Ceil OV

By: AriZonaNdDoughNuts

Page 1, Yaoi warning!!!!

Ceil OV

It was winter of, as I would remember it my 6th birthday.  That year had been nothing but failures. I could never stop crying. Some days I wish I ran out of tears so that the pain that weighs down my heart would stop. I had no friends, my mother died, and my father had remarried some woman who doesn’t like me and doesn’t like him paying any attention to me. I would always be shunned to the side like some ragdoll. Until I saw him.  I think he said his name was Dorian. I was out and it was cold and he held me he stopped them…the tears…the large wave of tears that I alone had not the energy or will power to stop. Thank you would never be enough for what he did. He spoke so softly into my ear. Stop, if my memory serves me correctly. Unfortunately I do not remember his face. But his voice…So familiar. He did not have to say anything though. His warmth had me frozen.  At that moment I was his. I was in love? But why …he is a boy like me...so it’s wrong right? I wish to see him again. I pray to god that he bring him back to me…or bring me to him. But years and years of praying has gotten me nowhere. I am 17 now and yet and still this one prayer has never been answered or fulfilled. Everything is still going horrible if you asked. I go to a school where as I am deemed a nerd or dork nothing otherwise my grades have dropped drastically and I have no “girlfriend”. I basically live alone because my one-track minded father is with that succubus bitch wife of his and to top it off *takes long deep breath …I miss…..him.




“Goodnight” I scream out to my father hoping he would at least acknowledge me with a simple answer. A far cry from it but no answer is what I usually expect from a brainwashed person. I find that this dream is like no other. As I made my down the crowded street to school my mind began to wonder. Well there is a slight feeling you know where it has wondered off to. But on the other hand thinking of something more obtainable would be nicer. Pushing past rude and unlivly people in the street each day became more and more routine.

As I entered the school I heard the beautiful sounds of the cello fill the hallways. Faint to a normal less trained ear but to me loud as neon pink. Classic…yes… it sounded like Cello suite No.2 V-Munuet. I follow or rather chase the sound of this melody to the source. The band room? That is very unusual. The most I would hear from there is crap. No Beethoven or Johann Bach …not even a synch of class. But I guess I can’t be picky. I’m “lame” after all. I slightly open the door to see the wonders behind it. There standing beside an all-white cello was a girl. Wonderful girl with fair skin, softly blushed cheeks, and hair that matched no others. Medium height and with natural beauty completed the Lolita look that I could swear she is going for. I could almost immediately tell that the passion she put in her music was strong. Slowly I felt that again. Tears that for so long had gone away. Even with crying I found a smile. My knees had gone weak and I became quite clumsy at the moment. The bell had rung and she had stopped. Breathing deeply I mistakenly fell through and I scared her. Our eyes connected a while before either of us could move. “I didn’t mean to scare you. You’re playing is beautiful”. I slowly got up trying so hard to pull myself away from her doll like hazel eyes. She giggled in such a tone angels would be jealous. Although she hid her smile with her hand I still know of the grace her smile could behold. Before I could get the next word out Mr.Kain my first period math teacher told me to come to class. I left her without even getting to know her name.

Sitting in class in what seems like forever my mind yet again does what it always does. Wonder… to the most far places. I was smitten by her. But the more I thought of her was the more I thought of him. I was a mess… I was in love with two different people. One of which stopped my crying and held me so tight I felt safe and so secure. As life may have it I want that feeling again… I want it every day. I want to be cheeky with him. I want no other woman or man to touch him. I wished for him every single day of my life since that night. But on the other hand there is her…she’s so small and fragile I just want to hold her and never let her go. Smile and laugh with her as long as life will allow. Of course the thing with children. I don’t mind. She would make such a beautiful wife someday. If there was such a thing as god I wish he would please at least help me make a decision.

After school let out as usual everyone stampeded out of the building. I found myself strolling along thinking about random things. Vivaldi Four Season Winter played back and forth through my head. I knew almost every note. I find it funny when I know about so much classical music and yet I play no instrument. Funny right? I envy those who can. Looking up and breaking from my trance for a minute to see where I am and I catch a glimpse of a man with long grey hair turn the corner. This catches my interest so I follow. (I know…don’t do it but I have nothing better else to do) I slowly pace myself behind him so that he can’t tell that I’m being a creep. I softly chuckle. This is actually pretty fun. But I wonder how he looks. Maybe if I cross the street and walk faster?…no what about??....no that won’t work either…damn it! Hes walking too fast and I’m not a track star so actually catching up with him seems impossible. Soon after my legs felt like jello. He turns the next corner and I stopped. Fuck it I say to myself in disgust. I wish I could have talked to him. His hair though… my eyes closed and I remember the boy who held me and stopped my tears so effortlessly. That same radiant silver. I took deep breath to pull it together but I couldn’t. This only made me want more…need more…love…more. I find myself stuck frozen as I did that night. Open my eyes to sudden nightfall. The snow and piercing cold weather yet again. All the same but what was missing? Body breaks and I turn slowly. My eyes had shot open…I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Dorian? I tried to speak his name but couldn’t…I only mouthed the name I had hoped to speak again. Reaching out and at the blink of an eye reality had struck in. I was awoken by the sound of rain and thunder. Hurrying to turn on my lamp because I had seen the silhouette of a man standing at the foot of my bed. I felt my heart break in two. Yet and still I could not cry nor could I smile. I wanted to die. Why me? Why does my heart have to hurt so much? Wondering if that’s him watching over me …every time I would wake up I would see something in another place or missing. If it is him I ponder on the thought “why doesn’t he stay and/or why doesn’t he bring me with him”. I turned off the light and TV slowly closed my eyes as I listened to the rain and thunder just outside of my window. A soft smile caresses my face while fall back into my dream world.






Chapter 1

I could swear I heard his voice last night. Why won’t he just take me? As nights passed by I had seen more and more of him. Things would go missing and others returned. Ahhh I wish this game of hide and seek would stop. Although I must admit he is cute when he plays it. Each night I would hear him rummaging through my things not loudly but his curiosity must get the best of him at times. One night I felt his lips against my forehead. And once more against my lips. I tried so hard not to smile. Not to kiss him back. Not to pull him in the bed with me and cuddle with him as he played with my hair. Most times he would say something so sweet to me in my ear. He has the cutest little laugh I’ve ever heard. Dorian is such a tease. God I wonder where on earth he got that from. It seems like nothing else exist each day of my life. All I can think about is him. Last night was not at all like the others… Well I guess it’s because he didn’t come… he stopped coming. In my dreams at night to watch over me, he stopped. All at once stopped. From then on out my life went back to shit… My Father gives less of a shit about me, summers coming up and I have to go to summer school. I barely have any money and once again the water bill and light bill isn’t paid. Sitting on the end of my bed I pondering on how I’m going to keep everything afloat. Until I hear my father and his hoe fighting downstairs. I don’t hear the whole thing but I do hear keyword like “I’m leaving you” and “why I love you” and just so you know the pathetic one is in fact my father. Apparently she’s leaving him and he won’t pull his head from out of her ass. I don’t know if I should go downstairs and pick up my dad’s ego from off of the ground or stay up here and laugh. But although he is a fuck up he is still my father and I guess I’ll help…maybe. I wonder why god gave me such a caring heart. He didn’t give my asshole dad one. But I guess I got that from my mother. She cared so much about everything and one. She had a heart of pure gold and blood of pure silk. Smart also and not to mention her unmatched beauty. I guess Jesus spent more time on her then he did the rest of the family. When she was alive I had learned many things from her. Like music…Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, you know the whole classical thing and she actually taught me my alphabet; the letter S was really hard so she told me to remember snake. Big words also and I started to learn German. Those were the times …there was never a moment I spent with her and I wasn’t smiling. I had mastered the pudding smile by then. From ear to ear was a smile to me. The front door slamming shut wakes me up from my dream and what do I know, I wake up with a pudding smile. Well might as well go downstairs and see how bad the damage is. As I stand up I hear footsteps coming up to my room. It seems like I don’t have to go downstairs after all. My door bust open and his face is full of tears. “THIS IS YOUR FAULT SHE LEFT!!!” he screams wiping the snot and tears away. Eww so fucking nasty it’s still on his hand. I try to hold in my laugh but he is constantly doing it. He is fussing but I’m actually ignoring him and paying more attention to the mucus trail from his nose to his hands and clothes. Poor dad he looks like a derping baby. I soon after get tired of standing so I sit on my bed and cross one leg over the other with my chin in my palm and my elbow resting on my knee. Im still wondering when he’s going to stop putting snot everywhere and clean it properly. I guess my disconcerned face angered him even more because it seems as though he’s getting louder. Every time I try to listen he wipes more and I stop because of the amount of effort it takes to stifle the laughing. The doorbell rings and my father gallops downstairs to see if it was her, I’m taking a wild stab at it but by the way he was looking it wasn’t. I walk downstairs and sit on the couch so that he doesn’t have to go back up and put his nose substances everywhere in my room. I see my father back away from the door and slowly close it but wait! I don’t hear him sobbing… I wonder who that was…I would ask him but that just might start him up again. And I DON’T want that. So I wait patiently, leaning back waiting for a hint of what just happened. He looked up at me his hand shaking and body trembling. “We’ve been evicted…” he says dropping the paper. I cannot tell you why how this gave me no feeling or the disablement to show shocked behavior. I mean he hasn’t even paid the other bills. Most likely she took the money before she left. The letter says we have one month to get out. I wonder what he’s going to do about this but also what am I going to do. I live with him. For the next couple of days he has been annoying me constantly, asking me about things, and somehow or another he found out about me having to go to summer school. His questions and request had become even more ridiculous over the time. He had also wondered why I looked like a girl…and why my vocabulary was so different. The most embarrassing one was did I have a penis. He was drunk at that time and tried to check himself to see if I had one but fortunately the 30 second memory when he’s drunk stopped him. So that night I gave him sleeping pills in his liquor. Within 5 minutes he was out. I left him lying on the floor. He stunk by morning time. He smelled of piss and other things unimaginable. Whenever he was sober he would try to apologize and make promises that he would soon break that exact same day. It became something quite routine. I’m use to it of course but I don’t think I’ll ever get use to his smell. Last night he told me that I reminded him of my mother. I wasn’t sure if he was sober or drunk. That night it was raining and as I would remember it every time it rained he would have sex with that woman. He looked at me and smiled. Walking closer he was talking about how my mother would let him hold her when it rained and cuddle because the thunder scared her. “Well that’s nice father but I’m a bit tired ill just up to my room” I back up and fast walking up the stairs. He soon came behind me and asked if maybe he wanted to watch a movie with him. “Fucking pervert” I thought to myself. “No Thank you dad. I’ll just go to bed.” Once I’m in my room I lock my door and put a chair behind it. Lying down in my bed I turn Bach cello suite no.1 i-Prelude on my radio. Staring off into space I see a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I jump up and it is gone and so is my teddy bear that I have had for years. My eyes grew wide I leaped over my bed to the other side to see if maybe it fell under the bed. After hours of searching I couldn’t find it anywhere then I thought of Dorian. Maybe it was him or… maybe it wasn’t. I don’t even think he cares about me anymore. I sit down on the floor Indian style when all of a sudden I hear a loud knock on my door. Once again my dad was drunk. I can hear him trying to open the door. “Ceil open this fucking door” his words was slurred and I can smell his alcohol ridden breath though the door. “Come on ceil, daddy wanna show you something. It really good I promise.” He shouts while pushing on the door. Well now this is new… I guess because it’s raining his dick is really hard and he needs something to fuck. He’s really weird. I get up and start pushing stuff in front the door. So far my furniture and stuffed animals has been grading my door from the inebriated fat ass on the other side whole by the way is still yell disgusting thing to me. Half of it I did not understand but the other half I could kind of see where he was going with it. The one that made me laugh the most was when he told me that “Mr. Wang was lonely and needed a friend to talk to” real funny dad…reeeeaaal funny. He stopped after 3 hours I guess he must have passed out by the door. At least I can sleep peacefully now.

That morning when I woke up I moved everything back and opened my door. He was laying there with a bottle of Whiskey in his right hand and his left hand in his pants. Typical idiot… I crossed over him and went downstairs into the kitchen. I wonder what’s for breakfast. Ohh who am I kidding?? The refrigerator is filled with nothing but beer and liquor… walking back up the stairs my father starts to move around. I cross over him and go freshen up so I can leave.

Looking up into the bathroom mirror. “WTF!?!? My heart dropped through the floor. I looked closer in the mirror to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. A passion mark? On me??? My illiterate brain dead father couldn’t have done it… he was locked out. The mark was medium sized and clearly visible. Not to mention the fact that my teddy went missing last night. One part of me was shock and another part was so happy…so excited. I unconsciously let out squeal you know the girly ones that you have when someone extremely hot notices you in the hallway or maybe even asks you to help them with a math problem. Yea that kind. I turn around and father is standing there in front of me eyes shoot wide open staring at the mark Dorian had left. Well I had hoped Dorian left. “What the hell is that? Who gave it to you” he says snatching me by my neck  moving my head to the side with his thumb a grip so tight I feel like I’m suffocating. I become enraged and kick him in his stomach. He falls back onto my bed .You should you care? You haven’t cared about shit else!! You’re a fucking pervert who tries to have sex with his son!! I grab my things and walk out. I travel to a nearby park. I fall to my knees by a large oak tree with my head down I feel a heavy weight on my heart but I still could not cry. I couldn’t shed one tear. After that was a mystery. I passed out catching only small gander of reality. It was blurred. But I saw someone come toward me. He smiled and I was out.


Chapter 2

Ave Maria
Ave Maria

His hands are so warm against my cheek. His face pressed against mine. My handsome sweet Dorian… makes me feel so good when you press my face upon your chest so that I may hear your heart beat only for me. Why won’t you come to me? It seems the tighter I pull you closer the more you float away. Please don’t go…Please. Not again. His body fades… Dorian! I yell but he was gone already.

Tears roll and I can’t stop them…not by myself at least. Please help me.

My eyes slowly open to the sound of Cortazar -Beethoven’s Silenco. Where am I? I awoke to an old Victorian room. High ceilings with crown molding. Long thick velvet curtains and golden tie backs, plush beige carpet with the alluring smell of rose petals circling the room.

The music grew so much louder and so much more passionate I had soon found myself taking short strides toward it. I stop at a pair of double doors in which this enchanting music was coming from. Opening the doors to see a tall divine man playing a deep black grand piano. He plays so effortlessly. His hair silver like Dorian’s. His skin glowing like Dorian’s. The music stops and he turns to look at me. Everything rushes back to me all the memories of that night. His face, his blood red eyes, his devilish grin. That night when it was snowing, he whipped my tears and told me never to cry again. He said he would be back for me and that I was his, which once he has me he will never let go. That…my heart was his. My body begins to shake uncontrollably. I’m in love with a demon. Dorian? My lips tremble, my heart stops, and the next thing I know he’s standing there right in front of me.  

This is wrong. I shouldn’t love you. Even in saying this I feel my body pulling closer to him staring him dead in his crimson eyes with my hands touching his broad strong shoulders. His arms wrapped around me and he pushed his face against mine. “Ceil…my beautiful Ceil.” His lips touches mine and I burst out into tears. DORIAN!!!! I cover his face with kisses and then I begin to think. DORIAN YOU ASSHOLE!!!!! Next thing I know I was blindsided with rage and I punch the shit out of him. WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE ME WITH YOU?? I WAS AMLOST RAPED BY MY DAD YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! AND WHY DID YOU STOP WATCHING OVER ME AT NIGHT!?!?!?! Oops I wasn’t supposed to say that… I back away and run back to the room I had woken up in. frantically I search for my clothes. Oh my god I just hit him why the hell did I just do such a thing?? I fall to my knees and why do I feel like my father when he cried in my room that night? I’m constantly wiping away tears until he came behind me and hugged me. Everything at once stopped. “I understand you being mad at me Ceil. But if you would go freshen up I hate to see you cry.”  He helped me up wiping my face with tissue and kissing my forehead. Walking out and closing the door behind him leaving me alone in this massive room. I look into the extravagant bathroom thinking I could live like this no problem. As I run my bathwater I find so many different types of new body products. Foot scrubs, body soaps, Epsom salt, and oooo… I found bubble bath. They all smell so good. I’ll just use them all. Classical music plays all throughout the house as I soak deep into the bath tub. I find myself going all the way underneath the water. God this feels so good. As I come up my body releases all tension it had built up within it. “Ceil?” Dorian says walking into the bathroom. Not thinking I cover my chest and he laughs. “Dorian I’m still bathing get out” I try to throw some of the bubbles at him. But unfortunately they didn’t do much. “I don’t know why you think I want to talk to you. I’m still mad at u Dorian…” so I turn away and pull my knees toward my chest. He laughed at my attempt to be mad at him. Dammit heart! Why do you interfere with my brains natural duty to make good decisions? Like actually being and staying mad at him. he walks toward me and I hurry to think of something mean to say to him. His arms wrap around to the front of my body and hand goes in the water grabbing the towel that happens to be in between my legs. “Dorian I can wash myself! I’m not a kid!!” I say pulling away but he pulled me back into his arms. “I’m sure you can but I want to do it so stay seated ok my little angel” I try to stand but for some reason or another I couldn’t. Fuck my heart is an asshole! This is what I was talking about…him not letting my brain do his job because he feels like he should obey a damn demon. “Almost done just one more spot left to clean” his hand goes between my legs and he rubs it softly making my heart pound and it send the blood rush faster through my veins. Dorian stop! My body felt like it was giving into what he was doing to me. “Ceil you’re so soft.” he kissed my cheek then helped me up and put a towel with CL initialed in it around me. What’s up with the CL? I look at him curiously. He smiled and held my hand while we walked back to the room. “You know I love you right?” he murmurs as he gathers clothing for me to wear. My brain told me to say something smart and snappy because of him treating me like a baby in the bathroom but as always my heart won…again. “Yes I know… why? You seem troubled Dorian…” I walk over to him, pressing my face against his back and fasten my arms around him my fingers interlock as I pull him closer. “Do you love me too?” he takes a deep breath. Of course!! Why would you even ask me something like that??? I pull away and turn around. “Ceil…if you ever cheat or look at someone else” I froze… Dorian?? …you would hurt me? “If I must Ceil… you being with another person will hurt me. So don’t do it” Why is he saying this? What did I do? I hear him throw my clothes on the bed and the door slamming shut. I still can’t move though, something just happened and I have no clue what it was. Dorian… why?


Chapter 3

Three days later Dorian had taken me to the mall. “In our world the way you dress and smell is really different so we have to change the way you dress and after a few of the meals here the smell will eventually wear off”. For now his smell will cover mine. Don’t get me wrong I still think he’s wrong for treating me like…nevermind… asshole. “Dorian can I just wear some jeans and a shirt?” “No… we dress different here and you must reform yourself.” Hum… this is lame. Dorian your mean I feel like you only keep me so no one else can have me. “I can’t do anything I want I can’t wear anything I want I can’t eat anything I want and you get to do everything you want.” I pull away from him and stop even looking his way. “Can we just get this over with so I can go back home” he stares at me with his hands in his pockets. “Fine” walking off into a suit store. I follow him in and start looking at clothes all of which I would never wear but of course he’s going to make me put it on. Dbag. “Ceil come here” I turn to look at him and what do ya know… a suit. To please him I take the suit and walk into the dressing room. Now how do you put this here thing on? Before I know it I hear my dressing room door open and close. Frightened I slowly turn around to a boy …younger than me maybe 16 or 17 but he looks like a child. He turns around and stares at me our eyes meet for a short while.  As quick as he came in his arms wrapped around me I could feel his heart racing and his tears going nonstop. He didn’t say anything but I can tell he was running from someone. “So ummm…what’s up??” I try to lighten the mood. “Help me” he whimpered out. “What happened?” I move the hair from off of his face. When he looks up at me my brain went into shock. He’s cuter than two puppies sleeping on each other. “I’m Ceil what’s your name??”I sit him down and wipe more of the tears off of his face. “I’m Echo” wow his voice is even cute. “Well echo… you shouldn’t be crying. You’re too cute for it and I’ll tell you what if you stop ill even give you…” I try to think of something quick to give him. Hum what the hell should I give him? He’s looking at me waiting for me to finish the sentence but at least he stopped. “How about …” before I could finish his arms wrapped back around me. “Promise me you’ll protect me Ceil” how could I possibly deny him?? “Ok....” “CEIL!! WHAT TAKING YOU SO LONG???” Dorian’s says knocking on the door. “Umm… hold on” I look back at Echo…well what was supposed to be echo. He’s gone. Where I have no idea. “Echo” I whisper. Dorian bust through the door “who the hell were you taking to??” he glares at me. “Myself… I needed someone to talk to and I don’t wanna talk to you so I’m talking to myself. So you can leave now…nothing’s wrong.” I turn around like a BOSS!!  I just showed dominance in our relationship just now and I’m super proud of myself… but my dominancy didn’t last long because he pinned my hands up against the wall and shoved his tongue in my mouth. I try to pull away but he’s too strong. He pushed his body in-between my legs. For a brief second he allowed me to breathe taking his tongue out of my mouth and licking his lips only because he was too busy trying to find what part of my body he wants to defile next. “Dorian please stop ” I try to push him off. “Ceil hush before someone catches us” I can feel his hand rubbing my crouch and tugging at the head. “Dorian I can’t hold back my moans any longer. Please stop” “Don’t make a sound if you do ill make you regret even meeting me. Got it?” his evil grin made me almost certain that he wasn’t kidding. I silence myself by covering my mouth with both of my hands. I can feel his fingers teasing me his hard cock prodding me and it feels so good, I think he knows it because he’s smiling and laughing. “Ceil do you want me to stop teasing and actually fuck you?” he say sarcastically. My mind is going wild.. He knows I want him to stop teasing. If he going to do it then do it. Fuck me! “Dorian please…stop teasing” I want him in me but I am not going to say it…it’s just going to prove that I need him and that sex will always stop me from being mad at him. Even though it most likely will he doesn’t need to know that. You’re so tight…still a cute little virgin I see…I guess I’ll just take you because it’s evident that u can’t take anymore torment.” I feel his long hard cock enter me. My hands covering my mouth weren’t enough. I bet everyone could hear my screams. I don’t care though. My toes curl I bite my lips and run my hands though his hair. “HARDER!!” words slipping from my mouth so I put my hands back over my mouth. His smile widens.  It becomes something like a drug. I look into the mirror in the dressing stall and I notice my eyes turn black my hair grow and changes to a deep crimson red. As he listens to my screams and moans I can feel him going in harder and harder. My back arches, this feeling is unbelievable. “YES… I dig my face into his neck biting and sucking on it while he makes me cum everywhere. I never want him to stop. Pulling his hair and grinding on his dick made him want more, I can taste it I can feel it. I wrap my hand around his neck and watch as my nails grew longer. “Dorian…” something was taking over me but I couldn’t stop it. “Let me suck it…my tongue is jealous” I put my forehead up against his. He smiled and slowly let me down. I sat on the ledge and began rubbing it. “it looks delicious.” I look up at Dorian as I swallow his cock whole. I can feel it in my throat. So good… I suck harder waiting so eagerly for the special little prize I’m going to win after. But since he teased me I’ll tease him a bit. So I let my tongue do the work. It had a mind of its own I went in circles around his head. Looking up to see how he was enjoying the present his eyes was rolled all the way at the back of his head and it looked like he could barely hold in his moans. 10 minutes after I swallowed it again and he came and pulled it out a little so I can taste what I’ve worked so hard for.  I was a mess. I feigned for more. It tasted so fucking good. I couldn’t pull myself together my body needed more. He sat down next to me leaned back with his arm over his face. I looked down at it wondering if I should fuck it…suck it….do something to it. Damn I don’t even care about the fact I look like a fucking monster I just want more sex. I look at my reflection in the mirror. I look like a bad ass demon kid who just got fucked by his master. Not a bad look considering what just happened.

Not long after, Dorian leaned back up and fixed his clothes. “Dorian I want you to help me put on my clothes” still acting like a BOSS! Although I was expecting a no he actually did it. He pulled me up and helped me put on all my clothes.  I looked back at the mirror and I was normal again. That just rocked my world view. “Hey ummm Dorian… why did I look like that?” he looked up at me with concern. “ your half demon…when you let you cute little wild side out your demon form came out to…you didn’t know you could do that?”

Demon form?? I’m a demon… “How can I be a demon when I have humans for parents?” I say walking out if the dressing room. “Are you serious?” his face was full of regard. “Ceil your mother was full bread demon and your father was a servant human in her castle” I look at him in a puzzled face. “Yep and your aunt killed your father because I’m not mistaken he hid something from her for your mother. “WAIT WHAT???? So you’re saying that fat slob man that I’ve been calling a father for all there’s isn’t in fact my real father? And how in the hell did my mom even hook up with an asshole like him?” Dorian just smiled at me and walked off. “Damn it Dorian answer me!! How the fuck did they even meet??? Better yet who killed my fucking mom!?!?!” all I saw was red. I see Dorian laughing. This shit must be funny to him… it wasn’t funny when I had him stifling his moans.

As soon as we got home Dorian had stripped and got in the shower. Hummm I’m bored so I guess I will join him. As I start taking my clothes off I hear something moving under the bed. I grab a random conveniently placed bat and slowly move toward the bed. I kick it and push the bed before I actually look under it. I creep down to my knees and ease my face toward the bottom. “CEIL!!!” My heart jumps out of my chest Echo comes jumping up from underneath the bed attaching his self to me.  I almost passed out. “Echo what are you doing here?? I sit down relieved that it was just him. “ I followed you home. I missed you so much though!” he cuddles in my chest and wrapping his legs around me. “Echo you have to go home” I try pulling him off of me but it back fires because he pushes up against my dick and makes me horny. Fuck…

“Don’t leave me Ceil please… You’re my only friend” he looks at me with his big blue eyes and pulls me closer to him. “Please Ceil…” he get closer and closer and the next thing I know I feel his soft moist lips against mine. His tongue briefly touching mine. “Ceil has delicious lips.” Echo stared me in the eyes and rubbed my chest. “Ceil…can you fuck me?” he bit his lip and unbuttoned my shirt. I hear Dorian call me so I turn around and he standing in the doorway. “Dorian it not like that!!!” I turn back around and once again Echo’s gone. “Not like what? He says walking in with nothing but a towel on. Yea know... walking around like he owns the place. “Dammit Dorian you didn’t just see that?” I say glaring up at him. “No… stop acting crazy and go take a bath you smell like rough dirty demon sex.” My face instantly changes from angry to disgust. “Never mind” I walk off into the bathroom and close the door. Let’s see what I’m going to use today…hummm peach bubble bath, lavender body scrub… ohh strawberry Aroma. I’ll use this one now let’s c if I can find straw berry bubble bath and it will be perfect. “Found it!!!!” I scream happily. “Found what?” Dorian screams back. “NOTHING!!!” I just showed my manliness again. Yes!! I run my bath and take off my clothes. Yay for manliness… I lay down in the tub and close my eyes when I feel a weight on top of me. my eyes shot open and try to get up but I get pushed back down. “Hi Ceil!” echo says cornering me in the tub. “Now echo I know you want to do something that might put us both…” before I can get the full sentence out he puts his hand over my mouth and sits on my dick. “Ceil you’re really big… I really want you to fuck me… please?” he begins to play with me but I can’t let out a sound somehow he is preventing any thing to come out. I try to push him off but my arms get weak when he makes me go in him. He’s so tight I just want to fuck him but I’m not supposed to, I can’t. Echo stop!! Please stop! He’s riding me so hard I don’t think I can hold it in any longer. He knows it so he rides it faster. He’s letting out moans after sexy moans. Do it Ceil! Cum!! Make me yours! I want to be yours. He moves his hand from off of my mouth as I cum inside of him. “I want more ceil…” he lays down on my body licking my nipples and playing with me so he can ride it again. Dorian bust through the door THANK GOD!!! “Ceil have you seen my phone?” he says walking toward me. “I have no idea but you know what I think I’m clean enough so I’ll just leave out with you. I rush to put on a towel and to make sure I left out before Dorian. Echo is a fucking freak pervert thingy who likes to use his cuteness to rape people.

That night I made Dorian hold me so that rapist echo won’t get me. For some reason Dorian won’t believe me.


Chapter 5

It’s been some time since I’ve seen the little succubus boy and I’m actually getting a little worried. Why I have no idea. He raped me and put some type of spell on me to keep everything he did a secret. I wonder where he is. For the whole day echo had been on my mind. I was killing myself trying to keep his name out of my head. Dorian had even asked if I was ok because of the way I would pace back and forward thinking. After my constant war with myself I finally decided to travel away for Dorian to see if my little rapist would come out but he didn’t. This worried me even more. Dammit echo why the hell or you doing this to me? First digging your way into my heart and then disappearing? What the fuck?? You little bastard!! Whenever I see you again I’m going to give you a firm and long talking to. Thats if I ever see you again. After walking up and down the hallways for the 14 time I go and sit on Dorian in his study. “Dorian I need help!!” I look him deep in the eyes to show him that I meant business. He smiled and put his arm around my waist. “With what? How can I help my cute little fiancé?” Why the hell is he treating me like a little baby!! “I AM NOT A BABY DORIAN!! YOU DON’T HAVE……” my heart stopped and I noticed what he had said “FIANCE!?!?!” my eyes never left his. “Don’t worry about it…what do you need help with?” oh hell no he did not just try to change the subject!! “What’s all this fiancé business?? When did I ever agree?” I cross my arms and give him the serious face again. But I was beaten. He pulled me closer to him my head laid against his chest and I could hear his heart beat in sync with mine. So calm. Like a gentle waterfall. Damn it… why do I have to love him so damn much? I want to ask him about echo but I don’t want anything to ruin this moment so I shut up and close my eyes.

I fell asleep on him and the next morning I woke up in our bed. How dare he leave me? Son of a bitch should be here to kiss me good morning or something. All that fiancé talk he would want to make me breakfast. I get up and what a surprise I’m in my pajamas. Last night I was fully clothe how on earth I get in this I say sarcastically. As I continue to walk down the hallway I can hear him outside talking to a friend. There saying something about a ball but the rest was muffled. I want to go to a ball.

Of course his possessive spirit kept me from meeting any of his friends. But he’s soon to lighten up, I’m sure of it. He had better take me or hell will be resin. What can I say I really want to meet his family. He rarely says anything about his past and when I ask the question he dodges it with an “I’m hungry what about you” or a “your eyes are so beautiful in the sunlight”. He’s more secretive than a well-planned surprise party.  No matter I will attend this party! And this time I won’t be side tracked with his endless amount of random compliments. I rush off to the music room in which Dorian kept his wide assortment of instruments. Although mesmerized by his playing of Bach cello suite No.3 v-Bouree I was still on a mission to get answers. Even after storming through the doors like a boss, I sat down till he was finished. DORIAN I DEMAND YOU LET ME GO TO YOUR FAMILY BALL!! I had asserted my dominance with a serious face. But I was soon to be let down by his swift and lifeless “no…” With my ego crushed and spirit shattered I try to continue asserting what little dominance I had left in my body. “If you don’t let me go I swear I will never talk or let you wash me again!!!” Not concerned he props his cello up against the wall and walks toward the doors. “At least tell me why not!!!” blocking his way out. “Because I said no, now move ceil I have very important things to do.” He pushed me out of the way and leaves the room but of course I’m persistent so I go after him. “Why won’t you let me meet your family? Am I not good enough?” poking at him and pulling at his clothes. “Ceil your acting like a brat please I’m trying to accomplish stuff for this ball. I promise afterward I’ll be all yours” he walks away leaving me behind. I hold back tears, curse words, and insults. Fine Dorian… I’ll leave you alone; you won’t have to worry about me anymore. I search the other side of the castle for a bedroom to move into and find this extraordinary one that had been newly furnished according to the maid. Good. I won’t bother him anymore and I won’t have to look at his mean ugly face anymore. Hmph… throughout the day gather my things and bring it to the other room. I made sure I told the maid to keep quiet about this here move. Walking back to the room for the last of my things Dorian pops out of the middle of nowhere. “Ceil where the hell is all of your stuff!?!?!” I ignore him and walk the other way. It didn’t of course go well because me being angry at him for one turns him on and secondly he doesn’t take well to disrespect…as I’ve learned from my adventures with him at the mall. And just like I said I felt him grab and drag me back to our room. “Let go Dorian!! You’re an ass who can’t seem to take a fucking hint. WHY DON’T YOU FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO MARRY IF YOU’RE GOING TO BE LIKE THIS WITH ME!!!?” I snatched my arm away from him and turned toward the mirror. I was changing again. I covered my mouth and looked back at him. He was pissed. His eyes had changed from red to pale white. I could feel the heat rolling off of him. His teeth grew longer and he had gotten taller… I think I really made him mad this time. “Uhh… Dorian? You o…” before I could finish he had graded me by the neck and began chocking the shit out of me. he had lift me off of the ground. I was dangling there. He turned into a monster. A true monster. The more time he had me the tighter his grip had gotten. Everything started to get blurry and my eyes slowly closed. I stopped fighting and I think I blacked out… its either that or I’m dead. Am I dead? Its dark ad quiet. It feels like I’m floating on air. I soon landed on solid ground. And a small glimpse of light shined though. Of course my first mind is don’t go toward the light but I should warn you… You will be dragged toward it or it will come chase after you. It just so happened to chase me. I ran as fast as I could but eventually it caught me. I shut my eyes tight and hoped that I wasn’t dead. “Ceil…” I hear someone call me and touch my shoulder. I open my eyes to a pure white plain with beautiful silver tone to everything. “OHHHH SHITTTTT!!!” I started running…again. I looked back to see if anyone was chasing me but there wasn’t anyone. I slowed down and started to look around. “BOO!” An extremely tall man with strange blue and grey eyes stood in front of me but of course after he said boo….I ran. After running for what seems like 20 minutes I stopped and sat down. “Are you about done running?” he said appearing right in front of me. “Oh come the fuck on man!! I’ve been running for like 20 damn minutes how did you catch me??” I stood up looking him deep in his eyes. “Well for one I know this place like the back of my hand and two I’m faster. Half Breed.” Wow he is a total ass. “You say half breed like you have a problem with it…” he stands straight up and grabs my collar and drags me to god knows where…this is the second time today. “As a matter of a fact I do have a problem with it. Humans are much cuter when they aren’t infested with demon genes in them. You see Ceil I always told myself if I ever got ahold of you I would snatch every bit of demon out and keep you all to myself. Selfish right??” A grin went across his face. HE DID NOT LOOK LIKE A FUCKING ANGEL!! “Dude what the fuck are you!?!? I know like hell you’re not an angel!!” I try to get away from him but he’s to strong or I’m too weak. “Correct I’m not an angel although I am something like it. But I don’t really want to talk to you right know. You’re still filthy. You’re still a sleazy little demon in my eyes so shut up.” HOLY SHIT!!! “LET GOOOO!!!!” Suddenly I started to feel volts going through my body. It was like getting stabbed though the chest. “NO!! HES MINE!!” his voice became somewhat incomprehensible. It sounded like a million voices in one. The once all white world had turned demonic and so did he. Hypocrite… how you don’t like demons and you are one?? Another volt went through my body and I see feel him holding me tighter and closer.

“Ceil please get up” I hear Dorian’s voice and I begin to somehow see him right in front of my face. “Dorian?”  The tall guy crushes me in his hands. “Ceil if you leave I will hunt you down and destroy everything you care about then drag you back here!” I shut my eyes again until everything stopped. The noise and the pain. I just started breathing. “Ceil open your eyes.” Dorian says rubbing my face. But I’m still scared. I don’t want to. “Dorian is that really you?” I say moving my hands around over his body to make sure. “It’s me so you can stop feeling around like your blind ok honey…” I open one eye then the other. “DORIAN!!!” I hug him and wrap my legs around him. I never thought I would ever be so excited to this assface but I am… God how I miss him. “Dorian where the hell was I?” I dig my face in his neck “The crossroads. You were dead for 5 minutes and the director must have taken a liking to you. I’m so sorry for killing you…I don’t know what the fuck happened to me. You broke my heart and I guess I must have lost it. Please forgive me.”  Dorian I swear if you were someone else!! “I forgive you just don’t send me back there next time I don’t think he’s going to be too friendly on giving me back.” 5 minutes feels like forever though. “Ceil you can come to the ball as long as you don’t travel away for me and no speaking to strangers and NO EXTENDED EYE CONTACT!” my face went red… He’s letting me go… YAY!!! “THANK YOU DORIAN I PROMISE YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!” I shove my tongue in his mouth like he did me that one awesome day at the mall. Yep…that was fun.


Chapter 6

Yes!! One more day until the ball. My face started to hurt from all of the smiling I was doing. I had picked out three tuxedos to choose from. “Dorian which one do think I should wear??” turning to hug him. “Hummm how about this one?” he picked out the one I liked the most. Sooo I’ll wear it. Since he likes it. IM SO HAPPY THOUGH! I WISH TOMORROW COME FASTER! Nothing could explain how excited and ecstatic I was. “I can’t understand why you’re so happy to see demons.” Turning to look at him and frown. “Because it’s your family and if we’re going to be married I want to meet and impress them. Now sweetie nuckiekins tell me which cologne I should wear.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around me “Whatever one you think they would like” No help Dorian but I’m too busy to fuss. I’m running ramped up and down the room looking for stuff and he’s just looking at me laughing and smirking. He is so damn lucky I have a lot of stuff to do.

The next morning I woke up early and started taking my bath. Since I Had already ironed and shined my shoes last night I had less stuff to do. All that was left was relaxing. “I heard Dorian waking up and doing the thing I hate most which is cracking his bones. God I wish he would stop that. “Ceil!!” he says concerned as if I went anywhere. “I’m in here!!” I move the soap in the way of my unmentionables before he came in. “Up early are we?? Dorian comes by me and reaches his hands in the water in front of me.

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