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Merissa's Submission

Book By: Dirtybb

A story about a woman, inflicted with emotional pain who finds freedom in her submission to a man who also is healed by her submission.

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Chapter 1 She opens her front door, and as she walks in her small apartment she lets down the wall that keeps her safe from the outside world. Dropping her purse on the couch and kicking her shoes off not caring about where the land, Merissa takes a deep cleansing breath. The day has been long and she's glad to be home. She walks to her refrigerator and opens it, staring into it she realizes that she's not as hungry as she thought. Walking to the bathroom what she wants most at this moment is a long hot bath. Undressing as she makes her way to the bathroom, leaving her clothes strewn throughout the apartment that is her sanctuary. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror she scrutinizes. Her long brown hair just barely touches the small of her back. It's her favorite feature, aside from her intelligence, but she also loves her eyes, which today show the tiredness of her life that has been filled with hardship and pain. Putting the plug in the tub and turning on the water she listens to the sound loving that the silence has been broken by it and taking comfort in the strong steady rhythm that it makes. Back in her bedroom she grabs her iPod and switches it on. Her playlist comes up and she presses play and docks it in the dock turning up the volume to medium. The songs she knows now by heart are comforting and yet boring at the same time. Grabbing her hairbrush she works out the tangles from the day and walks back to the bathroom . While she sits in the hot water, letting her body relax, and begins to think. Without effort she washes while the thoughts of her lover swirl in her head. Damn she misses him. His smile nearly brings her to tears and the love in his eyes takes her breath away. Mentally shaking herself she realizes that the playlist has ended and lets her thoughts drown and swirl down the drain, as she lets the water out of the tub. Toweling herself off she realizes how turned on she really is. Maybe it's because of the pain of the death of her lover that makes her reach out for risky sex, or maybe she just doesn't want to make love with anyone other than him and knows that she needs sex to heal the pain that lies deep within her soul. Cold now from the cool air in the apartment Merissa dresses. Pjs tonight, long warm pj pants and a big t-shirt. She walks now famished from work and revitalized from her bath she looks in her cupboards, moves stuff around and finds an open box of wheat thins. Walking back to the fridge she opens and grabs the cream cheese. A voice stills her, "don't move, be perfectly still my love." Her breathing quickens and she remains still. He walks up behind her and whispers in her ear, "tonight we are going to work on your trust." "Yes Sir." She replies in a almost strangled voice. How did he get into…oh shit I forgot to lock the door, she thinks. A groan escapes her lips and she realizes her knees are weak. How had he penetrated her heart so quickly she has only just barely begun to understand. He walks quickly to her and she feels the strength in Him. In one swift action her rips the box of wheat thins out of her hand and she holds out the cream cheese for Him to set aside. "Haven't I told you my love, that you must eat more healthy, so you have the strength and endurance to keep up with me?" a sadistic smile and a hint of boyishness in His eyes tell her that it's going to be a long night. He brushes her hair aside and kisses the nape of her neck; she lets her head lean back loving the feel of His kisses. He grabs her hair and forces her head back hard. "Didn't I command you to be still?" His voice is strong and dominating and it sends shivers down her spin. "Yes Sir." She barely gets the words to leave her mouth, trusting is always the hardest part. "You're going to be punished for that infraction my love." she knows what is to come; she can hear it in His voice. Still gripping her wet hair he walks over to the couch and sweeps her purse to the floor. "Strip and then bend over the couch, arch your back and then remain still. Don't move my love or your punishment will be longer and harder." Her heart skips a beat and her voice is lost she manages to squeak out a "Yes Sir" and starts to undress, pulling her t-shirt over her head, her hair still wet from the bath and now cold falls on her back and she gasps. Her pjs now on the floor in a heap she bends over the couch and arches her back, preparing mentally for what is to come next. He brushes her to the side and then unlatches his belt and in one quick move pulls it from his jeans. With His hand He starts touching her. First her shoulders, lightly, as a feather feeling the warmth of her body, tracing his name into her soul. "I want you completely relaxed, you're at my mercy and you will obey me." His voice screams with the dominance that is in him, but also of the love he has for her. She lets her shoulders slacken. He uses the belt next, touching her with it. The stiff leather scratches and brushes harshly at her skin and her senses that have been acutely aware of her environment since he spoke, are now in overdrive. With the belt he makes his way to her lower back and without thought or conviction she moves instinctively. Her eyes open wide with horror, she moved against his wishes. With his right hand he holds the belt firmly; he swiftly lifts it and with force comes down hard on her ass. The sound of it intoxicates her and the pain is almost unbearable, she cries out loud with a sob of disbelief that the pain could hurt so bad, but in an instant it's just a throb that makes her wet with need. Clutching the back of the couch she starts the process of relaxing once more. "Does that excite you sweetheart?" The welt on her ass stings and she feels the air move as he glides his hand, comforting, over it. She doesn't know how it affects her to the core and so she answers him as honestly as she can, "It hurts but I can take it, Sir." He reaches to her exposed wetness and feels it running his finger around the folds of her most sensitive parts. Smiling to himself, he thinks of all the plans he has for her. "Your pussy is wet, slut." A statement, no more or no less, but she feels the need to answer. "Yes Sir."


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