nipples and dribbled some on them, rubbed it in with her hands, well that did it I came again I was absolutely rigid and thrusted my hips as much as I could move, my insides ached, my pussy throbbed, I screamed partly in the pain of it and partly in pleasure. The officer was now stood at the controls and was starting to make it thrust deeper, I had seen the length of that fucking monster before it was fitted and felt scared at the thought of it going much deeper. It stopped thrusting deeper I did feel relieved, he twiddled the other knob and it speeded up again, 'oh my God', I couldn't take much more of this! I was pushing like mad against the stops on my shoulders in an effort to get away a bit but I was already hard against them, in fact it was starting to push my whole body against them with every thrust. He smiled and got hold of the woman and bent her over against the control panel and slipped his dick into her, she arched her back in delight and I had a rush of excitement as I remembered him slipping that magnificent erect dick into me weeks earlier. She was enjoying it and I was enjoying it! That monster dick was relentless and was taking me to new experiences; no man could ever have a dick as satisfying as this and the stamina to keep it hard and deep thrusting forever! I was moaning with pleasure and tilted my head up, she tilted hers back at the same time and were looking at each other at the same eye level, we looked into each other's eyes and she smiled , I smiled then she got up and went to the case and got the smaller dick out and came back to the bottom end of the couch he grabbed her shoved her over against it with such force I felt the couch move and he rammed his dick into her with such force she let out a 'argh..' then he was thrusting again she recovered her composure and looked up, smiled and reach forward with one arm under thrusting monster, I felt something rub the juices that were running down over my arse hole around it gently for a while, prising me slightly with each circuit. Then without warning she shoved it into my arse till her hand hit it and twisted it at the same time, I shrieked in horror but excitement at the same time, she slid it slowly in and out while then turning up the speed on the thrusting monster, I thought I was going to suffocate, I could not breathe, my pussy swelled up and there was an almighty explosion, it hurt, it excited , it was painful, it was pleasurable! When I was able to open my eyes and focus she was smiling at me she knew what I just gone through (she had tried this beast before!) , it kept going, on and on and on..... I could here it clanking with the speed of the thrusting and it seemed as if it was just getting up steam. I had cum so many times and so deep I honestly did not think my body could muster another!

I heard her moan with pleasure and when I looked up he was thrusting as fast as the machine into her and she had cum, he came with a load shout of release and I could remember that feeling of his everlasting cum blasting my insides with it's warmness running down my cavity. It excited me so much I thought I would be able to cum again but it didn't happen, but I was on the 'edge!' In her delights she had let go of the dick and I could still feel it right inside of my arse. She came to me and kissed me and caressed my aching tits, he had gone to the machine and had increased it again, I groaned and she turned to him and said 'that's enough you'll break it!', it was going like the clappers, the arm was going in and out as fast a steam engines piston when breaking the speed record. He grinned and give it and the deepness knob a little tweak, I could not breathe, I ached my body was been pounded to a pulp, my pussy felt as though it was bulging like a balloon about to burst, my arse was coming to terms with the dick in it, my chest hurt, my back hurt, I think my nipples were larger than my tits and my eyes were out on stalks, my mouth was dry and I gasped for every breath. With a sudden rush of all these emotions I screamed out I could not stand it anymore and my pussy exploded in orgasm. I must have passed out in exhaustion and the next thing I know I awoke in her arms, she was wrapped around my naked body and she was kissing me gently. My pussy felt as though it would never return to its normal size it felt as though I still had a rolling pin between my legs, in fact I think I put my hand down there to check there was nothing there!

She said 'I can't believe you broke the machine!', I could not believe what had happened here and no man has ever been able to satisfy me like that ever since (plenty have tried!)

It took about a month for my body to stop letting me know what I had gone through my pussy being the worst I thought that I wouldn't be able to stand having sex ever again it was so painful!

But it did 'repair' itself and I found myself ready and wanting it again!

It was at this point in my life I knew that I was a nymphomaniac, it was like a drug, I had to have it, I would think about it, I would flirt something rotten in an effort to be taken if I had gone more than a couple of days without it.

On one occasion I found myself walking into a men's changing room and standing there and undoing my dress down the front, I had nothing on underneath, the men looked on in astonishment and I could see dicks growing by the second, that gave me such a buzz. They all surged towards me and wrestled me to the ground (I wasn't really objecting) and while some held me others had me, some managed to last long enough to make me cum, some lasted about 10 seconds. They had all had me and I wanted more just like the machine I wanted them to continue, one or two came back for a second turn and lasted forever as they had just cum minutes before. I found myself on top of one bloke and bouncing up and down for all I was worth to try and excite myself. Two guys stood behind me and played with my tits, the rest watched and cheered and encouraged him (or maybe it was me they were egging on) he could stand it no longer and his cum blasted my insides. I came at the same time, I can't believe I did it but I knew I had to have it.

The Dance

The Dance

I rushed home from a day on the farm to get bathed and dressed to go to a dance at the local American air base. I had not had sex for what seemed like weeks to me, it was probably 2 weeks!

I needed sex, I was getting desperate and I would have let anybody at the moment! I quickly bathed and slipped on my best dress then met another girl called Emily at the end of our lane and we walked together to the base. Emily was about 28 years old and I don't think she had ever had sex she seemed a bit of a shy prude. She always dressed in non sexy clothes and never showed any cleavage or leg even though she looked to have a great pair of tits. The odd time I broached the subject of men she went all shy and seemed to want to change the subject. As we walked up the lanes towards the base we were passed by a jeep which stopped and the officer asked us if we were going to the dance? Did we want a lift? We accepted and climbed in, the officer was very chatty and was good looking, I thought I wouldn't mind him exciting me!'. He kept looking at me and I knew he was interested! When we arrived at the dance we went into the hall and he asked me if I wanted a drink, I accepted, we ended up dancing most of the night, I got quite wet a few times when he held me and once he just guided me away from the dance floor by touching my arse.

I had lost sight of Emily and at one point he went to the toilet and I looked around for her, she was nowhere to be found! I thought that she must have got sick because I was dancing and gone home. I went outside the back of the hall for a breath of fresh air, when I got out I stood around the corner and in the dark noticed a couple up against the wall having a good snog, I tried not to disturb them but I couldn't take my eyes of them, when they moved slightly I noticed it was Emily with a good looking guy! She was enjoying it! I noticed he was caressing her tits and she didn't seem to object, he undid the top of her dress and pulled it down over her bra, I was flabbergasted, was this our little shy Emily? She didn't stop him and in fact seemed proud to stick them out; he kissed her again and touched her tits. He then reached around her back and undid her bra and took it off, her tits dropped out of it and he looked down at them and got hold of them with both hands, he held them up in his hands and kissed them and began sucking her nipples. I stood there riveted to the spot and was very wet, jealous and shocked! I thought 'I wish it was my tits he had out and my nipples he was sucking' I even thought of joining them but decided against it because she would have thought I was stealing her moment. He worked his way down her body from her nipples and pulled her dress down over her hips, it fell to the ground and she stood there in her little knickers. He carried on down and was kissing her knickers, she was arching her back in sensual pleasure. He stood up and kissed her, she responded with untold passion then reached down and undid his trousers and got his dick out, she 'played' with it a little while, then he couldn't resist any more and he eased her to the ground, she slipped her knickers off while he dropped his pants to his ankles and went down in between her now wide open legs. I could tell he had penetrated her as she gasped in ecstasy. He started thrusting and she was enjoying it! I just stood there and watched, at one point he looked up and saw me watching but just smiled and carried on. Within no time he had cum and flopped onto her. I decided it was time to make a strategic withdrawal!. I went back inside and found my guy I had been dancing with, I could feel that I was terribly wet and was very excited, I needed sex now!

When I joined him at the bar, I whispered in his ear 'can we go somewhere?', he nodded and led me outside the front door and said 'let me show you my plane over here'. We walked over to a row of planes standing at the edge of the apron and climbed the ladder into the first one. I was surprised how much room there was and how comfortable it seemed. He shut the door behind us and came over to me; I was desperate for it now and just wanted it! He kissed me and I felt a surge of excitement, within seconds he had his hand up my dress and was feeling my crutch. I think he probably felt my knickers were wet with all the excitement and immediately had his hand down them! I wanted it and opened my legs slightly to 'facilitate' him and let him know I wanted it. His fingers worked their way down across my pubic hair and found my pussy which must have been dripping by now, he slid a finger into me and he seemed to take a breath as it easily slid into the wet. He smiled at me and said 'that is fantastic, you are excited!' I nodded in agreement. He moved to my side and seemed to move his right hand onto my clit and his other hand went down my knickers and pulled them down round my ankles then he ran his hand back up my leg and across my bare arse, then it came down and into my pussy, before I knew it he had 2 fingers up me from one hand and was rubbing my clit with the other. I was in ecstasy! I was groaning in excitement, I realised I was making a noise but I couldn't care less it was just too good, he sensed this and just went deeper and faster, my legs were trembling with excitement, I shouted for him to fuck me but he said not yet and kept on, getting faster and faster, it had been so long since I had cum and I had been so excited I came in no time. I said to him that was incredible and he just said 'mmmm' I realised that he was still rubbing my clit and his fingers were still inside me, I was getting excited again! 'Wow!' over the next half an hour he must have made me cum 4 times and I sagged onto the floor. He took hold of my dress and pulled it up over my head then undid my bra and kneeled down between my legs and fondled my naked tits. My nipples were very excited and stuck out hard. He occasionally played with them, then went down and kissed them. He stood up between my legs and started to take his clothes off. I realised that this was unusual as I had cum 4 times and been here half an hour and he still had his clothes on! Usually in this sort of situation men have their dick out and inside of me in minutes and then cum quickly and leave me wanting more!

As he took his pants off I saw his dick for the first time, it was erect and it was big! I sat up and reached out and got hold of it and it was rock hard, I gripped it and slid my hand up and down it, he was arching his back and was breathing hard, I think that he was enjoying it! I decided I wanted to excite it more, I got up onto my knees and moved my head closer to it, I licked it and he let out a moan of enjoyment, I got my lips around it and started sliding it in and out of my mouth, he was groaning with pleasure, I thought to myself I had not had a hard dick this large in my mouth before. I wanted in my wet pussy but decided to do the same to him as he had just done to me, I started sucking faster and faster, within no time he let out a groan and I felt his cum hit the back of my throat, I swallowed it and kept sucking for a while but he went limp.

We both slumped to the floor and lay there in each other's arms. After a while my hand had hold of his dick and I found myself rubbing it back to life, I could feel it starting to 'grow' in my hand until he was hard again, he then rolled me over onto my back and got up onto his knees he grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs into the air and bent me over double, he came down on top of my legs and smiled at me looking up at him, I smiled back. He looked down at what must have seemed a wide open dribbling wet pussy, he slipped it into my lips and started to slide it into my wet hole, I could feel it sliding in and in it was stretching me and that excited me. He had a great length and in this position seemed to be getting further in than I had had for a long time! I was incredibly excited, I remember thinking that it won't go in any further when he thrusted into me and squashed my legs at he lent into me with his weight, this just seemed to excite me even more as I was held down and could not move! He thrusted into me harder and harder I could feel myself starting to get very excited, I was gasping for breath but at the same time I was extremely excited I tried to thrust back as he thrusted into me but I could hardly move, he just kept on and on, I was groaning and squealing out loud and he loved it, I could see his face as I looked up through my wide open legs. He started to thrust faster and this just finished me off I squealed more and more and he pushed harder, I came with an almighty gasp and squeal. I thought I was never going to stop cumming, wave after wave. I realised he had not cum with me so I tried to rock my arse to excite his dick while he kept it pressed hard inside me. He didn't cum and eventually when I had gone limp with release after a massive climax he withdrew from me, my pussy seemed empty without that big hard dick in it! I wanted sex and I certainly got it! FUCK WOW! He lay down next to me and kissed me fondly, I think I was in love with this man, I had never felt like this before, I had often wanted more of a man but I think it was just sex. This felt different, we talked a little, I said that he excited me like never before and he said it was the best shag he had had! He caressed my tits, I expected him


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