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Two Gold Diggers 2

Book By: emmakunis

Lucy Stern will never change her wicked ways, which is too bad for Cheryl, the wife of Jeffrey, a man Lucy has seduced on more than one occasion.

Unfortunately, for the sexy home-wrecker, Cheryl is willing to do anything to keep her man - which includes humiliating, stripping, and spanking the temptress.

Warning: wet and messy erotica involving language and a banana that gets shoved into a very private and sensitive place. For mature audiences only.

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Continuing with My Whorish Ways/

I look in the mirror and grin at my reflection. I am gorgeous, if I do say so myself. My cute white summer dress shows off my slender legs and makes my breasts seem even perkier. Before I leave my apartment, I blow my reflection a kiss.

"God, I hope that shrew Cheryl isn't with Jeffrey," I mutter. Cheryl is my co-worker and the bitchy wife of Jeffrey, a lawyer I seduced into lavishing me with diamonds. Needless to say, there is no love lost between Cheryl and me. Just a few hours ago, we had a nude wrestling match in the mud. Needless to say, Jeffrey enjoyed seeing our naked muddy bodies as we spanked and slapped each other. I smile as I remember fingering his wife in front of him. Of course I didn't enjoy the actual act of fingering that bitch, but I did love the aroused look on her husband's face.

I get into my car, ready to persuade Jeffrey into buying me the latest Louis Vuitton bag. I rub my sex, moaning. My poor pussy has been through a lot lately, with people fingering me and possessive bitches shoving things like meatballs and pies into my slit. Hopefully, when I visit Jeffrey, his wife won't be there to go psycho on me and do something disgusting like shove a banana into my sex (which the bitch has done before).

After I arrive at Jeffrey's mansion, I knock on the door. To my satisfaction, Jeffrey is the one who opens it.

He raises his eyebrows. "What are you doing here, Lucy? Didn't you just get into a mud-wrestling match with my wife?"

"I want to show you a good time and you to buy me the newest Louis Vuitton," I purr, stepping inside and closing the door. I then follow him to the kitchen, press my tits against his chest, and give him a nice, long kiss. "Ooh, you're hard," I say with a giggle as I feel the bulge in his pants.

"Lucy, I shouldn't do this…"

"Why not?" I ask as I put his hand on my ass.

He moans as I put his finger in my pussy. "Fuck, I'm going to cheat on my wife again," he says.

Just as we kiss, someone pulls my hair.

"Ow!" I exclaim as I stare into Cheryl's pissed-off face.

"Bitch, what are you doing in my house?" she snarls.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm seducing your husband."

Cheryl glares at Jeffrey. "You cheating bastard!"

"I'm sorry, Cheryl, but I'm a pig and Lucy has a really nice body."

"Oh, you want to see her body? I'll show you the slut's body," she growls as she rips off my dress, bra, and panties, leaving my perky tits and shaved pussy exposed. "I think you look better in red," she says to me as she dumps tomato sauce on me. I groan as the red stuff falls down my face, breasts, and vagina.

"You're going to let your wife degrade me like this?" I ask, pouting at Jeffrey.

"Uh, yeah," he says, the bulge in his pants becoming bigger as Cheryl spanks me with an apple pie. I squirm as the crust and sticky apple filling get inside my sex.

"Fine. I'll degrade your wife," I say as I jump on Cheryl and wrestle her to the floor. She lets out a stream of curses as I put my knees on her arms. Giving her a wicked smile, I take off her dress, camisole, and panties, leaving her nude like me.

"You want to see some girl-on-girl action, Jeffrey?" I ask.

"Oh, God, yes."

Before Cheryl can protest, I put my lips on hers. Then I stick a finger in her pussy and smile when I discover some wetness. She might hate me, but she definitely likes my touch. I feel her moan against my mouth as Jeffrey cries of pleasure.

I then massage her breasts, making the bitch moan even more. She damn near explodes when I rub her sex.

I lift my head and wink at Jeffrey. "How was that, handsome?"

"Wonderful," he breathes.

"Bitch," Cheryl hisses as she gives my tits a push, making me land in a huge bowl of chocolate cake batter. Before I can get up, Cheryl lies on top of me and pushes down on my breasts, making me almost drown in brown batter.

Finally, I slap her hands away and lift my batter-covered head. "You cunt," I hiss as I push her into the batter. Instead of letting her rise, I push my rival's face into the batter, giving her a batter bath.

"Oh, yeah," Jeffrey says, licking his lips as Cheryl slaps my hand away and hits my batter-covered tits with her equally filthy breasts. I groan as my back sinks into the batter and some of the sticky brown stuff gets into my vagina.

"God, I want a hand job," Jeffrey says, rubbing the bulge in his pants.

"I'll give you one," I say with a smile, reaching for his zipper.

"No, bitch! Only I can give my man a hand job!" Cheryl growls as she shoves my arms into the batter and stretches her hand toward her husband's dick.

"Like you can satisfy him, cunt," I snarl as I grab her by her boobs and tackle her bare ass with my pussy.

"You fucking whore!" Cheryl screams as she escapes my grip and slaps my butt cheek.

I'm pinching the bitch's nipples when Jeffrey lets his penis out. Before I can blink, he massages his dick and cum lands on our breasts.

Hungry for the sweet taste of his man juice, I lick my opponent's tits. She mutters, "Bitch," but starts putting her tongue all over my boobs. Even though we hate each other with a burning passion, we moan at each other's touch. Sure enough, I insert a finger in my rival's sex and feel a moistness that is definitely not from the batter, and my enemy sticks a finger in my pussy and discovers a similar wetness.

"You filthy slut, you like this," she breathes, sucking my nipple clean of her husband's cum.

"If I'm a filthy slut for liking this, then you must be a nasty-ass whore," I say as I get a taste of her sweet semen-covered breasts.

"Bitch," she hisses, spanking my ass with a carrot cake.

"Cunt," I hiss back as I push her into the batter and sit on her tits. Then I finger myself, making me moan and leave my female juices on my rival's breasts.

"You're going to get it, tramp," Cheryl says as she shoves me into a bowl of guacamole and stuffs my sex with a handful of the green stuff. Then the audacious bitch has the nerve to put her dirty ass on my gorgeous face. I scream as she pleasures herself and puts her cum on my face.

Pissed, I bite her ass, making her yelp and stand up.

"That's it. I'm throwing you out of my house!" she yells, massaging her butt.

Before I can stand up and run away from the psycho, she stuffs my pussy with a banana and grabs my waist.

"No, no, no!" I yell as she carries me and walks toward a dumpster.

"Trash belongs with trash," she says as she drops me on old banana peels and even older pies.

"Ew!" I whine as expired whipped cream enters my vagina.

To add insult to injury, the bitch smashes a week-old key lime pie into my face.

"Help me, Jeffrey!" I say as his wife gets a bucket of blue paint and pours it all over my chest.

He reaches for me, but his shrewish wife drags him back into the house before he can get me out of the disgusting mess.

I let out a groan as I take the banana out of my sex and climb out of the dumpster. Ugh, it's going to take hours to wash the garbage smell off me.

You'd think being stripped, humiliated, and thrown into an incredibly gross dumpster would lead me to think that maybe sleeping with other women's husbands is not the best way to live. But to a shallow gold digger like me, lavish gifts are worth getting expired whipped cream in my sex.

As I walk to my car, some teenage girl laughs at me and throws her ice cream cone onto my hair. I resist the urge to chase after the bitch and spank her. God, this new generation is so disrespectful.

When I get into my Porsche, I check my phone and smile. My latest text is from Jeffrey and reads, "You can expect the Louis Vuitton bag tomorrow."

I give myself a victory masturbation session, soaking my car seat.


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