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Between me an Reese

Book By: dreamchild67

caught up in this web again Amerie needs to managed to meet someone new. her mom hates him, but Amerie loves him. caught during one of there "sexcapades" her mom forbades them seeing each other with a sextape.

Submitted:Oct 22, 2010    Reads: 948    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

once again i had gotten stuck within this web of love. Me,Amerie jenkins had managed to find someone new
My breath caught,my neon green and purple acryllic nails digging into Reese's back. he had me positioned just right ontop if the washing machine. "reese," i sigh his name. Reese smiles at me pulling me closer,going deeper,touching my g-spot. he kissed my jaw line down to my chest,beginning to pump harder and faster. me calling his name sped up getting loder with every stroke. we both came at the same instant. he kisses my lips grabbing me off of the washing machine walking into my bedroom laying me down softly on my queen sized bed.he fell between my legs. "reese" i said his name agian. kisssing my throa down to my cleavage yanking off my pink tanktop. i felyt his lips trace over my breasts. "Reese!",i kept calling. he flipped under me,letting me lie ontop. i kissed his lips,feeling his hands cover my bare ass. i lie my chest on his,my nippeles against his pecks. "Reese,"i call him again. "yeah ma?" he asked. just him saying that made me wet all over agin. i ran my hands over his abs landing at his pelvic bone. his penis lifted at my touch. i backed off the bed,walking into the bathroom. "oh so you just gon' tease me,Marie?!" he yelled to me.i grabbed two trojan magnum XL's and tossed them to him.he caught them, i slide back in bed under the covers lying on my stomach. Reese got behind me pulling the new condom on. entering my slit was a problem. i nearly came then. Reese started.strokingy slowly, i bit my pillow trying to cover my moans. "Reese" I sigh his name. His hand struck my ass. "ow!", i say seductively. his hands graced my body,one rubbing my pussy, the other rubbing my nipples. all of these things bing done at once was killing me. "REESE!" i screamed.
"IM COMING!" i announced. The words bounced off the walls. sure enough,ibegan to release. Reese didn't stop till he fininshed. i fell on my face,sweat roling down random places on my face. "damn Marie. you cam three times", Reese says. i hadn't noticed. i snuggle close into his chest turning to look at him. he bent his head low to lick my breasts. i giggled biting my bottom lip. "Amerie Jenkins i love you" he told me. i smile. "Reese i love you too".i kiss him tenderly. Reese kisses my lips,moving slowly to my tits,my pierced navel,down to my pussy. i felt him lick my clit flicking at it with his tongue. A moan escapes my lips fueling his tongue to ove faster. i grabbed my breasts, licking them closing my eyes wishing it was Reese who was doing this to me. "Reese!" i screamed his name. he licked my slit,playing with it. i giggled moaning. "fuck,reese im coming"i moan i didnt want him to stop though. as if i had told him not to,he didn't. everything going through my mind was
one:please don't cum please dont cum
two: i never want any woman to feel this if it was Reese who was doing it.
i held my cum as long as i could bare and as i did Reese slid his trigger finger in ,helping me ride the waves
he continued licking. tongue kissing my pussy again and again until i Came twice more. his tongue flickered on my clit teasing it. i came again, as he worked back up to my breasts. " You know i love you right?" he asked. i nod. he laughs. "What do you love about me?" i ask as he kissed my nipples. "i love...the way you sneak into my bedroom at night. the face you make when your about to come. how you scream my name when i touch your G-spot. every thing you do i love"
i grinned at him tongue kissing his lips. "i feel the same way,babe" nothing could get me out of the bed with him. until i heard my mom's benz pull up on the curb. i quickly roll out of my bed,running to the window. i throw back the curtains,and right there she stood her back towards me diggin in the back seat for her pack of cigarettes. "Reese,you have to go. my mom's home!" i turn back to face him. he rolls out of bed,tongue kissing me fiercely,my hand sat on his peck. he began kissing down my body stopping at my hip bone.kissing his way back between my legs. i fell back on the window sill. Reese lifted my leg and rested it on his shoulder. i watched him with anticipation,as he kissed my lips.the second time he kissed them he let his tongue sip through. i bit my finger.i jerked up with the shock,his tongue new where my g-spot was entirely. "mmm you like the way i lick your pussy?" he demanded to know. i nod "yes" it sounded so sexy the way i answered sighing it waiting on his next move.

one hand held the window sill, the other my left breast. i came again,reese stood up shutting my door. his dick was hard and i was aready warmed up for him next. i heard him twist the lock,swaggering back to me he tongue kissed me sticking it in.i jerked up again.he worked the stick,perfecty might i add. i rested my head on his shoulder kissing it,kissing his neck. i felt the cum build up, then my mom rapped on my bedroom door. "shit!" i screamed coming hard. Reese began to come hard too. "fuck!" he released. we frenched kiss once again. "Amerie,you open this door right now".

i kissed reese goodbye at the door,my victoria secret bra and boy short set on. while my mom wasn't watching he stuck his hand down the front finger fucking me. i moaned against his lips. he departed from me, taking his finger back. "i love you",he whispers in my ear. i nod opening the door for him.he walks out,down the stoop and three bulidings down to his mama's house. my mom waited for me,in the living room. "Amerie rhianna Jenkins, what did i tell you about Reese?" she asked fiercely. My mom was trippin' because she loathed every part about Reese. she hated that he was my first fuck and probably my last, she hated that im 19 and he's 20,she hates that he still lives with his mom(even though she's making me stay with her). "ma,it's not even like that we were just watching Tv." im a good liar. "Bitch please" she grabbed the remote and flicked on the TV all of a sudden there was a video on with me AND REESE on the sofa,fucking!. "MA WHAT THE FUCK YOU WERE FILMING US" she nodded proud of herself. "i surely did,and if i catch you two again his mom will be the first to see your little sexcapades" OMJ his mom is a cop who talks at abstinence seminars to little kids,she would murk us if she found out. "but mama" i cried, tears streaming down my face. "gurl get out my face crying" she walked outside roling her eyes. i walk into my bathroom to get in the shower. i cried on the shower floor thinking about never seeing Reese again.

chapter 2
my mom expected me to move on,but i just couldn't. i walk quitely through the hood with my friend Marcy. "so you and Reese gon' get back together?" she asked biting into her eggroll. i shrug "not if my mom has something to say about it." i roll my eyes. "Amerie!" some one called my name. i haven't seen Reese in months, and now some other dude was approaching me. he ran up to me then i noticed who it was. "TONY!" i said running up into his arms. he caught meswinging me around slowly. he was wearing a black wifebeater and some sagging black jeans. "so yo how you been?" he asked me. "Bein' me foreva,but you know that right?" he smiles. he scopes out my body smiling at what he saw. "but you definitely grew up. i remember you was this quiet gurl from norf Philly, all scrawny and shit. but i can say mami you filled out. aye why don't you come let me scoop you up later,you know for old times sake?" he asked.
i couldnt think. i couldnt leave reese behind. but i couldn't be with reese at all. Tony waited puffing on his black and mild. "yeah,how bout we go to your place right now"
Dont think that i am a whore beacause of this. i saton his squeking bed,kicking off my timbs.Tony tongue kisses me unbuttoning my skinny jeans. i pull them down kicking them into the pile with my timberlands in them.i strip off my t-shirt falling back on the bed. Tony pulls down my thong kissing my pussy. i closed my eyes wishing that Tony would turn into Reese. he rubbed my pussy till i came sticking it in right then
Tony:do you know how much i wanted to Fuck you?
I moaned as he french kissed me again.
Tony: you're so wet and so muthafuckn tight.
just then he came. i got off, grabbing my clothes off the floor.

chapter 3

it was never worth it,i missed Reese. i walked over to his mom's house after leaving tony's. i had to apoogize.

i rapped at the door he peeked out of the window. the deadbolt unlocked and he opened the door. he opened the door wide so i could see the view:there he was all 6 feet and3 inches,t-shirt off in nothing but boxer shorts on. one thing caught my undivided attention, there was a tattoo on his abs sprawled over all 6 that said my name in cursive with the words lasy forever under it. I GOT FIRED UP. I SWEAR. "who the fuck is lasy? i haven't seen in months and you are already fucking other girls!" i scream at him. he rolled his eyes. "why you trippin already heard you fucked that niqqa Tony" he said it so nonchalantly. like he didn't give a flying fuck about it. "i mean Reese i know i fucked up but we could've have spoke about it", i step forward onto the tippy-top step. i faced him. "but i missed you and i love you." he crossed his arms across his chest. "love should've brought ya ass here instead of tone's muthafuckn bed!" the blow was hard. wasn't i apologizing now? "Please reese---" something cut me off. some chick walks up behing him in his old varsity sweater and a pair of torn booty shorts. "oh,babe this ya old gurl? uhh yuck,no direspect you really an't pick em?" this bitch wanted to get socked! "excuse me hoe? who the fuck do you speak of? not i bitch cuz i stay bad ask about me. And Reese you aint for real,fuck you and this ugly fucking bitch im done!"

Even though i left,my heart still yearned for him

i walked over to Marcy's house checking Reese's Facebook. we use eachother's pages. i still had his password. he probably wouldnt change any tie soon.


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