Dominant and Submissive

By: tasja

Page 1, Dominant and Submissive does it really exsist? In other peoples relationships?

I have reading this book, and was wondering if a dominant male and submissive woman exsist,does that tipe of relationships really exsist? If it does can a woman be really happy by the so called contracts that is been layed down by the dominant male? Is there really in life and society people that is in that kind of relationships? What is it like, can it be full filling? I've read the book and I know its a story book, but I mean something like that must do exsist! The passion and emotion that goes through a persons mind by wanting a person so badly and only can have the person by contract, rules and regulations that must be abide by the submissive (woman I think mostly) or else nothing, its seems terrible, does the dominant truely at the end love the submissive, doesn't he get tired of rules and regulations, doesn't he misses the normal life or perhaps a normal relationship! This is so confusing.... Does this relationships normally last long, does the dominant never in his life want children and if he does does anything change? Maybe this is all fiction, maybe there is people out there having this sort of agreements or just plainly a contract! Me I will never know, except there is people that can tell there story or experiences! Maybe I am curious, nothing wrong with that!

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