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Fuck me, Fuck my life

Book By: Ch0C0Latt3

How my life was bad and how it became worse....

Submitted:Nov 8, 2010    Reads: 1,652    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

I have bad luck. As i was walking home from school my purse got stolen, then i bumped into a stranger who repeatedly yelled at me for bumping into him, my mom has left us with alot of loans, my friends are traitors. How i wish to just vanish but i'm not like my mom i have to support my dad. This whole thing started when i was only 12 and i was walking home with my friends i saw my mom running out of the house and hugging a man and riding away in his car. I rushed in and saw my dad on the floor he was bleeding! There were tons of paper that had money debt inscribed in them. I firstly helped my dad and treated his wound, he looked very weak. He whispered, "Your mother has been using our money behind our back and cheating she took all my money and ran away with another man." I was only 12 back then i was so confused at a young age no where near working age i had to get a job. I had to pay for my dad's health and school fees. It has now been 4 years and i'm used to it. I'm extremely skinny because i skip my lunches. I thought i only had my friends but who knew..the day when i turned 13 my worst luck started i was all excited to see my friends but when i got to school i saw everyone staring at me and someone tripped me and said, "What a slut! she has sex with people for money so disgusting!!" They were laughing at me and taunting me they threw trash at me. When i got to my classroom everyone said i was trash and i should drop out. That sluts like me don't belong here. The teacher told them to shut up and the teacher called me into his office. I thought i could trust him but he suddenly locked the door and came close to me and touched my ass cheeks. I pushed him away but he said, "Don't deny it. If you do it with me i'll pay you alot!" I was shocked at what he was saying i tried walking away but he forcefully grabbed me and banged to the wall. He unzipped his zipper and ripped my panties. I screamed but he then kissed me roughly. I started crying he rubbed his mustache on my face. I screamed but he said, "Don't try the walls are sound proof!" He filliped me around and pushed me on his desk, he then took off my bra and licked my nipples. I bit my finger i was only 13 back then, he then harshly thrusted his big stiff cock in my virgin ass. I screamed loudly! I tried resisting but he fucked me as hard as he could and pushed it deep. I cried and cried but he showed no mercy instead someone from across the room came and banged my pussy. My first sex was when i got raped. After that incident i went home my legs were twitchy. When i got home i saw my dad drinking i told him where he got the money. He looked at me then ran my way and pushed me on to the floor and locked the door and started laughing. He then without warning fucked my ass even though it was still numb from the previous fuck. Since that day my dad has always done that but still he was the only one i had left. My 13th birthday took everything away. I'm 16 now and instead of hanging out and chatting i work hard to make money. Then i bumped into a guy he was loaded with cash i grinned and gave him a sexy smile and he blushed. I went into the alley and he came smiling. I said, "I can let you have the greatest night of your life." He smirked and said, "For how much?" I said, "The load in your pocket." I didn't think he would accept but he did then we went in a hotel and he laid on the bed. We both stripped and he stared at my body, i gave him a blowjob he came quickly then i rode him. We moaned and made sounds of pleasure the whole room was filled with lust. After we finished he was still twitchy. He handed me the money and said, "If you let me buy you i'll pay you that much everyday!" This much money everyday thinking that i thought i could be rich but i acted too thoughtlessly. I agreed and he took me in a car and made out with me when we came out i was standing in front of a huge house. When we stepped in there were servants everywhere and there stood a handsome guy who looked emotionless but sexy. Then the guy i had sex with said, "Here is your new sex maid." I was shocked maid?! I had a feeling i made a BIG mistake..did i?


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