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The Lust - Emma Part 1

Article By: Yuhutuh

For those of you who didn't read the first, this is going to be an ongoing but slow series I plan on making, it's an Ero of how a really pervy guy has a "lust" for the women he meets in his everyday life, hence the title, and each article will be about each woman. Now we jump to after Gareth's first and the recruitment of his very sexy partner, Angie. From here I'm gonna add dialogue and let you know who's talking, it might seem a bit like too much talking but it'll improve over time HOPEZ YOU ENJOYZ =D

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Mmmm... Emma you only know me as a regular at the Wienie's Cafe but I see you as a beautiful woman, a virgin, whose provocative clothing says you don't want to be anymore. I'm coming for your Emma, tomorrow night is the night I turn you into a woman. Even if you'll resist and scream harder than Angie, that will turn me on and just the thought of being inside is already giving me wet dreams. Soon, I won't have to wait anymore *menacing grin*. (Tomorrow Late Evening)Gareth: Angie can you hear me? (BZZT)Angie: Yes I can hear you, Emma is almost done with her shift, she looks kinda tired too. Maybe she won't put up much of a fight when we jump her *giggle*. Gareth:*sigh* I hope not, it's the fight women put up that makes rape very exciting, did you bring the camera though? I wanna have pictures and a video of her coming into womanhood. Angie: Don't worry we have everything, I even brought a second camera just in case hehehe. Gareth: Hah, I can't wait... Hold on I see the back door opening, do you think she's taking a break or leaving? Angie: Let me check. Angie walks into the Wiener's cafe and approaches the on-duty clerk. Excuse me sir do you know if Angie is in today? She knows how I like my coffee. *EXTREME CLEAVAGE SHOWING!!!* Clerk: UHhh what? Oh Emma? She left early so she can get a head start home. She's probably scared because she heard someone got raped in the park last week at night and nobody was around. Angie: Oh that's too bad, I better get home too, wouldn't want to get raped. *sexy wink*. Angie: Did you get any of that? Gareth: Hahaha nice job Angie, your getting pretty good, anyways I'm tailing Emma and she looks like she takes a similar route like you. Meet me at the park, and uh find a nice quiet spot, wouldn't want her to screams to be heard by others. (5 minutes later, wait why did I jump only 5 minutes? Okay 20 minutes later) Gareth: whoa feels like I skipped 15 minutes, oh wait there she is, just a couple more feet and its time. He rushes toward her and grabs her by the waist and muffles her cries for help with his free hand. Gareth: Thats it, just keep screaming, nobody will hear you except me and my horny friend. Gareth then drags her to the park just as night envelopes the town, seems like a quiet night for the police, but just wait until morning. Gareth: Angie you hear, I'm hear with Emma, she's knocked out for now but just give her a few minutes. Angie: Yeah I'm hear, about time too, I was just getting ready to touch myself to get rid of the andrenaline. I got the camera and I snuck in a vibrator, just in case she was too much for you. Gareth Oh shut up, help me get some of her clothing off, not all of it because I wanna see the reaction she makes when we strip her naked. (Few minutes later) Emma: uggh where am I? *gasp* who are you, my clothes... HELP!!! Angie: Oh whats the matter? Afraid of being raped? Emma: PLEASE HELP THEY'RE GOING TO RAPE ME!!! Gareth: Yes, keep screaming, it makes me harder, but no one can hear you. Don't stop screaming though, I wanna hear the fear in you when I'm about to penetrate you. Gareth then unbuttons his pants (because apparently his fav, clothing store now uses pants with 4 buttons. Who the hell needs that H&M, who the hell needs it?!?) and slowly takes his dick out. Angie now crouching over Emma while appearing very wet in her tight grey yoga pants (thank god for those). She leans over close to Emma's face for a kiss as Emma turns her face away. Angie then grabs Emma and forcibly kisses her, toying with Emma's panties with her free hand. From there you can hear Emma's muffled cries for help concealed by Angie's intoxicating lips. Gareth then begins using his two hands to finger Angie, and takeover toying with Emma's vagina now wetting her panties. Gareth gets even more hard now hearing the moans of ecstasy by the two women, Angie now very turned on starts taking her clothes off. Gareth: Now listen closely Emma because I'm only gonna tell you once, I'm gonna rape you and there is nothing you can do about it, you can scream, kick, flail all you like, its not gonna get you out of here, it's only going to make me want you even more...understand? Emma begins to cry now knowing her rape is now definite, and every single second a counting down reminder that she will lose her virginity. Gareth then pull down her panties and begins to lick Emma clean. Angie is now beside Emma groping one breast, while lustfully licking the other. The hot combination makes Emma twist and turn, wanting to resist the two, while secretly wanting to give in. Can she resist this hot duo? Find out next time on "The Lust"


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