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Doctor Calvani - 3

Book By: Emy Naso

Part 3 of my story

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Theresa, Milly & The Minister Makes Three Calvani became a different man. Gone were the moods and sullenness of the last week. He became energized with the new project. On the second day of their tenure at Cymer House he told Milly he was going into the town to place an advertisement in the regional newspaper, advising the many visitors to the outdoor life offered in the district that he, Doctor Melvin Calvani, was available for consultation on all matters related to healthy minds and bodies. Naturally, he secretly hoped those availing themselves of his services would be young, good-looking and most definitely female. Milly was left to continue the task of cleaning and making ready their new home on the upper floors of Cymer House. He emphasized it was essential that his consulting rooms were spotless, and while she washed and scrubbed a local man was busy painting everything a pure white. It was a color favored by Calvani even if most inappropriate for the hues in the recesses of his mind. By late morning, Milly was thirsty and was about to offer the painter a drink when a cultured voice called from the open door of the room. "Milly, why don't you come down and take a rest." The blonde, on her knees, as she was so often to her master, glanced back from her washing chores to see the handsome face of Miss Theresa Rhinog. The lady spoke in a clear, refined accent, without a trace of the slow, lilting, sing song intonation of the peoples of the Snowdonia area of Wales. Her kind expression overcame Milly's natural reticence of, what the blonde would call, 'posh folk'. "What about him?" Milly said softly so the painter didn't hear. Theresa put an arm on Milly's shoulder. "Don't fret. I'll send the maid up with something. You come and be cozy with us downstairs." Allowing the aristocratic lady to guide her, Milly went down the stairs and into the dark hall, a place she didn't like. She did not know what to make of Theresa, the tall lady being imperious and with something of the dark shadows about her. Still, Milly liked Rose, even though she'd only seen her a few times. The beautiful sister was much nearer Milly's age and had a gentle, almost butterfly delicacy about her. Theresa opened a door to a room Milly hadn't been in before. She expected the 'us' referred to by Theresa to be Rose. Instead a man sat in a high back leather chair, with winged sides and a foot stool in front of him. He was very close to a big open fire blazing in an inglenook.. Milly wasn't sure, but she thought that the clicking noise behind her was Theresa locking the door. "Don't look so worried, Milly," Theresa said, urging the girl farther into the room. "Come and sit on the rug in front of the fire with me." The lady took hold of Milly's hand and tenderly guided her down. The china cups and tea pot were all by the hearth, Theresa pouring, giving a cup to Milly and then the man. Milly wanted to ask for sugar to add to her tea, but as none was offered she kept quiet, thinking posh people would see it as lower class. She had strange ideas about her betters, thinking they must be completely different and their lack of need for sweet things, to her mind, was just one of these distinctions. Theresa patted Milly's hand. "I am not being a good hostess. I haven't introduced you to our roving Minister, Charles Jenkins." He gave a smile, not freely, and too severe for Milly's liking. The Minister was about the Doctor's age, not so handsome, more a stern attractive countenance that reminded Milly of a school master in her village. She tried not to stare, but saw he did not wear what she called a 'dog-collar, his clothes being black, like the dress of Theresa. "The Minister has no solid church, Milly. He roams the county bringing the word of a vengeful afterlife to those who will not renounce sin." Theresa took Milly's empty cup, holding the blonde's attention with her dark, hypnotic eyes. "I am one of his sinful congregation, all part of the family of the Baptist Bethesda of Retribution." The Minister patted the stool in front of him. "Milly…was that your name?" She nodded. He asked as if the very ownership of such a name was a mortal sin. "Such a face of innocence. Come and sit by me my child." Milly made no move. It was Theresa who took hold of her hand and cajoled the young woman into going to the Minister, then sitting by the blonde the make a close party of three. "Do you go to church, Milly? Charles Jenkins asked, his voice that of an inquisitor. "It is difficult to do so being a servant, sir." Jenkins shook his head reproachfully. He took Milly's hands into his, bringing his own together in an attitude of prayer, firmly tramping the girl's. "And what of your relationship with your master?" Milly lowered her eyes, unable to meet the powerful, accusative stare of the Minister. She did not fully comprehend why he was asking, confused about what had taken place between herself and Calvani, knowing there was many unnatural aspects to it, or perhaps taking on the guilt of being an instigator in their sexual acts. While her mind whirled in uncertainty she was aware that Theresa snuggled close. Milly felt hot, claustrophobic from the physical and mental attention. When Theresa's hand stole up her dress and rubbed against her naked thigh, she was rigid with panic. A servant was only wary of displeasing one of her betters, so sat silent. "You have not answered, girl," Jenkins insisted. "I will ask plainly. Is your body known to your master? Have you lain naked with him so that he has had sexual congress with you?" "He is my master, sir," she spluttered. Jenkins tightened his grip on her hands. "Confess, Milly. Is your sin even greater. What lewd acts have you and your master performed?" "We…Doctor Calvani looks after me." "You cannot exonerate your sin in that way.," the Minister intoned, his voice deep with the piety of the hypocrite. "Retribution, Charles. It is the salvation," Theresa suddenly said, removing her hand from under Milly's dress. "Yes, yes," the Minister enthused, glowing in some special thoughts. "Do you want to be cleansed, Milly?" Theresa whispered, an arm around the blonde, a false tenderness in her voice. "But…" Milly stuttered and stopped. "If your transgression was to be known in the town it would be the end of you…and that of Doctor Calvani," Theresa continued to sow fictitious seeds of concern. "And eternal damnation," the Minister said, letting Milly's hands go free, only to rest his own resolutely on her knees, massaging up and down, his eyes wide and wild. "Safe yourself and your master," Theresa whispered, the serpent offering a rotten apple. "How?" Milly sobbed, bewildered by this double attack. "Retribution," Theresa and Charles Jenkins said in evil unison. Milly started to cry. Theresa, putting an arm around her, hugged and brought the young woman's face into her bosom. " Accept the Minister's justice, my darling. It will purify your sins. Don't you want to do that for Doctor Calvani?" Milly's "Yes," was muffled in tears and the consoling breast of the noble lady. Theresa held Milly's face in her hands, taking it away from the repose of her bosom so she could look at the woman. "That's the right decision. Get it over with and then you'll feel better." Theresa began to undo Milly's dress. The servant girl opened her mouth, eyes perplexed. "Don't back down now, Milly. I will be there with you, offering solace. Let me undress you so that you can openly submit to the punishment the Reverend Jenkins will administer. It will be the retribution of purification." While Theresa poured her soft words into Milly's head she continued to undress the servant woman, pulling the dress up over her head, and then standing up, bringing the young woman to her feet. "The trollop wears no under garments, "The Minister wailed, as if he was arbitrating for the righteous on judgment day Ignoring the intervention, Theresa instructed "Over the stool, Milly." In trepidation, Milly knelt and leaned over the stool. The Minister stood up, took off his belt and looked down at the naked woman. Milly took once glance at her avenging angel, yet could see nothing but a devil, another man about to abuse her. Whatever thought she had was swept from her mind as Jenkins flogged her bare ass three times, rapidly and with obvious enjoyment in his expression. The pain made Milly cry out. Theresa knelt down by her side and took the shaken woman into her arms. Her consolation was not just innocently dispensed. Kissing Milly's cheeks, Theresa slipped a hand to the blonde's loin, a finger encroaching sinuously into the young woman's pudenda. Such was the agony on her red posterior Milly gave no resistance, letting Theresa help her up, hand still caressing her clitoris. The refined lady took her to the sofa, there laying down, cajoling Milly to rest next to her. With Theresa against the back of the sofa, Milly wept in her arms, submitting to the calming massage of female hands on her breasts and clitoris. What she did not see, in the distress, and with her back to him, was the Minister unbuttoning his pants and displaying an erection, that if not divine, was certainly human. He balanced precariously on the edge of the sofa, eyes watching the lesbian show. "Woe is the sinner who has not repented," he chanted, hands on Milly's naked rear. "Even after the strictures of my belt, still the Jezebel transgresses with a love that is not sanctioned." Charles Jenkins pressed his fingers into the bare flesh of Milly's ripe ass, pushed her cheeks apart and cruelly penetrated into her. Although Milly struggled, Theresa held her tightly, sucking at the blonde's nipples, while the Minister ordained the young woman into a session of anal sex. They would not free her from the depravity until the Minister found earthly release, denouncing the sins of the world, yet forgetting his own as he dwelt in the feeling of his cock in the young woman's tight ass, sighing as he watched his ejaculation trickle down her gorgeous rear cheeks. When the baptism of sensual fury ended, Milly was made to sit naked on the rug, while more tea was poured and polite conservation exchanged between Theresa Rhinog and the Minister as if it was a church fund raising meeting. Without a flicker of consideration for the servant, Milly was made to parade around unclothed, taking the tea and cakes to Mr. Jenkins. "Do you think your strictures have shown the girl a better way, Minister?" Theresa asked as Milly was standing by the holy hypocrite, collecting his plate. He reached out, a hand around her rear, patting and stroking it. "I feel it will be necessary for me to teach her again, Miss Rhinog," he piously answered. Milly flinched, thinking being taught again would involved an even sorer ass. "What's wrong with the girl?" Jenkins intoned. "She can't stand still for a minute." "Educate her," Theresa goaded. "Yes, you are right," he chanted. "On your knees young woman." Milly felt Theresa's hands on her shoulders, pushing her to the floor. The servant wondered why being on her knees in reverential contemplation was necessary. She suddenly realized it was not to pray to a deity but the Minister's newly arousal cock. "Please, Theresa…" Milly tried to appeal to the cultured lady. "Save your words," Jenkins droned, taking hold of Milly's head, turning it to the front and leaving her in no doubt what she must do to satisfy his devout needs. With his hard penis in her mouth, Jenkins rocked her head back and forth to stimulate his erection in the grip of Milly's lips. While he exploited the female servant in his demands for oral sex, Theresa knelt behind her, hands fondling breasts and blonde loins. The passion of the Minister oozing from Milly's mouth, the servant was sent to wash, dress and then dismissed from the gathering. To be erotic is to be alive and human http://emynasoerotica.blogspot.com/ http://shop.renebooks.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=118 http://samhainpublishing.com/authors/emy-naso http://twitter.com/EmyNaso


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