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The Lust Emma Part 2

Article By: Yuhutuh

Sorry I forgot to publish the first one, it should be on now, but at least you now have a second part to read so once again I'm sorry. For those of you just joining now, read the first part of Emma's rape so you don't get confused. To the rest of you few faithful readers thanks for being patient and please enjoy the second part. P.S Don't hesitate to add a comment on what I need to improve on, I wanna make sure you guys enjoy what I post.

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Emma: No please I *orgasmic moan* Gareth: Oh yes keep moaning I wanna hear you cry out for me to stop! Angie: For someone who doesn't what this your tits are very nice and hard. Guess your pretty horny right now. I think it's time now Gareth. As Gareth gets his dick out already hard (with some precum :0) Emma begins to start shaking her head and screaming no in refusal. Gareth: Is that so eh? Angie think you can work those tits even harder? Angie: Of course I was only teasing them up until now. A grin of pleasure grows on Angie's face as she begins to tightly grope Emma with more force, she laughs a chuckle before forcibly sucking Emma again. She then occasionally let's out muffled moans of pleasure with her pussy now dripping wet. Gareth then sees how much please Emma is already in and begins to penetrate her. Emma in an orgasmic coma then looks at Gareth only to realize he's about to take her virginity, she changes her face to fear and she shouts to the skies a long loud orgasmic scream. Gareth: Hey Angie did you hear that? Angie: That scream made my panties soaking wet, looks like Emma here is enjoying this. Emma now in too much pleasure to even keep her eyes open still wears a giant frown as she remembers she's being raped. In a close up of Emma's pussy you can see Gareth ramming her with a hard but now wet dick from Emma who is apparently a squirter :D. Gareth: Heh now her pussy's getting tighter. Angie:She stopped resisting, guess she was weaker than me. Emma now ready to have an orgasm again let's out a big scream saying no. Gareth now drilling her harder realizes he's going to cum soon. He then decides to try to go even faster making loud squishing noises in Emma's vagina, almost ready to squirt again. Angie in the heat of it all started to harshly finger herself with her free hand only making her suck on Emma harder. In a few seconds which seemed to fly like minutes for the threesome Gareth cums just as Emma squirts leaving Gareth's dick in a bigger mess than with Angie. As the two clean up they leave Emma in a blanket passing out from her rape. Now Gareth and Angie hurriedly leave the scene happy of what they did but out of guilt decided to leave an Anonymous tip to the police two hours later in a phone booth 15 blocks from the park. Gareth then walks Angie home giving her a long passionate kiss goodbye. Now as he heads home he checks the time, 10:40pm until he notices a voluptuous teacher leaving a high school. Could this be Gareth's next victim? Find next time on "The Lust".


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