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Doctor Calvani -The Beginning

Book By: Emy Naso

The strange Doctor Calvani - his story begins

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The beginning of a serialization of a story by Emy Naso Copyright Emy Naso Follow this blog for the complete story to unfold It's A Long Way From Anywhere "Where shall we go to, my lovely?" The charismatically handsome Doctor Melvin Calvani asked the vivacious blonde, Milly Dunne, as he reached up to offer a hand, helping her down from the horse and carriage. They'd reached the railway station in Cardiff, and for all his knew, the angry mob were not far behind, baying for, if not his blood, then certainly for the Doctor's liberty, convinced of his pernicious guilt in sexually corrupting and coercing young women of their town into tainted, lewd acts. "What about London, Doctor?" Milly said excitedly. To her the flight was an escape from poverty, hanging onto the tailcoat of this enigmatic, rich and weirdly fascinating man. She assuredly saw him as a passport to a better life, even if his sexual demands and insistence on Milly's submissions to unusual sensuality were a warning that he saw her as a slave and not a partner. He craved her body, she yearned for freedom. Calvani smiled, a suggestion of indulgency in the grimace. He knew that to go east, back to the Capital, was no an option for two reasons. Firstly, his odyssey started there when he fled under the duress of others' disapproval of his unorthodox methods in psychoanalysis of his female patients. Secondly, the feared rabble, who even now were closing in, would assume he had taken the London train and could, as far as his furtive imagination was concerned, send word by telegraph to a station down the line. Walking purposefully into the booking hall, he went to the ticket desk clerk and paid for two journeys north through the valleys of the coal mining district. Striding over the bridge to the far platform, he would not have seen Milly's disappointed face as she ran to keep up with the tall Doctor. Longingly she looked back at the big, steaming train, waiting for its passenger, smoking and puffing, girding its metal loins to speed them to London. The train she and Doctor Calvani climbed up into, was a small, dirty, minor monster, its carriages nowhere near as luxurious as that other train to the great metropolis. Steamy and gleaming on the adjacent platform. The carriage was empty, and, to Calvani's relief, there was no corridor, so once it left the station they could not be disturbed. A portly railway porter looked at the big central clock hanging above the platform, gave a self-important wave of his flag, blew a whistle and shouted, "Mind the doors." They were free. Not a sight of the mob. The chugging, rattling train pulled out of the station at Cardiff, the clacking sound of wheels crossing the points at the junction where the many lines converged. It was a slow, labored exit, the little engine pulling and straining like a mechanical asthmatic, wheezing passed the tiny houses at both sides of the track. Like two people stealing unknown through the lives of others, Doctor Calvani and Milly sat watching out of the window of their solitary carriage, oblivious to the many people in their houses, the scene changing unhurriedly, but constantly. After a while, Milly stood up and pulled down the window, leaning slightly out. "See, Doctor, there's Llanishen. I have a friend who lives there. And I can see the station at Taff Wells approaching." She kept up the commentary all along the line, telling him, although he was not interested or hardly heard her over the noise of the engine, all the places she knew and what they meant to her in the young life she'd led. "Where are we going, Doctor?" Milly had to ask him twice before he understood what she was saying. The truth was, he didn't know. Calvani's knowledge of the expanse of valleys and mountains through Wales was shaky. All his knew was that it must be a lonely place where his reputation could not reach. He had three possessions with him. The important chronicle, where he recorded all his thoughts, a pocketful of gold coins, enough to set them up somewhere, and the compliant, pretty blonde, who chatted endlessly, the young woman he saw as a sexual slave. After a few dreary hours, and a stop to change trains at Merthyr Tydfil, they continued onward through the Brecon Mountains, ensconced in another deserted carriage on their own. Milly became entranced. This was a rugged landscape she did not know. Again, she stood up at the open window, staring out, smoke occasionally making her eyes water. More at peace and reassured they were safe, inevitably, Calvani's thoughts settled on the blonde, for a while watching her, becoming intrigued to see her buxom body shake to the rattling of the train, fascinated how her firm, delectable rear moved. When his hand patted and stroked Milly's appealing derriere, she merely turned her head, gave him a quick smile, and then went back to her scenes. Even when he spread hands out and molded them over her dress, feeling the contours of her cheeks, Milly giggled, but did not look at him. Enthralled by the Pen-Y-Fan mountain range, Milly wriggled slightly when she felt the Doctor's hand lift her dress and touch the bareness of her ass, the young blonde not wearing any under-garments. She marveled at the craggy slopes; he shuddered in wonder at Milly's smooth curves. The desolately beautiful landscape filled her with awe; Calvani's fingers felt the soft dew of his slave's pudenda. Her mind must have wandered from the mountainous terrain as he sensually intruded his desires into her thoughts and his finger touched around the edge of her labia. Pushing her dress over her waist he pulled Milly away from her scenic musing, bringing the blonde down on his knee. "Doctor!" she sniggered, now realizing by the stiff hardness in her loins that his cock was out. Milly writhed, sexually encouraging his erection to slip into her vagina. Eagerly, Calvani undid the buttons at the back of her dress, wheezing excitedly, "Arms up, Milly." Impatiently, her dress went over her head, and his hands were folding around, cupping and massaging the young blonde's breasts. Naked on his lap, the Doctor's cock inside of her, Milly did not resist, whispering, "Supposing someone sees us, Doctor." "Only the sheep out there," he laughed sexily, letting the rattling, shaking train move her body up and around on his erection, nibbling her ear-lobes and caressing the nap of her neck. "You must be mine, completely, Milly," he gasped, the lust beginning to possess his body. "There are so many things I want to do to you." "You will look after me, won't you, Doctor?" "Yes," he moaned, in the depth of desire, willing to promise, at that moment, all the gold he owned. Unable to increase his thrust, Calvani whispered seductively, "Do you want to see the mountains?" Milly murmured something, seemingly unaware of his needs. Calvani eased her up, guiding the confused, naked Milly to the window. "Lean forward," he panted, the blonde doing as he wished. With Milly bending, holding on to the open window, the Doctor pressed close, for a moment sensually rasping his cock over her ass, before, hands on her thighs, imposing his eager penis to find and penetrate deep into Milly's sex. His desire was so strong, Milly's body shook back and forth, taking the power of Calvani's search for satisfaction. The train, like the two copulating in the carriage, huffed, puffed and hooted. He finally released his needs, holding his cock still in her for a few seconds while he felt the hotness of an ejaculation go into Milly. The pretty blonde had only just slipped her dress back on when they came to a juddering halt at a station. With some difficulty, they found an inn for the night, the old woman who ran the hostelry, gave the middle-aged tall gentleman and his young female friend an odd look as the couple went up the stairs to the only guest room. She muttered something in her native Welsh language. Whatever it meant, it sounded as if she did not approve. http://emynasoerotica.blogspot.com/ http://shop.renebooks.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=118 http://samhainpublishing.com/authors/emy-naso http://twitter.com/EmyNaso


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