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The bringer of bad dreams

Book By: ashiq alison ali

Scenes of a sexual nature

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Authors note: Before I begin to paint an image of the situations between soumaya and I, I would greatly appreciate if my audience think twice before they fire romours; romours of how I grieve over the unfortunate events that have taken place. Thank you Some of these fascinating but unusual experiences I am going to share with you occured in the pleasure and presence of Paddington Academy, so I'd like to thank Paddington Academy for allowing me to experience what's stated below. One late lesson, on the third floor of soumaya's and ash's beloved blue side, sat the art room; A room with a feeling of freedom a little more than the rest of the school. My Companions and I are sat uncomfortably on stools around a table. Amusing ourselves with casual conversation because our art teacher is late as usual, so my companions and I simply laze. Relaxing with the thought lerking in our heads of when our schools terminus will be introduced to our boring day. Sunk in a Rich a white environment, this particular room almost glows. The off giving glow hurting the naked eye, a new inexperienced ⁠world just discovered; it floats lighlty in artistic creations. Hidden but now discovered portraits hover above me as a display for new born eyes to feed on and be inspired. As time ticks we sit ⁠without reservation in a large open space, but this open space is disturbed by tables, stools, and other art equipment. This stage in my life I was young, free, and carless more than ever. At most days in school I'd be entertained by the banta and the childish debates that were held between my friends and I, but today had a bitter taste to it, unusually sudden bordom infected and took over the calm vibe that visited only for a short time, at this precious time my mind aggressively struggles to think, as my eyes shut, my eye lids press together attempting to create a thought. Failing miserably and feeling let down, soumaya injects beliefe and joy into my mind for soumaya's mind is already made. I sit there ever so proud, Worshipping her. To me it was an honour even inhaling the exhail breath she breathed. As my companions conversated she preys on my face as the debate of who is the fattest teacher in our skool comes to an end. Her smile stroung enough to blind, and stroung enough to turn ones journey to a halt. I certainly stopped and gazed in return to the hazel eyes that made me fall in love. At this rather soppy scene, soumaya is interrupted by something that will forever remain a mystery to me. I then thought to myself and ponderd why soumaya could not stare into my eyes for more than 10 seconds. Till this day that very question is unanswered and certainly a mystery to me. Hidden behind a smile I cried, but soumaya was destined to never know and as my life expanded. I grew from a boy to a man, that very question I still ponder every morning as I wake. As I sit there in a world of my own I hurt but quickly cheer up by a joke one of my companions shared. As I laugh I realise on our left stood firm a wall, a wall; used to display the year 7's work, and accompanied by a ten by ten moveable display board; containing great height. perfect to protect her and i against the evils of the staff that melt wen young love is in the procedure of being made and expressed. As a limb to this phenomenal invention laid an even more great width; as a right panel for soumaya and I. Its purpose to block, to hide our side elevation from the poison eyes of those likely to tell on us. On The belly of our art protector; rested hundreds of children's hope. Imagination converted into drawings and pinned. Colourful paper with majestic paintings and drawings passionately inscribed on paper. Translating a childs dreams to the boy who never smiles. In the manner of an african parrot; a childs mind specifically chose those colors, colors that swerm in the picture our eyes prey on, almost waterin the human eye, resulting to a visual orgasm. Surely my protectors pre vailed upon a strangers eye. Raping attention, losing time and wasting breath, soumaya remained silent. As I sat and Observed the glass roof, I dramatically draw attention to the introduction of the rays of sunlight beaming from the good heaven above. UnInterested my companions look away as if there contained no pleasure in the remarkable occurrence. I expeditiousally get up off my stool and demand an alert if the love hating army intruded. As time ticks and all is well. I become disabled to Compromise in such short time. I latch on the moveable display board; being so dominant to us. Big as in height, I slightly struggle to monuveer. Creating something with the board. The display board contains hinges that split in the middle, giving us permission to bend it. Givven permission. I bend it creating a V live shape. Barricading her and I in the middle. Using the wall behind us as the final side creating a triangle with her and I planted inside. Free from hassle, soumaya and I rest our hearing on the gigles of our peers, I lean againt the wall with My back flat on it. she warms the front side of my body with her breast as she leans on me, my hands twitch and with out permission rose and rubs her face By my actions sayin I love you, but till today I think she never actually knew I did, dramatically puttin a halt to this briefe intimate scene, right now time races into. both our minds as if we shared the same mind. Yet again at the same time we both are reminded that our teacher can intrude at any time. So at this time of un comfort, and fear for someone to interrupt, we begin. My trousers are undone with speed, and my dick palm grabbed firmly as blood rushes to my dick, her handy work results in a rock solid erection, her soft hands but sharp nails feed my dick the food for it to grow ever more, she roughly strokes and I hurt but enjoy, my dick jumps and raises then fattens with the act in mind that I'm ready. Her hands ache. She changes hands one after the other as I infect the little air around us with my breath; breathing heavily our friends on the outside unbelievably snicker finding our love amusing. As hard as a stone and erect enough to pierce through the walls that protect us, My permission to insert my dick into her pussy isn't givven and so I obey. As she stands and kisses my lips and bites on my neck, she enjoys feasting on this mornings perfume. My perfume precisely planted in that certain area of my neck that I knew she loved kissing. Her breast so plump, round like circular pillows for me to rest my head on. Drunk with love I feel to mel function. My little worrys about detention and teachers disappear as I struggle to unzip the front of her skirt. Failing to do so I give up and slide my hand down from the top of her skirt, but her tights pulled up and tucked over her skirt then folded, that brought enormus difficulty. Soumaya frustrates and frustratedally but forgivingally says "ashiq". I stand there confused attempting to figure out the anatomy of the method she uses to get changed. she looks at me to grab my attention to teach me. With a raised eyebrow she undoes, and untucks then shows me the dis-assembly of the skirt and tights department. Undone and naked her skins glows and shimmers like a pirates treasure hidden deep down in the blue sea. Her lips like emralds, her thighs like golden pillars that support the sex goddess. Not knowing how to start; the multiple choices baffle me as there fly around within these walls of intelligence, to suck or to rub' the question I find hard to answer as both options are orgasmic just thinking about. Rapidly deciding to coat my fingers with her politely givven fluids as a starter. The sweet eroma sends me skipping to the bakery smiling. I caress her pussy ignoring the stubble forgotten about. Excluding my three fingers and thumb, I with a single finger, finger fuck her and make her helplessly bite on her backhand, lost for sounds, and found for pleasure. A loud "uhh" penetrates the little conversation the accurs in the class room. Struck with shock she quickly relised the volume of her holla. And then did the very thing that made me trip into love with soumaya. she laughed and winked. On point I look left to see through the little gap to be alert. And this is when she launches her hand unexpectedly to grip on the meat that hung out my trousers. Wanking and pullin on me making me grow more, she dies as much as I do. As she strokes as I finger. Giving as I get. Kissing, hoping she'll remember this day. As I stop a tingly sensation takes over my lower half and so I insert two fingers in her. Feeling her skin stretch as she bites on her bottom lip. Her lips round and rich in size. She increases the speed of her hand work. And I wisper "I'm cummin, I'm cummin" not long after I water her garden of pretty flowers, accidentally like a herd of wild beasts my sperm race down her hands taking refuge in between her fingers. Racing so fast as if they were being persued by predators. And some sperm nose diving onto my dark navy blue trousers. Relieved and feeling light like a brand new baby, my stress and tenced thoughts disappear as I smile and offer soumaya tissue to clean her hands. As she stares at me lookin quite shy and embarrassed she cleans herself attempting to remove the sperm from in between her two fingers. Being distracted but feeling quite proud in succeeding making love. she alone is off point, paying all attention on the sperm slowly drying on her hands, I plunged 3 fingers in her and absorbed the holla she fired by embracing her tightly. My fingers soaked as I finger and I hear the splashes of the great open ocean, slowly she begs for a short break but I ignore, and kiss her kneck pushing up with my hands on her left breast, feeling her heart beat, beating like the tribal music of mother africas many tribes. Her nipples hardend with every stroke. Intence emotions raping soumaya's body. Sweating mel functioning, unaware of how to react to the sensation that her pussy experiences. My forarm muscles tighten and strain, due to the miracles my finger are working. I take a brife break. As my fingers dry, her pussy slowly tightens. Her body fires a flare into the clear sky begging for assistance. that is my que to stop. so I with my smelly fingers grab her with both hands and embrace her transferring love via emotion. Shortly after I dress her and she dresses me. Soumaya and I, both unaware of the stain on my trousers, she fixes my undone tie and kisses me. The smell of love combined with sex lingers in the air contaminating the air our friends and us breath. The world and my life seeming a 100 times better. She was something I cannot sum up with words, if only I could. Fiending to feed another addiction, I erge to smoke a cigarette so I bid fair well to my lovely soumaya and our friends as they snicker and giggle, with a combination of shock at what just happend. So there I am walking away looking as good as a pie sitting on a window ledge just askin to be aten. The clit clat of my furr trimmed bullet shoes slowly disappears as I walk dwn the stairs, where soumaya and I shared secrets on, in times of sorrow. May 27th 2012 I lay in bed fiending for her. If only I could just touch her soft skin again I repeatedly ask myself. A special time at night. I twist, twine, and pant being mentally and physically abused. I holla and my hollering echos bouncing of the four walls that surround me and repell off them and then piercing through my ears. every holla echos faster, as if with every shout the walls close in on me. Eventually my holla's no longer echo and I'm lost paralysed in darkness with nobody but myself, me against my past. Unconcous and not in control of what my mind thinks, my mind chose to re-experience the "yellow side" experience. Grey gates trapped my companions and I in school, for an hour and 20 minutes we have our freedom, hand in hand soumaya and I accompanied by the rest gossip. The sun shines and slowly but irritable burns my brown skin. My sleeves neatly folded up, tattoos on show just feeding all the girls. Fully aware of my surroundings I with a mellow feeling proceed in the things that I used to do best. Perculating in the play ground speaking to people from all corners. Saying hi, giving hugs, giving advice, providing protection, taking money, giving money. Oh I could go on forever. I'd say everyone liked me then. I was the kid. My reputation ever so hard to build, respect from all left,right, and centre. My wife, their queen, I hurt with what I call mistakes, also with what I call utter stupidity. They envy'd the special relationship soumaya and I shared, but I never treasured it, Þ. leading me to lose her. Carless, we were young Our hearts mel functioning Skipping beats and overflowing with the ever so rare feeling of joy. Hand in hand she and I smile at each other with so much trust. I told her life long secrets and she knew her heart was as safe as gods own two hands. Most of the couples in our year group took things slow, well I prefer to say they wasent introduced to the activities that commenced durying soumaya and I' s rain. Our friends will occupy themselves by picking on the year 7's and be entertained by their cries, but soumuaya and I had other rather more practical activities to take part in. We both always knew what time it was when days like today showerd down. We hurry, as time was always against soumaya and I. Our hide out felt comfortable in a way one would in ones own front room. warm yellow walls surrounded us and many sets of stairs watched silently down. Ever so quiet, never a sudden sound to startle her soft self. This is where we loved to make love. soumaya and I would separate and enter the our love nest one by one so that no one would relise where we were going. soumaya would innocently enter first through the doors gurded by the harsh doormen leading to the ground floor yellow side. Today unoccupied I shortly after followed, my hands in my pocets whistling also so innocently. After entering our home in school. I am totally lost, the amount of things I can do in such short time. It excites me, and I confidently ask her; my queen soumaya for permission if I could do whatever I had in mind. Permission not granted, soumaya gives me the promiscuous look that could make any man erect without struggle. She takes a step back and bites her bottome lip watchin me as she lowers herself on her knees. She unzips my zipper and inserts her hand, and I wipser "the left". The left as in where my dick always leaned to on a floppy. Finaly found, soumaya works miracles, making my bad days disappear as she pulled my love stick back and forth. Stood there shadowing soumaya, she I looked down on her and that's when everything muted. My life seemed meaningless; I had no responsibilities to scare me. Nothing to lower me; My wings finally grew. I tenced my eyes together and felt a sudden warmth. The warmth givven of a healthy house fire durying a cold winters night. soumaya had put my dick in her mouth. My erect muscle massaging the inner walls of her mouth. Pleasure overwhelming and taking over all limbs. Lost in a dimension of pleasure I seek for the path back to reality, but failing so I presume in cocking back and stiffly arching my back then slowly but eventually increasing in the thrusting monouveer. My love giver in the giver of good words. Inhaling deeply and hesitating to exhail. Caressing her soft and very smooth round face. Intimately holding back strands of DNA. Attempting to put a halt to this distraction of our experience. My mouth de-hydrates as I breath, and you flare your beauty by your height that shadows me, as I hold you and feel small packages of love and care. I clench on to your body, my parched lips being revived from the taste of pure sweetness. Like a salmon in a open lake; free from troubles and worrys, her tounge swims slowly in the my bringer of empty promises. My two supporters; my legs Weaken and command to be bent; I fall to my knees . Aggressively but yet exited I undo the covers of my kingdom, and be acquainted to the smooth but then rough patch of skin my finger roams freely on. Her pubic hairs stand spikey, like a patch of open space of greenery for my horse to gallop on. My fingers gallop on her. The eroma tangy but heart reliving makes me take large breaths, delicately placing my hands on Naked flesh with the texture of slight moistness. I insert my indicators and shower my fingers with the waters she offers. As I thrust, then kiss, she helplessly take hold of my hair and pulls,with many feelings indescribable. lost for words in this world of pleasure, she pants and mutters sounds that without permission pelt out her mouth; pelting out her mouth with a tone that screams pure love. The sounds of a Lebanese waterfall, water falling from great heights hitting a bed or rocks, her waters fall freely hittin my hands. Panting, panting, she moans my name. At this stage both hers and mine emotions dance hand in hand in an environment where they have no fear in. The side skin of the prettiest boat opens and lauches a muscle that works miracles, aiming; I place my tonge and move in ways she just simply is lost to react, saliver runs to finally meet and embrace her waters, they both mix and make love just as she and I are. Sucking ang inserting, licking and slerping. Her knees quiver, failing to support her, she falls, decreasing the shadow that stood before me. So she lays on the floor under a yellow sky. Yellow walls protect us from the sight of shabbir. Where life starts, her legs are stretched wide. The look of in between her legs is a painting so clear. Almost stamped in my memory; So simple, as I stop and stare. Her pussy reddens and starts shaping to its casual appearance. So I rub. Suddenly she interrupts. Placing her hands on mines. There I lay burnin to proceed she wispers gently and slightly out of breath, "ash time to go lesson". I more shocked than I've ever been, I refuse to leave at this time, but soumaya demands politely and I helplessly obide for I loved her. X equals this and Y means that, my maths book no longer contains free space. The ever so hard equations that my maths teacher threw at me, I rebelliousally ignore and sketch. Inside laide my whole life; my future tattoos mostly. On every page sat a naked women with plumped breast posing screaming at the viewer that I over flowed with imagination. In pure pain I cannot sit on the cushionless chair no longer. My back side numbens with every painful minute that is added to time itslef. seeking around the room to lay eys on something to feast on and keep me occupied, I fail to discover but instead I create a method of escaping class with a rather clever valid excuse. Rich red like the color of the rubys that the kings of the world hide, it starts by slowly dripping; a satisfying feeling like an addict injecting heroin in his veins after a whole day of fasting. My initial intention was to use this as an excuse to escape lesson but the feeling I experienced overwhelmed and dominantally took over. Now I sit there with tiny drops of blood slowly dripping travelling like a herd of wild buffalo on a hot endless day. My skin; the desert, so dry with cracked up surface. The feeling of all evil that was inherited to me poured out of me as I sat there staring morassally into the most calm baby blue Sky god created to watch down at us. As times collided with the pure evil that poured out my hand, my blood starts to slowly dry and die, I realise I have not entirely finished experiencing this special feeling. I grip aggressively around my wrist And squeeze the little life I had left. Squeezing as if I held soumaya's hand for the very last time. My hand swells due to the halt of blood circulation in the kingdom of evil I call my veins. The. Wound from which the evil escapes from opens without permission. But this time with the speed of a thousand horses. Sat squeezing with so much in mind I'd be lying if I said I was just bored. But I knew I'd mutter that once ill be interrogated why I did such a thing to myself. Beneath my chair laid a pool of the purest evil, slowly drying the rich red blood just threw flashbacks of the unfortunate events that accured in the long but short life I lived at anyone who laid eyes on it. My class mates that where squeamish yelled in shock as I threw my hand in the air and stated in my nothern accent "I cut me finger" To the teacher. Shocked themselves I was urgentally pardoned. Clit clat clit clat was all that dominated the sound of the wipers of everyone taking chunks out of my back, "he's so fucked in his head", "dat guys an emo". Once I steped out the door and filled my lungs with the smell of graffiti remover; with a deep breath I walk slowly staring at the ganator scrubbing hard at the tagging I tagged previousally on another day. The ganator stops then raises her eyebrows in shock wanting to to provide any type of assistance she could, then a simple smile later her shocked face converted into the most beautiful Brazilian smile; by simply just showing her the "chesney smile". A smile that'll make a lonely girl that no one like stumble into love. A smile where the right side of my stubble cheek stretched and exposing my pearl white teeth. Naked In the cold I stand inform of myself staring my self dead in the eyes. Infront of the mirror I confront my past, the sound of fear fills the empty space the bathroom has. I hate who I see but My reflection fades with every blink I struggle. Tears build and Arms crossed, the soft voice empowers in my ears. My mind Resurrects memories without permission; thinking about what soumaya and I once shared. I'm suffering sitting now listening to sad songs. Punishing myself cos I did wroung and along time ago soumaya hate me black tar soul. Thinking and feeling. I know soumaya is out there somewhere and I'm stood on the highest building that stands. Any time now a sudden aggressive gush of wind can decend from heaven and push me off, I know she's somewhere there laps back and forth but my eyes cannot see her. I search and search, but I am left with utter disappointment, I think a few minute before I helplessly breakdown. would she be in the same mood I'm in wherever she is. would she be thinking where I am, what I'm doing or even if I miss her. Soumaya had my heart, and I'd say I was heart broken but the difference in this heart break story is that I broke my own heart, obviously with the help of the bringer of bad dreams; soumaya el masri.


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