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The Lust - My first

Article By: Yuhutuh

The first of many. A story of a man who goes through his life as an innocent man or so he appears, raping women for whom his dick calls out for. These articles will provide the details of what he does each on one woman. HOPEZ YOU ENJOYZ :3

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My name is Gareth, 27 years old and went through life as innocent as possible until now, people see me as an average man, but like any other man my desires, my sex drive are only natural and using the streets of New York as my jungle. I however am the few who express it with woman who I want because my lust for the sweet wet flesh of woman can only be sated by few, these are my stories of how I forced them. My First woman, a brunette with short hair a nice round ass and a rack busty as melons, she was my most memorable because I will never forget how much she was squirming on groping her alone. I stalked her for weeks wondering what she does an a daily schedule, finding somewhere she goes regularly that's dark and secluded. Luckily I noticed she takes a walk by a park at night, knowing this I chose to follow her not too clos or too far. She felt calm here so clueless of what I'm yet to do to her. The streets were clear and I made my move I ran and grabbe her, putting my left hand on her mouth and my right on her wait trying to stop her right arm. She was sobbing and had a single tear dropping, I whispered to her, " Shussh Just do as I say and nobody gets hurt", as calmly as possible and I walked her through the park looking for someplace dark. I found a group of tall dark oak trees where I can have my way with her. After sitting her down there and I put both my hands softly yet as firm as I can she let out soft sobs and quietly said, "Please just let me go I won't say anything at all just please let me go!" I brought her in as I held her and whispered to her ear,"I'm sorry, I want you but I promise I'll be gentle", calmly licking her ear a bit she broke down and in tears crying and attempted to yell for help so I had to put my hand over her mouth and speaking to her," Oh and here I was wanting to go through this gently and easily but hey you put yourself here for wanting to cry for help." She sobbed even more still muffled by my hand and I made my way to her breasts. She was wearing a nice purple satin top so smooth to the touch. As I lifted it she had a nice black bra on covering her large supple breasts. I chose the fondle them with my free hand and she was still trying to yell out for help and she knew then I will be taking this slowly. I took off her bra and I began to lick her breast gently caressing it as I did so still hearing her cry more. Her nipple was getting very hard, I thought how amazing the body could want pleasure when their thoughts completely rejected it. I slowly brought my hand down her tight jeans and brought them down slowly so that she would be left to anticipate when I would start touching her. As I began touching her panties I realized just how wet they were already, I let out a chuckle and said to her," Hehe well I'm glad to know both of us are having fun. How's about we take it to the next level." I let go of her and grabbed her waist closer to me, I got down and brought my mouth close to her pussy, oh how wet and throbbing it was, I gave it a couple of licks and she began softly saying no, I brought my mouth all the way to her and began licking her pussy inside her she left out cries shaking her head wildly in rejection. It felt so warm as my tongue was forcibly pleasuring her and she began soft sobs of moaning. After 5 minutes I stopped and looke at her eyes close shut by force and he cheeks in a light shade of red from the pleasure, she feebishly looked at me thinking it was over, I unzipped my pants and brought them down to my thighs. I saw in her eyes fear and lust, knowing the inevitable as I drew my cock out still stiff from her wet pussy on my tongue. I grabbed her legs by the thighs and slowly brought them up. She softly spoke,"Please you don't have to do this please, no NO NO!!!!" It was then I had penetrated her her pussy still wet and beginning to contract on my dick. With each time I rammed her she left out a mixed cry of pleasure and pain, still sobbing and begging me to stop. She started to yell out loudly, and frantically I had to shut her up, I chose to forcibly kiss her with my tongue licking her's I still heard muffle cries for help and moans now of pleasure. The ecstasy of it all began rushing now, I hastened my pace now, hearing squishing sounds from the juices of her pussy as I penetrated her even deeper and I felt her getting even tighter as if she wanted it even more. I began to suck on her nipples again and now I stopped hearing her cry for help but instead loud moans of pleasure mumbling for more. My Body wanted more of her do I kept upping my pace, and hearing her moan even louder, she knew it was already happening and now clearly begged for more. From hearing this something triggered inside me and I rammed her even harder and sucking her very hard nipple while groping her other breast. I looked up at her and noticed she was now eyes closed, cheeks blushing bright red and her gritting her teeth as I rammed her. For a couple more minutes I yelled that I was gonna cum soon and she said," Wait no don't cum in me yet I... just.. want....a little uggh MORE!! She suddenly grabbed the back of me and started to move up and down even harder.I couldn't take it anymore I was doing her even faster now saying I'm going to cum, and she replied by saying in a cry full of ecstasy,"Mmm YES!!!" She began to breath harder still holding on to me, she looked tired I smiled onto her giving her a kiss of my love to her and she whispered in my ear,"more", I zipped up my pants and propped her up, she looked a me as if star struck and begged for more. I brought her home to rest. The next morning she looked at me in confusion and began talking to me. She told she lived alone and never experienced such pleasure and wanted more. Her name was Angelica or Angie for short. I whispered to her ear if you want more...join me. She was confused at my offer, I explained that I to rape more women but if she wanted, it could be made into a threesome. She looked at me with innocence and lust and agreed, with this she became my partner in crime as we targeted more women.


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