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Annabelle Connors enters her first year of college ready to party and have fun. That's soon taken away when she leaves a party alone.

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Chapter 1

High school was hell. I mean, it wasn't that bad. I was captain of the cheer team and varsity lettered in all my sports. Not to mention the fact that I always had my friends with me. They were cool I guess, but they weren't my real friends. There was just no one better to hangout with. I can make new friends now. I'm in University unlike all their dumb asses going to community college. I have everything planned out. I'm going to finish my basic four year then head off to dental school.

What ever. I've got four years. I can do whatever I want right now. First week in and I still haven't fully settled in. I was always a bubble wrapped child, so this is weird. I've never had my parents not breathing down my neck and forcing me into the shit I never wanted. It's Saturday and the huge frat house, Delta Omega is throwing their school hear kick off party. I need to look hot. I'm eighteen and I'm still a virgin. None of those shits back home were good enough, but I see if there's anything interesting at the part tonight.

It's about six o' clock so I have plenty of time to get ready. My roommate is an art major and she already has a clan of weirdos she's always with, I haven't seen her since Thursday. I hop in the shower and wash my long brown hair. I guess it goes well with my olive skin. My friends were always jealous of my natural tan. After drying off I put my makeup on. Just a natural smoky eye is enough to highlight my deep brown eyes. A gold sequined mini skirt and a bright pink crop top with my champagne stilettos and I look perfect.

My girl friends from my calc class have already texted my telling that they're ready and down in the dorm lobby. I head down and see Tiff and Maria looking hot as ever.

"Hey bitch. Ready to get smashed?!" Maria shouts.

"Jesus! Do you want everyone to know?"

"I'm just supes excited! Let's go meet some babes!"

"It like a five block walk so let's get going!" Tiff buds in.

We head on our way and can already hear it the minute we step outside our building. God I want this. We get to the front door and we see the bouncer at the front door.

"Sorry ladies, not tonight." He says to a group of girls in front of us. When they turn around I see why. Complete trash. I get it, I'm a bitch. We get to the front of the line and he eyes us head to toe.

I lick my lips and bend over just to five him a little show of my pushed up cleavage. He winks and lets us in no problem. I finally see it. Holy shit this is awesome.

"OMG. Look at all the hotties!!" Tiff squeals. And that's when I see the man I'm going to make a move on tonight. Shaggy blonde hair with nothing but hot man jeans on? Hell yes. Immediately, we're approached by a couple of half ass guys who offer to get us some drinks. We say yes and follow them to the bar. They hand us each a shot and we down them right away.

"Another one coming right up ladies!" We each take another and I can already feel the buzz. I was always a light weight.

"Wanna dance?" I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around to see the hottie blonde standing just inches away.

"Sure!" I reply, and head right into the middle of the crowd with him. He puts his hands on my hips and we sway to the rhythm of the up beat dubstep song blasting from the speakers.

"Do you have a name?"

"Anna, you?"

"Rob. Like the frat house?"

"Love it! You throw an awesome party."

"Wanna see some more of it?"

"Uh, sure!" I've always heard of guy's doing this. They give the private tour all the way up to their bedrooms and right into their beds. I don't mind though. Might as well. Rob brings me to the blocked off staircase and moves the board of wood to the side to let me in.

"These are the underclassmen rooms." I can see how shitty they look. We head up another flight of stairs. "And here are the upperclassmen rooms." I can see they're substantially bigger and nicer. "And the nicest one of them all, the frat president's room."

I walk in and he follows, closing the door behind him. I turn around just before he lowers his head to kiss me. It's a sloppy one. I've done better, but whatever, he's hot and half drunk. I put my hands around his neck and he cups the back of mine to deepen the kiss. I open my mouth and we start playing tongue hockey while he backs me up until I fall onto the bed. I let out a squeal and giggle. He lowers himself onto me and continues, holding himself up over me with his elbows.

He moves away from my mouth and starts kissing my neck. I know I'm going to have a huge hickey tomorrow. He puts his knees down and I feel him unclasp my bra. I pull my crop top over my head to give him a full show of my perfect B sized rack. He starts to play with my nipples and I moan into his mouth. He lowers his mouth to one of my breasts and starts to nip and suck until I'm moaning and arching underneath him. He unzips my skirt and I feel him lowering himself. God yes. He pulls my skirt off and I feel him start to rub me through my lace thong. I let out a moan in response. He lowers his head between my spread legs and pulls down my thong with his teeth. This man is such a pleaser. He kisses his way up my thighs until he reaches the apex of my legs.

That's when he looks me straight in the eyes and gives me one long, slow stroke from my hole to my clit. I put my hand through his hair just as he starts to ravage me with his tongue. I'm so close, I can feel the sweet sweet pressure starting to build in my lower abdomen. He starts to suck on my clit and that's when I lose. I'm shaking and moaning as waves of pleasure surge through me. When it's done I look down to see his satisfied face smirking up at me.

"I'd better return the favor, shouldn't it?" I ask.

He flips us over and I take off his pants to watch it seven inch dick spring straight out. I immediately lower my face onto his dick and suck on just the very tip. He lets out a moan and starts to beg for me to take him all the way in. I just look up with doll eyes. He lets out a grunt as I take him all the way into my throat. I continue to pump him until I feel him come in my mouth, which I happily swallow. He lifts his head and I give him a quick peck on the cheek.

"What? That's all?"

"Sorry, I don't put out." I say as I put my clothes back on and leave the room. I head down the stairs to see Tiff and Maria grinding with some guys on the dance floor.

"Guys, I think I'm going to head back now, I'm exhausted."

"K babe, we'll see you back at the dorms!" Maria shouts,

I head out the front door, only to have a bad feeling in my stomach. It's pitch black except for the light from the street lamps. That's when I hear it. The low rumble of the black SUV that's been following me. I look back at it only to watch it speed in front of me. I turn on my heels to run, but trip on my heels. Two men hop out of the car. I only have a second to scream before one of them covers my mouth with one of their black leather gloves. I feel a poke in my neck and everything goes black.


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