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The Naughty Nurse!

Article By: SimoneO

I didn’t know what to do. I was newly single, bored and horny...

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I am a nurse by profession and have always had a partner. I went from long term boyfriend to long term boyfriend since my teens and I now found myself 36 and alone. My ex cheated on me with a "good friend", but that is another story.

My shift work meant that my days off were at times that worked against me socially (it's hard to meet someone in a pub on a Tuesday night). I found myself alone again and again and although I wanted to remain single I needed some kind of release without all the baggage. I have never been one for one night stands and I am a little shy by nature so I was out of options.

A previous boyfriend was a little kinky and introduced me to a bit of amateur bondage (handcuffs and spanking) so I always had a soft spot for a bit of the rough stuff. I found BDSM exciting and really wanted to explore this side of myself now that I had some freedom.

I looked on the internet and found a Sydney BDSM Master named the Marquis de Sud. I sent an email and started corresponding with the Marquis de Sud. I explained my particular situation, interests and what I wanted and we worked out a time.

The night came and he was to arrive at 9pm. There was a knock at the door and upon opening the door I saw a mask sitting outside. My heart raced as I put the mask on and left the door ajar. I walked into my apartment and sat at the dining table. In walked a man dressed in black wearing the most amazing mask. He introduced himself as the Marquis de Sud and I could barely respond!

We went into the bedroom and stopped in front of the wardrobe mirror. He slowly undressed me and gave me a marvellous oil massage that put me at ease (he could probably see how nervous I was!). He spent some time tying me up in a most artistic way; he explained it was a Japanese rope bondage method called Shibari and explained a great deal about sexuality and the nature of sex and intimacy. It was a strange experience; the Marquis de Sud was like a sexual philosopher and I was his student! The sound of his words, the feeling of being tied so perfectly and the sight of the crisscrossing ropes and knots across my body almost brought me to orgasm. He removed a whip and started gently whipping me. It was a soft whip and didn't hurt as such, it was just very exciting - especially the sight of it. Thinking back I would have liked to film the whole experience, perhaps I will next time if that's permitted.

The bondage master started gently whipping my pussy. It felt incredible and I felt my juices running down my legs. I begged to be ravaged- I could not control myself. The Marquis de Sud lifted and placed me on my back on the bed. My head hung upside down over the edge and he was in front of my face. He stimulated my clitoris, my pussy and arse with his fingers, hands and a variety of toys. He penetrated my pussy and then my arse, each penetration more amazing than the last. I felt the tension rising, the feeling of my arse and pussy being filled and my clitoris screaming in ecstasy I thought I would faint.

I asked for his cock and he released it from his pants. It was amazing - huge and thick, bobbing around in front of me. I begged for it so the Marquis de Sud slowly slid it into my mouth. I wanted to deepthroat his massive cock and found the position made it easier to fit more in. He thrust slowly and shallowly at first and then faster and deeper - I almost came from the feeling of that huge cock filling my mouth and throat again and again! He thrust the toys in my pussy and arse at the same rate as his huge cock so I felt like my whole body was getting fucked. It was the most unbelievable feeling, like I was climbing a mountain of ecstasy and didn't know when I would peak. I felt the tension rising and rising and my body started to shake. I came. I came like never before. It was like an explosion - the most intense orgasm of my life and it went on and on.

The Marquis de Sud gave me one of the most incredible experiences of my life. For most of you BDSM and bondage fetish enthusiasts it may seem a little tame but it was exactly what I asked for and wanted. I will continue to explore my sexuality and myself and hope my little story might empower other women out there to chase their desires rather than just taking what life gives them.


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